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    About two years ago we made the biggest decision in our company’s history. We knew we had the best router software on the market, but we were not developing at the speed we wanted to. Every time we made a change, we were forced to repeat the same steps each time. Not to mention, a single change risked breaking other features. Netduma Dev Team c. 2016 We pulled the trigger. We decided to start-over again, taking all the lessons from our launch to design an entirely new firmware. We made DumaOS, the router operating system for your home. DumaOS gives us the foundations to develop new features, which we call ‘R-Apps’ (‘Router Apps’), at incredible speed. And we will be doing this from now on in a series of Development Milestones. Each Milestone will bring more functionality to your DumaOS-powered router, solving the real problems you face online. Netduma Dev Team - Present Day Before we go any further, some important rules: Predicting software development is tricky, sometimes things go much faster than you expect, sometimes they go slower. So until we are certain, the ETA of a milestone will always be ‘Whenever it’s ready’. The contents of a Milestone could change. We might need to defer some of it to a future Milestone, or we might be able to squeeze in some extras. Milestones may not always roll out to every DumaOS powered router at the same time or with the same contents. With the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get onto the fun bit: Milestone 1.3 Milestone 1.3 is the first publicly announced Milestone for DumaOS. It brings cutting-edge new technology, as well as old favourites, to your DumaOS powered router, enabling you to take even more control over your network. Ping Assist v2 Ping Assist is back, and it’s better than ever. Ping Assist lets low ping hosts to connect to you even if they are outside your Geo-Filter limit, helping you to quickly find high quality, low ping games. DumaOS Ping Assist is a big step up on the original Netduma R1 Ping Assist - we have rewritten the whole feature to be far more effective at quickly detecting pings – meaning you can find the best hosts on the planet much faster than before. The results are truly incredible, especially in games like Black Ops 4, Fornite, PUBG, Overwatch, FIFA 19 and many others. Hybrid VPN Another return of an old favourite. Hybrid VPN lets you apply your VPN to your entire network and also lets you choose the devices and applications you want to put through your VPN using DumaOS Deep Packet Inspection. This gives you so much more flexibility than a standard VPN, allowing you to keep the vulnerable areas of your network private and secure without affecting the devices that don't need a VPN. Hybrid VPN works with any VPN provider that uses OpenVPN (almost all do). Advanced Ping Stats There’s a new buzzword in town: Server Tickrate. This is the number of updates a game server makes per second. If your game runs at 60 frames per second, you ideally want a Tickrate at 60Hz (60 updates per second). Knowing the importance of this metric to our users, we have created Advanced Ping Stats. You can now see the Server (Host) Tickrate and Receive Rate, as well as your own Client Tickrate and Send Rate. This allows you to see the quality of your game's connection in far more detail than ever before. You can also pin to your DumaOS Dashboard for quick reference in-game. This is just the beginning for this feature. Now we are capturing server metrics we can do some cool things to give you an edge. Look out for more in future Milestones. Device Manager Enhancements The DumaOS Device Manager shows every device on your Network and you can now view this as a sortable table, to give you easier administration. We Need You! Milestone 1.3 is has been driven by user feedback. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for suggestions, let us know on the forum. MILESTONE: CURRENT STATUS Netduma R1: Released see this thread: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/27008-new-firmware-netduma-r1-dumaos-development-milestone-13/ Nighthawk XR500/XR700/XR450: Main development has completed and Milestone 1.3 is currently in closed testing. Stay tuned for more information from NETGEAR> To keep up to speed on future releases, please sign up to the DumaOS Mailing List.
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    The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0 Last year we released our first major update for DumaOS, Milestone 1.3. You guys loved it, so we quickly got to work on the next milestone, packing it full of features to make your router even more powerful. This next milestone will instead be a new version, DumaOS 3.0, and it marks the biggest leap forward in our history. It will contain a huge amount of features never seen before on a router. Instead of just sending out each of the features piece by piece, we needed to wrap them all up into one giant release. We will explain why soon 😉 (but don't worry, we're not doing an EA!). We know you guys will want to get your hands on 3.0 as soon as possible and we are working very hard to make this happen. But until we are sure, the release date is ‘to be confirmed’. But in the meantime, here is a teaser one of the many features coming to your router in 3.0: Data History. With Data History you can see how much bandwidth you’ve used over time and drill-down to see which devices and/or applications are eating up all your data or find out how many hours you spent gaming over the weekend. If you are under a data cap, you can also see if you are nearing your monthly limit. This is just a small glimpse into 3.0. We will be gradually revealing more features over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more announcements. One final thing, we launched DumaOS Insiders yesterday. This will be a private subforum where we share first-looks at features we are currently working on and using your feedback to shape them. There are only a few spaces left, so sign up here if you haven’t already: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29480-sign-up-to-dumaos-insiders/ Big things are coming. Thank you for your support. The ND Team
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    Netduma Jack

