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  1. I had around 30-40 ms as lowest on xbox but on ps4 lowest is around 40.
  2. I might changed my mind. I love Advanced tomato, gargoyle comes second, then duma r1 Third because of the filter, its only good for old cod games that uses p2p dedicated. in advanced tomato i havent even changed anything, just set my speed and im ready to go. (Tested on asus rt-ac68u and r7000) for gargoyle: https://www.gargoyle-router.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=11739 bullet connects great in all cods and even hardcore expect bo4 in core for some strange reason but hardcore works great there. wndr3700 performed better then wrt1900acsv2 and tp link c7 v5 with gargoyle Netduma: its comes third because of the filter. xr500, Ddwrt and openwrt comes last. Openwrt with SQM (cake or fq_codel) dosn’t know how to priotize packets and it dosnt feel great when you gaming. (Tried it on wndr3700, wrt1900acsv2 and tp link c7 v5) Ddwrt qos lacks categorization and it dosn’t perform well in my option. (Tried it on wndr3700, wrt1900acsv2 and tp link c7 v5) Xr500: bullet connected bad and never worked great in my experience. Tried on on cable and fiber and feelt insta melted. Something weird with the firmware. Saw a video a guy posted a video ddwrt vs xr500 and bullets seems to connect better with ddwrt.
  3. I have tried the edge router x, It was good in reducing bufferbloat but I feelt kinda insta melted. I didnt have good experience when i played bo4, the problem is SQM dosnt know how to priotize the gaming packets. And about the r1 it helps when its p2p host and if its the ping is 30-ish its feels great
  4. Dosn’t look like its supported. A little update: I tried advanced tomato on my asus rt-ac68u and I feelt I was a step ahead all the time. I also noticed the killcam sems legit. Here’s a short video.
  5. I dont own that model and im not sure how it works, maybe a youtube video will help. I checked around and its not It supported by gargoyle. I would not recommend openwrt or ddwrt. Do you have another router ?
  6. Hello, I have tried many routers and I would say its the router + firmware. I have tried many routers and firmwares and have some recommendations if you want to feel less insta melted. r7000 with merlin vortex or advanced tomato asus rt-ac68u with merlin + fresh jr script moD gargoyle works great, tried it on 2 diffrent routers, tp link archer c7 v5 performed better then wrt1900acsv2 I have tried ddwrt and openwrt its not great for cod I would not recommend it. I have my netduma r1 it works great on the older cods that use p2p host/ Not true dedicated. As longest if the p2p have around 20-40 it feels great.
  7. https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_tl-wr841n_v9 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vmTv3ONy8Og
  8. I hate these maps, also payload, gridlock is ok 😂 is it any lobbies in hardcore on xbox?
  9. I agree man, the game is awesome. Me and my friend used to find lobbies under 30ms and we had good times together and this reminded me of playing with him, but this time i was solo!
  10. You can use hyper traffic and only select advanced then udp port 3074.
  11. xDSL? You connect your router in the phone jacket right? Oh ok... it might be hard then.. i call it fiber converter its like a mediabox that translates the signals from fiber to internet ports there you plug your lan to your router.
  12. Ok so you connect your router directly to the fiber converter? Well thats low! Have you priotized udp 3074? 3075 (xbox) and give the ps4 or xbox 21% or 11% of bandwith?
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