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    Title says it all. @Netduma Fraser A bit more transparency and less closing threads that aren't even close to being uncivil or insulting. We bought a new version of a product, knowing full well of the sketchy update history of previous iterations (still stuck in Beta for R1 I believe?), and yet again, we find ourselves waiting for new firmware on a device which is less than 6 months old. Not demanding for anything, just clarity for your customers. That's all.
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    - Bad Visibility - Bad Team Balance & SBMM; always put me against stacked team - The game require maximum effort in your end to optimize router to be as advantage as possible Fortunately, Netduma Comboing with Freshtomato saved my my experience. >70% gunfight winning rate satisfied me enough. Been maintaining at 2.7-4 KD averagely. One Nuke I encourage you to ditch netduma (I only use it for Geo Filter) and buy cheap router (mine is 8$ Linksys WRT54GL) and boot FreshTomato FW in. and there you go!
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    oh crap...I m rapping now too..:(

    Maybe take up jazz?
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    They use the exact same servers - during the Cold War Beta, priority was given to the Beta on the servers so MW matches would be somewhat off till after the Beta period closes.....same thing happened with BO4 when MW launched.
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    albert dh

    Doubt test open ports

    Thank you. I will open a new post in netgear forum
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    So I got this thing 2 weeks ago and every day or so the internet would go out and a reboot would fix it until the next day or so. But it has been getting progressively worse. As of today the internet is going out literally just back to back to back. Earlier today I could reboot it to get it back on, it would stay on for about a minute, then it would go out again, and a second reboot would make it stay online for about 30 minutes to an hour. Now, my actual internet is working just fine through the Gateway from Xfinity. Over the last hour the R2 has gone out so consistently I couldn't even finish writing a ticket. I tried to do a factory reset on the router and set it up as fresh, that changed absolutely nothing. I got it set up and then immediately it told me I wasn't even connected to anything over ethernet. All lights still on and everything. When it cuts out, all of the lights and everything are still on, but literally all of my devices that are hardwired say they aren't even plugged into anything. So I can't even access DumaOS when this happens. I am seriously beginning to suspect it's either a bad router or there is something just seriously wrong with the DumaOS because I see other complaining of similar. It won't even allow me connect long enough to reinstall the newest firmware. I messed with zero settings on the router. Just the very basic settings that are on it when you start fresh. Have done nothing crazy with it at all.
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    What is the XR connected to a modem/router or a pure modem?
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    Hey Fraser Any chance you can send me a copy too?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dropping WiFi/internet

    Haha no problem, sent! This one should be better.
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    What bothers me is I get this nearly EVERY GAME all game long. I have friends that never have this issue. And I see streamers that never get it. . I don't get it
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    Thank you Fraser I will install and test.
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    Recommend me a modem to use with BT?

    Yeah the plan is to get a DM200
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    BLACK OPS : COLD WAR. Some thoughts

    Cold War beta netcode analysis.
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    I downloaded & deleted the game 3 times during the Beta. The developers & Demonware (btw. Demonware moved the authentication server away from Ireland to Warsaw in Poland) are connection cheaters; they somehow filter/delay your packets then to have in & out problems. Every small studio is capable to provide a working neutral netcode to let the players decide the outcome of the gunfight unlike the Gay Of Duty series. Imo in general the COD developers are mentally handicapped people who don't see their programming faults. Also a problem is that these people have no gameplay advisors. That's why they put so much bullshit is put into the games.
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    Can’t connect new devices

    Seems to be working with the steps you pm’d me will follow up if the problem persist
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    @Netduma Fraser Unfortunately I have done that with no avail. EDIT: Went ahead and just did a Factory Reset just now, and it took the Firmware Update you sent me. If anything strange happens i'll inform you. Thanks.
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    Can't make this work. Please help.

    You're overcomplicating this. You can't turn off NAT on the R1. You hook it up as you put it in your drawing. Then you go into the first router. You put the IP adress it assigned to your R1 into the DMZ. And that should be all. All other configuration in your first router as per normal. On the R1 just switch off wifi and QoS.
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    Either option will work, for the first option you would need to put the R2 WAN IP in the DMZ of the Huawei to avoid double NAT. Either way QoS will work very well as long as you connect all devices to the R2.
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    Netduma Fraser


    We have to make changes to the Geo-Filter to make it work so upgrading won't help with this issue.
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    How do you set up R2 with another for using the geo-filter? I'm guessing your fresh tomato router is the main, connect lan to lan with R2, console to r2? Do you only disable DHCP and QoS on R2? Do you put the R2 IP in freshtomato DMZ and console IP in R2 DMZ?
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    Alright. In that case, you can close this topic. I‘ll open a new topic if the issue still persists with Duma OS 3.0 as soon as it becomes stable. Thank you for your help!
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    Also its a new router, bugs will get worked on, no new routers ever comes bug free, that's why its best to wait a while, say 3 months before purchase. Any make of router, you buy that's so new is on the bleeding edge of new tech and it can hurt.
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    100% CPU usage on XR500

    Well, its been most of the day and I have yet to have any issues, I think this seemed to have fixed it for me, not too sure what was causing the poor cpu of my router to get pinned like that, but 3.0 seems to be very stable. Also really enjoying the new UI and general feel of everything. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    R1 XR500 fibre

