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    Glad ive seen this, ive experienced the same thing and also noticed when a game is downloading or updating the chat goes a bit weird and sounds like a robot so if i pause or stop the download everything goes back to normal.
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR1000 Beta Firmware

    I'm pretty confident it will yes, it is NGs decision at the end of the day but they love all the features and they've heard what the community want! It most cases the trials just have a untested fix with no other changes - I just don't have one to provide at the moment. Perhaps when we get closer to release I can provide one
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    PS4 Internet Speed is Low

    Hello everyone, No one covered one extremely important aspect: PS4 is very sensitive with cable length. It was really frustrating to see my PS4 getting always under 100Mbps for internet speed test (usually 70-95 Mbps) despite I have a bandwidth of 500Mb and a 1Gb router. The speed was always OK on my PC , but not on PS4. Everything changed when I used a shorter LAN cable and now I get 400-500MBps. This definitely is not happening on PCs, is just about the PS4 network card which is sensitive. My initial LAN cable had about 7-8m (which is short enough for networking) and the second one is ~3m long and is the cable which finally provides normal speed. I discovered this when I moved data from one PS4 to a PS4 PRO, and the PS4 PRO was connected with a shorter LAN cable. Initially I thought that the PS4 PRO has a "true" 1Gb port, but that wasn't the case, as the cable length proved to be the real issue. I was also shortening the the first cable, to see if the speed decreases and it did, I was getting ~115MB/s with a ~5,5 m long cable so I did by best to have the shortest cable connected. Works just fine both on PS4 and PS4 PRO. Nothing usefully found on the internet, just DNS stories, which can improve a bit the speed. Hopefully my findings will help many of you. At least my son is very satisfied after he downloaded a game of 25GB in about 10 minutes (~40MB/s).
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    Cool idea, but yeah unfortunately not supported yet as Newfie mentions.
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    Netduma Fraser


    Hey, welcome to the forum! The router purpose is to find the best connections not for finding games where you're playing against less skilled players
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    Hi Bat n Ball, ye ive noticed this since having the ps5 ive tried changing the setting myself but dont get any joy, hopefully it can be worked out at some point
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    I have a similar setup and I connected the NetDuma R2 to the BT SmartHub and then in the SmartHub web interface, enabled the DMZ setting and selected the NetDuma as the DMZ device. I then reconfigured all network devices (laptop, PC etc.) to point to the NetDuma exclusively, basically using the SmartHub as a modem so to speak. If you do go down this avenue, you'll need to re-ip the SmartHub as the NetDuma and SmartHub can't be on the same network subnet due to routing, so I have my SmartHub on a and my NetDuma on a My BT internet is totally ass due to my location, 13 meg down, 1.5 meg up and I don't have any hit registration issues in this setup. Hope this helps.
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    Warzone geofilter lobby easy

    Grazie mille Liam
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    In order to add good results with the guys, follow my basic configuration with the best result in hit detection.http
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    Hi @Mastersgt21 👋 Yes, that sounds like a throughput issue to me. VoIP dynamically changes (as does some streaming video) to make use of what available bandwidth there is. Glad it's not just me that has noticed this 👍
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    after i changed language it fixed! Thank you very much! Opera GX
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    I haven't heard anything, I've chased them and will get back to you
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    We got so much topics already, i get it. but its quite obvious that what works on PS5 and etc, go differently to PC and what not. so is it okay if we can just use this topic for the PC configuration of the NEtduma on cod. this can be for Cold war (where the problem mostly lies) and i guess warzone as well (i dont see this same problem there as much) just trying to throw a lob for my PC people.
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    VPN using L2TP/IPsec

    so i connected a different router just to test the L2TP and it makes a huge difference in connection, HUGE! the security isn't as crazy as OpenVPN so it doesn't have all the bloat but if your only using it for changing location for like gaming its perfect
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    Insane Hit Detection - COLD WAR - PS5

    i guess this game is not for me. even with the settings you mentioned, Nothing changed for me. my hit detection is still shit. i probably should stop playing this game
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    problem Hyper VPN

    Thank you ,The problem has been resolved 💖
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    Netduma Fraser

    Adblocker Lists

    I don't think that's a priority for us at the moment but I do get where you're coming from. Great suggestion, I'll pass it on, thanks!
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    Netduma Fraser

    [XR500] WiFi does not work.

    Hey, welcome to the forum! When you did the setup wizard after the reset did you change the WiFi details from what they originally were? Either way, on a device forget the WiFi network then reconnect by typing in the password again, does that allow a connection?
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    d'accord merci pour votre aide
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    How do you give your PC priority for warzone? I just allocate more bandwidth to it on qos but is there a way to do it on traffic prio?
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    Name Change

    Perfect, thank you
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    Did you delete the PS5 from the Device Manager or pull the plug from the router at all? If you reboot from the interface, wait 2 minutes then access then it should load correctly
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    I've sent you a PM
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    Netduma Liam

    R2 Connection Benchmark Help

    According to the results, 40/10 appears to be the best configuration. Though to be fair they're all very good, but Connection Benchmark can only tell us so much. I think the thing to do now is to test each configuration for a couple games on the xbox and see which feels best in-game!
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    Netduma Liam

    Future of Duma App?

