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    This thread (and others) is created to assist those who are having chronic hit rego and lag movement issues in which the game is simply not enjoyable. It was determined that there are port ranges that need to be placed in traffic prioritization that are not listed by the games developers. The point to this is that by prioritizing those ports one would have better hit registration and overall better fluidity in the game(s) you play. The information provided to you is not a final on the research presented so far. Furthermore, testing is ongoing. It take this community as a whole to help gather more data/input to determine what works and what doesn't. Please keep that in mind when reading this thread. Thanks Ok here is a list of ports you want to test for Traffic Prioritization as discussed in this thread: 1. Reboot modem. Next reboot your router (if you don't have any double nat issues if you do go to step 2, 1st). 2. Make sure you don't have double NAT (google how to check). However you can do either a tracert or check your router to see if you are using a private or public ip. If private more then likely you have double nat. In order to compensate for double nat you will need to use your modem to place your router in DMZ (google how to). Afterwards you may need to reboot your modem then your router again in order for it to take effect. 3. For your XR router make sure you Disable DumaOS Classified Games. 4. Uncheck Shared Excess for both download and upload from Bandwidth Allocation. Make sure that your Down/Up Bandwidth is correct. Do a speed test with just your modem to verify. 5. Delete all existing rules if you haven't added these before. 6. Set Anti-Buffer Bloat settings to both 100 and set it to never. (for me even on "Never" I'm still capped to ABB slider for up/down). Test this to see if you notice any improvement. If not re-enable it. R1 users may want to keep ABB. For me, having tested this in several matches I am now "on time" with the server and on par with other players. No more .5 seconds behind other players. 7. Make sure that the port for your console is actually in Upnp. Take note of it (it's usually 5 digit number). Make sure that port corresponds with your console and not some other device. It has been suggested to tie in that rule along within Traffic Prioritization to 3074-3075. Like this: Source: (port to your console) -> Destination: 3074-3075 and vise versa for your other rule. Results have been inconclusive and more testing is needed to determine if there is any impact doing so. I've read that tying in your console port to the actual port ranges as well in both source and destination and destination to source. But again, further research is needed to determine if this actually works or not. 8. Adjust Bandwidth Allocation as needed. 9. Set the following rules for Traffic Prioritization For UDP (However some of these ports can use either or both UDP and TCP. So you will need to test to see what works best for you. Either use "both" or setup rules for just udp then setup rules that are just tcp. Either way takes trial/error on your part. Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 3100-3500 Source 3100 - 3500 -> Destination 3074 - 3075 Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 -> Destination 3074-3075 OR USE Source 3074-3075 ->Destination 1-65535 (so far this big range hasn't worked for me) Source 1-65535 -> Destination 3074-3075 (so far this big range hasn't worked for me) Once added reboot the Router (to assure that the settings stick). Using the 1st set of rules or the other. And make sure that the port for your console shows up in Upnp. If you don't use Upnp you may want to enable it, disable port forwarding (or delete the rules for them) reboot the router find your port for your console. Then add that port to port forwarding once you know what it is and disable upnp if you perfer port forwarding. The reason for the 2 different methods of port ranges is that the 1st method seems to yield better results then the 2nd. But don't do both. Thanks to @kinel, @GHOST-1-EC and others for the research. Example (Best k/d yet for me): Disclaimer: This is not a "tweak" to help you get an edge on other players. Nor will this help improve an already great hit rego experience. If you are already consistently coming in 1st through 4th place in matches these settings may be of little benefit for you. These settings are "suggested" as a base line and may require further research (IE: Wireshark, etc) on your part to get the optimal port ranges suited for your geo-location, etc.
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    Been a busy week at the office, had little time to game but when i did jump on, everything still felt as good as when i last played. Using ping assist at 50ms instead of geofilter in this gameplay......this was a <42ms lobby. With no cloud update i'm still stuck playing <58ms lobbies majority of the time. ABB set to 'Never' - using manual qos rules specifically for the servers i connect to. Enjoy!!
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    I would not be ... lol
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    I turn anti bufferbloat off feels bit better
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    I would expect there to be another firmware release before DumaOS 3.0 but I couldn't say with 100% certainty, I'd be surprised if there wasn't.
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    I know it is up to Netgear, but do you expect a XR500 bug fix firmware release prior to the release of the DumaOS 3.0 update?
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    merci netduma

