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  1. Share / talk about your settings that works for you (third party software and netduma) https://discord.gg/dy9Ss29
  2. I created a discord server, join us if you want to talk about settings / share your settings for cod / other games for great gaming experience https://discord.gg/dy9Ss29
  3. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap But with no wifi. Yes thats why you plug in your router to it.
  4. Wndr3700v1 and wndr3700v4 both using gwlim openwrt. Using JUL-2020 build. https://github.com/gwlim/openwrt-sfe-flowoffload-ath79/tree/master/JUL-2020/openwrt-sfe-flowoffload-normal i have noticed on v4 they seem slower but also my bullets seem slower, on v1 bullets seems great, good balance. im using rt V1 and wrt32x. Duma worked also great but only solo. wrt32x seems to work in partys and solo
  5. I have been experimenting for awhile and I noticed if I place a switch it can actully change your gaming experience. I did some test by flashing dd-wrt and openwrt and setting it up as a switch. My testing: I placed dd-wrt as switch and It sucked, got melted. Tried openwrt and it performed great, now they seem kinda slower and bullets still connect great. setup fiber - switch - router. only use this if your fiber converter or isp modem sucks.
  6. If you use netduma you can give your console around 50% bandwith, if you use gargoyle or tomato you can do the same. If it dosnt work try play wired or wifi. Still dosnt work then try without qos
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/bandwidth%3Famp%3D1
  8. Make sure all your udp connections gets prio. If you get instamelted try lowering the bandwith.
  9. I used to have dst port 30000-45000 udp but I remember my friend said it was better when he 30000-65535 tcp/udp.
  10. I would mostly say its the game and players you play against, what settings he uses and what kinda ”lag comp” he gets with his router. I noticed that my old settings works great in the morning and afternoon but at night time I get melted. Tried experimenting with same settings and different firmware. Same shit. I changed my settings and guess what? It started to work!
  11. Thank you guys ❤️
  12. They are pretty great but having problem when I chromecast is streaming youtube. Without anything its pretty good. The problem is just that cod server goes as bulk in high. Maybe should change the chromecast to high instead?
  13. CoDs game game servers are udp dst port at 30000-45000. I notice difference when its good or bad. You can easily notice that in-game by switching router, firmware or settings.
  14. Cool, do you play on ps4 or xbox? Does your setting work also in parties?
  15. is your FQ_CODEL_QUANTUM on both 1514 or do you have default 300 & 1514? edit: nvm saw ur settings on the first page
  16. I didn't really liked MW thats why I sold it. The game was so frustrating and I couldn't handle it, same with WW2. WW2 had really weird and random hit detection sometimes. The only games I'm playing right now is Infinite Warfare and Black ops 4.
  17. Does your settings with X work in other CoD titles?
  18. Cool, might try it out. I used to have 10-100 for voip upload. Maybe 5-100 is better
  19. Agree, so yeah my recommendation is to use FreshTomato if you want play Black ops 4 You can add the dst ports servers for CoD which is 30000-45000 to a VOIP class and then set the "%". My recommendation is somewhere between 2-20 if you dont want to get melted on the inbound side. Then you need to find a sweetspot for the upload where your bullets connect.
  20. Black Ops 4 Duma experience. R1 = Performed okidokey hardcore. Core mostly unplayble (PS4) My friend on Xbox had great experience with it. xr500 = I got instamelted in core and had random gaming experience in hardcore. My friend had ok gaming experience. xr300= havent tried that but my friend said it was not worth it so he returned it. He had random gaming experience Me and my friend had diffrent ISP at this time and consoles. I can confirm that my gaming experience on Xbox is better. Its not because Im bad on PS4 but everyone seems to be a step ahead even how much i try to change settings. It works acouple of games then its random. It so weird. So the only firmware that works best for bo4 is tomato then gargoyle. tomato for core (hc works ok) gargoyle is best for hardcore on bo4.
  21. Wtf I haven’t got mine. Why not make the update public? So much easier
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