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    Netduma Liam

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    Hey all, hope you’re doing well. Here’s the latest firmware update for the R2 – 3.0.205 (Sounds great, right?) Nothing huge - but it welcomes several stability, security and general cosmetic improvements to your R2. We recommend you make the upgrade and do a full factory reset afterwards, just to make sure you're starting from a clean slate! You can go ahead and download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49gt1wxva9rxame/DumaOS-R2-3.0.205.sig?dl=0 Those that have an R2 on pre-order, rest assured that it will come with this latest firmware pre-installed - if you have any issues or queries, just give us a shout! For the techies amongst you, here's a more detailed change log: System-wide GUI improvements to both cosmetics and Security Increased DHCP cache size to 10000, stopping DHCP from being filled by 1500 requests Improved Traffic Prioritisation for wireless devices Fixed occasional issue where IPv6 devices weren't assigned DHCP IPs DumaOS webserver fixes for improving operating smoothness of GUI Improved DPI detection services Improved Bandwidth Allocation backend
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    smooth cold war

    If you are running DumaOS, and you are getting 60ms ping, then I think you hay have a few settings that may need tweaking And if you are playing on a 60+ms ping, rather than the more common 10-20 in MP and 30ms in warzone, then 'Call of duty' is probably using its algorithm for lag compensation, by throttling the other users faster connections to compensate for your bad one. I'm sure you must be playing on a better connection than 60+ms.... Also, if you dominate 90% of all lobby's you get in, the games 'Skilled Based Match Making' is probably putting you into easier lobby's than it should be I totally understand how people can complain about connection issues, when you have the servers dictating the speeds of the faster connected users over those that are slowing the server down. Its very obvious when this happens (in my experience). This has been covered in great depth on Youtube. For example how Tick rates work in MP compared to Warzone. The servers update 20 times a second in Warzone when compared to 60 times in MP, so you can clearly see why people experience the 'Super bullet' kills that drop you instantly in warzone. This is why the competitive 'money Games' community called for the tick rates to be increased on the servers that these players play on. Any half decent FPS gamer can identify a discrepancy in the way the game performs. For me, its like night and day if there is a problem with the connection.
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    Netduma Liam

    Warzone Bot Lobby Servers

    It's worth adding that Geo-filter wasn't designed in this way so you may struggle getting connected to very distant servers, and if you do the latency will likely be very high resulting in a bad experience.
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    Geofiltre COD WAR : astuce

    Hello les français je voulais avec vous partager une petite astuce concernant le géofiltre de mon XR 300 sur COD WAR. Comme beaucoup d'entre vous, je cherche le réglage optimal pour avoir un jeu fluide ... J'ai fait comme tout le monde, j'ai mis mon géofiltre comme point de départ autour de mon domicile, avec une zone de 500 kms, j'habite en Normandie. le SBMM n'aidant pas, j avais des parties plus ou moins correctes selon le lobby mais très rarement sur des serveurs dédiés, majoritairement des Pairs. J'en ai eu marre et j'ai décidé de placer mon géofiltre sur l'ESPAGNE, à plus de 1000 kms de chez moi, toujours avec une zone de recherche de 500 kms. Et depuis ce temps ma connection est plus fluide, je tombe très souvent sur un serveur dédié où je ping à 25 ms sur la PS4 (9 ms sur le netduma) Essayez et dites moi ce que vous en pensez.....il faut au moins faire 3-4 parties pour voir la différence bonnes fetes. JCD
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    Warzone hit detection (help)