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    EDIT: The response to to this has been brilliant. Thank you. We are now locking signups - but we will leave the form up in case anyone wishes to register their interest in becoming an insider in the future. ___ Hi guys - we have a big announcement coming tomorrow about our next development milestone, which will be the biggest set of new features ever released for DumaOS. Our number one focus is building new features, and we want them to be the best they can be. This is why we're starting up DumaOS Insiders, where we will be sharing exclusive first-looks at some of our new features and using your feedback to shape them. If you are interested, please sign up to DumaOS Insiders using this form: https://forms.gle/4TptvkBkqBfVeW669 When you sign up you will be entrusted with exclusive Insider information. Please do not share this content outside of the DumaOS Insiders subforum.
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    Last month we introduced DumaOS Milestone 1.3. We are happy to announce that it is now available for all Netduma R1 users. Everyone who has signed up to the Open Beta of DumaOS will have received an email with the firmware link and installation instructions. If you have not signed up to the Open Beta yet, please go here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ Nighthawk XR500/XR700 users: stay tuned for an announcement on when this will be available on your router. This milestone includes: Ping Assist v2: it's back and it’s better than ever. Ping Assist lets low ping hosts to connect to you even if they are outside your Geo-Filter limit, helping you to quickly find high quality, low ping games. Hybrid VPN: apply your VPN to your entire network and also choose the devices and applications you want to put through your VPN using DumaOS Deep Packet Inspection. Advanced Ping Stats: see the Server (Host) Tickrate and Receive Rate, as well as your own Client Tickrate and Send Rate. This allows you to see the quality of your game's connection in far more detail than ever before. Device Manager Enhancements: shows every device on your Network and you can now view this as a sortable table, to give you easier administration. This is the first of many DumaOS milestones which we will continue to roll out to make your router even more powerful. Have fun. The ND Team
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    Hey guys I just recently joined the Netduma team as a Software Test Engineer. I will be working on developing tools, for example, our cloud infrastructure to optimize Black Ops 4 (I hear this is what you guys want to hear) as well as other games. I'll also be watching this forum to provide support with DumaOS. Apart from that I love games. I've been playing a lot of Fortnite lately but I'm also into RPG's like The Witcher (only The Wild Hunt though). I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and be part of the Netduma community.
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    I have been lucky enough to test this FW and the ping assist is working really well in Blops4 putting the geo in the ocean and setting the assist to 40ms giving me low ping UK servers. Seeing the tick rate / send and receive is a great new feature, learning that Blops4 had moved to 30HZ the other night before it was announced was awesome Using ping assist for me is the way forward with the way the servers are at the moment on Blops4 forcing you to play with people of your skill no matter where in the world.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    We need more frequently updated firmware. Don't try and fix everything at once. Release what you have fixed. Then work on more fixes. Waiting 3 months plus is a long time to wait for simple fixes imo.
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    Netduma Jack

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi Duma Army, and welcome to the first Developer Q&A thread! This your chance to ask the team about the current development and exciting future of DumaOS. Our developers will answer you directly as soon as they can (though this won't be live). Before we begin, lets get the caveats out of the way: - Keep it on topic: If you have technical issues with your router this isn't the place to get support. We'll be redirecting and deleting irrelevant posts to keep this thread on topic. - Keep it civil: Trolling, name-calling or general rudeness will not be tolerated on this thread. Please choose your words carefully and adhere to the forum rules to avoid suspension. - Keep it brief: Our developers are hard at work and their time is precious. They will try to answer every question they can, but they might not be able to answer every one - especially if your question is two pages long! Spam will not be tolerated. DumaOS development is driven by your feedback, so we're super excited to hear from you all. If this goes well we may host more Q&A sessions in the future. Fire away with any questions you have and a developer will answer as soon as possible!
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    over 6 months without a firmware update. no wonder people are looking for alternative firmware.
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    Should have an update on this for you soon guys. Thanks for all your help.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Sounds like you need more testing done on the new firmwares. Release them as betas and you could have thousands of beta testers, us! This will track down bugs faster. Openwrt has new builds daily. Let us help you make your product the best it can be!
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    Please read this everyone

