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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Hi all, I played the Alpha and had moderate nat type, Just played a few games on the beta with moderate nat and did a few changes to get open nat. Playstation static Ip adress Turn off upnp TCP and UDP external and internal port range 3074 =NAT TYPE OPEN
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    This problem has since been solved, see this article for information: https://kb.netgear.com/000061261/Google-Chrome-77-is-blocking-access-to-NETGEAR-login-pages-what-do-I-do --- On the latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75) we have identified an issue where users may have trouble logging into their Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. This affects the XR300, XR450, XR500 and XR700, it does not affect users of the Netduma R1. Instead of asking for a username and password as normal, the router will instead direct you straight to the Password Recovery page. We are aware of this issue and all relevant parties have been notified, there will be a fix as soon as possible. -- For the time being, we recommend that you manage your router using a different browser. We have confirmed that the issue does not affect Firefox or Edge. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Well our main rule is that every single thread, tweet, ticket and email must be replied to. Replying to all of this stuff is the most important part of my job and I always give it maximum priority.
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    xr500 + Dumaos pour être dans le futur?

    Hello 👍🏻 Désolé d'avance pour le pavé 😅 Je suis d'accord avec toi sur le fait que quand ça prend, ça prend vraiment. Après, ce qui est frustrant pour moi, c'est que sur une session de 3 ou 4h de jeu, je vais passer 1h au moins à tenter de trouver "the" réglage. Une fois que je l'ai, je prends vraiment du plaisir, je continue de jouer sans voir passer le temps, quitte à lutter au boulot le matin suivant. Et plus tard, quand je relance le jeu, motivé de rejouer comme jamais vu comment ça prenait la dernière fois.. bien au bout de 5 parties, je déchante.. shoot 1st, die 1st, en veux tu en voilà, j'dois mettre 15 balles.. bref, je relance des games en me disant que les serveurs ne sont pas bons.. et ça finit que je dois retourner sur le xr500 pour retrouver des réglages (j'en avais parlé avec Cécé et il avait le même ressenti que moi, il m'a accordé une soirée pour me filer des astuces mais rien n'y a fait). À la limite, là où ça prenait bien pendant 2-3 jours, c'est avec la dernière mise à jour où j'ai pu me passer de la box orange.. mais.. ça me faisait buguer la télé et j'étais à la limite du carton rouge par Madame 😂 Alors comme a dit Fraser dans un topic, une fois qu'on en a un de bon, il faut regarder sur une semaine pour voir le nombre de fois où ça aurait bien pris, mais la différence est tellement énorme entre les fois où ça prend et les autres où ça ne pas du tout que je suis obligé de rechercher de nouveaux réglages tellement ça me frustre (surtout quand je regarde les ricains genre Teepee, Dougisraw).. j'ai pas leur shoot, mais quand je vois ce qu'ils arrivent à mettre et moi ce que je dois mettre.. Je vais encore me répéter mais quand j'ai eu le R1 sur Advanced Warfare et que Chive m'avait tout régler, je n'ai plus eu à y toucher jusqu'à ce que je déménage. Je suis conscient que les techniciens font un gros taf pour nous simplifier le travail et ont beaucoup de boulot surtout ; mais j'ai des petits soucis avec dumaOs (la TV qui ne fonctionne pas, l'upnp qui ouvre des ports alors que je le désactive entre autres) et mis à part de meilleur débit Wi-Fi, je ne vois pas de réels bénéfices par rapport à mon R1. J suis pressé de ne plus lire que DumaOs est en bêta et surtout de voir le topic sur les futures nouveautés 👍🏻
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    People need to realize that the ultimate owner of the XR series IS NetGear. If you want to keep complaining and nagging, then you should be discussing this over on the NetGear forums and or filing support tickets. NetDuma is only the 3rd Party or Co-Developer for a portion of the FW that is developed and marketed BY NetGear. NetGear holds all the plans, policy's and release dates of when actual FW updates that go to public. It's up to NetGear and NetDuma to work together in getting code fixed based on which side of the code needs fixing. If there is problems with the NetDuma portion, then NetDuma needs to get this corrected then handed back to NetGear. If there are problems on the NetGear side of the fence, then NetDuma has nothing to do with it and NetGear needs to make the corrections. However NetGear needs to know what all the problems are first and foremost. There's a long processing and development and in house testing that needs to be done. So this can take a long time, several months. So FW just cant' be released willy nilly based on users complaints and nagging. If there are legitimate complaints, users need to post about these in the NetGear forums as well as NetDuma and troubleshooting should be performed to narrow down where the real problem is and also might find out which side of the fence it resides. I most cases, this will be NetGear and they need to see and review ALL information to determine who needs to take corrective actions. IMO, most of you people are barking up the wrong tree. If you want to voice your opinions and complaints, you need to field them with NetGear first. They hold the entire responsibility of the XR series. It's there product. If this was a NetDuma R series router, then you would be in the right right tree. Please give NetDuma a break on this. They can only do so much and say so much. There are reasons why the public gets limited information about FW updates and product releases. This is business and how router business is ran. Be patient and show some understanding.
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    DHCP Server alternative

