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  1. so probably middle of July but I could be wrong
  2. there is no saying, it will be ready when it's ready, sure there having to do stress tests, may be a month or two, I believe no more than two months don't quote me on that though.
  3. didn't get that from the internet, was a guess, how it looks may be longer than June, or July.
  4. probably won't be a open beta till June, or July, from the looks of it.
  5. Still complaining, after what Iain just said, WOW like C'mon I would rather just have Iain be a coder sense he knows the ins, and outs, of his software development for years, sense like 2014 other coders that would be hired by netduma, most of them would wanna write the code a different way, or just not agree with Iain, and the rest of netduma staff, but maybe they would, and maybe Netduma can't afford another coder, which i'm sure hourly pay for a coder would be in the hundreds if they were to bring another one aboard, that's just my guesses, could be completely wrong, other than that the router works like it's advertised for me, so I don't really need DumaOS, but it's always nice to have a upgraded software U.I with cool features, that beat LAG, if you know how too use it, no human error, and your ISP connection is good.
  6. Just picked up the TP link TC 7610 that you suggested it worked out, no more jitter, or latency, and more consistent games on IW, thanks for suggesting that modem, I've tried all different types of modems Netgear, linksys, etc I guess they wernt compatible with the netduma, or the ISP, because it would make me skip and freeze in one area when I got close to a enemy teammate, and would start capping the speed from 200 mbps to 20mbps download.
  7. one other thing to add, my house has old cabling ran throughout the house back from the 1970's copper outer insulated coax cable, so they thought to fix that issue is to add a amplifier, so the cables are so old even with the amp they can't carry the signal, we have 5 - 6 total cable boxes for every room, and a line for the modem.
  8. to add my power levels for downstream keep dropping, upstream power levels have been the same in the 40's
  9. I just did a pingplotter test and cmd - www.twitter.com ping test I think it's time for a new ISP ran into jitter, latency, and ping spikes, no packet loss on both tests what do you think of the test just looking at it, do you think it could just be the modem - Arris CM820 isp supplied modem, or the line it's self
  10. why arent you using your anti flood congestion control? what speeds are you paying for? 40Down 1Up? and how many devices on your network, like smart tv, tablet, are any devices behind the netduma?
  11. DumaOS will have the feature where you can click on the ping graph bar the player that is lagging and block him, from what I read on a thread, which is one thing I can't wait for, a long time ago to point out Iain did say you really can't count on the peer ping graph for Call of Duty, but like Halo you can, more accurate.
  12. they couldn't give us a percentage because that % would drop when they encounter new bugs, one day they could say 90% done, next day we ran into bugs it's now at 75%, they wanna release it as much as we want it released for "OPEN BETA" nagging, and complaining is only gonna slow it down
  13. Untick Bleeding edge, and auto cloud and re enable both to clear the cache, I think they do a update every Tuesday, and Friday, it's what I do anyways.
  14. Last I heard they have been adding new features to the new OS, add new features clean bugs, add new features clean bugs, etc, even if the main OS bugs are cleaned, I believe most of the features they want to add are not on it yet, it will be well worth the wait, in my eyes anyways.
  15. Well that's a big slap in the face, actually remember someone told me that a while back, just didn't remember.
  16. do you have link IPV6 enabled in misc? and I only have a PS4 I don't know if Sony uses IPV6 with playstation network.
  17. I have a question that may not matter either way about IPV6 enabled, or disabled, my ISP in Clovis New Mexico "SUDDENLINK COMMUNICATIONS" uses IPV6 for their ISP modems Arris CM820 and nodes, my question is would it help to leave IPV6 enabled on the netduma? would it help gameplay or no? my thought on it it could possibly be true the CoD dedis don't use IPV6 most ISP's don't for that matter.
  18. Every year is the same for a new firmware upgrade, people complain, because of rough guess ETA for the firmware like DumaOS from Iain, or Luke, I ain't gonna talk crap about them I have no place to do so, more mature, and respectful than that, yeah sometimes a wrong ETA for like the open Beta annoyed me for a little bit, but I understood the wait new bugs, etc... rather have DumaOS run properly, function properly, and enjoy it for years to come, most likely why Iain is the only coder is because he can't trust anyone else to do the crazy things he has done with the router, Netgear, Asus, could only dream of having a router like the duma, or they just don't care about the software, they only care about the green paper, Netduma as a whole, and Iain himself has made a router strictly for gaming, Netgear, Asus not so much, they only claim sometimes it could work for gaming, some of the time they do work when you already have a good ISP, and internet connection, but all of those companies don't have a feature like Geo filtering, or congestion control, etc etc... all I gotta say
  19. *Primary I connect to the Dallas Dedicated server for mostly every call of duty, which rough etestament is 500 miles away to clarify..
  20. so if any of you haven't figured out why on DSL report speed tests are inaccurate most of the time, is because of nearest server location isn't being pinged, like for instance I live in New Mexico USA closest to the state line of Texas, so I did a little bit of tinkering, with dslreports picking the servers closet to me Like Houston, Dallas, Austin etc... and adding my home location, would suggest anyone else to give it a try, I don't know if it could always be accurate though with the setting change, when I found the right CC settings and results from DSLreports, Infinite warfare felt more smooth, which Dsl reports gave me idle of 60ms and download, and upload, because of peak hours and, family using wifi at the moment
  21. Thanks man it's been long overdue, when you live in the boonies of New Mexico it gets overwelming sometimes. LOL sorry had to laugh at that..
  22. Going on vacation to Scottsdale Arizona end of the month, I expect to see DumaOS done when I get back
  23. probably not possible for cable, DSL, or Fiber, unless it was a serious no internet connection issue, they won't come out unless they really need to, most ISP's won't even touch your modem, like Arris, Netgear, etc because their liable if they damage it while changing settings, what they told me anyways for Suddenlink Cable.
  24. Don't count on it.. there is no set in stone date for DUMAOS, for all we know could be April, or May, bugs pop up like a grass weed in the ground, one after another.
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