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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in Cod ww2 somthing intresting   
    It's taking me 10 minutes to find a TDM if I force games on the UK server only. 7ms ping and I get no hitmarkers on a guy's chest but he'll two shot me around a wall when he can still see me, even if I never saw him while he landed a shot, and they can draw circles and get hitmarkers on thin air to my left and right. Nothing makes this game play well lol. Nobody dies. I thought AW was bad...
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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in Cod ww2 somthing intresting   
    Woah, the Netduma network monitor shows this? I had no idea... I swore it only shows bandwidth usage? LOL must pay more attention *palms forehead* didn't realise you could click on the spikes and see more info. 
    Edit: tried it for myself and noticed a lot of 3074, as well as some new ones like 1027 and 44999, as well as others I can't remember.
    I got online and hadn't noticed the new ports yet so I just used what you had, rebooted everything and got into a game. It was a late join but it ran perfectly well. Next game I'm negative to teleporters who get instant hitmarkers while mine are audibly delayed and I'm almost having to lead my shot to hit people. I realised I didn't have my geofilter on so I turned it on and it was the same nonsense. Every game just had people teleporting on fake three bars and I can't hit them LOL
    Think I might just save myself from grey hair and retire now.
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    N3CR0 got a reaction from RL317 in Monitoring your connection while in game causes connection issues?   
    Can't say I ever tried playing CoD without the geo page being up. I like to see what server I'm connecting to so I always leave it up.
    Worth giving a go
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    N3CR0 got a reaction from RL317 in Monitoring your connection while in game causes connection issues?   
    Well, could be just coincidence but I'm having a really good night without the Duma GUI up.
    Good connections, hit det. is good and better still 0 BS deaths in around 15 matches played. 
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    N3CR0 reacted to fuzzy clam in ww2 Strong lag comp   
    This is really no different than any other launch, it always runs bad for the first couple weeks.
    The only thing I don't get is every year they act like it's the first launch they've done,they need to put some more money into the servers and that would help everyone out IMO.
    SHG...you only had one job...a successful launch.
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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in Monitoring your connection while in game causes connection issues?   
    Weirdly enough I just used the usual 70% preemptive sliders with 50ms ping assist only and had nothing but great games on IW with the geofilter page well and truly closed lol. I would have given IW a try but my mate said it was down at the time
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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in Duma And WW2 PS4   
    I only bothered playing half a game because it was so poor. I still can't be certain whether it impacts the game or not - it seemed to in IW - but the prelobby host was jittering from 40-180ms and the only guy to take 15 seconds to climb to a three bar after spawning was skipping and unkillable, while I was on 8ms to the server.
    Dunno if I can bring myself to try it again hahaha
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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in Monitoring your connection while in game causes connection issues?   
    Probably sounds a bit weird because I'm going to start this off by saying I can watch the geofilter while in a game, have a fantastic low latency and stability and all seems fine on the ping graph...
    However I've noticed that when running a ping test and having the geofilter running at the same time, even with congestion control applied (at any percentage), my line goes to *beep* and I end up with higher base latency and up to 250ms of jitter. I ran several tests to rule out any potential anomaly. If I close my Netduma GUI on my web browser it returns to normal. I can even load another GUI page (congestion control for example) and it's normal. If I start a test with the geofilter up on my browser while a test is running, and close it midway through, my latency and jitter will rapidly crash down towards normal values. Even if I'm not pinging a host/server with the geofilter, and I simply have the page open, it causes problems.
    I thought maybe it was pinging a host at the same time, or even just leaving Auto Ping Host enabled, that caused this, but I unticked my preferences one by one (Auto Ping Host, Strict Mode and Low Resolution Map) while leaving the geofilter page open and it remained the same. I then disabled the geofilter entirely while leaving the page open and still no change.
    So I switched to a tablet to try running a ping test on one device's browser while leaving the geofilter up on my laptop. It returned to normal and I had more like 0.1-0.2ms of jitter.
