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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    over 6 months without a firmware update. no wonder people are looking for alternative firmware.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Shame Voxel does not have a XR500 and the ability to update the really old code in the XR router line up. Who pays Hundreds for a XR300 (no Hybrid VPN) XR450, XR500 or XR700 to have modules from 13 years ago or even old versions of OpenSSL which is needed for OpenVPN (and I guess DumaOS's Hybrid VPN too, as it uses hardware acceleration on the XR500, but obviously I cannot be sure) for its 256-bit OpenSSL encryption. Anyway the XR500's OpenSSL version 1.02n is from December 2017, not exactly current or really that secure. I know I go on about this stuff, but it should be current, as Voxels and Merlins firmware versions are. If people with full time jobs like Voxel can compile the firmware with new packages, why cant a huge company like Netgear do it, or their partners 😒
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    Had to be done!

    Finally changed my PSN Name. Duma Army!!!!!
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    Netduma Alex

    Had to be done!

    Very nice! I'm thinking of maybe changing mine to Netduma_Alex... I could also change my Xbox gamertag... But what if I get fired?
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    Thank you for the replies that answer my question i thought i wasn't connected but now i see thanks Big-dod and Zennon.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Because their are QoS issues reported by people, DPI false positives, port mapping in table view in DumaOS being the opposite way round to Netgears base Firmware view (Its a Netgear router so DumaOS runs on top of Netgears firmware on the XR range) devices showing online when not and vice versa plus a hotfix not in the main firmware fork for disconnects amongst other reports of issues since milestone 1.3. So no the router is not working as intended, unless broken is the intended way and I'm pretty sure Netduma and Netgear know that's not what they want and are working to fix these bugs and maybe taking longer to make sure they get squashed properly. Also there will always security issues to fix at some point and don't forget your version of UPnP/1.0 miniupnpd is 13 years old so bang up to date! So yep its doing well...
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    Netduma Alex

    Connecting to Denied Servers

    We have tested on an R1 in the office and we found that the allow and deny functionality was working exactly as expected. Could you please provide a screenshot or video recording of what happens on the netduma interface as you connect to apex legends?
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    Connecting to Denied Servers

    Dope 👌 I hope you guys find the issue. Good Luck!
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    Totally understand your frustration, there is lots of work for the developers to undertake and there will be some issues that have to be taken care of first before issues like this can be looked into properly. Now that more people are experiencing the issue it is my hope that this gets escalated higher than other issues.
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    Next time im on apex i will get a screenshot of my geo-filter and the ID's
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    Okay thanks for the information, I believe we're somewhat aware of an issue like this so I'll pass this on to the team and see if they have any suggestions.
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    Netduma Alex

    Had to be done!

    Very nice! I might make a DumaArmy Community on PlayStation. I guess since I work for them it could be considered "official"
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    The reason it is showing as 88.1 which is your routers ip address is because all your devices are using the dns cloudflare address that you inputted into the router so all your devices that connect to the router will use your cloudflare address which I assume you actually wanted to do. Otherwise, leave it set to automatic which will use google's dns servers and add the cloudflare dns addresses to each device at a time in their respective settings menu.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Sorry, we will not help you to install software that is not Netduma's DumaOS as this is a forum for that software. It is not supported on DD-WRT's website hardware compatability listing. Sorry but you are going to have to seek alternative resources to reach your goal.
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    Heres a good one if your on android I use this daily and can also plug my usb c to ethernet adapter in for accuracy https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.techet.netanalyzer.an
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    I was wondering the same, I have an R7000 with lower RAM which with custom firmware is able to run VPN in a similar fashion to Hybrid VPN. Obviously the DumaOs version is more customisable and simple though, which is why I was disappointed.
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    2 weeks of up-time, no reboot needed.
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    good feedback for me finding the names thank you for that...on my blink module, i have an old model and gave the option to plug direct to the router...that was the problem, i unplugged and used the wireless option and it worked...i know WEIRD but it works now...
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    Help! WiFi problems.

    I'm at work right now. But will try it when I get home.
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    Dos Attack?

