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  1. Just imagine the duma team all gaming together. Feel sorry for the oppositionšŸ¤£šŸ¤£ would be amazing to game with you guys tho!
  2. I doubt the will happen Alex! But I bet you'll Still use the router tho! My clan tag is (IUse) Netduma_FlexJ aha one way I can support the team and try and promote it.
  3. Finally changed my PSN Name. Duma Army!!!!!
  4. Hi zennon and yes i have got my username and password and out the vigor in bridge mode as described on their website and the router then needs. option 61 enabled to get Internet access.
  5. Morning Duma Team i have recently changed from BT to Sky due to the pricing was half for the same speeds 80D and 20U. i have having the same problem on trying to find this "option 61" on the R1 running the latest firmware. As i want to use my own modem Vigor 130.
  6. Does anyone Know what this is? i got booted from Blackout. after killing someone!
  7. As a small streamer. I would like to have some of the r-app's pop out instead of me going back and fourth been browser tabs eg like the ping graph in the original software. And I've mentioned before but it's not possible as of yet. That I would like to then copy that popout url and put it into OBS so my stream can see my ping to the server in my overlay.
  8. how about this?..... YES PLEASE!!!!!!!
  9. How many retweets do we need to hit....for this to happen?
  10. Just for discussion.. I'd love a Netduma Router that has DSL port built in so i have only 1 Modem/router setup. Instead if having 2 products. Is this a possibility for the future? For me the Benefits are no extra wires/ Ethernet's running all over the DumaOs does all handles Everything and be plugged straight in the BT Socket skipping my Vigor 130 modem. Would be "AWESOME" tho!
  11. I can get full speeds on the R1 but not with the DumaOs installed on it. I have sent screenshots above with the original software.
  12. So ive done a test on DumaOS R1 the Download is @100% CPU and the Upload is at 60% CPU
  13. i've tried to run PPPoE on vigor 130 and i can't get internet at all (unless someone has a workaround?). i only can get internet if i but the BT credentials in the R1 or XR500. and i will test once home. and send screen shots again. Kind regards john.
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