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    Removed at users request
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    i had to cross save every single order this last weekend to PS. in the meantime ive been testing other ways on xbox to work. I was able to find myself but it wasnt automatically like ive had for years. every 3/4 times i would run into randoms that could bypass my whitelist. so idk. still need to do lots of testing. i have another method to try in bit that ive talked to other boosters about and it seems to have success. will keep you guys updated if i find anything funny enough, it requires multiple vpns and other hardware. somewhat sounds like what the other guy in this forum was talking about. but like i said, needs testing.
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    To be honest I am not sure he was actually going to share the details, there is always someone acting all high and might and important, holding a piece of information or whatever over the rest like a meager morsel over starving dogs. If this can be done we can figure it out, I'll be conducting test for the next couple hours and if I find the how to I'll put a post here detailing step by step how to do it, screw being all sensitive over a couple of comments.
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    I wouldn't worry Shoulin, this is the Discord crew on damage control trying to protect their method. They've even made a rule that forbids even asking about the secret members club and are warning people for going against the grain, it's awful
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    Trophy system ruined my streak lol
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    Thank you. This seems to have worked.
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    Many thanks, its working and I have access. Please let us know of any issues you experience, we are going to work on what you reported so far for the moment. We'll keep you updated about our progress and if we have any more questions.
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    Thanks. Tired of the AERIS or whatever I have I have 3-4 kids at a time playing Fortnite and other games. I guess I'll chip in for a XR1000
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    Geo-Filter: Before or After

    The customer service on this site is top notch... I have not had any personal issues but i come look from time to time and check comments and Netduma is top notch on responses quickly and effectively. Kudos
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    Have you done any manual port forwarding on the R2? As mentioned I have VM and the R2 plugged directly in to it and I've not had this before. You may not have even port forwarded but it may be UPnP has opened the port to the affected device. Do you see the port listed in UPnP?
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    to be fair, i was neveer helped. when i started up several years ago, no one would say anything and there were no helpfull forums like this. the money during those times were ungodlike. legit two people paying 1200 for old school NF and such.. friends would ask but i never told them the answer, i just pointed them in the right direction and got them on the path that i took to findout.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Server route problem?!?

    The in game ping includes processing delay which all games have so that is perfectly normal, both pings are correct - the Geo-Filter is your ping direct to the server
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    Filtering not working?

    Ah ok, thanks for the tip. I’ll try that. Much appreciated
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    Sure no problem, I'll try to keep the streaming PC on as much as possible even if I'm not using it to see if it will happen a little faster, unfortunately it has RGB RAM that I can't change the color of (known issue with the current BIOS, waiting on an update) so I won't be able to keep it on over night as it's in my room and quite bright, but in the mean time I can ping -t the streaming PC the whole time to see if there are any recorded drops, I'll have it output to a txt file so I can check it over time and see about what time it occurs for the log file time stamp
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    nevermind, I figured it out. Pretty easy really.
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    It has stopped, must have been temporary
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    Destiny 2 Filtering

    Thank you Fraser 🙏
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    Netduma Fraser

    Improve ping/latency

    Definitely do that when testing to see what eliminates them the most, after that you can use Auto if you prefert
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    @Killerelite06 thank you for the feedback, to answer some of your points: Thanks for letting me know, I will raise a request to have PPPoE as an option for the setup wizard. Could you let me know the WiFi password you were trying to use or the format of the password e.g. letters, numbers, symbols etc. I think SA only has 2 servers so that could be why, I imagine that the whole of Africa for the most part are forced onto those servers so they may be under load. We'll be doing a Ping Heatmap update next week and then the servers should reappear there DSLReports doesn't play nice with Traffic Prioritization which is why the results can be off, if CB says you're good then that's great! You should be able to do that if you enter it as a domain. Interesting, what do you get if you select a custom channel? Glad to hear it! I believe on the NG routers UPnP works but doesn't always show them as entries
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    Ok, I thought about doing that right away, but wasn't sure I wanted to deal with the bugs. I'll look into it. Thanks
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    Netduma Fraser

    probleme avec cyberghost

    Glad to hear it, thanks for the update and solution!
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    probleme avec cyberghost

    All is ok now i have done two things : i Have reset my netduma i have enable ipv6 in my router and netduma
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    Maybe it was just a one time fluke. Will try it again over the next couple days and report back.
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    Awesome it seems to be finding matches now! Thank you so much for your help!
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    Static IP subnet issue.

    Wow thanks for the quick reply I just didn't input the dns servers manually 🤣. Have a good weekend.
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    Xr1000 Advanced QoS?

    I think this was were we chatted what we would like to see and one thing mentioned was the ability to add a different QoS like a piece of cake, FQ CoDel etc. Via a Rapp. I suppose it depends on the depth of the QoS in the system but it’s a nice suggestion but only Fraser or Liam could say if it was possible or could be implemented.
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    .img is the one you want to use to upgrade. md5 is a file that you can use to verify it is an official firmware but you don't need to worry about that.
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    Netduma Fraser

    En México no funciona?

    No, está bien, ¿dónde se encuentra realmente?
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    in game Lag issues

    Thank you Liam
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    Netduma Liam

    in game Lag issues

    That all looks very good actually! If you're only seeing lag from other players in Destiny then that would suggest everything with the R2 is fine.
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    Netduma Fraser

    En México no funciona?

