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    Im with ABB, the standard setup for ABB's ip handout is CGNAT. If you haven't opted out of CGNAT you will have issues with gaming. Give them a call to have it removed and youll be given a public ip instead
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    I know a few folk with leased/business/dedicated gaming lines and they have just as many problems on CoD as the rest of us do so I don't think that makes as much of a difference as you might think.
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    2.4 ghz WIFI not visible

    WOOHOO! Thank you. Im not sure why / the technical details of this... But I noticed on WIFI explorer my 2.4 was on a heavy congested channel in my area... when I adjusted it to something less polluted, the 2.4ghz receiver picked up the XR500. My second theory is that the XR500 somehow only broadcasted the 2.4ghz @ 40mhz due to the pollution in the 20mhz range on the previous channel. (don't know if the router would do that automagically)... But I just did a spot check, and the Astrum receiver cant see other 40Mhz 2.4 networks... but it DOES see 20mhz networks. Again, I cant confirm if that was the exact problem... but I'll call it a day & say its good enough for now... at least I can pack the old access point away.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dedicated servers

    The servers you're referring to that have the block button greyed out have been whitelisted by us as they are authentication servers required for online play so it doesn't matter what your ping to those servers is. Are you allowing the router to auto ping as the host should also be on the map.
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    Check your DMs, I sent you the download link.
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    Thanks, Fraser and pollutionblues! Good to know.
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    Not great gameplay I know, hadn't played in two weeks so my aim was worse than usual and slow played far too much. Wasn't really trying... but alas here is my very first nuke on MW.
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    Put PS4 on DMZ

    Putting the console in DMZ won’t stop any of the XR500s features from working but if you already have an open NAT there’s no need to put the console in DMZ, it won’t have any effect on your gameplay.
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    Put PS4 on DMZ

    As far as I’m aware you can only get NAT type 1 if the PS4 is connected to a modem only, NAT type 2 is open when the PS4 is connected to a router.
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    can any one confirm if - streamers, youtubers, twitch, facebook gamers get preferential treatment when gaming? theory's i have heard so far 😀 1- different official game given by the makers so they can advertise the best game play possible... 2- leased lines - business broadband 3- static IP addresses and many more... I accept that some of these gamers are top players without any help but when you compare and contrast the game it doesn't seem like we are playing on a level playing field... we all have probably one of the best tools for gaming (XR300-XR500-XR700) R1 or good combos, yet it feels like they are 2 seconds in front of the game and we are 2 seconds behind. i compare myself to a local streamer who has similar internet connection (40/10) and uses the same ISP provider so you would expect similar gameplay, not outcome but gameplay. he is obviously a better player and will win much more than i ever will but when you find yourself in the same situation and the game doesn't react the same i ask myself why???? obviously using a leased line will be much more stable, maybe this is the tall and short of it 🎮🎮🕹️
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    preferential treatment... youtubers etc...

    TMem uses the same ISP as me, same speeds too I believe (although he's in Wales and I'm near London) and he has just as many BS deaths as I do. If you watch him stream, he's always commenting about how he's getting shoot first, die first and one shot spongers. Since I'm stuck on an interleaved line, he probably has a lower ping than me too.
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    They are using the same paths as you it’s just that they play day in, day out.
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    Thanks! I think ideally you would be able to set a time for the refresh, when everyone is asleep, e.g. 2am every morning.
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    NetDumaR1 Down !

    problem is fixed when I switched back to DCHP and saved it my internet came back up false alarm
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    I was just checking because Fraser said he would have the team send it to me ASAP I just wasn’t sure where to wait for the link was all, thanks Alex
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    Signed up, really buzzing to test new features
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    2.4 ghz WIFI not visible

    Probably not helping you have two lots of 2Ghz running at the same time, one on the XR and one on the Trendnet. Have they both got the same SSID and password?
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    Various problems with Netduma R1

    I shall do that now, thank you very much for your help!
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    I can nerf my download no problem but upload... too low and I'm teleporting everywhere lol.
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Might not work for you, plus depends on other settings on your netduma. What works for you might not work for another thats the frustrating part.
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    Geo Filtering and range extender.

