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    pollutionblues reacted to SM961 in PS4 stuck on Moderate   
    Okay, thanks.
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    pollutionblues got a reaction from SM961 in PS4 stuck on Moderate   
    Follow the steps here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000022359-how-do-i-open-my-nat-
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    pollutionblues reacted to Zennon in UK's FTTP investment   
    Close to the exchange and only getting 6mb on adsl2 ?
    Also 50ms is high what IP is that too?
    Try a closer IP
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    pollutionblues reacted to Zennon in UK's FTTP investment   
    As long as you have a low jitter ping then you are good, I was on 6mb ADSL and it was exactly the same as my fibre now for ping time and low jitter.
    Only downside is game / patch downloads take forever, I hope you get your FTTC soon fella.
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    pollutionblues got a reaction from ColonicBoom in CAn netduma be throttling my connection ?   
    Hi welcome to the forums
    Could you check these settings and see if you get full speeds
    Make sure the Reactive Algorithm is selected
    Set anti-flood sliders to 100%
    Disable IPv6 in both WAN, LAN and miscellaneous
    Disable deep packet processing in miscellaneous
    Enable turbo mode in miscellaneous
    Enable super turbo mode in miscellaneous
    Ensure your ethernet cable Cat5e+ and can handle your speeds.
    Do a wired speed test from a PC
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    pollutionblues got a reaction from swaystsx01 in CAn netduma be throttling my connection ?   
    You will definitely be able to get your full speed using the Duma. If you could wait for Netduma Fraser to respond to this post he will get you sorted. It will most likely be tomorrow (UK time).
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    pollutionblues reacted to swaystsx01 in CAn netduma be throttling my connection ?   
    Good morning all, 
    I have issues with lag and consistent connection drops. I have 300 down and 50 up, when i run the speed test i get around 325 down and 30 up and a ping of under 10 with my ISP from spectrum. I have no lag or connection drops when i play directly from it. However when i run my test through my netduma i get no higher than 70 down and 20 up and my ping is never below 60. I've tried resetting it and even purchased all new cables. Yes i have set my bandwidth on the netduma to 300 down and 50 up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    pollutionblues got a reaction from ColonicBoom in First setup problems   
    The links that MoD BoX suggested should enable you to achieve full speeds. Double check these settings and see if it fixes your issue
    Reactive Algorithm 100% anti-flood Share excess enabled Reset device prioritisation & apply Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc Disable deep packet in misc Enable turbo mode Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. Do a wired speed test from a PC
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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Fraser in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    Our graphic artist is creating a User Manual for DumaOS. What do you think?

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    pollutionblues got a reaction from ColonicBoom in Netduma new user - so confused   
    A set of powerline adapters would probably be the best solution if your not able to wire your console directly to the Duma.
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    pollutionblues reacted to RL317 in Buffer Bloat and throttling   
    Unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation still being spread. I remember a few years ago when Drift0r made a video saying he was dying to lag comp over and over again in MW3, and when he brought up the scoreboard he'd be two or three barring. That's lag! Then he said when he congested his line by live streaming he'd get four bar games. Lol? In BO2 he then said you can entirely remove lag comp by avoiding the router and plugging directly into your modem. How that bypasses game code I'll never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I went from 100Mb Virgin Media cable to 50Mb BT Infinity and while IW is a mess, my line performs better. Not because I have less irrelevant bandwidth, but because my latency and jitter are now miniscule and I'm not randomly dropping packets. I wish people would just think to find out for themselves rather than taking random rumours as gospel because some clickbaiting YouTuber or forum troll said something once
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    pollutionblues reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Buffer Bloat and throttling   
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    pollutionblues reacted to RL317 in Buffer Bloat and throttling   
    Lag compensation (or its correct/less misleading name anti-lag aka rewind time compensation) has nothing to do with bandwidth. It's an algorithm that "rewinds time", as the name suggests, in order to see who fired first in real time, according to either the host or server. It means that you don't have to lead your shots by an indeterminate amount in order to hit a higher latency player. If you play a game/mod without lag comp you can see an enemy's player model but their hitbox isn't synced with it, so you can't damage the enemy by shooting where you see them.
    The myth that it "compensates high pings" or "brings good connections down" is just that: a myth. People see the name, add 2 and 2 together and end up with 22. Bandwidth is mostly irrelevant in a game that requires mere kilobits, as proven by running the Netduma's bandwidth monitor while playing.
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    pollutionblues reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Netduma missing OS   
    Lol email them...
    [email protected]
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    pollutionblues reacted to bagsta69 in Forum Feedback   
    After you have hit the quote button and your new post shows up just highlight the bits you don't want and hit delete just like in a word processor. As above.
