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    Caddy 1.0

    I thought i would start this off with its own thread. I have expanded slightly from my first app, screen shots are below. now you can save and load your allow and deny list. This is very ideal if you have to factory reset. plus sharing of lists is possible. you can clear your allow/deny list with a single click. for those of you who are fed up of seeing your offline devices can with 1 click remove all offline devices that no longer hold an ip address you can also create your own custom black/whitlist just make a text file named with the following Server_Blacklist.txt Server_Whitelist.txt Peer_Blacklist.txt Peer_Whitelist.txt and insert ip addresses, only 1 ip address per line for example from where ever this file is saved just drag and drop into the white box, this will automatically add here is the file caddy 1.0 @Mobel @GHOST-1-EC @TrayDay @MikeyPython @Sable @WalkedDave @Bert @Locosano @Sherman85 @DanyKTM @Zippy @Grafti @Fuzy @[email protected] @HaBlo0
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    I'm sorry, but I've never seen such a lack of competence with firmware updates. Other companies release firmware updates on frequent bases, but the response that we hear over and over and over at Netduma is "Were have a lot of features in the pipeline, but we don't know when Netgear will release them". Literally half a year will go by with the same nonsense. You guys really need to revise your business model. Releasing firmware updates every 2 years? Seriously?
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    Allow & Deny Backup

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    Devices not showing online

    Isn't it a known bug, Alex? There have been a lot of people with this issue including myself. Hopefully one that 3.0 will fix, even though you haven't actually patched it, just re wrote it so it now works (isn't that technically patching?) from what Fraser said and of course if I got the gist of what he was saying correct. Looking forward to seeing these bugs vanish with DumaOS 3.0.
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    Ok thank you guys !
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    I look forward to seeing what its all about, I'll stick 3.0 on it then keep it as a back up router or sell it as I already have a few other spare routers laying about, I really hope the patching of new issues that inevitably pop up will happen too, and that IPv6 and PPPoE issues have been addressed in 3.0. Good luck and hope it all works as its meant to.
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    That would be nice. Fingers crossed that we will soon have such a release. At least from my experience right now with the XR300, the latest firmware is in an alpha or beta state at best. Absolutely unacceptable, so let’s hope a bug fix release will be out soon.
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    Well Netgear have patched the R8900 and R9000 nothing about the XR700 or the RAX120 yet, but they will be patched at some point. It turns out they left TLS certificates in plain text in the firmware so anyone could read them... https://kb.netgear.com/000061582/Security-Advisory-for-Signed-TLS-Certificate-Private-Key-Disclosure-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2020-0105
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    We definitely have fewer XR700 testers than we'd like at the moment so thanks for signing up
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    PPPoE or DMZ???

    @Kostas83 hope your quiery was answered to your satisfaction, I will now close this thread.
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    I would hardly call myself a Netgear Guru, Zippy, maybe I just have to much time on my hands but yes if you use any firmware lower than on say the XR500 you open yourself up to a nasty Denial of Service attack on your router and LAN. The risk is all yours if you do downgrade, but if it goes wrong and you get caught out buy any of the patched security vulnerabilities they have warned you. Netgear wont really help you that much because they have posted that advisory as a way of saying "update now, if not its not our fault anything bad happened" It's basically their disclaimer for responsibility if you didn't follow their advice, which is fair enough really. https://kb.netgear.com/000061492/Security-Advisory-for-Denial-of-Service-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2019-0197
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    Worst. Patch. Ever...

    Fair enough... Did you actually watch the video? Lol. Its not about being negative, its about the complete fuck up that the update yesturday was. Game breaking for many. Its about all the bugs it supposedly patched... but actually didn't. Its about the stuff they changed and didn't bother to tell us about... such as changing the colour of a van on a map *rolls eyes* really top priority that must've been! Its also about all the bugs it created.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ping Values

    Are you certain that they've disabled the dedicated server? Are you basing this on whether the icon when you're in game shows as a peer? It might be that it's misclassified as a peer and is actually a dedicated server. Do you have the domain for it and we can check. The ping is the round trip time from the router to the server/host and back again. We could implement something like that but may be for a different feature and not the Geo-Filter ping. We do have plans to add packet loss
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    If you can put your ISP router in "bridge" mode, you will solve all these problems. Just keep your XR500 as main router and forget about your ISP router. The only thing you must have connected to it is XR500. IIf you cannot put your ISP router in bridge mode, do this. Firts of all, make sure your main gate in different for both routers. Normally the default maingate for all routers is If both routers have the same IP address, you will have a conflict in your network. Put one of the routers for example. Then, in your ISP router, set a static IP to your XR500 using the DHP options ( f.e.), and once you have it, put it on DMZ. As in bridge mode, just keep your XR500 as main router. Hope this info helps you
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    A VPN can help secure your connection by encrypting incoming and outgoing data your mobile device receives. It cannot protect yo from malware but can protect yo from snooping data theives nearby on the same public wifi. Having said that, I advise NEVER to access your emails, bank acconts or any other financial service you have when connected to a pblic wifi network. Infact I wold advise never to connect to a public wifi (that is the best form of protection).
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    Caddy 1.0