    Just a follow up for anyone interested. I set up another router on my network behind the XR500. The second router is connected to the network via it's LAN port. Connecting through the WAN caused issues. So my setup now is modem > XR500(WAN), XR500(LAN) > ASUS(LAN). Disabled the DHCP on the XR500 and set it up on the 2nd router. Everything SEEMS to be working well at the moment. Geofilter still detects any console and appears to be working fine. QoS is harder to figure out but it looks like its working fine. The only issue I have found is that the XR500 can no longer resolve NEW device names. If the device was discovered by the XR500 then it retains its details. However all new devices are added as 'Unnamed Device'. Looks pretty good so far, so now if I have to reset my XR500 my IP reservations will not be lost
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    I like the format here and the way the Community works together. It’s a lot better than Netgear support and I’ve the Arlo system and to be honest their forum although now a separate company to Netgear is not a patch to this forum. i don’t know another company that helps as much as Netduma, it’s almost 24/7 and here I feel you get a more personal one to one. It’s also friendly and everyone tries to help where they can. Long may it last.
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    fifa 20 servers

    hi guys after dowmloading the fifa 20 demo i have notcied thier is more servers located in my region, which is europe as im from the uk, servers pop up in france, london, ireland and also germany, where as fifa 19 i was only getting one loacted in germany. i dont no if the devs want to do some testing for cloud updates etc :)
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    Xr500 CPU 100%

    Après un redémarrage tout est rentré dans l'ordre , j'avais pas grand chose allumé pendant cette monter d'utilisation du processeur a 100% . J'avais juste la PS4 allumé.
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    Hi I think it's fortnite unplugged everything went downstairs and plugged directly into the router and still the microphone doesn't work. like a say call of duty works okay been in touch with Xbox gamer expert and they said they are trying to fix it
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    Desculpe escrever em português, mas me parece que seu modem/ISP está bloqueando as portas. Pode ser seu provedor bloqueando as portas. Veja se seu modem tem DMZ. Se tiver, ative o DMZ para seu netduma r1. Isso resolverá!
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    Its been working today early in the day at like 2pm I couldn't find a game but hasn't done since Madden I have to start orgin fresh or the controller won't work that's awhole different topic lol that would make sense why the first time I load 2k it seems to go pretty fast I will try it I'll keep u posted if I get frustrated again lol thank you
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    The server south of Sweden is actually a Middle East server hosted by i3d.net. I've already completed a google document and submitted somewhere in the forum for incorrect server location.
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    Needs and missing

    Additional instructions: monitor the Guardian, I can monitor the specified device, what she is doing(watching video or listening to songs, etc.), interfacing with third-party software, and obtaining status information for the router to specify the user device monitor function.
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    On the latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75) we have identified an issue where users may have trouble logging into their Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. This affects the XR300, XR450, XR500 and XR700, it does not affect users of the Netduma R1. --- A workaround for this issue has been found: Paste the following address into your Chrome address bar and press enter: chrome://flags/#http-auth-committed-interstitials Change the highlighted setting to Disabled and press Relaunch Now Now you should be able to log in as normal again --- There's a Netgear knowledge base article about it here: https://kb.netgear.com/000061261/Google-Chrome-77-is-blocking-access-to-NETGEAR-login-pages-what-do-I-do
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    Wireless AP functionality

