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    Hi! Does it make you the same in other games? If not, it's just Fifa maybe. There are often bad hosts in these games, it's not your fault. Try to deny bad hosts when you meet them. I think, it's a game like "super smash bros".... When one of the player have a lag, bad connection etc... the game slow motion to be at the same time for the other player... I really think it's not your fault
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    I think it's more a case of tweaking your settings, your radius only really covers one server you could feasibly play on, if that server is busy or currently not being used for matchmaking, you won't find a game. Your other radius on the West Coast will cover quite high ping servers for you, meaning you'll struggle to get a game on them. I'd suggest expanding the local polygon to cover a couple of other servers. They can probably implement a patch to stop people joining servers if their ping is too high, but that doesn't really affect us, just the users that bought our product for the wrong reasons. I respect what you're saying, it may be that they patch this and people can't use DumaOS for unintended purposes, but DumaOS still works very well for it's intended purposes. It's a support forum after all, we have this so people can discuss problems they need support with, it'd be weird if you didn't see a bunch of problems here. The last firmware we pushed for the XR500 was the 3.0 beta firmware 7 months ago, we're aware that's too long. It's due to a lot of improvements we're making internally to ensure firmwares can be built, tested and released far more quickly. This was a long process but it's almost fully implemented now so the firmwares will be rolling out as a result of that soon.
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    John Doe

    XR500 VPN Issue

    Yeah pure luck figuring that out, haha. Nope not using it a bit affraid bc need sable inet for work , but i was tempted allready. Thx for the helpt, keep the good work up. #staysafe
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    Netduma Fraser

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    It's really not far off now!
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    thank you all for the help! really appreciate it. issues were resolved.
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    Très bizarre, content que tout fonctionne. Je suggère de vérifier si cela fonctionne normalement lors de la sortie du prochain firmware
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    Buggy firmware

    Might be worth trying to sort that out just for the security side of your network. I’m sure Fraser or Liam can run through what’s going on for you.
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    Yeah I will wait until I notice Discord failing to load messages, then I will check it.
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    The "Deny" in Geo Filter

    I totally reinstall the .120 on my XR500, the video I posted, was recorded after when the denies were bugged. But this time, I had set ping assist to 15 ms, and the duma os somehow put me into a game lobby, "Zombies match" with a 100 ms ping within the game. I will also record the game itself and the dumaos at the same time, so you will see more accurate what is happening.
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    IP change

    The change on BT takes place within a 15 min window so it’s wise to allow 30 mins from disconnection.
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    Rapps Not Loading

    I'm getting the same issue. PM please @Netduma Fraser
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    VPN en netduma

    Ok lo intentó y te digo algo, muchas gracias Fraser
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    Netduma Fraser

    ping heatmap

    You can see the tweet chain about it here:
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    Ping Heatmap failed on Warzone

    got it, thanks for the info
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    Pi Rolas

    Netduma r2 con Movistar España

    Gracias. Aplicaré a Wan la priorización de tráfico. Y luego probaré a forzar servidores con ping mál alto, a ver si me funciona. les cometaré los resultados.
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    The "Deny" in Geo Filter

    Aha, makes sense now
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    Cant Find Games Even WITH 3 SERVERS ALLOWED

    I hope that a lot of YT channels, twitch etc ... will be closed if they finally manage to create an anticheat against these poor guys !!!!
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    I I'm on the latest Windows 11 preview build & Linux Mint 20.2.
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    Netduma Liam

    Bug flush cloud ?

    OK thanks for letting me know, I've sent you a PM.
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    Netduma Liam

    XR500 VS Netduma R2

    Let us know how you get on! That's interesting, do monitor that and get back to us if it becomes a regular occurance.
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    After losing the VPN on Windows as well, I think I've identified the issue. As far as I can tell, DumaOS might not be using MAC addresses to identify devices in Hybrid VPN, which is problematic for devices (such as a laptop) with multiple network adapters, as the adapters have different MAC addresses and get different IP addresses, but share the same device name on the network. I deleted my laptop in device manager and added it again, both on LAN & WIFI. I renamed the wifi connection and set a static IP for that as well. I added both names in Hybrid VPN. After rebooting the XR500, both OSes are running properly through the VPN on LAN & WIFI.
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    5G is on auto. No DFS. Also updated that the Network Map has issues retrieving names or data that would show or have no problem in the competitors router.
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    XR500 VS Netduma R2

    I will give it a go. I noticed something a bit odd when using my PC this morning, I loaded it up as I normally would and the internet page wasn't resolving as in if the internet was down, it took around 10/15 seconds for the page to appear. Not a reported problem on 3.0? I will keep tabs on it just a bit strange.
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    Thanks this works!
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    Netduma Fraser

