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  1. Here's what I think the issue is. I believe that Treyarch is checking matchmaking servers based on some criteria that doesn't limit those checks to local servers (possibly a way to screw with the NetDuma product directly, they had a Reddit post saying that blocking servers "leads you down a bad path".). If you have a geofence set up and it decides to check a matchmaking server outside of the geofence, you will get bounced. I've been able to limit this issue (not totally prevent it) by doing the following: Set my geofence and then log into the game Attempt to join a game - if it works, great. If not, continue -> When you drop to main menu, a blocked server will show on the map in the geo-filter Click on that server, name it something (I use city and the word matchmaking variants) and allow that server Go back to step 2 It may show a server in the same location multiple times when you get dropped, just click and allow it as described above. I think there's a 2 minute lag before the Duma will allow the server, so be a little patient. After you get a few of these allowed, things will get much better and you will have fewer and fewer drops and find more and more games. Don't worry that you are allowing servers outside of your geofence, I've never wound up hosted on these servers, they've always been strictly for matchmaking. I am a single datapoint, but it wants to have me match-make in Miami which is such a crappy game server for me (even though its the closest cluster) because it picks up people from thousands of miles away. That's why I geofence Miami outside of my circle so I can get Atlanta and therefore better lobbies. Evidently Treyarch has a matchmaking cluster and game server cluster there. They are separate and even though I allowed those servers, I never get games there. It looks to me like it tries to go a key server to you to do matchmaking, and then to a secondary to check. For me the secondary is the closest server to me, but I have it fenced out. I'd bet they are checking two servers to try to catch people who are trying to "beat" their matchmaking algorithms using the NetDuma. Like I said, the last part is pure speculation, but the instructions I gave above have mostly fixed the issue above, unless it tries to grab a server that I haven't added to the allow list. 95% of my games are just fine after 3 days of doing this. This is not a NetDuma-caused issue, its a Treyarch-caused issue. NetDuma needs to quickly find those matchmaking servers and get them added to the cloud - that's their part of fixing the problem. A bit of a cat and mouse game started by Treyarch.
  2. Very well thought out suggestions. They were actually the reason I came here to post 🙂
  3. I can appreciate this. Its still a 1,500-1,600 mile one-way trip for packets, (3,100 round-trip) which is far less than ideal. I'm finding that Puerto Rico and Honduras have been absolutely horrible and the Cayman Islands haven't been so hot either. Mexico has been horrible when I live in California, and now when I live in Florida - very likely a bad experience. Colombia isn't on my complaint list, but (no offense intended) you are too far away and I don't want you in my lobby.
  4. I'd really like to echo fatal0Efx's comment from upthread. He stated: This is extremely important for those of us in the Southeast US in Black Ops 4. The Miami servers are being used to serve people in the Carribean, Mexico, South America, and Central America since they only have the one server cluster in Brazil. Its become a total mess for us because the infrastructure in these locations is often quite inferior (of course the distance is an issue as well) and creates huge lag issues. I want to be able to filter on the US mainland but be able to eliminate specific server clusters that bring in QOL-breaking players. One new problem I've seen with BO4 is that its doing a matchmaking check in Miami. It never used to do that and suddenly tonight I am getting bounced from the game and Miami is the matchmaking server that is being pinged (and blocked). I'm wondering if this was implemented in response to people knowing how bad Miami is and blocking it. Without an ability to delineate between matchmaking and game servers people are forced into not blocking the Miami servers and thereby a terrible game experience. I've been manually allowing servers when I get booted and so far its worked to get matchmaking working pretty well without having games hosted on the Miami cluster. Reverse ping assist would be spectacular too, on its face, maybe even better than ping assist. I am ecstatic to see the tick rate information coming. Great work, and excellent response from the dev team on a hot topic. Well informed customers can keep the gaming companies honest when they so often try not to be...
  5. I followed the instructions in the link that Jack posted. Everything was already configured as listed, so I unchecked "Enable Wifi work-around". I'm not sure what that is/does, so I don't know if it will change the issue. I'll report back if it does. I can elaborate on the problem though. This issue began cropping up about a month ago and is becoming more prevalent, happening daily and sometimes twice/ day now. The wifi works in that I can connect to the wifi and have a strong signal on any of the devices that are typically connected. The issue is that I get no connectivity to the internet or LAN - its like connecting to a WAP that isn't connected to anything else. Wired devices work just fine while the wireless is acting up like this. Unplugging the NetDuma and plugging it back in fixes the problem. Its very frustrating when I'm trying to game with my friends and my wife or son tell me they can't do homework or access the internet so I have to cycle the router. The issue is 100% internal to the router, not sure if its hardware or firmware, but it is (as I said) a NetDuma issue.
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