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    We're still planning on doing the announcement today, it'll be a bit later though... About 8pm UK time? I know it's late but we're rushing here to get everything ready!
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    After calling them yesterday they told me they'd escalate the issue and suddenly today the NAT issues are resolved. I spent 6 months thinking I had an issue with my Xr500... oh dear. For anyone else having this issue it looks like as the carriers run out of IPv4 addresses they may start using something called CGNAT, there's a piece about it here https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/help-centre/nbn/tech-support/cg-nat/ It's not really the carriers "fault" as much as it is services still not migrating to IPV6 (sony, nintendo, microsoft)
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    DumaOS 3.0 Beta

    It’s now a waiting game for you. Just relax and wait, at some point if you read their blog everyone will get a chance but they are keeping it for a small number to start with as it would be a tad crazy if say 100 beta testers went for it at the same time.
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    Yeah i guess Warzone keeps trying to connect. Ohh well. Thanks hope the beta starts soon.
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    DumaOS 3.0 Beta

    I have Seen so far Application bandwitch QoS.. A better geofilter AdBlock with Host Lists Anything Else? I hope for improved Priority I Hope it has improves Stability and some Bugfixes too.. better ipv6 Support. We will See how it plays with mw19.. but i dont think it we will see "the Magic switch" with this broken game
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    Netduma Fraser

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Hey, welcome to the forum! It should be much more stable as well as allowing us to deliver targeted fixes/updates much quicker. That's also why we're doing a beta so we can get peoples feedback on any issues they may have.
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    QOS is congestion control. As for 86/86 or 70/70 it all boils down to what is best for your connection. It is not a 1 size fits all i'm afraid.
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    If you get better routing to the VPN server and then to the game server rather than direct to the game server then it could improve your stability and perhaps ping.
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    Netduma Alex

    Ivacy VPN Issue

    Welcome to the forum! What you need to do is go to Ivacy and get an OpenVPN config file. Most VPN providers will give you these. Now, go to Hybrid VPN on your XR500, press Add VPN and go to the advanced tab, now you need to open your ovpn config file in notepad and copy/paste the text into the Advanced field. Now you should be able to connect, you can add devices for the VPN to affect in the panel on the right.
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    I restarted the game after changing the settings and it started to work.
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    cant wait exciting times instant sign up! was happy with dumaos but hey i will take a upgrade awsome company
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    Awesome, looking forward to the beta 😀
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    Netduma Alex


    I agree that some of our communication could've been clearer. Netgear also decided to announce their beta a week before ours, which took the wind out of our sails a little bit. There have been some people doing some very secret testing for DumaOS 3.0, but only about 15 or so. This is the start of our more public beta, we expect the amount of testers to be much higher, until eventually everybody that wants access can have access. Even though it's a beta, we're pretty confident in it's stability. We want pretty much anybody that would like to use 3.0 to be able to use it. Anybody who is excited about the future of DumaOS will be able to get their hands on it and give it a go. People who are happy to wait will recieve the update automatically once it's fully tested and fully stable. I think the rollout will probably begin next week for the Netduma R1. It's first come first served so you've got a good chance of being picked.
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    after 5 years i'm very tired of all this ... this is a very summarized version of my personal experience with this Company. in late 2015 i got the R1 which served the purpose on ADSL connection and somewhat controlled few aspects of my gaming, years went by as NetDuma empty promises over and over and Over. Yet technology improved so internet for most part as ISP had at least here in Europe comply with whatever was going on around them so connections got a lot better so wifi-routers (Netduma functionalities becomes obsolete) ... Now one day we've been informed of a partnership with Netgear which sure has some good hardware but never ever had good service nor maintenance (Software is obnoxious) on wifi-routers so to me all this sounded kinda of fishy ... but nevertheless said hey maybe they have a chance to redeem themselves, so for NetDuma which that point filled us with empty and painful waiting and a promised land that never came (the infamous new Beta version ... Anyone remembers).... Still on faith i tried extensively the xr500 and then the xr700 which both have great hardware potential but neither have demonstrated software wise any of that ... not going to sit here and list all the problems that both have cuz frankly is embarrassing especially on security side (not Netduma fault for most part .. i know) Still updates are nonexistent as Netgear customer service ... So gave away both routers to the shop and got an Asus RT-AX88U installed merlin and finally forgot it all about it ... back to the real world ... Now this PR stunt all over again in spite of all that had already happened.. once again Netgear get it first then maybe the outdated R1 and all comes down to a Beta which gives at first look of what ? Really !!! Geo fencing and few other things justify all this waiting all over again ? and you guys already working on 3.1 ... seriously... come on guys... You cannot even get a 3.0 Beta out properly and to you say we already working on 3.1.. hellooo... is this for Real !!! Not to mention all the PR from Netgear when you buy the router which none ever happened, but hey we promised you something so wait for it ... I don't know why i even wrote this post, maybe got really frustrated by this complete non sense (False Marketing and PR) or just maybe had to get it all out once and for all ... and put my R1 in his original box full of promises and wait to become what should already been ... Still Just my humble opinion on Company that has a very Unique idea/way on how to treat loyal or new customers ... So long
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    Ok cheers. Have you performed a reset recently and set the router up as new just to be sure it’s not corruption?
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    Local DNS resolution