    The "Deny" in Geo Filter

    The ID can only be converted to an IP by us but the IP is usually shown in the domain field on the ping panel - it's not always accurate which is why we ask for the ID instead
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    Yes, I just figured that out yesterday Thanks for your reply.
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    Gracias, voy a probar lo que me recomiendas. He visto ya tantos tutoriales que aconsejando poner el router en modo puente o monopuesto que ni había pensado en no ponerlo.
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    Desde la captura de pantalla de R2, puede hacer clic en omitir para que pueda avanzar a la interfaz. Inicialmente, recomendaría que revierta el modo puente / cualquier cambio en el movistar, luego reinicie el R2 y vea si obtiene Internet. Bridge no es necesario, puede usar DMZ en su lugar, lo que puede ser mejor para su configuración.
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    I think the problem here is how the XR1000 I have determines whether something is online or not. It happily shows PC's but printers, switches and so on it includes on the diagram but always shows them as offline.
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    Buggy firmware

    In general I do think it is not a great idea to update firmware unless you actually have a problem or desperately need a new feature.... If it works, don't fix it. In passing, writing software takes no time at all. Testing and releasing a new version of software takes forever. Every possible consequence and effect of the change has to be evaluated and tested. Any company worth it's salt will not take shortcuts. There are many ruined companies that did. THAT is why it takes a long time to release a new version.
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    Hey Clifton! Welcome to the forum. I've seen your response to my email so I'll respond to you over there!
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    Samsung TV Plus also doesn't work. I told the team about this a couple years back. Disabling quality of service fixes the issue.
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    Closed a window of the RAPP

    oh disregard, I clicked around and got it to return..lol All set!
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    Now you'll need to setup QoS to prevent lag and you should be good. For Geo-Filter: Quit the application/game/client completely Remove device from the Geo-Filter Give PC PlayStation Device Type in the Device Manager Resync from the Geo-Filter Map menu Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter with the manual option Set up the Geo-Filter how you like Wait 2 minutes Boot up application/game/client
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    XR1000 wifi connection problem

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    XR1000 UPNP Issue

    Actually what's been happening is I've been applying two different sets of QoS on my PS5. One from the Netgear XR1000 and then another from my Netgear pro gaming switch. I've now changed this so that the gaming switch only applies QoS to physical devices connected wire a cable and XR1000 is only applying QoS to wireless devices. This has improved significantly and the game is now playable. Also have enabled the ports as well.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Destiny 2 geo filter not working

    Those are the only two ways to block an IP currently, the team should be able to investigate this next week
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    I been watching this thread for some time now. The servers are not moving so it’s not that big of a deal if it doesn’t update each time you try to ping again. yes depending on time of evening / night a bunch of dedicated servers go off line and come back on in the morning. Here’s a live pic 4:19am pacific time I’m in so cal Los Angeles
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    Comme ci-dessus, rien à craindre !
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ping Heatmap failed on Warzone

    It's possible they are only available during peak times or when lots of people are playing, we've seen this with Spain as well. There is no particular way to tell.
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    Rien de grave, comme tu as désactivé l’ipV6, le log le remonte…
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    Ping Heatmap failed on Warzone

    Roger That! Appreciate you guys!!!
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    Problems with Xbox Series S and XR450

    Give .120 a go but perform a factory reset after updating using the rear pin hole. Set up as new and see how it goes.
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    I wasn’t using mirror mode, After a reset with the router and my modem, things seem to have settled and all connections and functions are operating as they should. Thank you !
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    Netduma Fraser


    Hey, welcome to the forum! I just responded to your other topic with the same advice. Safari updated their browser recently so I suspect that is why you're having the issue.
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    Wifi not working anymore on R2

    Okay...that worked...interesting, but hey who said tech doesn't have a mind of its own. Cheers, Satisfied
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    On chrome it seems to be stable now, weird though because before the factory reset it. It was giving me issues.
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    Netduma Fraser

    netduma for fifa22

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Do you know what your ping in game is? Where abouts are you located? Do you play over WiFi or ethernet?
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    Have you tried clearing the browser cache then trying to log in again?
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    I'd like to chime in here. I feel like the interface on the XR1000 is incredibly slow. I made a short video about my experience rather than explain how to replicate the problem. Video of the XR1000 taking minutes to load the web interface: I did a full factory reset a week ago when I was troubleshooting the DHCP bugs the XR1000 has. It's a very fresh config of the XR1000 and most likely represents the optimal conditions of the XR1000's web interface's performance.
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