    Salut en gros 1 gb ethernet et 1 gb wifi car les ports lan sont en 1 gb .
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    Netduma R2 rebooted suddenly

    Yeah I notice when the r2 gets hot it crashes the wifi and the internet start being slow I bought a usb fan worked wonders
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    Netduma R2 rebooted suddenly

    When I was using the 5ghz sometimes the signal drops to 2 bars so I think I'm close to being far from the router. So I bought a 50 feet ethernet.
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    Netduma Fraser

    R2 problem internet

    A month?! Did they explain why your modem was going offline once per day though?
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    Rubish product

    What a waste of time, money and effort. I would not recommend buying the Netduma R2. Biggest mistake I've made in a long time. Wasted the entire day trying to connect to it with no luck. Absolute rubish product!
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    R1 XR500 fibre

    Tu peux essayer de faire la demande pour un ONT mais du coup, tu ne pourras pas avoir les 2 Giga partagés ..... Le Mieux sera de mettre ton Routeur duma en DMZ sur un port 1G et le reste de ton réseau sur l'autre port 1G !
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    Wi-fi issues

    Yes i have access to the internet via a wired connection and yes mirrored is on.
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    Netduma R2 rebooted suddenly

    Thank you, Newfie! I also noticed that there's no difference in speed between 5ghz and ethernet. I've heard so many times that ethernet is faster. I'm talking about ping. When I was using 5ghz my ping's 30-40 when I switched to ethernet, there's no improvement.
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    Netduma Fraser

    PS4 NAT 1

    Hey, welcome to the forum! NAT Type 1 is when you are directly connected to a modem, you cannot get this when connected through a router. NAT Type 2 means it is open and behind a router.
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    Keep having to reset

    I'm just turning it off and on by unplugging it
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    Hey, welcome to the forum @cnc137! Thank you very much for the information!
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    Oui, il dispose d'une configuration automatique pour QoS sur le dernier micrologiciel R1 3.0. Soyez averti cependant qu'il peut être très agressif dans ses suggestions, nous continuons à l'améliorer.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 wont factory reset

    Thanks a lot for doing that, it was in the Spam folder, it is now at the top of the inbox so they should respond on Monday. I can do that for you if you wish.
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    Netduma Fraser

    R2 problem internet

    You can't uninstall any Rapps currently but you will be able to in the future. What is your modem model exactly as that will influence the advice I provide regarding that issue.
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    Port foward errors

    Thank you, I tried to manually forward ports and got the same error. I'll use DMZ
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    Netduma Fraser

    New to DumaOS need help

    You can close the browser once you're happy with your settings. Some people prefer to keep it open to see their ping stats for example but it isn't required.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! That is a good question. The Geo-Filter doesn't automatically connect you to the closest server, think of it as allowing you to choose any server to play on, including of course the closest. As it is a server based game you don't have any influence on where the players are located, you also do not make a direct connection with them due to the server so that isn't possible. If you were to play a Peer to peer game then you could ensure all players were within your range.
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    Best Wifi I ever had!

    Think we found the troll account "insane" speeds - hahahahahahah
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    i cant get in my netduma r2

    thanks its ok no problem 👍
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    Firmware Update

    I don't mind waiting but this "this week - next week" loop is getting annoying. Just tell it comes out when it's ready. Amateurs.
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    Hmmmm it s been over a week now since the beta for XR450 came out.... when is XR700 ready? I cannot understand how you can piss off your prem router clients like that....
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    xr500 dumaos 3.0

    sounds good all keep you guys updated
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    I Neo, we've picked up this issue and are in the process of getting it fixed. Will provide an update here once its working. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Great thanks, if you provide the MAC addresses in PMs we can work on classifying them better.
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    LH1000 Arcadyan Open Beta?

    Hey Cameron, we are working on the Arcadyan build now (i've actually got it running myself - playing a bit of COD). We plan to give everyone access to at least a full on us to give us feedback and see if it's good enough. However if there is some interest in a few people with Arcadyan devices joining a early access beta - I can check with the team and see what is possible.
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    I use to have the R1 and it worked flawlessly, but since it didn't have 5ghz, I finally retired it. Used a linksys wrt32x for a couple years worked flawless. Tried out the Netgear XR500 and had major connection issues. No internet, factory reset no internet etc. Finally returned it and went back to the linksys. Just bought the R2 and was having the same issues as the nighthawk. No internet etc, then it finally connected. It stayed connected for about 48hrs, then net died. Restarted router and bam, cant get an ip from the modem. Factory reset, same thing then all of a sudden it would connect. During this time Rapps will barely load. now i get a lot of "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute." Ive disabled ipv6, changed rapps from 3 to 5, tried cloning my Linksys router mac address. Nothing seemed to work. Removed mac clone and now it connected again. Been working for about 48 hours again, now its acting up again with "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute." I'm afraid to reboot the router as it will then revert back to not connected... Right now, Traffic controller is the main rapp not loading at all. restarted pc, used dif browsers, nothing. I really don't want to factory reset again as I have set this up several times already, takes a long time. ISP: Spectrum Modem: Technicolor DPC3216 Speed: 200 down, 10 up I dont know what else to do. I love the dumaos software but it seems there is a conflict somewhere. Any suggestions
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    Understood, we haven't tested/optimized for the game just yet. I would recommend having a look at this site which has some suggestions on how to fix specific FIFA issues https://fifaaddiction.com/fifa-issues/
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