    About to try it in the next thirty minutes. Thank you @RedBull2k I’m sure I can speak for all of us involved here since you brought out your first version. It’s awesome. They have all worked great so far, and you continue to upgrade it with more detail. Not many people would help out a community like you are doing without asking for anything in return except for feedback.
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    The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0 Last year we released our first major update for DumaOS, Milestone 1.3. You guys loved it, so we quickly got to work on the next milestone, packing it full of features to make your router even more powerful. This next milestone will instead be a new version, DumaOS 3.0, and it marks the biggest leap forward in our history. It will contain a huge amount of features never seen before on a router. Instead of just sending out each of the features piece by piece, we needed to wrap them all up into one giant release. We will explain why soon 😉 (but don't worry, we're not doing an EA!). We know you guys will want to get your hands on 3.0 as soon as possible and we are working very hard to make this happen. But until we are sure, the release date is ‘to be confirmed’. But in the meantime, here is a teaser one of the many features coming to your router in 3.0: Data History. With Data History you can see how much bandwidth you’ve used over time and drill-down to see which devices and/or applications are eating up all your data or find out how many hours you spent gaming over the weekend. If you are under a data cap, you can also see if you are nearing your monthly limit. This is just a small glimpse into 3.0. We will be gradually revealing more features over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more announcements. One final thing, we launched DumaOS Insiders yesterday. This will be a private subforum where we share first-looks at features we are currently working on and using your feedback to shape them. There are only a few spaces left, so sign up here if you haven’t already: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29480-sign-up-to-dumaos-insiders/ Big things are coming. Thank you for your support. The ND Team
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    Nat en échec sur ps4 avec Netduma r1

    J'avoue, je ne sais pas... Le mieux est de tout remettre à zéro et de refaire les manip ! C'est long mais des fois ça marche !
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    Alors la je ne comprend pas ça fonctionne en wifi mais pas en filaire alors que la box planté directe sur la play ça fonctionnait je vais voir ça Merci beaucoup
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    Netduma Alex

    XR500 Dropping WIFI Intermittently

    What is your XR500 connected to upstream? Could this be a communication issue between the XR500 and the modem? You don't need to use reserved IP and static IP at the same time. I would recommend setting reserved IPs from the router instead of setting static IPs on each device. The router will automatically give the device the IP you assigned it, and you won't need to specify an IP on the device itself. Giving devices a reserved IP on your network guarantees that they'll be able to connect, because they will always have a space in the DHCP pool. However, they will reserve that space even when they're not connected, so you're eating into the IP addresses that can be assigned to new devices. Still, this probably won't affect you unless you have 240 or more devices to connect at once. This might be an issue in the future when even your toaster is WiFi connected, but for now it's probably fine.
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    I have the same with Ziggo (I'm in the netherlands atm) Even just idle their ping isn't stable.
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    Netduma Alex

    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    This seems like it goes against net neutrality.
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    XR500 No internet after reboot

    There is what is known as "hand shaking" this means that a router has to communicate and varify itself to the ISP that it belongs to the owner who is subscribed to them which is you. This takes a longer than usual time if you have a PPPoE connection. Aggressive mode sends a connection request about every 20 seconds or so, this may cause an isp to think it is under an attack. It is not recommended to reboot your router or turn it off regularly as leaving it on is what it is designed to do. Hope this helps to explain the reasons why it takes so long to obtain a public IP address and connect to the internet.
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    Try following this guide and see if that will get you your full speeds http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-maxmimum-bandwidth-speeds
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    I would love to help you, i think if we could do teamviewer, im sure i could fix it for you.
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    No expirience with this, but 69 miles might be too low or you have the wrong home location. Because if you connect from console 1 to console 2, the geolocation might not necessarily be reported in that area. This depends on the ISP entirely. If I go to https://www.iplocation.net/ and enter my IP, I get 3 different locations that by itself are more than 69 miles apart. That's also why the thing with setting both in a circle in the arctic won't work as console 2 won't be reported to be in that location when console 1 is trying to match.
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    Xbox One X & Party Chat