    allez juste pour rire ,une petite derniére : sans le netduma ,ny aucun router qos , avec juste un vpn bien configuré j ai une baisse de ping de 5 ms soit 19/20 ms (netduma 25 a 28 ms) (edgerouter 22/25) ,des jeux fluides etc.... pas un de ces supers routeurs ne m a donné une entière satisfaction alors oui la vérité est ailleurs mais je ne pensais pas a ailleurs dans la galaxie d a coté 🤣🤣
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    Cloud Update

    I asked for this a good while back, hopefully if more people ask we may see it.
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    Like seriously.... i dont want to go manually delete each of these rogue devices.(unamed device)
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    One of games I played
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    Three Different Speed tests

    If you have windows 10, try using the speedtest.net desktop app. For me, their website always reads low but for some odd reason the desktop app is bang on. DSL reports usually doesn't give me accurate results due to the distance to their server.
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    Great hit reg on MW

    Im still really enjoying this new Modern Warfare. I have some good games and bad but for the most good. Hit reg on this game seemed to be excellent. 24-3 with 3 captures and 9 defends.
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    Moderate NAT MW XR500

    OK it appears I'm good now I disabled all port forwarding, left UPNP enabled, and switched NAT in settings from Secured to Open and now in COD its showing NAT Open in COD on my PS4. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    Ive tried the traffic prioritization and can say for me personally it has done nothing. My connection is simply too fast for COD. I believe players with great connections get some type of artificial delay added to them, even if just a couple milliseconds. The gm runs fast and smooth for me but when engaged with someone Im killed as if playing hardcore mode. All the youtubers who have these amazing game clips you will notice a trend, the game always looks slower, and they rarely take a lot of damage.
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    Anti-Bufferbloat is not a feature to fine tune the CoD experience, it exists to eliminate local congestion which is what it does. Traffic Prioritization prioritizes ports/packets to eliminate jitter/spikes and does this automatically. These are what we recommend to use but everyones connections are different which is why we suggest that people experiment to see what works for them which is what's happening in this topic which is great. Bagsta the other day posted a video of his game the other day with good connection and he used our recommended settings so I don't think we need to chime in really as experimentation is down to the customer themselves to tailor to their specific connection, of course we'll help where possible.
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    The Merry Christmas thread

    Sometimes, when frustrated by CoD MW BS and time wasting on net-settings, it just best to take a deep breath and have a break. Why not use this break to wish a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all, fellow gamers and DumaOS-employers...😊
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    Dante Soulest

    WiFi Disconnection

    I've had the R1 router for well over a few years or so now, I believe. I don't really remember how long it's been. I got one of the early adopter editions. So yeah, quite a while. I disabled QoS and will attempt to see if it is still doing it when I get a chance to. If that does not work and the issue persists, I will re-enable the QoS and try downgrading the software to pre-dumaos. Edit: Clarification of time.
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    Thanks a lot! When I get overwhelmed with support requests, I try to remember that we have sold many many many XR500's, and the vast majority of customers never have a problem. This doesn't mean that the people who do have problems are just whining though, their criticisms are legitimate, and we're working to fix the bugs that exist. That said, the reviews on Amazon (for example) are very high, and people are generally impressed with DumaOS, which of course we're very happy about. Hopefully people can see the vision behind DumaOS. I'm also really excited about DumaOS 3.0. Every single one of those customers will be receiving a free update that vastly expands the capabilities of a product they already bought. How many times has a router more than doubled the amount of features it includes after it's already been purchased? It's gonna be awesome. Yeah I agree. There are users who are experiencing issues with DumaOS and I don't want to just ignore them or pretend they don't exist.
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    Duma OS 3.0 Feed Bar on website