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    pollutionblues got a reaction from Victor-Yout in Router time   
    PharmDawgg is correct, the router's time is GMT
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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    A long awaited update on DumaOS
    We have made a lot of progress over the past few weeks. The OS is currently being beta tested by more of our UK based users and their feedback has been great. Thanks to their testing we have been able to make the OS very stable. This is a big milestone. DumaOS is such a big undertaking so getting to this point, where we know the firmware is solid, is a very good feeling.
    Now we have stability we can shift our focus to usability. This means making things as easy as possible to use and much more 'plug and play' than the current R1 firmware. For example, we have developed an 'Auto Congestion Control' feature, which automatically applies Anti-flood and Hyper Traffic whenever you are gaming (this can be turned off by the more experienced users who prefer to manually configure things).
    Once usability is in place we can then widen the beta to more users. So this means we will be expanding the beta pool soon through the Coal Mine. Open Beta should then follow not long afterwards. We've deliberately not given exact dates here - it'll be ready when it's ready!
    After usability comes the fun stuff, when we can create many new features that we have in our Development Roadmap. We will continue to roll these out on a regular basis even after DumaOS is fully launched, meaning your router will just keep getting better and better.
    Finally we just want to say thank you for all your support and patience. We realise it's frustrating when we don't send out status updates so we're going to make sure we do more to keep you guys in the loop. What we will say is be assured we are working as hard as we can to get DumaOS ready. It's a big step up for our company so we want it out there as much as you do. But only when it's ready!
    Thank you for your understanding,
    The Netduma Team
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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Iain in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Hurrying! ... without haste of course 
    lol looks like you're covered either way
    From a development perspective it is far superior than the original software. Built from the ground up to rock!
    Thanks, glad to hear it
    This is the dashboard feature. You can pin any feature from any other R-App to the dashboard making it your one-stop place to be  ... You can customise your dashboard however you want
    Yeah just the dashboard feature mate, see the above
    It is a fullblown OS now. Meaning you can install, uninstall and upgrade R-Apps. Akin to Apps on a phone. So RAM/Flash are useful stats for users now. Tbh showing them on the dashboard may be a bit ridiculous but is proof you can pin anything. I think I'd personally have the CPU graph though.
    What do you mean by bridge two routers? 
    All on your one-stop dashboard as well mate
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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Iain in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Can't reveal info on that at the moment
    Welcome taconrad! 
    See my quote in previous post mate. Don't worry about RAM/Flash being an issue on your device. We currently use about 22MB out of 128MB due to our unique fast compression algorithms
    It allows you to install/uninstall and upgrade R-Apps independently i.e. you don't need to do a full system upgrade every-time something updates. Meaning we can continue evolving the ecosystem for the foreseeable future with loads of stuff you all want
    Yeah fine-tuning QoS is already done, you can't see in the pic. But you can allocate specific bandwidth to a device and lock it on the flower
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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Iain in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Iain here with a long-awaited news update:
    First of all we realise there has been a lot heated discussion in this thread about when DumaOS should / will be ready. It's great to see so many of you are passionate and excited. For the handful of users who are feeling impatient please be assured we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get a version ready for you. We are very confident you will love the results once the upgrade is available. However, transitioning from a small number of testers to tens of thousands of open beta testers is a huge leap so we are doing everything we can to optimise the OS before we do this.
    If we rush out a version that is not sufficiently tested then we run the risk of doing more harm than good. You, as a tester, will have to wait on us to fix issues while your gaming suffers. And as developers it puts us under a lot of pressure that is not conducive to creating great router software.
    So when will the Open Beta begin? Well the closed beta is already underway and it is going well so far - the feedback has been very positive and thanks to our testers we have resolved a bunch of issues meaning we're getting close to a fully stable version. Once we reach that point we will expand the testing to more of our closed beta testers. This means we are confident we will have an upgrade for you in the near future and we are even more confident that you guys will love DumaOS, but ONLY WHEN IT'S READY!
    Thank you for all your support, patience and enthusiasm. And to tie you over, attached is a new screenshot from the UI (left click to expand). This is the 'Dashboard' feature, which allows you to pin your favourite features onto one single screen. This creates one master page from which you can control DumaOS. Have fun speculating what each feature is for!
    Iain & The Netduma Team 

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    pollutionblues reacted to Netduma Luke in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    Hi everyone,
    Luke here with an update on DumaOS. Iain would usually be the one to post this but he is travelling at the moment and he was adamant we shared this with you before the end of the week. 
    You can read the update on our site here:
    And here is a copy and paste below:
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