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    Hey, welcome to the forum! I think the issue here is that the Geo-Filter wasn't designed to matchmake two consoles on the same LAN just to ensure you get the closest servers when playing online. The only way I can think of doing this is to add both the consoles to the Geo-Filter and place the home location/radius in an area where there are no servers or players and then they should find each other. However, like I said it wasn't designed to be used this way so it isn't really an issue with the feature per se if it doesn't work.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    That's frustrating, could you try plugging your PC into a different LAN port and retesting incase it's a fauly port please?
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    Mais je suis calme 🥰 pas de soucis fraser je reviendrais vers vous pour vous tenir au courant
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    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    I have submit request for Insider, hope i can make it! knowing that I was a beta tester for the previous OS. so again please consider adding me to the next beta testers.
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    same here, i always use moderate nat, it's night & day compared to an open nat , i feel i'm 1 second ahead and every gun feels OP but for me it works only in 6vs6 mode, in ground war it doesn't make a difference sometimes it doesn't work, i''ve to reboot my modem & xr500
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    The DoS issue was patched in, BIG_DOG. It's the certificate disclosure issue that's effecting the XR700, R9000, R8900and RAX120. Hotfixes are meant to be incoming soon for that one. I just updated my RAX120 on Monday to a new firmware that was just released and now I 'll have to apply a hotfix as well <sigh> I wish Netgear would be more proactive as the hardware is great. After a while its hard to remember which vulnerability effects what router these days
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    Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. I will close this thread.
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    I would like to be able to help in the beta testing for 3.0. I'm currently on a beta FW right now v1.0.1.22. I've been testing beta FW for Netgear ever since the whole Wan disconnect issues on v1.0.1.8. So if you need more people that have the XR700, I would love to help!
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    Worst. Patch. Ever...

    I know this is an unpopular comment but I like this game. Ppl tend to like the games that their good at and I understand it. You can't like a game when your butt is constantly kicked, unless you are a moron. Devs have made huge mistakes. No doubt. They have screwed mini map, dead silence, prestige system, map voting and so on. You don't touch things that are not broken or no one ever complained about. But the community is also responsible for the all this negativity. Campers with claymors, RPGs fired at the flags, shotguns in corridors etc. Anyway, I try to avoid TDM as much as I can and I only play Hardpoint/Headquarters using flanking routes. This is my way to avoid all the crap above. And I'm having fun...
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    No luck unfortunately
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    No audio from party/game chat?

    It actually has nothing to do with traffic prio I have the same issue..... what i do is set the geo filter to spectating, then when my teammates audio goes active then i set the geo filter back to filtering. I have to do this everytime i create or join a chat party. Its a geofilter issue.
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    To set this up, all you need to do is connect one of the LAN ports of the Xfinity modem to the WAN port (port 1) on the Netduma R1. Connect the PS4 to one of the R1 LAN ports, and connect a computer or phone to the R1 via wifi or ethernet. You can then use the computer/phone to manage the geo-filter for the PS4. Bear in mind that there's no point using QoS if your Xfinity modem is going to be handling other devices, so you should stick to just using Geo-Filter.
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    I keep connecting to this server

    Oh I see I was just curious it change suddenly, many thanks.
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    Hi dude! Thanks a lot for your help earlier.
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    That was a Windows issue, but it was fixed after the last update, so now you probably don't have any issue's playing League of Legends. To be honest, this story made me cry, because I got a lot of reports from my teammates, because of those freezes and ping issues, so my account is now banned and I can't play League of Legends at all, so I don't know who is guilty for that and who is going to help me. I thought Riot support team would help me, but they won't, as long as this is not their issue. So now I am searching how to solve my issue, and what should I do, to be back in League of Legends game. As well as I know, the best solution, for me at least, is to buy Unranked League of Legends account with a lot of blue essence, to be able to buy all the champions and start to play once again. I was afraid a little, because I heard a lot of times about scamming people, but a friend of mine told me that he bought a lot of League of Legends accounts and he was never scammed as well as a lot of his friends. So to say, I found a way out, I think I will be able to deal with it, but I hope, Windows won't make me surprises anymore
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    A lot of people fool around with their connection on purpose. Trying to throttle bandwith, saturate the connection on purpose or other gimmicks. Could be that he's doing one of those, or just plays on shitty wifi.
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    I tried it. Made no difference for me. Mod NAT was better in some of the previous CoD's connection wise but not in MW.
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    Hi Fraser, the router was directly plugged into the wall. I have returned the XR300 and got the XR500 😊 time will tell but so far so good. Thanks
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! It's because you have Ping Assist on, that may be a mislocated server that is actually under your ping range. It means you never miss the chance of a good game. If you want to use the radius exclusively then turn Ping Assist to 0 as well as the above suggestion.
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    Problème groupe vocal xbox

    Tu n'es pas le seul ..
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    New XR500 owner needs big time HELP!

    Thanks for that! A technician is coming tomorrow so I will find out how everything goes.
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    Yeah, they are on OpenWRT too now. Haven't tried any of them though.
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    toujours rien .... je regrette mon achat....
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