    I used to use a burndown chart when i was managing my software development team. I'd always have a deadline and and actual projected finish date based on velocity of work completed vs work remaining. This way i knew if i needed to add more resources to the team in order to make the deadline. I've noticed a recurring theme with netduma, the excitement gets the better of you guys, you over promise a deadline and under deliver constantly for the last 4 years i've been using your routers.
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    Thers 4 rules you need to make east poted above but i will again Rule 1 source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 udp Rule 2 source 30000-45000 destination 3074-3075 udp Rule 3 source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 udp Rule 4 source 3100-3500 destination 3074-3075 udp This is how i recomend you do it sorry i made a mistake here but i just fixed it
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    If any one wants to ask me directly for help just private message me here on forums as i will definitely see your message then
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    Rodney, I would start high with your sliders then work your way down. If you over buffer your connection that also seems to have a negative effect. Personally I rarely use buffer Bloat Control. Or if I do use it I set my sliders very high. Like 98% up and down.. Zippy.
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    Great hit reg on MW

    You know sometimes I wonder if these weapons are fine with only a few attachments. And the devs being devs gives us all this attachement options to just troll us. lol
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    Yes, mainly you don’t need to change any setup but only GoTo Settings/USB Storage/ReadySHARE Storage and click on “Apply” button. After that I record a huge increase of performance from +30s to start a movie (with random timout) to 6/7s. And after few days w/o router reboot is still working.
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    Try this source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 destination 3100-3500 source 3074 - 3075 source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 Destination 3074-3075
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    Cloud Update

    its got nothing to do with sbmm, its net-working. I play 1 game and drop 50+ kills in team death-match, everyone one in the lobby sames slow and behind. the next game I dont have time to react when me and someone run into each other at a full sprint, me with a sub machine gun set up for quick draw and them with a 400ms ads time light machine gun. if you play battlefield 5 theirs net working numbers you can have on the screen, one of them is basically the sync between the players. I'm pretty sure this is one of many of the problems.
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    ¡Hola bienvenido al foro! Le recomendaría que use un analizador de WiFi (puede descargar una aplicación para esto en su teléfono) y busque el canal menos congestionado y luego cambie a eso en la configuración de WiFi. Luego vea si eso mejora el problema. - Hello, welcome to the forum! I would recommend you use a WiFi analyser (can download an app for this on your phone) and find the least congested channel and then change to that on the WiFi settings. Then see if that improves the issue.
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    DumaOS Garbage?

    New router. DumaOS is awful to use. Device manager never loads. Takes forever to load the home page. I have tried different browsers. Resetting the router. I see many people have had this issue for a long time. Is there a fix coming for this or should I return this router and get one the works??? Honestly these products using DumaOS should be taken off until this problem can be resolved.
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    @Seye Looks like you got it figured out.
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    Three Different Speed tests

    Also run 3-5 different tests on speedtest and average them out
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    Update: So I have tried TCP which at first was good then tried UDP & TCP made no difference, thentl UDP only boy oh boy......the difference is clear my gamplay smooth and much more better. Servers and peers I connected to ping where between 5 to 8ms, in game ping was between 18 to 23 steady. I would say to anyone else who wants to try this out and ain't getting results, I would suggest trying UDP only. @East Thanks for sharing this.
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    More issues with geofilter...

    Okay thanks a lot for your effort!
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    Sorry I miss quoted you
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geofilter not working (anymore)

    It's hard to say, it could have been due to setting up the Geo-Filter after the console was already on perhaps but it should be fine from now on as it'll be constantly applied.
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    Netduma Alex

    More issues with geofilter...

    Okay i'll start from the top and work my way down! It's possible that your friends IPs have been mislocated by the Geo-Filter. I would suggest joining a lobby with your friends, clicking on all servers/peers that appear on the map while idling in the lobby, and ALLOW all of them. Another idea would be to set a ping assist level which will allow your friends through the Geo-Filter. I wonder if it's accidentally routing them through the server instead of peer to peer, causing lag... The other option is that there's a mislocated server inside your radius which is closer to your friends than you, and this puts you on a further away server. The server in Ireland is what we call an Authentication Server. These are servers that are required for the game to work properly. For example, they might deal with logging you into your account, checking your purchases, changing your loadouts, tallying your EXP and such. Your connection to this server won't affect the quality of your gameplay, but without that server, the game wouldn't allow you to play at all. This is why we whitelist these servers from our end. The white ring around the server means it's whitelisted. This server can be ignored. This is a known bug, but it's only cosmetic. Sometimes the cloud update takes longer than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, DumaOS pops up saying "action took longer than usual" but the cloud update is still happening in the background. All you have to do is refresh the page and the update should have completed in the background. I really don't know why that happened. Obviously the authentication server was blocked temporarily which is why the game didn't work... But I don't know why it randomly stopped and started blocking it. It might just be that the game needed to be restarted after the cloud was flushed. Regarding the laggy games, I assume that skill based matchmaking is putting you on a non-ideal server. Perhaps one that's inside your radius but mislocated. I'd certainly suggest setting Ping Assist to a reasonable level (such as 50ms) until we can release a cloud update which corrects all of the locations.
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    The Merry Christmas thread

