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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys,what a bummer!lol
  2. Hi Netduma Team, Amazon Web Service's launched a datacenter in Bahrain this year,it wasnt open for game hosting until one day I managed to join the server for 24 hours and played Black Ops 4 ,t he very next day I couldn't connect to it,is it the datacenter or activision that may have turned them off, cos dayum 8ms in the Middle east was truly awesome to play on,please help ???
  3. 100% I tried the PureVpn service and it did add more latency,the DumaOs software provides the best latency for players in the middle east as is than your regular router,thanks for the responses guys,have a good one.
  4. So since the Hybrid VPN feature was added I was curious to find out if using a VPN would also reduce my ping since I'm in the middle east,I tried out PureVPN as its recommended for Hybrid VPN and well it just doesn't work at all,so is there any good VPN to help reduce my ping,any detailed setups to play cod BO4 on a decent ping or is this just not possible for my location? I look forward to all helpful responses and I thank you all in advance for doing so,to add the DumaOs Software is like life for me cant play with out it,thanks Netduma Team.
  5. Netduma Team Can you guys please put up a guide on how to use Hybrid VPN on the routers for non tech savvy members.If we go with other VPN services other than HMA and PureVPN,what should we do in detail,step by step and pin it for members so that the question doesn't get repeated. Thank you guys for your amazing services,keep up the great work.
  6. I look forward to the cloud update,Ping Assist is working like a charm for me on 100ms I get into lobbies faster. All we need is the cloud update and we good until then this topic has been resolved,you can close it Thanks Jack.
  7. Fraser and Co. helped me out a ton to find the server/peer in Saudi to play Black Ops 4 with an Open Nat. This means Console Open and game showed Open, I played on pings between 100ms to150ms then after the last update the game shows Moderate but Console is Open but that didn't phase me,so I cracked on and found the game acting a fool cos I can still join parties with friends in the UK and as far as South Africa and play with them so in-game info can be misleading however without changing anything for over a month this last game update [1.10] removed the Saudi server/peer from my Geo-Filter, I couldn't find a match at all whether it be in Spectator Mode or Filtering absolutely nada zip zero numero ziltch! So I decided to flush my cloud that didn't work but I found the Singapore/South East Asia Server and was blown away that I get a 90ms ping better than the Saudi Server, I was like "What! In the Kangaroo Pouch is going on here mate!" so i locked or filtered my Geo over Singapore,set it to strict and play on that Server now. I wait about 10 minutes to get into a match sometimes longer than i used to and im confused by this,Netduma team please help a brother once again. 1) Where is the Saudi Server/Peer ? 2) How is it that when I connect to the Singapore/South East Asia Server that my ping is lower than the Middle East that is in my backyard? I look forward to your valued assistance Netduma Team
  8. Fraser you Beauty!!, so my Nat Types Open Again and I found what appears to be a Peer in Saudi which is actually a Dedicated Server. I did this for My Nat ( Strict/Moderate to Open ) [Xbox] 1) Before I booted my Xbox Up,I set my Geo Filter to Spectator Mode. 2) Checked UPnP and my port for 3075 and it was ACTIVE. 3) Booted Xbox Up, went to settings and tested the Multiplayer Connection, once done, I pressed LT + RT + LB + RB at the same time and got the detailed statistic for my multiplayer test. 4) Started up Black Ops 4 checked my Network and BOOOM!! its Open and is connected to the Saudi Server, Hooorah!! 5) The last step, I went back to my DumaOs and put it back to Filtering Mode and set my Radius, it stayed Open for 6 hours even when I closed the game and reopened it I hope this helps,have a Good One NetFam. Thanks @Fraser.
  9. I tried searching for the server situated in Saudi Arabia as im playing in Oman and i just cant find it at all. Filtering Mode On then Off,Spectator Mode On then Off,reduced radius then lost my Open Nat in-game to Moderate and cant seem to get it back to Open. My Nat Tap was Open before i tried to find the Saudi Server, = XR500 in ISP Modems DMZ, disabled uPnP. XR500 has uPnP enabled,this had me an Open Nat but now its Moderate,other Cod Titles say my Nats Open with same ports 3074,3075 etc. Is it the game or have i done something wrong,please help??
  10. Its been awhile since I've posted on here, been doing some crazy hours at work, just want to say thank you to all who assisted me with the XR500 in the middle east, I really appreciate it, my connections are waaaay better than before and hey @fraser who would of thought India would have a server if it wasn't for your guidance, i would be lost with my new gear....yall have a good one,take it easy Fam
  11. @xlr8r Ive been using my Xbox One in the DMZ like that for 3 years straight with my ISP and now the Xbox One X,the countries strict on blocking certain traffic and has the Managed Router Service Extension with a fully fledged firewall intergrated into our modems and also the Unified Threat Management (UTM) to automatically update its catalogue of known cyber threats.
  12. @Netduma Fraser Honestly... i didnt reboot my Xbox or completely shut it down but managed to join a few solo matches where my team were literally getting destroyed then had to wait a few minutes in between,but i will definitely reboot/shutdown my xbox before changing my home location in future tests,i saw the VPN thread and man,it just gets better and better,i hope Netgear doesnt spaz yalls rep though.peace brother.
  13. @xlr8r I messed around back in the day with my ISP modems settings so it was easy enough for me to setup the XR500 in the DMZ of my modem and my Xbox One X in the XR500 DMZ so i always get an Open Nat...i never used uPnP or Port Forwarding as i always had an Open Nat but now im looking for an affordable VPN service to work hand in hand with my tests that i did earlier...would port forwarding be required or am i good to go..?
  14. I'm back with some feedback guys... Test 1: Moved Geo-location in the region (middle east/western asia) My home base is Oman, my radius was set to 700km in Oman, the average ping to the best host was 24ms. ( 3 Bars in-game but felt very inconsistent, random skipping all over with occasionally good hit detection, waited 30 minutes to play 1 match) Extended Radius to 1500 and changed home base to Saudi, the average ping to the best host was 110ms.( 2 Bars in-game and matches were unplayable, frame drops, poor hit detection) Test 2: The Hope Test: Moved Geo-location to the UK Home base set in England, my radius was set back to 700km, the average ping to the best host was 150ms.(2 Bars in-game, couldn't find solo matches to play however when I joined my buddies game invites my connection was better than the Saudi Radius Test, no frame drops, hit detection was good) Test 3: The "Taking a Chance" Test : Moved Geo-location to France French Home Base,my radius was set to 1000km,the average ping to the best host was 130ms.( 2 Bars in-game, couldn't find solo matches at all, which led me to believe that if I had a french buddy my connection to him would be the same as or better than my UK counterparts) Conclusion: The Netgear Nighthawk XR500 has really improved my connection beyond a shadow of a doubt, maybe I would need a VPN to be able to find a match in the locations that i set that were not my home base,maybe...? however the testing will not end there, as I did find some hosts that made me beast out with 40 plus kills,hahaha,bless them bassis! Thank you all for all your help regarding my regional request,i apologize for not adding any pictures,upload issues,.....have a good one to you all.
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