    Deshabilite el modo de filtrado en el filtro geográfico, pero observe lo que sucede y dónde lo ubica para obtener los servidores de ping más bajos que observó. Una vez que haya identificado esto, habilite el Modo de filtrado y coloque su radio / polígono sobre esa área y vea si el ping permanece igual y si puede obtenerlo de manera consistente. - Disable Filtering Mode on the Geo-Filter but watch what happens and where it places you to get the lowest ping servers you observed. Once you have identified this, then enable Filtering Mode and place your radius/polygon over that area and see if the ping stays the same and whether you can get it consistently.
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    Problème VPN sur XR500

    Problème résolus, une fois avec les bonne informations.
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    Firstly, the problems regarding connectivity are a long term issue and none of the firmware versions are free of problems. The latest firmware is the most stable, but I still experience drop outs and I would say daily rather than weekly. Given that children are now back to school, the drop outs might be no less frequent, but not noticed as much due to less use during the day. The geofilter issue regarding it not working, doesn't appear to have any consistency. I haven't yet had the time to sit down and try to get the GUI to crash as it did before when adding devices to the geofilter. There appear to be a number of issues that may or may not be connected. 1. Intermittent internet and/or GUI connectivity, usually a daily occurrence, sometimes it will auto correct, other times a power cycle is required. 2. Geofilter turning itself off, or simply not working, more a weekly issue, R2 needs a power cycle to resolve this. 3. QoS seemingly not working as described. I sometimes have to turn it off to get a reasonable download speed for game updates and if a game is updating on one Xbox, there is definitely a negative effect on latency noticed on another Xbox when gaming. 4. Sometimes after a power cycle, the GUI shows the startup tips for setting QoS and Geofilter, but the settings are still intact. I'll try to get time to play around with settings later.
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    conclusion geofilter

    what? geofilter works in warzone for me i spent a day messing around with it trying to play in different countries, and ended up in alot of 150 ping lobbies. it does its job. just doesnt force you to get bot lobbies (like alot of people are trying to use the router for , which is comedy)
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    Remember guys we have a discord running with lots of people working on this, if you would like an invitation to come join just send me a personal message (quickest way) or ask in this thread and when I see it I will send an invite to your inbox.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Was working fine Until now

    Disable the WiFi, save, reboot from the interface, wait 2 minutes, then access, enable the WiFi, save then reboot from the interface, wait 2 minutes again - does WiFi appear?
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    xbox live chat

    Is their any chance that I can use xbox live party chat in this century or is that issue not big enough to get fixed? I paid for the router but can't use it? Do take the router back if it don't get fixed?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R2 and Xfinity

    Yes there is, it will come with a user guide booklet, you can see a digital version of it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/apu6q9ll5m18u83/R2_V3_User_Manual_CMYK.pdf?dl=0 So it will be behind the Xfinity router so it would be like this wall > Xfinity > R2 Okay so you may or may not get that with the R2 currently but as I said we are working on improving that
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    The in game ping is higher because it includes things like server processing delay, all games have it whereas the Geo-Filter shows the direct ping to the server. If the ping is that high in game it could indicate the server is under load and I would recommend you try to force a different server
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    VPN Request add :)

    Hello every1 :) I just got idea, maybe Netduma should add VPN provider like > Private Internet Access VPN website: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/
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    Netduma Fraser


    ¿Cuál es el modelo del módem / enrutador al que está conectado el R2? Buen consejo arriba también.
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    Some useful reminders for those testing configs: Spectating Mode: Does not restrict servers in any way, you will connect to whatever server the game wants you to. You can see servers/peers on the map and ping them. Filtering Mode: Restricts games based on your settings. Strict Mode enabled: Restricts both servers and peers to within your radius Strict Mode disabled: Restricts peers to within your radius but allows servers outside the radius By default Strict Mode is on to provide the most restrictive filtering.
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    So I went and blocked all servers I could find (found 3) with the exception of the one closest to my VPN location I loaded into the Tower and behold, its me and me:
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    this is currently missing. the player search (now) always starts with the nearest server. If he does not find any in the foreseeable future that meet the criteria (SBMM/CBMM), he goes one server further and so on. So we would need a restriction that he may not change the server.
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    I totally understand. I hope my one comment on wondering if it was 2 separate consoles finding eachother didn’t bother. I’m glad you can make it work. I’d still love help and am still willing to pay. Let me know, and thanks for the help so far in your posts and comments.
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    ¡Hola bienvenido al foro! Parece que están usando servidores en lugar de hosts de jugadores, lo estamos investigando.
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    Two years later, no updates?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Lower Internet Speeds

    How/where are you testing the speeds exactly? Have you entered your speeds into the Bandwidth settings in the Congestion Control menu on the QoS page? You won't be able to achieve 1.5Gbps as the ports only support 1Gbps.
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    Warzone Bot Lobby Servers

    First of all I clarify that I do not represent netduma or work for them, my opinions have nothing to do with what the netduma team thinks and I am just one more user like you. If you are so confident in your results I would not be here asking how to do it, I would just do it and not ask, I have been using Netduma products since 2016 and I can assure you that I have more experience with this than you. Are people doing it? that people? Where is that magic setup? If people were doing it, there would already be videos on how to do it and not just rumors like the ones there are, you are free to believe rumors or myths, but if you don't have proof of something, don't say that something can be done. a greeting!
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    Netduma Fraser

    En México no funciona?

    Creo que puede que le falte un servidor de autenticación, debería haber un ícono de reproductor en el este de los EE. UU. Que aparece; intente permitir esto cuando lo vea y luego vea si funciona mejor
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