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  1. i have open WRT on my DM200 and using the R1 dumaOS. what are they settings because you are melting!
  2. more than welcome mate. if any problems let me know. and i'll screenshot my setup pages for you.
  3. also my guide is here https://forum.openwrt.org/t/sky-and-dhcp-60-61/39917/13 For me what i did is download wireshark and install. run wireshark and turn off the sky router and boot back up and you should see the sky Credentials with some searching. Write this password down and save it as you need use it to produce HEX Key found here http://string-functions.com/string-hex.aspx 3 once that is done. copy that and save it. on my DM200 with open-wrt installed Log on to the web interface (default ip, you may be asked to set a password Navigate to the "network" tab Click on the edit button for the wan connection 2.4) Make sure the protocol is set to DHCP Client (click Save and Apply if any changes are made) Navigate to the "Advanced Options" tab Add the final key you generated into the Client ID field Thats the HEX Key Add 6.14.1aN_UNI|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0 to the Vendor Class field Click "Save and Apply" On the WAN Page go to physical setting and add this in the interface drop down box "dsl0.101" save and apply and all done i had internet.
  4. im on sky atm. i bought the netgear DM200 and installed openwrt on that and used wireshark to put my sky creds in and the xr300 just connects perfectly as you are running your normal sky hub.
  5. So that said, would it be easier to use the BT modem/router instead of using 3rd party one and putting the cred's in the R1 to achieve full speeds?
  6. With the new DumaOS 3.0 coming next year will it give the correct full speeds and not use 100% of the CPU on the R1 when using PPPoE? only asking because i'm getting full fiber from BT installed next month with will give me around 250 down and 45 up.
  7. I've noticed that after an hour being in the party chat I get booted out of my own party. That's on the Xr300 with spec mode on.
  8. was a pain. but now glad i have full control over my network.
  9. i had the interface set as DSL0 and not this. and followed this https://forum.openwrt.org/t/sky-and-dhcp-60-61/39917/6
  10. we have done it guys!! open WRT on the DM200 with the XR300 in the DMZ and we have open NAT!! F You Sky!!!
  11. that would be amazing if it did, ive already contacted netgear support about the DM200 modem not having DMZ and they said that it will never be added. Then ive asked them about the 60/61 coming to the XR300 and they said its out of there scope of support. if it does then i can use my Vigor 130 modem with the XR300
  12. i should of stayed with BT but sky had an offer on for for same speeds 80D and 20U for half the price. i have checked all the websites there is alot on how to set it up with bt and talk talk and few with sky so i have tried with sky settings but no luck.
  13. this is why i'm needing someone which the knowledge to help me out. as i can not figure it out. shouldn't of changed to sky broadband!
  14. hi alex it is just a modem.but when i connect it to the XR300 i get a moderate nat type even when i port forward. so i have email netgear saying i need DMZ activated on the DM200 and they said they has disabled this feature. So with the OPEN-WRT installed on the DM200 you get DMZ as a feature. but now i have no internet as DHCP 61 is missing. or i now just don't know how to set it up properly
  15. just Cant find a page where i can up my Sky ID in or option 61
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