    Merry Christmas
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    Exactly what I did. Thanks for clarifying that.
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    What algorthyms does netdumar use

    Thank you all for the help
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    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    i agree i think its to cluttered atm, maybe we could get like a more simplified version for people that aren't network enthusiast.
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    Great hit reg on MW

    He's the "The Reverend" Macca61. He's got the Lord on his side. 😊
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    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    This is not the run and gun of BO4. They've added a considerable amount of delay aiming down sights from a sprint/walking. If you are scoped and someone is simply walking you should win 100% of the time. It's how the game is designed. The problem are those one one one's were both are sprinting around the map and you meet one another. Winner depends on how you have the smg setup. If someone is using an assault rifle you will usually usually loose. Even if you set it up no stock. ADS time is just to high for assault and lmgs vs smgs. Funny too, because I rarely see anyone use LMGs in 6v6. ADS time and movement speed is just to high to make it viable for these small maps. Horrible developer decision unless you are playing 20vs20 or ground war. Try the default smg (converted AK assault rifle) and give that a go. And come back and post how well your run and gun is. I'm guessing you should do 1/1. The point is that at this point it's not the netcode that is causing you problems. It's how the game is designed and you have to hook yourself on rails as to how they want you to play or else you are going to frustrate yourself. The above pic shows how I stick to playing how the game is designed vs everyone else running around the map like it' BO4. And it's the most hated map too. I'm telling you I've see it far to often. If you play MW like BO4 your k/d will look like what I've been seen from other players, match after match after match. Don't believe the youtube/twitch hype. Word is out they are piggybacking off of player's lobby with a k/d lower then 1. Then completely annihilate players from those lobbies. You don't need to "reverse boost". Those are the "videos" you see were other players reaction times don't even match what you experience in games. IE: Bots set to mediocre difficulty. Don't believe the hype.
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    Am I the only one where no matter if I have the geo filter on or not, or if I'm on a server in the UK (where I'm from), the middle east or America. It always shows the ping as less than 30ms? Surely that can't be right? I've just stopped using the geo filter now as it doesn't seem to make any difference in modern warfare.
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    Netduma Fraser

    QOS on the xr450 inferior?

    Go with the CM then if that's what works best!
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    Netduma Fraser

    QOS on the xr450 inferior?

    That doesn't look too bad to be fair. I would expect some packet loss when saturated without QoS and doesn't seem to happen too often. You likely wouldn't notice it either.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Snow Theme ...

    I don't think it will be happening this year unfortunately as they're focused on 3.0 at the moment.
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    XR500 IPVanish VPN setup

    Used the iphone config file and now connected... thank you sir
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    Pingplotter do I have an issue?

    OK thanks for confirming. I thought things were OK but just wanted to check to see if it helped my COD experience.
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    Ok, I'll let you know when I try. Are you getting good results with this?
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    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    Im on the East Coast of the USA. I ping to the NJ server where i live at about an average of 15 to 25. I have a gig over a gig connection hard wired have had my router with every setting possible enabled and disabled and a mixture of both. Ive hindered my bandwidth used ping assist in the ocean. Bottomline the lower my ping is to a gm the worse the lag comp is. Just cause im ping at 10 to a server does not mean the other players are pinging the server at the same ping. So i end up getting screwed
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    Ah well - I'm weak. Amazon Warehouse UK had a XR500 discounted to the same price as the XR300 I had so couldn't resist trying it. Happy to report its maxing my connection on wireless as I hoped the 300 would have - 545Mbps down, 37 Mbps up. Now I have the speed/Duma OS combination I wanted!!
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