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    Great job and i wish you great success.
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    yep! signed up awaiting my email
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    Let’s hope you are picked
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    Yeah we've made some major improvements to our IPv6 support in DumaOS 3.0
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    That would mess up using say Thinkbroadband's firebrick which monitors your line. Anyone can see a router online because any set of IP addresses which are not visible are either offline or steathed hence the port scans as no reply will mean stealth mode generally. Its all okay and nothing to worry about as everyone gets DoS style attacks in Netgear logs which are paranoid and port scans are very common.
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    Geo-filter not working

    It crossed my mind after looking through some topics, but I was waiting for the go ahead lol. I'll try it and get back. Thanks.
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    whats the best radius?

    ok great thanks
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    DumaOS 3.0 Beta

    I hope the R1 version will have the following problems fixed: 1.broken group chat on Xbox One 2.broken DNS change 3.UPnP option switch not working. If any of these problems continue to be present in version 3.0, my netduma will go to the closet again.
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    DumaOS 3.0 Beta

    According to the following video release date is the 2nd of June!!
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    Gallgher x 11

    High Ping on Xbox One

    I'll have to experiment with that, I'm no expert lol
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    Warface Breakout

    Seems to be a similar game to counter strike but for console only doc disrespect and big youtubers being sponsored to play looks a bit iffy at the moment to purchase but also curious how it plays on duma as regular warface would kick you for 30 min rank play bans if the game tried to put me on a server outside my geo filter.
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    Okay thanks, I will try that out and let you know 😬.
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    It's likely a bot on the internet scanning for potential open networks. Put the Fritzbox in router mode, put the WAN IP of the XR router found in System Information into the fritzbox DMZ. Then DMZ on the XR will work correctly. You won't have a virus but hypothetically if there was one then yes it would clear it.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geo Filter Spectating Mode?

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Spectating Mode does no filtering at all so the radius/ping assist does nothing. You will connect to whatever server the game decides/the one chosen on Apex. Filtering Mode is where the radius/Ping assist applies.
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    Is my Geo filter working?

    Thank you very much! That seems to have done the trick, it is working perfectly now, on the first go all the other servers outside the ring were triangles and I connected to the uk server. I tried it again a few times just to make sure it wasn’t just luck and it works every time now. Thank you very much for the help.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geo-Filter error

    As it's a Google form it won't be checking the validity of the serial number so that's probably why, all good though!
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    Thanks. I know a lot of the early post seemed to have indicated a net gear issue but this is clearly an issue with dumaOS from how i can replicate it. I just wanted to make sure you guys are aware of it. hopefully the software doesn't take too long.
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    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Okay well I think I'm going to be able to do it though because I signed up pretty quick I hope anyway
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    Netduma Alex

    wireless/ap mode

    Welcome to the forum! I agree, that would be really cool, and we'd like to reward those users who buy multiple DumaOS products! I think we'll definitely do this at some point in the future. We'd like Device Manager to give a much fuller view of your network, but we require the access point to provide lots of information to DumaOS. The access point functionality of the XR500 was implimented by Netgear so it doesn't have the Device Manager compatibility that we'd like, but as I said this is something we really want to add! Thanks for the feedback.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    I was saying the same to NCRO. But it's has been an issue from launch for me. But in Asia the playerbase is lower I think, altough the F2P games do much better.
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    how to get better hit detection

    Hi my friend! The rules above are for traffic priority that you must put them on QoS. I don't know if you can do it on the R1 router. Try on the Rule2 you send outgoing ports start 3074 end 3076. On the rule1 outgoing ports start 30000 end 45000. But 3074-3076 I thing that is ports that use Xbox and PS4. If you play from PC maybe is different...
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    Server Fifa dislocated

    hey, yes . the first picture is for France and the second for Germany
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    Packet Loss in Cod

    You must make sure that your download & upload speeds is close to the speed test results. I was having packet drops as well & the culprit was that I putting the test results either too high or too low in the buffer bloat section. My sliders were left at 70%.
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    I think that Host Analysis may not work if the detection is out of date, in any case you would need to have deep packet processing enabled in miscellaneous settings for it to work so enable that and try. Hyper Traffic is a completely different feature and should work with no issues. You don't need those devices enabled on the Geo-filter, unless you want to ping the server in case host analysis doesn't work. If you want to use the VPN feature you need to have a separate VPN subscription from a VPN provider.
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    Clear DNS CACHE

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    R9000 EOL

    EOL means end of security patches at a point too, so the router will become vulnerable, like the R7500 which wasn't patched for a serious security issue.
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    R9000 EOL

    Let’s say it was EOL then I take it the security updates would stop as that’s down the NG to supply them which becomes an issue.
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    MP5 Clips - Its a Vibe 😎

    I run Mono Suppressor, Merc Forgrip, Stipped Rear Grip, 45 mags and Collapsable Stock. Tbf though, its great even without attachments.
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    Auto ping vs in game ping

    In game ping meters add processing delay etc. All games do this, that is why the in game ping is higher. Auto Ping is your direct ping to the server and this is what you should focus on as it is what you can control.
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    whats the big secret... big announcements about features then kept in the dark for months... beta could be a good way to get people interested again
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geo-Filter error

    Does the error appear all the time or after adding your device/when a setting has been changed? How did you perform the factory reset? Usually that would definitely resolve an error like this. If you used the button in the back of the router I would suggest doing it from the interface.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Hybrid VPN

    We'll make an official signup closer to the time but people are using this topic as an informal signup thread for now: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29487-announcement-the-future-of-dumaos-version-30
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