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  1. I still like licking Windows 😆 But I do like to chase pesky cats now and again 🐱 And sometimes when my human is not about I drink out the toilet bowl 🐶
  2. I have had a look at some YT vids but it's not grabbing me to try it, so might just stick with what I have already.
  3. Play? I am a COD enthusiast but the last two incarnations have dented my enthusiasm for the game. I hated all the boost jumping wall running in IW, and got WW2 quite late in the day, I have been playing Ghosts and MW remastered recently since I got a monitor, which has enabled me to see! Lol So, is BO4 worth getting? It seems to be plummeting in price, (not always a good sign) but looking at all the negativity about it in the forums should I just let it pass me by? Answers on a postcard please,
  4. Hi Thanks Zennon, I will have a look at that......
  5. Ok, I have decided to upgrade to a monitor, or 4ktv as the old eyes can't hack it anymore! I have been doing a bit of reading up on both options, and quite frankly find all the "blurb" confusing. I think I would prefer the TV option, as they come with in built speakers and I can also watch the tv when not gaming. However I don't want a mahoosive tv, and I can afford around up to £300. Anyone have any suggestions, or have got a tv that does what it says on the tin, please do not bombard me with jargon, as most of it will go in one ear and out the other. I do understand about refresh rate, imput lag, and the basic stuff! TIA Macca
  6. Good on you...... I work for Virgin, but not as a driver! LOL
  7. Good luck in your new job mate. Major responsibility train driving, but it is well paid!
  8. Thanks Zennon. You and Fraser have piqued my interest.
  9. Cheers Fraser will have a butchers at it!
  10. I have always been a COD player first and foremost. Given the recent offerings WW2 which I am now getting bored with along with BO3. I have not purchased BO4 due to all the negative feedback I am reading about it. so, excluding Fortnite, Titanfall and BF which I have played a didn't like has anyone any recommendations for other FPS that might ignite my game playing passion again! I await your responses!
  11. Thanks for that IIIRL quite a read, understood about 75% of it but that's down to me! Played WW2 tonight on the same server vultr.com and it was like night and day. Great hit markers, shots all on point, getting 6.5.12. 10 KDR's. Next minute completely the opposite applies. No hit markers sniper rifle rounds passing through people. So as you say it's so frustrating, but I still come back for more.! And they say a definition of lunacy is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Lol
  12. I have found the DumaOS to be a positive experience since upgrading. I like the fairly simplistic layout and the ability to move things around. It gives you a lot of information about your network etcif that's your bag. Or like me you just switch on and play and hope everything's doing what it should be! 0n a different topic I play WW2 The game keeps putting me in the dedicated server "vultr.com" no matter where I put my home location. I have tried to deny it, to no avail. The in game ping is a outstanding (for me) 20ms but it still feels that I am lagging behind other players. I am experienced enough to know when it's me, I.e. When my aim is off etc etc. So is there anyway I can force myself to get connected to another server? To see if it is any different
  13. Is it ready yet? Have we got it yet? Is it ready yet? Why not? Is it ready yet? Is it done yet? I'm bored. Is it ready yet? When can we download it? Is it ready yet. I'm bored. Can I play with the OS now? What do you mean IT'S NOT READY YET! I want it now! Is it ready yet I'm bored. Pretty please I'll be good I promise, is it ready yet. sorry but bored this morning so thought I would do a quick wind up!
  14. This is what I don't like about this part of the game the complete lack of action for so long. Just running about looking for loot! It a Fortnite clone!
  15. Thanks for your thoughts, guys I am not sure about the Blackout feature, I have played Fortnite and didn't really get into it! I came late to WW2 and honestly quite like it, and I still play BO3 so may continue on those until I see what all the feedback re BO4 says.
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