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  1. Yes I have, I full speeds then but bufferbloat is crappy, also why do that when the very purpose of the net Duma is to a eliminate latency by the algorithm to get the best gaming experience. All I'm saying is netduma r1 software is Superior to Duma os and Duma os software needs to go back to the drawing board.
  2. Referring to k me having cable internet now and it will only give me 78 dwn. Out 300,no matter what I did it's still was inconsistent don't get me wrong Duma OS is a great product but netduma R one right now still tops it in my opinion. I don't have a problem at all with the r1 1.03.6j but I wouldn't mind if y'all would update the theme have like Duma army in the back just saying
  3. Have still have problems with inconsistencies, Duma os worked well when I had dsl century Link and I bridged the modem but I can't stream off 40dwn and 2up it's a nightmare.
  4. Yes i have but, still has issues but its no biggie though i just went back to old settings and it works flawless, i know you guy will fix it but i can just wait
  5. Any news with this bug, because I can only join a game if I am with someone, other then that by myself i get the boot all ways
  6. So it will be out for everyone next month? we hope ya😓
  7. True i live in the States and keep connectint to the UK like wtf?
  8. Can Any one walk me threw this cause i keep getting beaver> if any one has ps4 my psn is Jedi4ya fill free to add me
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