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  1. yes i will do and yes wired.
  2. exactly the same only variable the routers itself
  3. this is now on the R1 just swapped out the Xr500 and streaming to twitch and con is perfect. and if i disable the QoS in the Xr500 the ping plotter graph is all over the place.
  4. there is absolutely nothing different just different routers i'm confused as hell tbh Fraser. and yes ive done multiple resets
  5. Hi fraser played an hour and still the same. think its time to use it as a wifi access point
  6. Same here only bought the XR500 again as im needing the WiFi Range
  7. this is the XR500 streaming to Twitch just cant get a stable con at all
  8. yes they was the same setting but i can't for the life of me get the XR500 to do the same stable line as the R1
  9. R1 is using the DumaOS, i just feel like the R1 is better at at handling the QoS which is strange as its not as powerful as the XR500
  10. Hi Fraser setup is modem to Xr500 then console and Pc and then swapped the XR500 for R1. i was streaming for both tests to twitch at 6Mbps up my speeds are 80down and 20 up on the R1 i can use 90% QoS on both and now on the XR500 ive gone down to 43% down to get my connection stable. only me using the internet
  11. hi I have bought yet another XR500 as my WiFi on the R1 isn't powerful enough in the apartment i live at. the problem i have now is with the R1 i get the most stable connection ever see pic and the XR500 i cant achieve the same same no matter what i have tried? can someone help me on this matter as i feel like sending the XR500 back 😞 top Pic is R! and Bottom is XR500
  12. i have open WRT on my DM200 and using the R1 dumaOS. what are they settings because you are melting!
  13. more than welcome mate. if any problems let me know. and i'll screenshot my setup pages for you.
  14. also my guide is here https://forum.openwrt.org/t/sky-and-dhcp-60-61/39917/13 For me what i did is download wireshark and install. run wireshark and turn off the sky router and boot back up and you should see the sky Credentials with some searching. Write this password down and save it as you need use it to produce HEX Key found here http://string-functions.com/string-hex.aspx 3 once that is done. copy that and save it. on my DM200 with open-wrt installed Log on to the web interface (default ip, you may be asked to set a password Navigate to the "network" tab Click on the edit button for the wan connection 2.4) Make sure the protocol is set to DHCP Client (click Save and Apply if any changes are made) Navigate to the "Advanced Options" tab Add the final key you generated into the Client ID field Thats the HEX Key Add 6.14.1aN_UNI|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0 to the Vendor Class field Click "Save and Apply" On the WAN Page go to physical setting and add this in the interface drop down box "dsl0.101" save and apply and all done i had internet.
  15. im on sky atm. i bought the netgear DM200 and installed openwrt on that and used wireshark to put my sky creds in and the xr300 just connects perfectly as you are running your normal sky hub.
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