    I am also in the same situation in France as soon as I go to bf5 the connection is almost perfect ... Cold war, warzone and Modern warfare are full of scirpt you have to boycott this license their netcode favors bad connections but now it writes the damage of life etc ... that's why we often find ourselves in situations where the enemy at 1% of life ... Bf 2042 is the only solution for the year 2021 2022
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    Adapter properties really depend on what equipment you have. Not only the NIC but also your CPU etc, switches you attach to etc. I have found that for 1Gbit nearly everything works and you don't need to do a lot of tuning. It's when you start upscaling to 10Gbit for example when things get interesting. On that guide Fraser mentiones for example: Jumbo Frames is not needed for 1Gbit and especially not when your PC is directly connected to your router with no internal file transfers taking place. It basicly sets your maximum MTU to 9000. Most internetproviders use 1500 or 1486 or 1522 etc depending if you use PPPoE etc so your router doesn't use jumboframes anyway. Best is to turn it off. MTU auto discovery should take care of things but if it doesn't you will get packet fragmentation. If you want to use jumbo frames, you need other equipment on your network to support it as well, ie switches and so on. I have it turned off since my file transfers are fast enough without it. RSS scaling. You can turn it on or off. It means that recieving data is distributed along the cores of the CPU instead of single core. For 1Gbit this does not pose an issue but for 10Gbit again here things get interesting. My I7-2600 Win 2016 server box pulls 30% CPU load under transfers and RSS scaling is needed as otherwise it maxes out a single CPU core. For RSS queues you want to set it equal to the amount of physical cores you are using, not the amount of threads used. My i7 has 4 physical cores so I set 4 Queues, my AMD system is 16 core so uses 8, max setting in the driver. Aquantia NICs are set to 8 by default and I had a lot of issues with that. Basicly file transfer speeds were all over the place recieving to my i7 box, with the driver set to 8. I then turned it off for starters. That went well for a while until I started using Hyper-V hosts, ran out of CPU cyclces and needed it on. Then found that the Queues needed to be set to 4. 10850k is a 10 core system so setting max here is no issue. Select speed. You NEED to set this to auto negotiation as you can have a lot of issues if both sides don't support setting physical speeds, the adapter will default to 100/half if you run into issues here. Flow control I generally leave it off and also interrupt moderation off. Flow control needs to be supported by sender and reciever and also the switch in between. interrupt moderation slows you down when network transfers start using too many CPU cycles. My AMD system is fast enough and on my i7 server using a lot of CPU cycles is kinda the point. Offloading tasks generally leave them on unless there is issues with large transfers. QoS on PC can be set, but I generally don't. It attaches DiffServ tags but again here your other equipment needs to support it. I'm not sure if the XR routers effectively use DiffServ tags. I use DiffServ on my main switch, it automatically tags traffic on ports 3074-3076 and gives them their own priority lane. Otherwise if your switches or routers don't support DiffServ or DSCP tags it's a moot point. Some unmanaged switches from NetGear for example don't allow setting tags but will honor the tags. Setting it on my switch ensures both PS4 an PC can use the QoS over the switch. There is many guides on how you can set it in windows, just search "Set DSCP tags in windows" in google. You need to set the "Expidited Forwarding" flag if you want to use it for CoD. Also sometimes overlooked is the Windows power profile. I found that in Win10, using the balanced power profile with minimum CPU set to 0%, incoming file transfers didn't properly turbo up the CPU, it stayed running 1.6GHz instead of 3.4GHz baseclock and this slowed the transfer enormously. Setting it to 50% still displayed some delay so I set it to 100% all the time. Incidentally I checked it's power consumption with a watt meter and there is no difference in idling on 1.6GHz vs idling on 3.4GHz when it comes to power consumption. Again for 1Gbit this is probably not an issue but at 10Gbit vs a lower end CPU it is. When your file transfers start slow, you can check this on the target machine.
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    Lets be honest... BOT LOBBIES!!!!

    nope. i got this router for its intended purpose. to not be forced to play Cold war with 50+ ping when my local server is right there with 15-25 ping. its just crazy how much people really got this router just to get bot lobbies.
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    Are you seriously saying that with a K / D 3.75 you want to play silver lobbies? With that K / D it is logical and normal that in the lobbies you play they are difficult and hard, what is not normal is that you intend to play in gold or silver lobbies ... I understand that someone like Waka with a K / D of 1.14 and if you get into difficult lobbies, try to get something like that, but you with 3.75? I honestly think it is a absurdity... It's as if you were a first division soccer player and you wanted to play in a local neighborhood league ... some of you really want things that ...😆
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    how to get better hit detection

