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  1. I can't understand why a Senior member can't just give us an update about this... I would even accept a:"we can't do nothing for this issue", I mean we would like just an official reply.
  2. I've contacted support and they told me it needs to be replaced. I'm using my ISP router at the moment in order to reach full speed
  3. Unfortunately I can not test it, because I've lent the R1 to a friend
  4. From R2 WAN port to my pc it's 100 Mbits . Is it the WAN port defective?
  5. No, my bad, they where both lan port. I'm going to try with the WAN port in a few minutes
  6. From R2 ethernet port to my pc it's fine, 1000Mbits
  7. Yes, from R2 WAN port to every lan port of my ISP router is always 100
  8. I'm actually connected from R2 WAN Port to lan port, that's the problem. Anyway I can't find the option to change speed on my ISP router
  9. It would be awesome but I don't know where to look for. Should this be a setting on my ISP router or on netduma R2?
  10. It said 1000, just the WAN port (internet) is at 100
  11. Yes! WAN port, no matter what, is always showing 100
  12. If I connect the second cable from my R2 ethernet port to ISP ethernet I get 1000, just the WAN port is stuck at 100
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