    I recently upgraded to new dumar os fw and think its great but its missing one thing important i think In network monitor it now does not show you what ports the game you play is connected to uses In cod bo4 i used this feature all the time In cod bo4 everytime you would join a new lobby it would show us new ports it was connected to. You would always be connected to two ports in every game this first port is always port 3074 udp the second was always diffrent ever new lobby you join uses diffrent ports If you stayed in the same lobby for an hour the two ports would be the same for an hour or how long you stayed in that lobby . Once you change lobbys the game changes ports it uses so you need to put new ports in traffic priortaztion I think this is why the connection keeps varying HERES WHY ITS IMPORTANT when i put in the ports it uses for that game in traffic priortization my hit registration would get a lot lot better i did this before on cod ww2 and it helped my hit registration .And on cod bo4 Somtimes i would do this during a game. i would be playing a game and struggling to get a kill then in same lobby same people playing i would enter those port number in and the hit registration was great easier kills EVEN IF YOUR NOT PLAYING COD you still might need it for other games. i used it for all my other games to help get a better connection and i would like to use it in the future for new games I really dont wanna downgrade to an older fw just to use this feature as it was so GREAT SO ANY GAME YOU WANNA SEE WHAT PORTS IT USES YOU NEED THIS As some games it dosent tell you all the ports it uses I would love to use this for red dead redemption 2 online when its released soon Fraser told me if enough peole want this feture back in the firmware they would put it back in SO I JUST PUT A POLL UP SO PLEASE VOTE THANKY YOU So i am asking any who might use it before or might wanna use it in the future please post a comment here saying they would like to see it in i future update I hope i made sence sorry for any typos And please post to say you would like it the more people who say they want it they saidthey would reinstall it if the demands there Thanks
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    I realize this update is quite small, but the changelog isn't exhaustive, and we do have big updates on the way. Keep an eye out next week because we're planning a blog post that will reveal some exciting information about our plans for the next milestone.
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    Cod bo4 lag

    Welcome to BO4
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    That tickrate is really good since now Developers can't hide this from us anymore everyone that is a gamer should own this router. You can't go wrong and it will only get better this is just the tip of the iceberg 😉👍
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    Good news: the rollout is now complete. Thank you to everyone for their patience. If any of you were still waiting on an email, please check your inbox and if it is not here, CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM (and your 'Promotions' tab if using Gmail). In the rare event your email program has completely blocked our email, please either sign up again using a different email address, or post here to let us know. If you have not yet signed up, go here: DumaOS for R1 Sign Up
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    Would be awesome is we get : 1- Auto BufferBloat or an easier way to detect the ultimate bufferbloat setting for each person. 2- "Dont Share connection" for specific devices at the QOS settings while all others share the connections together. 3-We would like to have that accurate PING test done by the router that the R1 had and for some reason it was removed. 4- Anti jitter 5- Auto connection speed detection Thanx
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Because their are QoS issues reported by people, DPI false positives, port mapping in table view in DumaOS being the opposite way round to Netgears base Firmware view (Its a Netgear router so DumaOS runs on top of Netgears firmware on the XR range) devices showing online when not and vice versa plus a hotfix not in the main firmware fork for disconnects amongst other reports of issues since milestone 1.3. So no the router is not working as intended, unless broken is the intended way and I'm pretty sure Netduma and Netgear know that's not what they want and are working to fix these bugs and maybe taking longer to make sure they get squashed properly. Also there will always security issues to fix at some point and don't forget your version of UPnP/1.0 miniupnpd is 13 years old so bang up to date! So yep its doing well...
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    Netduma Luke