    Ok ladies and gentlemen idk if they fixed the hit detection issue on pc, but my hit detection has been absolutely brilliant like “back in the day” when I first tried port prio. I’ve changed absolutely nothing on my end and I’ve played at least 20 games across servers from Texas to Cali, to Oklahoma with consistent results across all. I haven’t had to deny a server all evening. Kinda makes me want to remove all my denies and start over. For reference my congestion control sliders are set at 98% up and down with never selected. My bandwidth allocation flower has all values equal. Share excess is not checked for up or down. NO traffic prio. I’m forwarding the ports activision lists. Upnp is on. Weird I know but works best for my setup. 🤷🏽‍♂️ DumaOS classified games is on. Geo filter is set to about 500 miles around where I personally live. I think that about covers it. It’s so good right now I hope I don’t have to reboot my router and I hope there’s no update to the game. 🤣 I’m working on lmg’s right now and the M60 is making ppl quit the lobby. I hope y'all have as much luck as I’ve had because this came out of nowhere. 😳
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    Lets break this down. I'll explain to you most misconceptions as this is very common. This is how a pro player/coach would analyze what you said as well. "nearly every encounter is me taking damage the moment the enemy appears on my screen without having any time to ADS or with me shooting first but they end up killing me," - You should be already ADS. you aren't suppose to win gunfights if your enemy has peak advantage or if they are ready before you. Bad Fundamentals "Killcam shows them barely getting damaged/shooting me first? " - Kill cams are not an accurate representation of what happened. "More importantly, do you know how I can be one of those players that can out run bullets or shoots first and kills first? "- You need to learn how to camera correctly and how to analyze good angles. But you shouldn't rely on it. Ex: I optimized shotzzy and he doesn't rely on cameras. He is just technically gifted and his reaction time is low. This is why he "Jokes" People. The router isn't going to do it for you. " I don't think optimising your connection to be the best it can be is the way to go. it feels like it has the opposite effect tbh." - False. All Top Players want the lowest latency possible. Don't try to rely on inconsistency. Rely on fundamentals. This is what happens when you listen to "I feel that its better" post instead of statistical analysis. "I have fibre direct to my premises (100Mbps), dumaos shows I ping the servers 6-7ms and in-game it's anywhere from 18-30ms yet it feels like how a 100ms+ match would feel it previous titles."- This is due to bad fundamentals. You are 100 ms behind because you are sprinting into gunfights not centering. The router can't fix things like this. You have to learn and play to improve. "DumaOS and OpenWRT" - It's similar if you have an R2. Based off the same platform. Duma is WAY more user friendly. "My console is hardwired, play on a 1ms monitor, have the necessary ports forwarded and have an open NAT. Even when I'm the only one using my network I still get a poor gaming experience but other users shouldn't matter as I have my console traffic prioritised above all else." - You only tried to optimize up to the router. There is the modem/gateway -> Node -> Aggregator -> ISP -> Backbone -> How your traffic routes (Least expensive route or lowest cost?). There is way more to it. For the netduma, listen to everything Frazer says and the Netduma Staff. Trust me DON'T GO BASED OFF "It Feels Better Post" This will lead to more inconsistency and you will be even more frustrated. Remember, Pro Players never blame their tech. They take personal responsibility. Learn to do this and improve. We all think we are the best at what we do and let ego get in the way. Professionals know they aren't the best and put in hard work to compensate for it. This is what makes them great. Practice, Improve, Follow the Guides, have fun. Netduma didn't make the router to cheat the system. It's to provide you consistency. You aren't suppose to be sprinting and win gunfights. That only works for low skilled opponents. At the highest level, your fundamentals will cost you a tremendous amount of gunfights. Hope this helps! I hope I don't come off harsh or anything. This is not to criticize you but actually tell you the truth and help you improve.
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    Netduma Liam

    Please explain this.

    Or they're getting so tired of you quickscoping them, they're just dropping their controller on sight...
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    Title says it all. @Netduma Fraser A bit more transparency and less closing threads that aren't even close to being uncivil or insulting. We bought a new version of a product, knowing full well of the sketchy update history of previous iterations (still stuck in Beta for R1 I believe?), and yet again, we find ourselves waiting for new firmware on a device which is less than 6 months old. Not demanding for anything, just clarity for your customers. That's all.
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    R2 Just stopped working

    Ok I will do big big thank you, I cant live without the Duma on our internet 👍
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    Tuto netduma R2 livebox Orange

    Super merci a vous en effet je n'avais pas vu qu'il fallait aller sur l'interface. Bonne journée
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    XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36

    And also to add , I’ve been on this forum since the R1 and Frazer has always tried to be helpful so to be fair it’s not his fault . Hopefully you get the firmware in near future
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    quick question please.

    No worries answered my own question.
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    Bandwidth Required to Play?