    The aim to make the App just as powerful and as useable as the regular interface, so you'll be able to do this eventually yes!
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    XR1000 ppoe vlan tagging

    Thank you Fraser!
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR1000 Beta Firmware

    We're working on getting a solid version out so we're not giving out any trial firmware versions at the moment as they're not representative of a final version and don't provide useful feedback - we usually only do this if someone is experiencing a specific issue that may have been addressed.
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    Okay understood, that's quite a difficult thing for us to try and diagnose given we can't go off gameplay and have to use the stats which use fine. Have you tried forcing higher ping servers yet?
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    Thanks for picking up an R2! Yeah you can give the R2 the XR1000s MAC address, that shouldn't be a problem. Then you can run the XR1000 in AP mode and it will simply by an extender so shouldn't cause any issues!
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    Well that's good to know. It's looking better now I would say
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    It's reflective of the entire router connection so yes it could be devices using WiFi and not necessarily your device when gaming
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    Netduma Fraser

    Few questions

    Hey, welcome to the forum! To answer your questions: I believe Rocketleague you can mostly select the server/region and I don't think you can specifically use the Geo-Filter to restrict this further - we haven't tested it for awhile though. Yes you can Yes they can if you don't change any of the ISP router settings. It is advised to have all devices connected to the R2 though for the best experience
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    Netduma Liam

    Geo Filter Location Issue On PC

    Perfect, glad to hear it! You're exactly right, it displays information for the server/peer you're currently connected to. With it disabled, you need to click on the icons appearing on the map to see live information.
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    Hybrid VPN is leaking real IP

    Solved consider this topic closed
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    Netduma Liam

    Hybrid VPN is leaking real IP

    Ah OK nice, good work! We're actually working on a fix for this so that'll be resolved in the next firmware! You should be able to use any DNS server for the location you're VPNing too and that should work fine.
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    Not at all! It's a cool idea and I've just put it on our roadmap so you may see it added in future, but it's currently impossible to assign an ETA to that I'm afraid.
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    No I’m afraid that’s not support as far as I’m aware.
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    That's awesome, thanks for letting us know! We're also working on how accurately Connection Benchmark reports things like this so that will improve too.
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    I saw this forum, just scoping around, and I happened to notice something, and figured I should share this info. Your modem, Arris SBG10. It has what is called the 'Intel Puma 6' chip or chipset, and the chip is manufactured FAULTY. Literally, and somehow modems and routers alike are sold with this chip, unknowingly to the public. There are ongoing lawsuits about this, but they have either settled or are still ongoing, it is very difficult to sue Intel for the issue because they have so much money they can literally out-sue you by constantly buying themselves time so the average consumer runs out of funds or time to continue the battle, and doing a recall on probably the most sold chip in the market for modems is probably just out of the question, because that would massively challenge Intel's validity. Your best bet is to get a new modem, I hate to say it. You can google the list as well if you decide to search for one. These modems are fine for average day to day use, like netflix or just basic entertainment, which if thats all your needs are then your good. Unfortunately, even the rented gateways/modems can have this chip or DO have this chip. Be careful if you decide to shop around, and always check the list to see if the modem your looking at is on there. I had a friend who had bought an Arris modem as well and didn't realize this was causing him issues similar to yours. Good luck.
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    Device Showing as Offline

    Well, looking good so far! Amazing!
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    Interesting, check the Ping shown by the Geo-Filter after that point and see how it differs. Have you added them to the allow list?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geofencing multiple servers

    Hey, welcome to the forum! So in this instance the Geo-Filter won't necessarily prioritize ones closer, you'll have an equal chance of getting them - that being said it is harder to force games further away so you'll have long search times (the game likely won't want to put you in those servers) and your ping will be higher so it won't be a great experience.
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    I have had an ETA that I can't share at the moment as it may change but it is on the horizon
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    @Netduma Fraser hey is there any way you can verify members on the forum to actual own a netduma? starting to get a lot of DM's from people that are brand new to the forum and do not even own a device with duma software And to the general public i feel a lot of us put in a lot of hard work time and money to get us where we are at so i will not be sharing any information with anyone who has not been a active member of this community, this includes all the new members signing up then directly DM'ing me. Not fair for the community that's been here for a long time. Hope you understand, thank you
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    Netduma Fraser

    Servidor Miami

    Cualquier servidor permitido al iniciar el juego, p. Ej. Miami no aparecerá, solo muestra conexiones bloqueadas en ese punto. Dada su ubicación, tomará más tiempo forzar un servidor específico, desafortunadamente no hay mucho que podamos hacer al respecto.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Really Need Support...

    Sorry to hear that, we do hope you'll consider a DumaOS powered router again in the future.
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