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Nothing stopping us doing this - so it's good to know you'd be interested in a new router from us.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    hey! just wanted to check in. I'm still here and I do pop in from time to time, but the time between times has gone long in the tooth ..everything said was spot on. Still have all the issues I discussed in the past, and I even sent them a huge list of things I noticed to look at -- but instead of working on it they moved on to the next milestone rather then fixing 1.3 issues. I have a feeling the new milestone will come out introducing a ton more bugs and we will always be in a bugged state. NetDuma has a small team and only a handful of that team who have the skill to develop and Netgear keeps pushing new models to flavorize with DumaOS -- you can bet on it AX is taking all the time right now and everything else is just back burning... plus the fact that Netgears Taiwan developers really can't work with NetDuma OS and introduce fixes (xr700) that create more problems (they even said they didn't know netgear released an update that hosed new things in netduma for xr700 in a prior post). So Netduma has moved on to new features, Netgear is fixing things they don't know how to and at the same time overloading Netduma team to flavorize their existing hardware routers and re-brand them instead of introducing something new. So now we have an R7000 duma os?? uhh, who's even buying that. Yes, devices still hang in online and offline state in Device Manager, port numbering debacle, lack of updated modules and security fixes, buggy QoS, DNS sync problems, I can go on and on.. I know how to fix these without rebooting or flashing firmware (I haven't re-flashed it once since I owned it) but you have to correct these errors in terminal mode. I chuckle every time I see a new post from someone asking about devices or not being able to connect or internet dropping, or why doesn't my XXX device connect, and response posts are always what firmware are you on, reboot, reflash, do this do that, when it ain't gonna do a darn thing, because it needs to be fixed OS side. I do have a 100+ day uptime right now, but QoS is disabled - so I'm not really getting any benefit from this OS. And like others, soon going to be moving on to other solutions since I can't take any real advantage of what this offers in this bugged state, and not going backwards to XR700 or AXwhatever it is.. because Netgears new AX is coming out soon (the 12 streams). And I'm starting to evaluate competitor routers. Actually, the 12 stream has been ready even before the AX6 was released. It's going to Orbi also. So anyone who has that AX6 is already outdated, oh well. They have the hardware ready and do targeted releases to bring in the most money (yeah any company would do this) but instead of releasing the best and making it the one and only..... every flavor needs to be milked first. well it's been long enough now (over 4+ months) so I guess I can release one more issue now.. The Data Analytics process has been enabled by default since day 1 sending data back to Netgear. Check your web console Settings, Administration, Firmware update -- You see the option to not automatically update firmware (a plus) -- but where's the data analytics option? oh. hmm. ok. I disabled the process manually. I did not find a way to disable it from the original firmware release until I looked again today, but the latest firmware may have been updated to do this on install, I did not check. So I can't be sure. But I found this in there, and you can check if yours is on.. Go to to check -- or at least make sure it isn't on by forcing it off. Just to let you know I was right that Netgear has one base core they use for all their routers and tweak for each, here's an example TOS htttp:// (but it's for orbi, lol) There is tons of things still in there from other routers (streamboost things, etc that are conflicting with Duma) cron jobs that are running, etc to update streamboost when the router doesn't use streamboost. Probably much more that I didn't see with the old modules, etc. These things are contributing to the problems people are having, and Netgear is focusing on the next router rather then fixing things in the firewall that are blocking peoples connections via QoS. The firewall is really complex this why it prevents most of the attacks even with the older modules, but it's got its quirks that piss off Device Manager and block some local network devices from making certain types of connections, only causing customer complaints. Maybe this time it's been so long because they are going to actually fix everything, but new milestone issues will just probably give us all a do over , if that happens, sorry to say - I'm out.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    While I do see your point, Jack. Something feels like it has changed behind the scenes. NTGR always give out quarterly updates for bug fixes and updates like the R7800's update to dnsmasq 2.78 and login password enhancement in for routers that are current and worth their time and effort as they are still bring in cash, the R7000 is a good eaxple of a router that was kept going well past its sell by date because it worked so well, and people kept buying them. Anyway back to the router in hand, you could add the promised new icons for different devices, you could work out why UPnP does not show on Macs running Safari and Firefox. There are the leaks in the VPN app that need fixing, the messed up port table view and inconsistent actions of the old view (still showing devices online that are not) General bug fixes are needed on the way to milestone 1.4, tbh I have no need to know what's ahead but I am more interested in the here and now and the bugs that exist now. Also updates to present issues which were kind of promised, like simply providing more icons for devices was talked about early last year in march I think although I may be mistaken, anyway well before talk of milestones, but when milestone 1.3 hit we never got them. Software development is very complicated more so than maybe I can imagine, but you cant leave everything and just concentrate on the latest and greatest milestones and new routers for NTGR which I'm sure you have been asked to furnish with DumaOS and at the same time just not fix current issues, its like the XR450/500/700 have to be shelved because you don't have the manpower to look after them and develop new firmware for new upcoming hardware and Milestone1.4 at the same time. This is why I feel unsettled I have to say. Voxel and kamaj keep posting new updates for the R7800 NTGR fork as well as NTGR themselves and that router even though the hardware is almost identical was released in January 2016, Its a very popular model, and there's the rub. NTGR don't just stop pushing updates to their kit, there are always bugs to fix, and I am sure you have versions of DumaOS that would cure some of the GUI issues, and patch other issues in milestone 1.3 I would hope. So keeping a small team working on the bugs of the XR range would be surely prudent? Right now having a router sit idle with no updates, and not a whiff of when the router will get one leaves me to think that Netduma and NTGR have other plans with the new AX devices and these current routers will be at some point hit with EOL because of a lack of interest and ultimately financial gain by NTGR. Of course I could be very wrong, and I hope I am but in all my years of using NTGR hardware the silence has never been so deafening. NTGR are here to make a profit and that's what they should be doing, you guys are too, your company has to grow as well. You want DumaOS to evolve, but when I realised the last update to the XR450/500 was December 2018 it felt quiet perturbing. I do not believe there are no security fixes that need patching, and that Netduma have nothing in milestone 1.3 that needs tweaking, we know there are issues, but If its going to be that we now wait for new milestones before we get updates from Netduma/NTGR the gaps in between updates will be to long and current bugs will just remain unfixed and people will just move on as the router is not behaving in a stable enough fashion. Being both reactive and proactive and keep people updated with fixes so they know their hardware is as up to date as possible while squashing as many current bugs as you can is just as important as working on new versions of DumaOS. Imagine if say Apple only released iOS 12 and never patched it to sort out GUI bugs and security issues until iOS 13 a year later, that would be the death of them. The same with Android being patched monthly on some devices too, I guess my point is there are always things to fix. As it stands right now it feels like present hardware is kind of less important due to things happening behind the scenes we are not privy to which is fair enough, but when there are patches to put out so why are you not pushing them to NTGR and more worryingly why are NTGR not just updating their firmware if nothing else. The current hardware and and how it works will determine the future of new hardware by proxy if you see my point. If people just see inactivity for months on end why would they buy into new versions of NTGR gaming hardware and DumaOS if the same thing will happen again. I know you guys are busy, and I appreciate the hard work you put in, but it does feel like the old hardware is just gaining dust while Netduma works on new versions of DumaOS, as well as new hardware from NTGR that you need to furnish with DumaOS as well. That's just how I feel, I may be well off the mark and I really hope I am, but equally I hope you can understand my fears, during this period of dormancy
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    The XR500 is a little over 3 months and not one update for current issues, and no updates from Netduma for issues with table view inconsistencies with port mapping compared with NTGR port mapping. Even if it is only visual it should be fixed. Also still no UPnP tables showing on my router (had three from a beta unit to present unit that has the port numbering the right way around on the back) and only one firmware ever showed UPnP info, but then again I use a mac and Firefox and it seems if you don't use Windows and Chrome that's always the issue. So many times I see "try another browser like Chrome" as a fix. A router should work with all the major browsers not be developed to work with just Chrome, I have issues with Chrome and Flash so neither are used on my device, and I use Duckduckgo as my search provider I try to avoid Google as much as possible, so Firefox should work just fine, and so should Safari and Opera, as well as the mobile Safari browser. Saying that logging in via even any tablet can be a mess. These are things that need to be fixed before adding more features, unless you just plan to fix bugs and regressions in Milestone 1.4 which tbh does not make me fill me with confidence. Right now some of Milestone 1.3 quirks should have been ironed out as well as bug fixes from NTGR. Also can't you get NTGR to update its GPL source code, things like OpenSSL and miniupnd which is still over a decade old and patched in binary but not actually replaced properly, or maybe you should let a third party developer in to add to your firmware so NTGR have to update this stuff. Voxel who produces a NTGR firmware fork for the R9000 and R7800 can kick new versions with updated packages and bug fixes in week or two while having a full time job. So why Does NTGR never update any of this code, and why don't you push them to do that? I had high hopes that Netduma would get NTGR to update this stuff, but the XR500 is still running the OpenSSL version1.0.2n released in Dec 2017, and its not like there hasn't been any CVE's for OpenSSL or newer versions to patch these security holes since December 2017 either.
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    Netduma Admin