    I'll give it a spin... Just waiting for the email from Netgear . Hopefully it'll arrive prior to the release date of the firmware... (And yes I am very cheeky). Best regards, FX
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    I think this might be that it's blocking you from making changes as you haven't signed into the router similar to how you couldn't access a network drive without proper credentials. If you find a way to do that then it'll probably work.
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    Warzone Packet Loss

    No the packet loss issue still persists!
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    Great tip! I shall do some sleuthing.
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    Hey, Fraser, I know it has been a minute since I last replied so I will update. I received the device but I failed to realize when ordering it (massive oversight on my part) that it is only 10/100 since it was made in the 90s. I sent it back since my plan was to keep this connected for an extended period of time and that would slow my connectivity greatly. I will have to look into either getting a new router or some other capture device that can handle the 1GB+ throughput I need and can also log all connection attempts. I have noticed that I get a lot of DoS attacks. From what I gather from reading internet posts, explanations range from this being completely normal nowadays to me doing something terribly wrong to be getting fairly consistent attacks. If I get it figure out out, I will let you know. Here is hoping that DumaOS supports SNMP or similar in the future so logs can be dumped to my NAS and analyzed later :).
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    Absolutely, you've got it! That way you could VPN Skype on your PC but have Twitch running without the VPN for example all on the same PC.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Issues with V1.0.1.20 XR700

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Install this firmware and then perform a factory reset. That should fix it. https://kb.netgear.com/000061714/XR700-Firmware-Version-1-0-1-24-Hot-Fix
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    Hey guys, been another month since the last message here so wanted to check in and see if there's been any update yet? Getting desperate now!
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    I do appreciate it, Thanks!
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    Thanks for confirming, I think this is specific to CoD. We'll investigate.
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    Nuke is a nuke. Maybe they let you have it because of your screen name LOL.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! That's a long time, you should have said! I'll get the team to send it over asap.
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    Put PS4 on DMZ

    I believe thats false infomation. Also, if you have NAT type 2, that means open NAT. There is no need to have Type 1.
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    Routers hate power cuts and spikes and it may have created a hardware issue. Many have their routers on a backup system to protect them. did you hold the reset button in for at least 10 seconds?
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Strict NAT doesn't help you as it essentially doesn't change your latency. The game balances latency across the lobby so you're right that the server gives you a disadvantage whenever your connection is too good compared to the rest of the lobby. This is not only hitdetection, but it also manipulates player positions, like extrapolating their position forward etc. On host advantage after MW3, the game does the same here. It gives you artificial latency to eliminate the host advantage, it takes the average latency in the lobby and adds that.
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Never come on here to ask Netgear employees for help. They will offer some assistance, but their job is to defend their products. Let me tell you the truth here, it's not your connection or anything going on on your side of things. It's the call of duty servers that are screwing you over. The developers purposely place artificial lag into the game to screw over the people who are good in the game or have blazing fast internet. I have 1000 down and 40 up and a 9 ping to my closest server. I'm always seconds behind all of my enemies. This problem didn't exist before MW3. Having the best connection is actually crippling yourself. Stop that right now. These people always tell you to play on a wired connection over a wifi one are setting you up for failure. Their advice is correct if COD wasn't so damn rigged with nonsense. I've had every top end device there is on the market and none of it helped. If i had to count how much money I spent on products that eventually went back, you would call me a dumbass. None of these routers, monitors, and tricks help you in your cause. COD developers want people "sucky" people to remain on their game. If Jim with a high end internet connection go ramming over people with below average internet which happens to be the main consumers, the developers are going to cater to Timmy with no thumbs to compensate. If you are a long time call of duty players, do you remember host advantage? Back in the older cods before mw3, having host was the best thing ever. Then post MW3, having host was the worst thing ever. I hated getting host in black ops 2 because I knew what it meant. Shoot first die first. Do you want to know what I did to alleviate some of the rigged lag compensation? I purposely put my nat on STRICT.
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    @peewii Is this relating to the hybrid VPN? I haven't used it much as my NAS VPN had better throughput over the VPN vs VPN direct on the router. What I tend to do if my girlfriend says there is problems at home with the internet when I am not around is VPN into my router (on my phone) and then I can http into it and browse it like I am there. Obviously if the internet is down then the VPN won't work which means I know what the problem is 😁 If you send all your traffic from the router over the VPN then your dynamic dns will have the IP of your VPN tunnel rather than your actual home IP which would mean you are depending on the VPN failing completely and all traffic routes straight out the internet connection direct and your dns updates with your actual home internet IP to allow for you to VPN into the router Thanks, PS - I hope the above made sense! PSS - This is more of a possible workaround more than anything else lol
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    reinstal xr500

    soory @Netduma Fraser,it's because of this squint from looking at the inbox
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    Um idk I’ve only been playing cod/mw with it but thank you
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    Netduma Fraser

