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    xr300 warzone serveur Egypte

    Hello les gars, Vous vous compliquez la vie pour rien. Je me prenais la tête à tenter de régler la QOS, nat modéré ou ouverte, prioriser des ports, quand devoir activer le geofiltre, etc... j'passais plus de temps à tenter de régler qu'à jouer, et je sais de quoi je parle, j suis comme 3 ou 4 ici, j'ai eu r1 xr500 et là j'ai le r2. J'ai eu ADSL, vdsl 2, fibre. Activision a décidé de ne voir que par l'argent, et d'un sens ils ont bien raison de continuer vu que les youtubeurs se plaignent mais ne se bougent pas, il leur suffit d'un code créateur pour tout oublier ou d'un t-shirt Actipognon 👍🏻 Donc ce que je fais maintenant, vu que j'ai dû retourner sur de l'ADSL, j'ai optimisé en suivant le tuto et l'expérience que j'ai de mes routeurs Duma (même si je joue plus maintenant sous openwrt que netduma) et dès que je vois que je ne peux rien faire dans une partie, bah je quitte puisque de toute façon, si tu perds tes premiers duels en ayant le premier shoot, c'est que le script du jeu a décidé que tu te ferais laver le fion du coup tu ne pourras rien faire, que tu aies du 2 gigas fibrés ou du 20megas (j'ai eu le cas hier soir, domi HC Nuketown, première manche 23-3 quelque chose du genre, deuxième manche, impossible de tuer, du retard sur tous les duels, j finis en 27-40). Donc mon conseil de vieux "Dumeurs" (j'ai le r1 depuis Advanced Warfare), ne cherchez pas à faire ce que font les streameurs, vous allez vous prendre la tête pour rien, perdre du temps et puis on ne sait pas tout encore sur leur parties remplies de plots).
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    Moderate/ Strict nat type

    Hi thank you very much be sure to try this tomorrow👍
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    Moderate/ Strict nat type

    Hello im not sure if there is something in the way with the modem but try this. On the xbox change your port via settings, connection then advance settings at the bottom has an alternative port selection. Change that to any of the ports they give as an alternative. By default your xbox uses port 3074 to open nat the console, but uses port 3075 for warzone. That will leave your ps4 without the 3074 port needed to be open. This works in reverse so because the ps4 is occupying 3074 when you have booted up your new xbox it wants port 3074 if that makes sense Reboot everything with upnp on and see what ports are being opened should see the alternative port for xbox and 3075 once you load warzone up. Then turn on the playstation and warzone then port 3074 should open. My partner is on xbox and I'm on the ps5 so when I initially set my ps5 up I had the same problem. Hope this helps in some way and if you don't understand or it doesn't work ill see what happens on my r2 when it arrives and keep you posted
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    Great answer from Newfie, no need to have it open! If you want to keep it open though maybe use a web browser that is less CPU intensive i.e. not Chrome.
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    Ubicación Netduma R2

    Muchas gracias, pues voy a hacer el pre order del Netduma R2 a ver si llega lo antes posible. Un saludo
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    First hardcore nuclear

    I really don't like the AK. I think if I picked up any other weapon than that, I wouldn't have died haha
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    I would suggest factory reset on your router and follow through the guide on here Its worth noting, each time you change location or make changes you will need to wait atleast two minutes or restart your console.
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    Ethernet Cable Not Connected

    Cheers Fraser thank you sir be safe.
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    Awesome thanks again for the speedy reply. You guys rock!
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    Netduma Fraser

    GeoFilter not working on XR500

    You're welcome! Sure, go to the Device Manager, click on your PC and then in the panel that options click the Device Type dropdown menu and select PlayStation, then click apply/update.
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    just to update, today, i have received my R2. thanks to everyone involved. happy gaming
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    Good to know the R2 is an option! I will do some more research then decide which one to get, thanks for your amazing support.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Moderate/ Strict nat type

    I went with them as they were the provider with the highest speeds in my areas - there are other companies who can provide fast speeds that aren't the normal BT etc so maybe research what is available to you.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Moderate/ Strict nat type

    I use the one provided by my ISP - It is a Virgin Superhub 3 from Virgin Media in the UK it is a modem/router.
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    Yes you are correct, they do. I have tested with the first rule worked great. I was meant to turn that off and used the rest, but hey it still worked and game experience itls great besides it would hurt to all them all there haha.
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    Better, but still not performing very well. Ethernet connection is ok but WiFi has crapped out on me a couple more times. Recently I had three devices streaming video at 720p when WiFi went out. This has never happened before on my ISP's WiFi. To restore the WiFi connections I need to reboot the router each time. Since ethernet connections work fine, I may enabled ISP's WiFi and use the R1 for ethernet only.
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    Big fps drop when net duma open

    When you open a browser and log in that’s all it’s doing, you just have an interface open to the GUI. Same with all routers. is this COD you are playing?
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    Big fps drop when net duma open

    Yes you don’t have to have it open, it’s all held in memory. Can you give some more info on how it’s all set up as that’s unusual. Thanks.
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    could you try 3074 for PS4, and also make sure you have static IP adress on it and put 3075 for your PC with static IP adress. both wired. I tried many time to do this by myself, but I never tried to put 3074 for ps4 and 3075 for PC. maybe you will get luck !
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    Which router to Buy