    Hi. The physical LAN ports still work and so does the wireless capabilities such as guest and your main wifi.
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    I didn't play 2v2 but only "one" match as the mode is not for me. BUT THIS! 50 seconds mayhem 10000000_682659805533366_478445466850164736_n.mp4
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    it works for me after the update
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    I got it. I had to go in and manually adjust my maximum down/up speeds from the hamburger menu. Then once I moved the sliders the changes took affect.
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    Black Desert Online

    Yes it finally released for ps4 players too! Though im sure were not likely to see a merging of servers of any kind sadly. Yea im sure it is buggy, it took a minute for them to work out kinks on xbox one, but now its fairly bug free for the most part. Yeah you can choose your server, so it doesnt really show you the ability to ping any of them. no matter if you boot the game, or if you click a server, no indictation of a server pops up on the map, unless i missed something. Im not sure if all these servers are located in the same place? Even if they are, it would be cool to know what your ping is while playing, since the game doesnt offer an in game ping like im sure pc has. That way when im playing i can know if when i start to lag if its the connection or frame rates, at this point its only guessing. im sure you could get really nifty and find a way to capture that connection info with a sniffing tool, but I didnt want to go through all that effort :))
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    Bah après Sfr j'ai déjà eu et rien que pour le service client, je n'y retournerai plus 😅 free je n'ai jamais testé donc à voir.. Après niveau software, je ne sais pas du tout, je ne suis pas assez calé pour en parler ^^ And Fraser, he wasn't down, while i shot his body top first.. i fell so fast that i cant even jumped 😅 I tried a new settings ; instead of putting my real speed (900/300) i put 100/50, congestion control 50/50% and on multi, my feeling was better.. i m gonna try again later to see if this tip always works (also, i just lay udp 3074 on port forwarding too, i took off 3478, 1935, etc).
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    gracias todo quedo bien
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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Oh i see thanks for letting me know that.
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    VPN recommendations?

    Be aware of 'Virtual servers', example a VPN provider would say they have a server in example Vienna. But the actual server would be located in New York and you would only get the IP address for Vienna. these would naturally result in miserable pings
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    Its posted in the netgear beta page under current beta number and Its own topic.
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    Had this exact issue and it works with other browsers. internet explorer works as well
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    I understand the lay out and I to like the look and feel of the ND forums 💗over NG forums. I would prefer having one central place for XR forum support though. There too much going on between two forums and it's possible that some information gets lost in the noise that goes on between them. We know that NG and ND are different companies, however when it comes to XR routers, it's there product over all. I know that ND works with NG on many things. Just would like to see a bit more consolidation in regards to support forums and users. Would seem to be more helpful for everyone in the long run. However it is was it is and users can post where they feel. Its still NetGear ball when it comes to the XR routers. 😏 We all need to be patient. 😐
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    Saw the post on Twitter, updated Chrome. (Thank You!) All good on my side!
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    QOS ne fonctionne plus

    Alex, I turned it off and to be honnest, all seems to be correct, I'll test it tonight on MW ! Thank you
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    It is, I found out Openreach had been working hard to solve some local issues and when it was solved I noticed the speed increase, it’s now back to how it was which is fine.
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    I have already changed my DHCP pool (100-200) and use a fair few reservations already (all in range 2-99). I will add hue to this to see if it helps. Good idea, thanks. To be honest my hue hub is in a place that is hard to get to so i added a smart plug so i can turn it off and on remotely. Hopefully wont need to do this anymore.
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    duma os

    Sign up here https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ You will be sent a download link and upgrade instructions.
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    Constant packet loss fortnite

    That was the only test I could run tonight as Ive been going hard all day trying to figure this garbage. Thanks for the info today as I will try again tomorrow so, you have not got rid of me yet
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    I'll give it a shot. Might be a while before I do as I don't want to interrupt my roommates connection.
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    Netduma Fraser


    Let us know if the above works!
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    introduzca en la barra de direcciones de su navegador la siguiente direccion:
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    Netduma Alex