    It’s nothing to worry about, these logs are perfectly normal. The logs are only for the developers and they are often misunderstood.
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    Moderate Nat Black Ops4

    turn console off, disable upnp in xr500 menu and apply then power off XR500 and unplug from power for 2 minutes. Then, plug the power back into XR500 and reboot. Wait 2 minutes and re-enable upnp and apply then reboot console and you should have open nat. Try this step and if this does not work I shall send you a port forwarding guide.
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    Hi would love to see ping, packet loss and the overall connection grade like dslreports.com. If you get a problem with your connection you have a rough idea on what going on with your connection with these simple tool 😊
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    FYI - I cracked it. I can now logon to modem whilst connected to internet. Had to telnet on to modem direct, and setup a route. Now I can see my line stats galore 24/7.
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    Hey, So as i'm sure you understand, "Do not VPN these services" means that everything NOT specified will go through the VPN. If an application isn't listed under ADD SERVICE, you can go to the Advanced tab and add some ports manually. For example, I googled "ports for fortnite" and this came up (check screenshot) So you'd press ADD SERVICE on the device with fortnite, you'd press Advanced, and you'd enter the ports as listed below. You might need to press ADD SERVICE multiple times to cover all of the ports!
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    Hi Not sure if this is really an issue or there is a bug in the firmware. But is High Priority Traffic always supposed to be on? Even when its not selected as always. None of the devices are on that use the setting, so I'm not sure why its on? Is it because of the DCHP release on the firmware not working properly? As I still have that issue, where devices show on line that are off line and vise verse. Unable to delete them unless I reboot the router (which is getting annoying). Is there any way to fix this yet? High Priority Traffic Detected
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    I had this issue and it seemed to be caused by speedtests on port 80 by speedtest.net's app or other online speedtests on iOS devices (it may be others to but I use a iPhone Xs and iPad Pro 2018 model) Also if you do a speedtest while the router is switching back to "when High priority traffic is detected' that can cause the false positive in my testing, its like it gets stuck by the speedtest as it switches that mode off, not sure how long it takes to go back to not detecting high priority traffic but in that window a burst of traffic over port 80 can seem to cause it to get stuck.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    I was wondering about if Voxel had the XR500 in his sights! Shame it isn't.. I totally agree with you and don't worry your not going on about it.. Im with you on that.. Out dated modules or modules that shouldn't be in there that cause issues are things im sure are causing issues.. How much would you bet that part of the so called debugging process involves updating modules and removing modules that shouldn't be there or are causing conflict.. Im sure you know where im going with this.. Things like this just make me scratch my head.. I really do wish Netgear would spend more time on the XR series.. So many new things coming down the pipeline the XR gets put on the backburner. That's my feeling anyway.. Zippy.
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    Hello Netduma i buy me the xr 500 netgear router but im pretty sure that the i need an new update because the Geofilter does not work in any Games. please Help me to solve this Problems.
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    Netduma Alex

    Weird issues

    We're aware of an issue where denied servers aren't being blocked, we're currently testing to recreate the issue and determine the cause. I've never heard of previously unpinged servers suddenly being marked as allowed, that definitely shouldn't happen.
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    Netduma Alex

    Connecting to Denied Servers

    This is an issue we're aware of, it's been escalated and i'm making notes of any threads about the issue so that I can keep people updated.
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    Great gameplay now lets see you do this in CORE ....
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Dont get me wrong you guys make a fantastic product ! Im just doing this for fun and want to test, for myself, if there is any performance difference between the two routers. Gives me something to do in my spare time. I appreciate the fast response. Keep up the good work !
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    Netduma Fraser


    Ahh I remember your topic now, it was this one wasn't it? https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28148-windscribe-config-file-for-vpn/ In which case probably isn't the config, I'll chase the devs on the issue you've been having.
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    Had to be done!