    Mobile App Survey

    We are making a mobile app for DumaOS! If you have 3 minutes spare, please complete this survey to help us make the best app for you. Your answers will remain anonymous. Begin Survey
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    Update 3: Sry for having been disappearing. I have been having great time with new dumaos’s cloud update. I don’t have much issue finding lobby. It connect me to SG about 95% of time I play. For the current setting I have been using was still 98/98. But here I have find more variables to get good connection, at least for me well my bandwidth is 100/40 I set my download bandwidth to 6% which is equal to 6mb and upload bandwidth to 4%. I also have ‘when high priority traffic detected’ ticked however this is kind of endless test because this method is not 100% guaranteed that you will have good time with no lag compensation issue. That’s why I have backup method. It also depends on weapon fire rate as well. Let’s call this the ‘method 1. When method 1 doesn’t work, I go to method 2. And if it doesn’t work, I go to method 3 and 4. Below are lists of method I found Method 1: 6% / 4% equal to 6mb download and 1.6mb upload. With ‘when high priority traffic deteced’ anti bufferbloat apply Method 2: 6% / 4%. With ‘never’ ticked. And yes, that would turn off bufferbloat completely with 6mb and 1.4 ul bandwidth. For some reason anti-bufferbloat make your hit slight delay to. This is obvious when you use very low rate of fire gun and it has delay hit that u have to lead your aim in order to register your hit. Method 3: Go back to 98%/98% bandwidth. Which equal to 98mb download and 39.2mb upload Method 4: 98/98 and turn off anti bufferbloat Update 2: new setting and my best setting ever. My kd has been increasing everyday and now it is at 3.52kd I am not trying to flex but I just want to say it as result of improvement. I have been reverted back to original r1 fw though but I think it should work the same. Here is setting I found out and had been using for almost a week. - Congestion Control: I leave it at 98/98 - Bandwidth Setting: mine is 100/40 - Congestion Control Algorithm: Preemtive. This is for old fw only. And when my hitdetection is off or I shoot first die first, what I do and it usually fixes is I switch to reactive and then immediately switch back to preemtive. Please be noted that you do this while you are playing and expect your game to stutter a bit because your router will be slowed down to apply the setting - Please leave your other device such as PC playing any HD videoservices in background while you are playing. Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Line TV. Anything on 1080p hd. - DNS. Use as your playstation dns. hit detection will be more realtime than some people might call this placebo. But It is what have been working for me. My kd had been dropping pretty bad before I use this setting (dropped to 3.42. But since I have used this setting, everything turned out to be better. i don’t get bs death, I die because opponent has better shots. And it has improved my KD from 3.42 to 3.52 over a week. Point is, it is worth a try and nothing will harm you, so for those who is struggling to get good game, i suggest you might wanna try this this wasmy kd before I discover new setting. It was around 2.2-2.8 per day And after the setting my daily kd was from 3.0 - 5.0 daily Update!! Since people who you are playing with are also factors, here is another finding I found. You must switch between 99/99 and 99/1 whenever you getting killed many times by 0.55kd guy, I just drop my upload to about 400kb (equal to 1% according to my bandwidth) and usuallt things will suddenly get better. so it all depends on whom you play with. I have been testing this for countless hours. I’m gn only be focusing on setting that should get my connection as good as possible to elminate lag compensation issue here is the result after I discovered my best setting specifically for BO4 multiplayer I’m gn go through section by section Device Prioritization: make sure you put PS4 as your prioritized device Anti-Bufferbloat: Apply only when high priority traffic detected. Make sure you havetht ticked Congestion Control: this is the most important thing to deal with inconsistent lag compensation. You have to expect that there is no ‘best value’ whatsoever it al depends on players connection who you are put agiainst, gun fire rate. So here is my congestion value and I must tell you there are various values that you have to try along so here it is With slow rate of fire gun: you go with 99%/100% gun like rampant, titan has pretty slow fire rate, with wrong value your bullets would end up not registering. So with full upload bandwidth, this will make your hit registration as accurate as possible With high rate of fire gun: you go with 99%/99% gun like maddox, hades, you have to nerf your unload bandwidth a bit as your bullets could become ‘ghost bullet’ so you have to slow down your upload value a bit I have been making log on each weapon specific value, be advised this is still WIP, I will update the full list later sometimes these above values might not work so i suggest you to drop your download bandwidth to 70% / 90-100% depend on guns as I mention above as I have been testing with many values, here is what I found 70%/70% - jack of all trade, you will not be getting instant death with this, however, hit registration would be a bit off. Sometimes you won’t hit enemy and ended up getting kill please let me know if this worked for you
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    Netduma Jack


