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  1. Use & instead, they are Cloudflare DNS and are more secure so then you should be sorted while we resolve the leak on our end.
  2. If you type myip into Google is it your IP or a different IP? Could you provide a screenshot of what the client says?
  3. So probably when their phones automatically connected to the WiFi that's when it happened. It's probably nothing to do with the router as above but could you factory reset the router and then just input the speeds you're paying for and leave everything else default and see if it happens again?
  4. Go to Settings > Internet Setup and you can then put in the DNS mentioned above.
  5. That's interesting, thanks for the information. I'll let the team know about this.
  6. Firstly I'd suggest you double check you've done everything from this guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-maximum-bandwidth-speeds If you're still experiencing slower speeds change the router MAC address to the MAC address of your previous router, it may still be in the syncing phase which can lower your speeds.
  7. It makes accessing your gateway slow? We'll be working to fix that for the next version, interesting it does it in certain scenarios.
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! Tripper is correct, if you follow his instructions then that will resolve it. We'll have this fixed for our next version.
  9. Könnten Sie bitte einen Screenshot Ihrer gesamten Geo-Filter-Seite bereitstellen, wenn Sie im Spiel sind und der britische Server angezeigt wird? - Could you provide a screenshot of your entire Geo-Filter page please when you're in the game and it's showing the UK server?
  10. Hey, welcome to the forum! Yes that is exactly right! Just in case you or anyone else isn't aware our knowledge base can be found here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/home it includes articles on issues like this that you might find and how to resolve them.
  11. When you have someone watching Netflix like that and you notice the issue could you look at the Network Monitor and see how much bandwidth is being used please?
  12. Unless they're downloading/streaming heavily then it's unlikely but QoS would negate that. Does your modem have WiFi? Are they connecting to that instead of the XR?
  13. I would see if you can put it in modem mode and see if that helps with the issue at all. If it doesn't then this may be something you need to bring up with your internet provider. Do you notice if your speeds drop when the issue happens? It could be to do with peak time congestion depending on when you play.
  14. Most likely referring to Hybrid VPN - if they attempt to DDoS you then the VPN IP would go down, allowing you to change the server and be back up very quickly.
  15. If QoS is disabled and it's still an issue then it usually means the issue is elsewhere. Could you replace the ethernet cable between the modem and router with a new one or another one to double check please?
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