    Don't go netgear. Asus might not be the prettiest looking but definitely has the most features and customisation. If you still wanna go DumaOS, go with the NetDuma R2 because NetDuma actually have the ability to update it and quality control.
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    Netduma Fraser

    NETDUMA R2 vs FIFA 21

    Do you get the same issue direct to your modem at all? You may want to try experimenting with Traffic Prioritization and specific ports.
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    It may be counter intuitive but could you change NAT back to secured please and see if you get an Open NAT on them then?
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    Desafortunadamente, lo que dijo Tito es correcto. He probado varias soluciones diferentes con otros usuarios, incluido el uso de rutas estáticas y VPN, y los resultados son los mismos. No importa si vives en España o no, el servidor solo está disponible en determinadas condiciones, como en las horas punta.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Disable/Remove DNSMasq

    To be fair to Netgear they are very fast as releasing security updates when required so once that comes to light/when they are aware of it I'm sure they will patch it very quickly for any routers that are affected by it.
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    In your tests, were you playing via ethernet or wireless? The rules for 3074 and 3076 are both for the same IP address.
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    how to get better hit detection

    Yep, but the problem is that all other ISPs all hire and use BT equipment, and all send out BT Openreach engineers (or subcontractors) for any broadband issues...so basically you’re with BT whether you like it or not. As an example, I will be free to leave my contract if they can’t fix the fault but all I will achieve is moving the fault to a different company (such as back to Vodafone) and paying £10 less per month.
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    As you have a pure modem and you have a dynamic public IP (it changes frequently - I can see it has changed over your last few posts) then you can't set a static WAN IP as it will become outdated and prevent a connection, glad you got it sorted! Okay keep us posted!
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    Shit man, I wasted a good 4hrs trying to fix it through tech support and I finally did it myself. I simply had to change the connection type to DHCP. Now back to the original purpose of this thread, I will proceed to test what was suggested for my issue 😄
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    I have done this now
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    As you have an Open NAT already then the DMZ is not necessary. If ALL devices are connected to the XR and you've changed those settings then you are setup optimally! As far as I'm aware no ex employees are working for that website either but they do have an affiliate code with us.
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    I've sent you a PM.
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    In System Information do you get a WAN IP? Does it show as connected there? Do all devices have this issue?
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    Port forwarding theory

    Uncheck DMZ uncheck UPNP make sure you have no port forwarding set up and you are guaranteed a strict or moderate NAT ... at least on Xbox i
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    Duma supported Router ?

    thank you very much.
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    Netduma Liam

    Port forwarding theory

    Thanks for posting, I like your approach to this! It's a good idea, but NAT doesn't quite work that way. Whether your NAT type is open, moderate or closed/strict, inbound traffic will always stop at the router where it will either work out where to send it or if it's just going to be dropped. That being said, we have heard occasional reports that people are having a better experience playing on moderate NAT, whether that's coincidental or not I'm not sure. Your second reason is correct in that a moderate NAT is limiting your options, but that won't have any affect on the skill level of your opponents. Loving the thought you put into it though, great idea!
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    Update then do a factory reset please
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    The settings are correct so I couldn't see another cause, I've given you access to the beta, upgrade to that, then reset and enter your PPPoE details and see if it works then https://forum.netduma.com/forum/130-dumaos-30-beta-netduma-r1/
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    R2 Geo-Filter support

    Okay. I will try everything you just stated. And I’ll be back with the outcome
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    Thank you, happy to this set as solved.
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    It should be 3074 for one device, 3075 for the second device etc - that's how CoD recommend people to get an open NAT using multiple devices. Are any of the devices added to the Geo-Filter?
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    I've added you both, enjoy!
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    xr300 warzone serveur Egypte

    J'ai essayé l'Arctique et je m'en suis bien sorti.. jusqu'à rencontrer un ours blanc mutant dénommé "MrPixxx.." mais merci pour le conseil 😉
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    XR700 - Ethernet ports bandwidth shared

    @Netduma Fraser looks like bandwidth between ports are shared as far as I can tell which honestly has left me with no words.
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    After reviewing the optimal settings article I found my solution; I didn’t have Auto ping host enabled. Problem solved. Thanks guys!
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    Ese es un gran ping, me alegro de que lo tengas más bajo ahora. Asegúrese de utilizar QoS también.
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    how to get better hit detection

    its the lag compression engineering changing mid game to make the match fair. i would do the same thing drop a 10 to 20 bomb then die 5 times in a row right after like i forgot how to play. they started that in b04
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    xr500 "R-apps" not loading

    Update: I ran the 3.0 beta, and the R-apps have loaded - but for about a week or so now all of my devices lose internet connectivity and the only solution is to pull the power and wait a few seconds and plug it back in. It's not FiOS, because when it happens I can't log into the router's OS. Usually happens in the evenings between 7-11pm ET. Thoughts?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Escape from Tarkov PC

    I'd suggest you change your PC to a console device type (Xbox etc) in the Device Manager and then add it to the Geo-Filter. It will add with the console service, if it works then it'll work with that service.
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