    Soon! It has lots of snow. LOTS of snow. Maybe too much snow. Nah, never too much snow.
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    I do not normally post this kind of video, but... What do you think?
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Read Derren Brown's book 'Happy"' if you have not already. Lots about just what you were taking about, and taking a more stoic approach to life. After all no point in getting upset about things you can't control, yes you can debate and think about them but not to the point they stress you out, or you start feeling depressed or fixated let alone angry. Life is to short to worry about lumps of metal and plastic of any kind.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    The only reason I still use it is for the geofilter. If another company came up with something similar, I'd be all over it. I cascaded an openwrt router to it to control my entire network besides my ps4. Openwrt is open source and has nighty, yes every frickin day, builds. So yes I agree. Netgear will just eol all these routers and move on. Netduma will keep saying a new firmware is coming to keep selling routers, but it's been way too long! I don't think will ever see a working firmware for any of the XR series.
  29. 6 points

    Xr500 firmware updates

    At this point, after almost seven months between updates I've pretty much lost all faith in the product. The fact that you used to be a lot more open about the Netgear side of things and suddenly it’s all quiet, the fact no patches were released for milestone 1.3 it was just left sitting there being buggy for this long honestly doesn’t give me any faith that this router will get any better, or even if we get the next update which is probably due, yet it still leaves me wondering if we will ever get another one? At the end of the day it feels like these routers have been totally abandoned by both netduma and netgear as a experiment gone wrong. Not so long ago Netduma were telling us all the things that were going to happen all those tweaks that Jack promised like the extra icons for all the devices that are not listed in the device manager, yet now it’s just silence. The excitement for your team up with Netgear seems to have evaporated to be honest. As I said the XR500 is one of, if not the most buggy routers I’ve used and at seven months without an update, I would consider this device even if it does get a firmware update to be pretty much end of life, which isn’t great for people are still buying them. I'm not saying this is what will happen but its how it feels Honestly I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy the XR500 or any of that range of routers due to their complete and utter lack of support by both sides. Netgear have forgotten their AC routers, the quarterly updates gone along with the promises made by your team that never came to fruition and I feel like this was a giant beta test and at the end of the day it didn’t really work out for Netduma or Netgear as maybe you expected. You can’t leave routers unpatched for so long when your team used to be so on top of when the next updates would be roughly coming, and hinting at fixes and new features yet suddenly that behaviour changed almost overnight. Also you need enough developers to be able to patch bugs in current firmware while developing new firmware and you seem to have not got them, and I get the feeling that’s maybe nearer the truth possibly. Also we probably won’t see new Netgear AX DumaOS routers if things carry on like this, it feels like there’s a breakdown between you and Netgear and it just doesn’t inspire confidence. I hope you can see and understand why many of us feel this way. The continued silence and massive amount of time since V2.3.2.40 came out just keeps getting longer, It really does now feel like time to move on from Netgear based DumaOS routers. If the next update when it appears is not a substantial one I think the result from the current user base that's feeling uncomfortable with the present situation will be to look for other devices, pure and simple.
  30. 6 points
    Netduma Alex

