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  1. Yes i do so i have now turned it off via the plug, and get constant logins? so that light would it cause the router to disconnect?
  2. Hi fraser, im already on this firmware from the previous post. when i look at logs all i get is this.....
  3. hey Duma, My router keeps disconnecting again, and i think its due to overheating? i see a small fan through the mesh but it nevers comes on and the case is extremely warm. should it be like this? Regards John.
  4. yes the router just reboots, so far its holding out! no drops whilst streaming the windows install may of fixed the problem! will keep an update over the next couple of days
  5. power on router id straight into the wall sorry. and there is no way i can disable QoS on the business router ive looked. and reinstalled the latest firmware again but still getting packet loss. Even with me trying a new router/modem. if i disconnect the XR700 i get no packet loss at all.
  6. QoS is always enabled on the download as the upload is set at 100% as the business hub already has QoS on the upload
  7. i'm using a brand new 15 metre Ethernet cable from the BT Hub into the XR700 and i will try this.
  8. Hi Duma, Since Friday, the XR700 Reboot's on multiple occasions for no reason. its on the latest firmware V1.0.1.24. Everytime i stream about 10 minutes later the router just reboots, and now i have packet loss on hop 1.I have changed all the Ethernet cables for brand new ones. I have even tried a different modem to see if that was the problem and still the same outcome? XR700 just disconnects. When i use the internet as normal its fine, but when it get like saturated its cuts out? Any idea's? ive done a factory reset, changed all the cables. ive even done a fresh windows install. Just out of ideas now.
  9. WiFi is amazing. everything for me is on 5GHz Network, cheapest i fount new was from Scan Website.
  10. i have the XR700 and what DHCP issues? i have no problems with mine. its one powerful router.
  11. yes i will do and yes wired.
  12. exactly the same only variable the routers itself
  13. this is now on the R1 just swapped out the Xr500 and streaming to twitch and con is perfect. and if i disable the QoS in the Xr500 the ping plotter graph is all over the place.
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