    1mb would be hitting the bare minimum. It’s not so much bandwidth to play the game but it’s the latency it creates. If one Ethernet frame (1500 bytes) of your other devices just started sending from the router, and your game packet arrives at the router. Then at 1mbit link speed it will take your router 12ms to clear that frame before it sends your game packet. At 10mbit upload it would take 1.2ms and at 100mbit it would take 0.12ms, 1Gbit 0.012ms Latency is a function of bandwidth, but with diminishing returns. Ie going from 100 to 200 mbit is not such a difference (0.12ms VS 0.06ms) but going from 1 to 10mbit is a big difference. This is also why I suspect that throttling works for some people, ie when you drop your upload bandwidth to 0.5mbit you are creating 0-24ms bufferbloat for yourself and it’s in fact updating the server later.
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    No it's not possible without disabling share excess currently - doing this will also restrict all other devices to their allocations as well. We can do that and it has been requested before so will likely make it in down the line.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Firmware Roadmap Teasing

    We do! https://www.youtube.com/user/netduma/videos
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    adieu netduma

    bonjours l équipe netduma je vous fait un dernier coucou .l autre jour j ai craqué après un dernier plantage du xr500 qui est retourné dans sa boite ,suivi dune mise en service du r1 qui n arrivai pas a afficher son dashboard . des années passées a régler ce que d autres routers font de base sa suffis ,votre produit nest pas mauvais mais il est comme une voiture qui aurait 3 roues + une roue en mousse.a la longue sa épuise . les quelques fois ou cela fonctionnait s'était le pied "mais meme un écureuil aveugle trouve un gland de temps en temps" j ai donc acheté un asus rapture GT AX11000 et au surprise pas de problèmes de dhcp ,de coupures d internet ,de tchat xbox ,etc.... il fonctionne et donne toute satisfaction . alors je vous dis bonne continuation et bon courage a ceux qui restent 😘
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    It seems that .120 has resolved the issue. Thank you for the help.
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    Can you please start a new thread instead of derailing mine. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. * I'm still waiting to see if anybody has a PlayStation console there willing to test. If someone comes through I'll be sure to let y'all know the results.
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    Okay let us know. Brilliant to hear that, sounds like the update is working very well then!
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    OK, I'll speak with the team and see if we can reproduce this.
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    PS4 Internet Speed is Low

    Hello everyone, No one covered one extremely important aspect: PS4 is very sensitive with cable length. It was really frustrating to see my PS4 getting always under 100Mbps for internet speed test (usually 70-95 Mbps) despite I have a bandwidth of 500Mb and a 1Gb router. The speed was always OK on my PC , but not on PS4. Everything changed when I used a shorter LAN cable and now I get 400-500MBps. This definitely is not happening on PCs, is just about the PS4 network card which is sensitive. My initial LAN cable had about 7-8m (which is short enough for networking) and the second one is ~3m long and is the cable which finally provides normal speed. I discovered this when I moved data from one PS4 to a PS4 PRO, and the PS4 PRO was connected with a shorter LAN cable. Initially I thought that the PS4 PRO has a "true" 1Gb port, but that wasn't the case, as the cable length proved to be the real issue. I was also shortening the the first cable, to see if the speed decreases and it did, I was getting ~115MB/s with a ~5,5 m long cable so I did by best to have the shortest cable connected. Works just fine both on PS4 and PS4 PRO. Nothing usefully found on the internet, just DNS stories, which can improve a bit the speed. Hopefully my findings will help many of you. At least my son is very satisfied after he downloaded a game of 25GB in about 10 minutes (~40MB/s).
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    XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36

    💯 Not , Frazer always done a good job and helpful in my experience think the person above is just frustrated.Netgear are crap
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    DumOS site cannot be reached

    I don't know if this would have any major affect on connecting next time or not. One thing I like to do when you've done everything else, or perhaps even before going to extreme measures such as factory resetting, is to flush DNS resolver. you can do that by simply going to command prompt and using the command -> ipconfig /flushdns What this will do is flush any ip addresses and dns records from your cache. I personally find that it will sometimes resolve silly little issues like that, and allow you to fresh start your cache again.
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    Allows you to add multiple VPN Client config with support of open vpn client protocol. Have FTP support, easiy to install web server script to launch websites and mysql php. Something like Tomato Firmware. These features he is asking about are not on the XR500 or XR700 at an advanced level which he is enquiring about. Also you cannot add ftp server scripts on the XR500. Unless you can prove otherwise.
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    2 router setup...need help

    I have been able to gain internet access on wireless and wired connections after turning on upstream dns. Will have update on if geo-filter is working in a bit, but my xbox is connected and nat type is open
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    Destiny 2 lobbies resolved?!