    Just imagine the duma team all gaming together. Feel sorry for the opposition🤣🤣 would be amazing to game with you guys tho!
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    Aw yeah I remember that huge falling out between Infinity Ward and Activision... Lots of companies don't seem to like being under Activision's thumb, I mean just look at Bungie. They recently became independent and cancelled their publishing deal with Activision... Regarding Respawn... I always thought it was a shame that Titanfall was never given a huge push by EA because I personally thought it was awesome.
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    DumaOS fragmentation is now down to Netgear. Not something I expected to see.
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    Weird issues

    @Netduma Fraser I'll give it a whirl.
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    Thanks Alex I will give it ago tonight
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    I have to ask why? Its got a 1Ghz Broadcom BCM4708C0 SoC and 128Mb flash memory and 512Mb of RAM, thats more than the R1 all round,. So why s it not getting the Hybrid VPN?
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    Netduma Alex


    Unfortunately due to the unusual way the Division 2 is set up, it looks like it's not possible for DumaOS to control which server you connect to. The only other thing I could think of would be to use a VPN that's got servers close to where you want to connect from.
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    Netduma Alex

    Blink Home Security Cameras

    Perhaps the camera or sync module will have it's mac address on a sticker somewhere on it?
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    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwkrqCGqbZOdO59GljLApa60vSVrdpaKGh_R4pEdyS3J_jcw/viewform Enter the info from your post here, it's the new and improved process.
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    Netduma R1 Router No Power

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074LJYHH5/ref=cfb_at_prodpg I bought this one off the amazon. Worked perfectly with my R1. It was indeed the adapter at fault and not the R1.
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    DHCP option 60 & 61 feature?

    Thankyou for the help tho
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    Glad to hear that. It'll be one particular panel that's pinned, try to figure out which one it is and see if the page itself loads. If it's just after a reboot or reset then that can happen if it was accessed too quickly.
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    Best equipment won’t help, cod lag will always be there for some reason. Havin’ a 1ms monitor with around 5ms input lag won’t save you if your bullets ain’t connection.
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    Network Prioritisation

    @Netduma Joseph i think at this stage everyone is waiting and hoping that the cloud update will resolve for the most part the issues we are experiencing........ you are suggesting something that has been tried and that does not work my guy. For me personally, i have stopped using the geo-filter completely and just rolled with whatever i get from the game but this is not why we made the purchase of either an R1 or XR500 or other DumaOs supported router.........please dont let us lose trust in the product or brand that is DumaOS. We understand things take time but...... we have all been patient with all the issues being resolved, remember these are not new issues.... they have been reported consistently by different people from the time the game launched at yet it still persists exactly the same as it did from the time of launch. I mean, do you guys have any idea as to how to fix the issues and if you dont, just come out straight and let everyone know instead of making us wait and wait for something that will not resolve any of the issues being experienced. We support your brand and in turn we are just looking for the same from your end, to us, when things are being reported.
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    Are these lagspikes?

    That spike you see, though being pretty intense is not something that is effecting your game play, as you can clearly see it comes and goes. Now one thing that may be considered is the idea of a low ping in a highly lag compensated game. By forcing a "GREAT" connection you are essentially suffering from the games net code working against you. As i've explained before, certain games try to balance out connections and place them on fair ground, when you geofilter in some games, your'e essentially rebelling against what the game is trying to do, end result being more negative than positive. Some games are able to match players fairly without needing the netduma, then again some games can't. Thats why geofilter is more of a tool than a end all solution. My suggestion is to try it with geo off, or perhaps another dedicated server somewhere else, or widen your radius alot more. I commented a few days back about this issue. In a game like BO3 where best connections win usually, getting a dedi is a huge importance, but in a game like ghosts where the game matches you with the best possible type of connection usually it can sometimes hinder your experience because youre blocking out people who might be a best option. In that case It was better for me to widen up the radius so I still get a USA host but not necessarially the "best host" in that radius. If that host is already a really good player in a host advantage game then all im gonna do is get melted in every gunfight. point being, sometimes geo helps and sometimes it hurts, but you have to figure out what it is that works best for you. If I remember correctly that bo4 servers raised the tick rate, this means that connections that were solid suffered more because the otherwise laggier players benefit from increased level of communication between client and server, meaning a bad connection could now smash you where as before ping was absolutely king, and a stable line/low ping was more advantageous. I know that when they bumped the tick rate up I had way more issues killing people than before.
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    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    voici un resultat avec 70/70 qu'en pensez vous?
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    Port triggering

    what works for me (Pc)
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