    Unknown Device Issue

    We are making changes to the way the Device Manager sees devices etc for 3.0 so this shouldn't be a problem one you're on that version.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Sounds like the XR500 is connected to a router which is why you're seeing two different WAN IPs (the XR500 WAN IP won't be a public address) and why the ports appear closed, what is your XR500 connected to? If it is a router, you'll need to put it in modem/bridge mode or put the XR500 WAN IP found in System Information into the DMZ of the router it's plugged into. Then retest the ports.
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR500 DPI not working properly

    Yes exactly, don't use 80 or 443 though. Keep source as 1-65535 and just change the destination ports to those. You'll have to make several rules to include them all.
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    Could be a simple issue but double check the IP address in Device Manager of the device you think is the console against the IP of the device in its' actual network settings, do they match? May be that you've added the wrong device.
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    Auto Ping issue

    I understand your frustration everyone has been there, Yes I still experience this 4 out of 10 games on MW Warzone. I have been tweaking my netduma router back and forth for months since the release of MW, this is what I have to say about my findings. Netduma might have bugs which are been fixed and updated regularly. Netduma works! Yes you might have to tweak your settings depending on your gaming setup ,location in and connection. Netduma isn't the issue in my case anyway. Listen let me make this clear.....MW is a BROKEN game from day 1! Yes I still play it its fun when winning but its a trash game in terms netcode gameplay etc things dont work has they should! I will keep saying it, everything about that game is broken the amount of inconsistency in that game is unbelievable. NOTHING has changed since season 1, for me ever since season 1 the game experience went from manageable to ridiculous. For instance when I get beamed by an opponent most times by one shot I be like wtf I have to watch the replay/kill cam. On my screen I saw and shot first but he kills me with one shot. But watching the kill cam he see's me first on his screen and destroys me with a lot of shots whereas on my screen I shot him multiple times and he shoots me once and I die. I was oh well okay its just one time thing but this kept happening especially in gulag, another example is me going for head shot behind an enemy yet I'm getting hit markers on body armor WTF at close range. I thought it was just me but my friends to have experienced this too. The third issue is that one random player on multiplayer sometimes on warzone is untouchable, in the sense of no matter what you do you cant kill this opponent. He just absorbs your shots and he beams you and runs off. I had this all day last night I still lost the fight despite emptying a clip into them. I have never experienced this on other cod I went back to playing older cods with same settings with netduma router and without netduma router connected, yes I got laggy lobbies but I wasn't beamed by one shot . In general everything was great played other battle royal games like Apex netduma worked well but going back on MW warzone its a different experience. If you don't believe me check YouTube for raging cod videos watch all the ridiculous things that happen, sorry for the long talk but I lost ALOT games last night on warzone which I knew I should have won due to stupid game mechanics. On a normal day I would destroy this same person in a heartbeat, the game is unbalanced and just randomly favors person in the lobby. Personally I have given up on MW looking forward to the next cod, its just that most YouTuber aint saying how trash this game is except for Dr Disrespect now and then voice out his frustration 😂 well on all games in general lol
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    I don't know if this is caused by DumaOS, it sounds like it might be a wider network issue. One thing i'd be interested to know is if PingPlotter showed any big spikes in a 20 minute period. I'm trying to think if there's anything in DumaOS which could cause spikes on a regular basis like that. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything. Using Traffic Prioritization, we should be able to mitigate traffic spikes like that, but the problem might be that you're losing internet connection for a few seconds. If that's the case, there's going to be a delay no matter what happens. Here's some suggestions for the meantime: Make sure that your sliders on Anti-Bufferbloat are on 70%, and that the displayed bandwidth is lower than your real-world maximum. This is so that the packet bottleneck is moved from the external network onto your router, giving you more control. Consider adding your PS4 to Traffic Prioritization using the Games Console profile. This will mean that, if a bottleneck occurs, PS4 traffic will be pushed through first.
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    That was exactly the hub I was envisaging actually as I've used it before for a similar purpose. You would have to be plugged in. Alternatively, you may be able to use WireShark on your PC without the hub if you use promiscuous mode which supposedly captures traffic on your network rather than just to/from the PC but I haven't tried that, worth a try before you spend any money at least.
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    Hi all, Please be assured that we read every single comment made on the forum and we do take it on board. I understand it has been a long wait but good news is incoming and we'll be making another feature announcement this week. I'm closing this thread now to avoid derailing from its original intention.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Destiny 2 Delay

    Okay that's great, do keep us updated! We won't have the option to change algorithms, at least not at the moment. There will be some significant work we'll be doing regarding QoS but will probably be in 3.1.
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    I am having same issue with no auto ping showing. Did not see an answer to the issue. Shows everything else but ping. same with dashboard as well. It used to work and quit working about 4 to 6 weeks ago. what can we do so I can have ping back
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