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  1. 85332af5d024878c This one is for the NAT fc0df3beaa9b5a5f This one for the latency in the speed test
  2. yes it now gives me nat open and I also added the server for the speedtest and now latency is back to normal
  3. Yes, One dedicated server in England. I added it on the list
  4. Yes, sometimes I get party chat disconnected even if I added to the allow list
  5. Yes! is it supposed to work this way? I have another question, when I have geo filter disable running a speedtest on my xbox one I get 50 ms latency, when I run it with geofilter on I get 200 ms, is it normal?
  6. I'm sorry but with this configuration another problem came out... now my xbox can't get nat. It says NAT Type unavailable. The console has a static ip from xbox advanced settings and from netduma dhcp. Do you have any suggestions?
  7. everything is working fine right now! 3 days of gaming without any issue!! 🤙
  8. I tried again with the static IP. Now it works and I disabled DHCP from my ISP router. It looks like everything is working flawless but I don't want to say it too loud...
  9. After one day of use devices can't get IP address anymore... I'm stack, with PPPoE I get half speed, when I use DHCP on both devices it works for one day than again no IP. If I disable DHCP on my ISP router I lose connection on Netduma
  10. When I set from Netduma R1 static ip i lose internet connection
  11. I have still problems... After one day of use the router is not able to give ip to the device I want to connect, maybe for the double dhcp... and I have to reset my ISP router and do all again. But if I disable DHCP or Nat from ISP router I get no internet on R1. Do you have any solutions? Do I have to put something (ip, gateway, subnet mask) on DHCP settings of NetdumaR1 router?? Which is the best connection to use on NetdumaR1? PPPoE slows speed. DHCP we're good but I have this issue with ip addresses from devices trying to connect
  12. I gave to netduma a static ip than put on dmz on my isp router. Both xbox one and ps4 were able to connect to internet only with a static IP that i put on both R1 and consoles. Now they are connected and with open nat. Speed test is good on every device. Thanks for your support!
  13. Can I use a different connection with my ISP router? Instead of PPPoE how could I connect Netduma R1? I'm from Italy. It's a Tim Hub and I disabled nat, firewall, dhcp and everything on my ISP router in order to use Netduma R1 only. Can I leave active dhcp on my ISP router and put Wan ip of R1 on DMZ? Will I have double nat problems this way? I have reset my ISP router, so everything now is active. I used the Dhcp connection on DumaOS and this way I can get my full speed!! the problem is that on my xbox it says NAT unavailable. Is it possible to mantain this type of connection and get open nat? Do I have 2 DHCP active right now? I'm a little bit confused XD
  14. Same results with a different server and on fast.com. I wish I could solve this because a really like DumaOS, but if I can't get my full speed there's no point on using it
  15. Even with QoS disabled unticking the box I get the same result. I'm sorry but I do not have two computers to run that test...
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