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  1. Sign my 2 sons up mate - Xbox One
  2. I've never set anything like this up before mate but penny used to run a clan and she said they just stick to standard rules for FFA. There's no option in AW to enable esports rules automatically to a FFA match so it would mean the host setting up the private match rules manually before starting the game and then each player ensuring their class setup met with the rules. It maybe best sticking to standard rules then that way every player gets to use the class setup that they are comfortable with. Personally I don't think gun variants make a huge difference to the game.
  3. Great ideas mate - we're looking forward to it What rules will we be playing by? Will it be MLG rules (no gun variants) or just normal rules. We're happy either way with what rules are decided on. How will what map we play be chosen?
  4. Sign penny & I up mate. Xbox One
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