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  1. Settings might not work the same for you. It could be diffrent from what isp, router firmware and settings ofc. Have tried running same settings on r1 and dumaos and r1 performed better. Why? I guess its something with the firmware that performe better in my game experience. Also tried diffrent firmwares, tomato, gargoyle dd-wrt. Some firmwares are great and some I get melted. Ping is not king if your router firmware dosnt perform well. Fix your firmware/settings then ping is king.
  2. I really want to try MW but I don’t like this game 😅 The only map that I like is shipment and Rust...
  3. Maybe a downgrade could solve the issue. But I don’t know if your multiplayer experience will perform better or opposite. If you having good times smacking online and not getting melted then your settings are great for the game you are playing. I owned once a XR500 and didnt have the spike issue. I really didnt have any advantage with xr500. But I have noticed some games perform better on my tomato router and ww2 perform better on my gargoyle and R1 router. It’s really weird but true, testing diffrent firmwares/routers will give you better or worse experience. I was bored yesterday and tested gargoyle on wndr3700v2 and wndr3700v4 on WW2 because tomato run horrible on WW2 for some reason on Xbox One. But tomato runs perfect on IW and Bo4, Battlefield 1 & 5 on PS4 for some reason. Anyway my testing Firmware v2 1.10 Enemies slow but bullets little bit slow 1.11 Instant, but one bullet might not connect, slighly higher chance of getting melted 1.12. Stable, its a mix between 1.10 and 1.11 but bullets seems to connect. Test on v4 12 bullets to kill one guy and lot of hit markers? BS. I turned my Xbox off.
  4. If you getting melted, make a reset of your router, dont disable anything or turn on any settings. Try play as moderate see if its great. If not try open nat and see if its an diffrence. If you still getting melted then try to downgrade or upgrade your firmware. I made some testings on ww2 yesterday (I was bored) and noticed some some diffrence on what firmware I was playing on. Have a little clip of yesterday (No QoS). Not getting melted, dropping high kds and nice gameplays. I noticed the last guy was wtf? IMG_0586.MP4
  5. I changed my ISP and noticed most of my settings dosn’t really matter now. They are almost the same but my best settings gave me a little bit advantage. I have tried Comhem, Telia, Bahnhof and Ownit. Comhem low ping but unstable, overloaded servers, just shit experience online, weird recoil, slow bullets, and instamelted. Telia lowest ping, best routing but was ok in cod, no huge advantage. Nothing special. Just expensive Bahnhof, Works great but some weird hit reg, sometimes one or two bullet wont connect? Ownit; Higher ping, but stable, not random and bullets always connect the same on noobs and tryhards. Connections on BF5 servers Comhem 18 ms Telia 18 ms Bahnhof 25ms Ownit 30ms My friend has also Ownit and he plays on Xbox, PS4 and PC and he uses ISP modem (Techicolor vac799) and it works great, not even qos and shares internet with his whole family. I start to think settings will help a bit if they right but if ISP is bad you will always have bad gaming experience. I don’t really think ping matter if your ISP is unstable. So I would rate it like this. ISP > SETTINGS SETTINGS > PING
  6. I leave it at 10-100. It works great that way, then mess with the download. Upload is your hitreg to the server.
  7. I found dysmos lobbys once on BO4 - 150 ping. Only noobies... Trust me, American lobbys are easier 😂
  8. Do you have any other ISP you can choose between?
  9. https://bgp.he.net/AS5769#_graph4 Your routing looks horrible.
  10. Whats your ISP name? Just curious
  11. Does WTFast really work? I mean best way is to choose the right ISP. Here’s my routing. Bahnhof https://bgp.he.net/AS8473#_graph4 If you compair it to Telia its has direct contact which is the best. Just look at the routes. Telia https://bgp.he.net/AS1299#_graph4 And yes better routing gives you lower ping.
  12. Ok guys are you ready? Im going to share my settings and my opinion.. Asus firmware isn't that great anyway. If you have flashed with merlin it will take around 1 min until QoS kicks in. I would recommend Freshtomato and set the gaming ports as dst 30000-45000 and play with the "%" to until you not get melted. Here's my setup. It works great on R7000. When Im in party I use to switch of QoS or change "Game" as CoD goes to "1-3%" until I dont get melted. I have tried this on a diffrent router but it played diffrent because it uses an diffrent kernel. Tomato arm uses newer kernel then mips versions. I cant garantuee this will work for you but I recommending you to play with the % of inbound rates (download) to get the sweetspot. So you dont get melted. Edit: For me 1-3% on Inbound works great solo and party with my friend. But might be diffrent if I play with another guy. Sometimes 1-2% works or 2-20%. Its really really diffrent depend on who you play against or with. The best thing you can do is to try mess with the %. I set the lowest possible number to not get melted or see me first die first bs. And what I mean by sometimes i switch off Qos? I mean i turn it off because sometimes it works better. And you can change your settings in-game. It won't disconnect you. Why I set such a low % is because these games seems to like more "bad" connection then great connection.
  13. + There are more tryhards on PS4 so finding right settings in EU might be hard. On Xbox its easier.
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