    I've never made money for a ghost lobby or the solution. I only do lobbies for my friends. I cannot control what someone else does or how they act. But here is the solution: ========================================================= It involves a locally installed Linux box or a small cloud instance that you VPN into on your netduma. You then capture some UDP network packets and set up a couple of firewall rules based on IDs in those network packets. ============================================================= There are several ways to do the solution but it can be done with or without a netduma router, WRT router or a linux system setup as a router. Explore and figure out which way is best for you and your skill set.
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    how to get better hit detection

    im 2nd on the " you guys are expecting the world" from this router thing. i had mine for like 4 weeks and i will say that i am very happy with my purchase. the router promises to get good ping lobbies which it does. my time with this router i went from 80 ping games to 20-25 which has made this game ALOT MORE ENJOYABLE. what some of you guys are expecting is too much, you want to laser people, win all your fights and get bot games..... bruh. the router cant help yall if yu have no gunskill, thats on YOU to actually get better. but alot of people will blame everyone but themsleves in that area.... one thing i will say, cold war hit detection us naturally shitty and you need to deal with it. everyone is.
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    Xr1000 Advanced QoS?

    I think this was were we chatted what we would like to see and one thing mentioned was the ability to add a different QoS like a piece of cake, FQ CoDel etc. Via a Rapp. I suppose it depends on the depth of the QoS in the system but it’s a nice suggestion but only Fraser or Liam could say if it was possible or could be implemented.
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    Thanks. Tired of the AERIS or whatever I have I have 3-4 kids at a time playing Fortnite and other games. I guess I'll chip in for a XR1000
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    Geofilter Issues?

    This.. I was having a lot of issues with matchmaking and I started using ping assist <35-40, all i have to say that is working great for me.
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    NetDuma R2 not working

    Yes, I'll do it.
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    Netduma Liam

    XR500 Beta Feedback..

    @l2eactionz Thanks for the feedback! We're aware of the issue with QoS not fully resetting during a reset, we're working on this!
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR1000 Issues

    Sorry to hear that, we will have another update fairly soon I think and hopefully it will be more stable
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    Just to close this off. Issue has not reoccurred since adding R2 to DMZ. Can't think what was causing the issue but that has resolved. Thank you for the help.
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    Managed to log into my R7000 again. It just needed some new firmware update. Thanks for the advice.
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    Update: Steam Datagram Relay will be used for DDOS protection, so the same technology as pc players. Please do anything against it. Geo-Filter will be useless soon for consoles!
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    QoS Problem

    When you change the type hit the button to update bandwidth tree.
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    Ubicación Netduma R2

    Muchas gracias, pues voy a hacer el pre order del Netduma R2 a ver si llega lo antes posible. Un saludo
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    got it thank you again
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    Upgrading from r1 to xr300

    Thanks guys
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    Ah well done for figuring it out, sometimes its the most simplest of things! You're very welcome, as it's resolved I'll close the topic but feel free to open another if needed and we'll be happy to help.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R2 Order

    I've also been informed that due to Brexit we've had a few challenges with our courier that we needed to overcome as well so that hasn't helped. So that's why the email wasn't sent but you should get something today, either an email giving you an update or a shipping confirmation. I've been told this by the person that will be sorting this out so I don't have any more information at the moment.
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    Where is my order

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    Netduma Liam

    Backup the config - R2

    OK Great, thanks for letting us know. As Fraser said, this is something we'll be looking to implement at some stage, in the meantime the best thing would probably be to screenshot the configuration you've got or note them down in a text file so you can paste the addresses back in if you ever have to factory reset.
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    Yes I agree that mtu is a myth and I think its kinda optional for the setting. in my opinion, by messing with mtu I’d assume that I want to be ‘less instamelt’ I just want enemy not to instantly kill me when we start to engage gunfight. So slight milli-second to react is useful. last night, I left my ps5 plugged into netduma and I totally forgot to switch to freshtomato. So I had played on netduma for like 2 hours and it was the 2 hours of frustration. My average kd atm was 1.5-2.0 and i died a lot to bs gunfight. i left the game and inspect my network setting and found out that i wasnt using tomato the whole time. Lmao So I changed back to Tomato and I can confirm that it is better than ndm in everyway. My kd had gone back from its loss last night. From 3.68 to 3.71 its crazy right? a 10 usd old router like linksys Wrt54gl can perform this good. but dont get me wrong netduma r2 is still amazing with its simple geo filter function. I still have been using it along with linksys for geo filter
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    Microsoft had been moving all party chat servers to dedicated servers so it's up to nd to address these servers and whitelist them.
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