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, I'm Alex, I just started working at Netduma. My main role is to deal with tech support across the forums, social media and so on. I'm also going to deal with community stuff in general, and i'm impressed so far that Netduma's community seems so dedicated. I'm amazed at all of the mods and incredibly helpful community members I've seen so far! I'd like to have community events and things that aren't soley related to tech support. Some information about myself: I'm a lifelong gamer, I was a Nintendo fanboy in my youth but have since diversified. I don't like to take sides in the console wars, or the pc vs console argument, but I suppose if pushed i'd say I prefer using a controller... Sorry! I like JRPGs, platformers, racing games... Currently very into looter shooters like Destiny 2 or The Division 2... Haven't really got into the whole battle royale thing yet but I get the feeling that I will do, given that people in our office play PUBG and CoD Blackout. Also having 100 people connected at once is such an interesting networking challenge, it's like the ultimate benchmark. Anyway i'll definitely see you around the forums, Thanks for reading, Alex
  31. 6 points

    I'd love DumaOs Router/Modem

    Just for discussion.. I'd love a Netduma Router that has DSL port built in so i have only 1 Modem/router setup. Instead if having 2 products. Is this a possibility for the future? For me the Benefits are no extra wires/ Ethernet's running all over the DumaOs does all handles Everything and be plugged straight in the BT Socket skipping my Vigor 130 modem. Would be "AWESOME" tho!
  32. 6 points

    Built in pingplotter

    Instead of downloading software and have less people complain about bufferbloat problems have something like pingplotter built into dumaOS and have a troubleshooting section for it.
  33. 6 points

    Xr500 firmware updates

    Have been feeling this way as well, a little disappointed at the updates/fixes/releases for the XR500. For such a pricey and Niche device I thought the priority would be a little better. Seems like NetDuma and NG have prioritized product pumping over current customers (XR700, XR300, XR450 all coming out since XR500's release with very few Firmware updates and even fewer additional features or fixes in the same time frame) Not pointing fingers, certainly know this isn't your fault Fraser, just adding a +1 and sharing my agreement in the disappointment.
  34. 6 points
    Netduma Admin

    Xr500 firmware updates

    We agree too! We have that with that our own R1, we have a bunch of beta testers who can help us find all bugs very quickly. Can't make promises but the plan is for this to be the same with NG hardware too 😊
  35. 6 points

    Xr500 firmware updates

    I agree, there needs to be beta builds that people can test. Use this community!
  36. 6 points