    Well DumaOS is only in beta on the R1. On all of the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers we don't consider it a beta anymore. The fact that we call it a beta on the R1 is just a holdover from the transition from the original firmware to DumaOS. There will certainly be updates, big things are on the horizon, but whether those will still be under the umbrella of "beta" or not, I don't know. Essentially, it's semantics, it won't affect the product.
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    Netduma Fraser

    R1 issues

    Could you disable the WiFi, reboot then enable the WiFi and reboot again please and see if that helps.
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    Netduma Alex

    In game ping

    Yeah just set the Geo-Filter to auto-ping and it should show your ping as you play. If you don't want to filter anything, put the Geo-Filter into Spectating Mode.
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    Yeah my traffic prioritization is on. Don't throttle anything. My qos sliders at 52down/60up. Thats with some hours of research on pingplotter though. I think 70/70 would be just fine though. Throttling is all placebo and may only last for like one game out like 10. Honestly I think this game is and its servers are broken and the geo just doesn't help at all.
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    Needs and missing

    Another additional idea, which is not known to be achievable; You already know that I'm a professional negotiator, and I hope that when I'm overseas, DumaOS will provide the CDN and APAC channels for the XR700 to speed up so that the 20-minute questionnaire can be loaded for two hours. This is an idea. I don't know what you think.
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    Have you ever had a router you used previously with this IP/these modems? If so try setting the R1 MAC address to the IP address of the previous router and then reboot and retest please.
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    Yeah I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.
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    xr500 + Dumaos pour être dans le futur?

    Exactement et d'ailleurs depuis que j'ai tenté d'aider habloo il a totalement disparu du psn mdrr .... j'ai cru qu'il avait tout eclaté le matosse ! si aujourd'hui nous avons de tel resultat c'est uniquement grace aux noeuds et convulsion du cerveau que j'ai pour trouver LE réglage aprés 10000000000 DE TENTATIVES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Mon ami Prince Horus a enfin trouver son reglage mais le seul probleme c'est que le jeu est terminé !!! ptdrrrr donc il prepare son cerveau pour le prochain call of
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    They have been fielded at Netgear believe me. Netduma are responsible for fixing bugs in DumaOS and passing them on to Netgear and it seems many which arrived with Milestone 1.3 point to DumaOS for which they acknowledged some, and others are Netgears, but they all have just have just vanished into a black hole of promises, with each side seemingly passing the blame to the other. No matter what, it does not take 8 months to release a patch which virtually no fixes in it for major bugs like VLAN tagging, or DumaOS's QoS issues or port mapping GUI bugs or actual port mapping bugs. Netgear say talk to Netduma, and vice versa and the users are none the wiser and this process of going in ever decreasing circles just continues. You of all people know how fast Voxel can turn around an update, so there really is no excuse for the lack of fixes from Netduma to pass to Netgear as I see it apart from red tape at Netgears end, but even then Netgear used to kick out quarterly updates. Most of the bugs seem to be relying on milestone 1.4 to fix and that's in my view not a good way to patch a router. I really think this side of the Netgears router business is not being prioritised at this time with AX being pushed so hard now, but that's just a theory I'm well aware you can't just release fixes "willy nilly" too but with promises of fixes for bugs almost a year old still not fixed after Netduma said they would be fixed or at least if its not one of their they would communicate with Netgear who do we hold responsible? As to "Be patient and show some understanding" I have for 8 months and look where that landed us <sigh> I think the Netgear ,Netduma sandwich is not working well at this time as far as fixing issues. I also can't see it improving when Netduma don't appear to have a timescale for bug fixes. The issue is when you get answers like " Of course we plan to continue to fix issues and keep improving the firmware but no specific news on fix timelines" it does not give you renewed confidence that things will improve.
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    If Matt Allwright shows up i'll gladly have it out with him. Thanks very much for your understanding! It's frustrating that we can't be more open with the public but that's how it is when you work with the big boys.
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    Netduma Alex

    fifa 20 servers

    We'll be doing testing on FIFA 20! Thanks for letting us know there's a demo available.
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    Hey. I just sent the fix to your router so you can now upgrade manually. Thank you for your patience.
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    High priority traffic stuck on

    Yes but it seemed everything was high priority traffic tbh. Sorry for the long title, now edited. Pain, Morphine and sleep deprivation isn’t a good mix.
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