    I did all this while using 70/70 preemptive sliders. Can anyone think of any reason that the geofilter graph would display "normal" results, while a ping test is running on the same browser as the geofilter page and displays horrible results? Surely the geofilter isn't that demanding? And wouldn't those stability issues be reflected on the geofilter ping graph? Simply running a ping test at the same time doesn't seem to cause issues because I've done that while, say, downloading something, and if congestion control is applied there's no additional jitter at all. Running the geofilter at the same time as a ping test shouldn't stress the line anymore than simply using the internet normally. That's what the sliders are for
    All this time I've been keeping my geofilter page up so I could monitor my connection and scratch my head when a game seemed spongy and I'd get quarter second audible hitmarker delays. Could be a coincidence but the last time I had a flawless session on IW was while not using the geofilter page, as I simply set it over my local server and forgot about it. 99% of my time playing CoD has me leaving the geofilter page open because I'm very particular about controlling different settings and connecting to certain servers, as much of the last two years has been frustrating. I didn't even have issues on Ghosts with Virgin Media and their cable is terribly unstable. I didn't even have a Netduma at the time. I hadn't even met the guy who encouraged me to buy one by that point
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    N3CR0 reacted to pollutionblues in How to setup Netduma R1 with Plusnet Hub   
    No, you need to enter those details on the Duma. Go to WAN and enter the details in the PPPoE section.
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    N3CR0 reacted to RL317 in ww2 Strong lag comp   
    Played one game on a flat 8ms to the UK server. Prelobby host chosen by the game was jittering from 40-180ms. I get one framed by a guy skipping, hitting me the frame I see him, and I can't get hitmarkers where I see him on screen. Must be my awful connection, or the fact that snapping to a guy's chest on max sens is too slow.
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    N3CR0 reacted to Stealth_01 in BO3 Shieva Nuke...   
    I know probably no one cares about this game anymore but ive tried playing ww2 and its just way too slow for my liking. Too many campers and the maps are ass... So heres a Shieva nuke.. Enjoy !!

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    N3CR0 reacted to ColonicBoom in Cod WW2   
    If I face-palmed any harder I'd break my neck.
    Of course you're having problems getting games on CoD, it's launch weekend. I got 3 games in 2 hours.
    Your high-ping will be for the same reason. Either your getting dropped onto mislocated dedis and should report them here http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18965-cloud-incorrect-locations/page-6?do=findComment&comment=162747...
    Or you're getting dropped onto the only dedis that are up.
    And if your accuracy is down from 23% to 16% then you're being 30% less accurate than you were earlier.
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    N3CR0 reacted to ColonicBoom in DUMA OS update   
    There doesn't need to be a discussion on communication, it's been done to death. There's an announcement thread for announcements.
    Virtually this same thread was locked a few hours ago. If people continue to create the same thread to 'discuss' the same thing then I will mark as spam and they will post no more.
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    N3CR0 reacted to Madman in DUMA OS update   
    Oh no not the Willy Wonka meme again, lol. Patience my friends, when it releases I'm sure it will be a well-polished headache free OS! Quality over quantity!
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    N3CR0 got a reaction from ColonicBoom in DUMA OS update   
    Another thread... really?
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    N3CR0 reacted to major masingil in DUMA OS update   
    I just want to say that technically Netduma doesn't owe us squat for communication on this subject.  None of us are paying for the update.  They tried to have a thread about it, and it had to go away because of people getting way too demanding. Give the guys a break.  They want this as much as we do. They also want to avoid buggy firmware. They also don't have a huge corporate machine backing them up.
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    N3CR0 got a reaction from titofuenla in DUMA OS update   
    Another thread... really?
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    N3CR0 reacted to kevo in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Ima early adaptor as well we gotta be patience. It's sucks but that's how it is.
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    N3CR0 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Can you write a router firmware?
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    N3CR0 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Yes, 12 months is a year... 14 months is hardly a year.
    Can you write a router firmware from nothing in a 14 months? Seems like you struggle forming a sentence, never mind a piece of code.
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    N3CR0 reacted to Netduma Fraser in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Okay this topic turned hostile fairly quick so I'm going to close it. 
    We'll provide more information as soon as we can, no need to ask - we're working as fast as we can.
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    N3CR0 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in DumaOS Before WW2   
    No mods here, just someone who knows how software coding works and tired of people whining and complaining like they are entitled to something.
    You bought a router, it does exactly what is advertised. Shut up.
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    N3CR0 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in DumaOS Before WW2   
    I know, just proves my point lol
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    N3CR0 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Exactly so you have no right to tell someone else how long it should take for them to do something that you can't do yourself. Unfortunately software works this way. You fix one thing and break ten other things. You fix those ten bugs and two more pop up. That's the cycle.
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    N3CR0 reacted to RADDY1993 in DumaOS Before WW2   
    Mod i guess the answer is 
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