    Xr500 firmware updates

    I totally agree here... Ive seen slow firmware updates before on other brand routers as well but not like this... This approach we have now here with the XR500 is not the right approach at all. When there are issues that can be addressed then they should send out firmware patches once they have them.. Not wait months on end.. Another thing that bothers me is on the Netgear forum I see Netduma posting there to help those with issues.. But I never see Netgear folks post here on Netduma forum.. Theres a disconnect there.. Heres the problem with this current relationship we have here.. If we are on here posting with issues and need further assistance or help we now have to go over there and totally start from scratch with them with issues we are having.. This is extremely important when it comes to a issue where one might need to have there router exchanged for a new one.. Posting here on Netduma doesn't count even though it should.. We shouldn't have to cross post on two forums to resolve issues.. That alone is very problematic.. And by the time one does that there warranty is likely over.. I can easily see this happening.. Moving forward I can only say this.. Anyone new buying a XR500, XR700, and the XR300 id pay close attention to your return policy.. If you get close to your return policy date and are having issues just return the router for a refund.. That will be the safest course of action for yourself.. Don't wait for firmware patches because by that time one could easily run past there warranty timeframe.. And then your stuck!! Zippy.
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    Imagine if a router company could legally develop a way to minimise the effects of lag comp and bad netcode, now that shit would sell like hot cakes. 😉
  38. 6 points
    Guys it's the lag compensation in the game - if you're having hit detection issues, it's without doubt the game at fault. No game is perfect. I hear people saying Battlefield V has great hit detection compared to CoD for instance. If you have a great ISP line, great equipment and a Geo-Filter for a great server / game ping, then your character movements etc shouldn't be lagging. That's your objective, and you've achieved it by the sounds of it. Ultimately if you're firing shots and they're not registering at this point, it's probably because the opposing player has a ping that's massively different to you and the game itself can't handle it. The game is at fault for letting such players join the server in the first place, and for not compensating properly for it.
  39. 6 points
    Thanks for all the info guys. We think a lot of this may be driven by matchmaking changes from Treyarch e.g. adding new servers etc. But we're looking into everything we can do with our GEO IP database (the 'Cloud') to optimise filtering. We'll let you know more when we can - but rest assured looking into this is our number #1 priority right now.
  40. 6 points
    I have two problems with this when I lean over to move the sliders from my laptop I get shot and also when I move my slider to 1% upload my brother who is uploading videos of his ex to pornhub goes nuts at me. Is there a fix?
  41. 6 points
    I can also say I have been very lucky to test this incredible software! It is a HUGE improvement over what was an incredible piece of software already. This is well worth the wait and I can confirm the guys have been faster than ever with updates I have had to skip a couple of updates to get to the latest one! Everything we said got took on board! You are all gonna love this!
  42. 6 points
    It’s been brilliant testing this version, ping assist is back! Seeing the tick rate of the server I’m connected to is a fantastic new feature, especially with all the controversy at the moment surrounding the BO4 server tick rate downgrade.
  43. 5 points
    I appreciate the more transparent side of things here now, Fraser. I still think your devs have patching backwards, I know of no other company that releases new operating systems without patches for their software in between major releases. Its just seems to me a retrograde way of doing things. Apple have just released macOS Catalina and its buggy, now imagine if no point releases came until next year with macOS 10.16 Users would go mad and Apple would never sell another computer probably, same for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. That is just not how you do things in my view and no matter what the new version hopes and expectations are it will have bugs, you cant make bug free software, its impossible. I'm just hoping DumaOS 4.0 or another incarnation of DumaOS wont be the fix for DumaOS 3.0's bugs. Until I can see a point release path rather than 8-12 month gaps between updates to fix issues with DumaOS software pushed to Netgear hardware, I've had to remove the XR500 as my daily driver for now and box it up. I'm aware this may not be all your fault believe me, and I know you guys work really hard and I will continue to help where I can, but the XR development cycle in my view is unacceptable as it stands. I look forward though to seeing what your plans are with DumaOS nevertheless. Right time for more more coffee
  44. 5 points
    Thanks Alex, unfortunately that’s what I kind of feared. Basically bugs that came out in milestone 1.3 in what is rapidly going to become a year soon aren’t going to get patched in other words. Anything DumaOS related will be left until version 3.0. Also no one has a real clue how much Netgear will be interested in any of these new features. Also Current bugs with VLAN tagging, QoS getting slow, port mapping in table view and antibufferbloat getting stuck on and and the leaky hybrid VPN won’t be fixed until this new version is ready and that probably won’t be this year and once again may not come to the XR routers. Is that a fair assumption of the current situation? I appreciate you coming up with a new operating system and it takes great effort to create one, but I am a little taken aback by the lack of patching in milestone 1.3 considering it’s almost a year old and virtually nothing has been done to fix the issues with it on the XR routers, as I can’t speak for the R1. I really wish you had focused on bug fixing Milestone 1.3 first before creating yet another new OS rather than leaving things unfixed and with an air of uncertainty as to whether they ever will be patched , because this all rides on Netgear. I think this could be a problem possibly especially since obviously you can’t promise how long this will take, and I have noted the words ‘early days’ which doesn’t bode well for further fixes in the pipeline for DumaOS as it stands on current Netgear hardware with your firmware. So we could be waiting possibly until next year with no fixes at all on the DumaOs side at all. Also a lot depends on Netgear wanting the new version as well, is that correct? I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just trying to understand where Netgear users stand. I hope you understand my concerns, router stability is created hopefully by fixing issues in current firmware no matter how welcome new features are. However the continued lack of support for patching your own firmware on Netgear hardware I find to be a bit odd. Personally I would need fixes and stability not long gaps where nothing is happening visibly for DumaOS software thats on existing XR routers, because you are busy creating another new version.Fixing the issues first before moving on seems the more logical approach but that’s just from my point of view. Are you going to focus on patching rather than creating new versions of DumaOS, because all new operating systems inevitably are buggy. So Will you patch 3.0 or move onto the next version? I hope you can see my concerns. Good luck with version 3.0 nevertheless.
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    Bullshit, skill is long ago gone in COD. COD is very connection depending. If someones server sync is better than yours, no matter what you'll lose the gunfights all day long.
  46. 5 points
    Netgear has developed an updated firmware that corrects the wan drops. The updated firmware is being beta tested and the results are very positive. Now for the bad news. I am not sure when this firmware will be released. That is going to be up to Netgear. With this issue affecting so many people I would guess it will be coming real soon.
  47. 5 points
    We get you are frustrated, but being aggressive and rude isn’t the way to go about it. we are all happy to help you with your issues but if you aren’t going to engage with support offered then it’s difficult to help. im going to lock this now but if you actually would like some help please create another thread.
  48. 5 points

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    I think I've found a temporary fix to the WAN disconnection by using the 10G LAN SFP+ port for the Internet connection. It's been stable for 2 hours and everything looks good so far. No interruptions while playing games or browsing the web. I looked everywhere online to see if someone has tried this but I didn't find anything.This could be a solution until NETGEAR comes out with an update to fix it. I will keep everyone updated if it stays stable or not.
  49. 5 points
    Great work ,this is the reason to own and maintained faith in this company.
  50. 5 points
    Netduma Admin

    The reason bo4 is playing bad

    ICYMI: the next DumaOS Development Milestone includes Advanced Ping Stats, which will show you the server tickrate and receive rate:
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