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    D'accord je vais regarder merci
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    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    Thank you again for your help!!
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    party problem nat

    Thanks again guys
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    Netduma Fraser

    party problem nat

    That message is fine, just wait a minute after that message appears and then refresh the page. The cloud will have been successfully flushed.
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    That's a good idea, I have suggested it to the team! I would always recommend doing a reset after an update to ensure no legacy issues are present from the previous firmware so do that first and then if you continue to experience issues increase the lease time.
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    Yes i will do this as soon i am home, and tell u what the results are. Thank you very much for your help and assistance.
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    Netduma Alex

    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    I'm glad you got a setting that works well for you. Now you could set the anti-bufferbloat to only activate when high priority traffic is detected. Make sure that the High Priority Traffic light turns on when the PS4 is being played, and if it doesn't, you can manually add the device to the Traffic Prioritization menu using the Games Console preset.
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    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    My internet speed is 100mbps/10mbps. I have the antibuffer-bloat to 70%. And I have on PS4 QoS 50% download and 60% upload. Now I put 70% download and 75% upload.
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    Thank you Alex , this evening i ll download .40 to see if client tickrate is setting to 120 hz and i ll posted a photo..
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    Netduma Alex

    Netduma R1 Setup Assistance

    With a radius that small I might consider turning ping assist up a little bit, just in case it can't find a game quickly enough in England.
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    Netduma Alex

    party problem nat

    Yes I believe so. I just sent out the update, so give it a go and let me know if it works.
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    AH AH AH You are the one who's sell out to the idea that cables don't matters !!! There's thousands of examples to prove it to people like you but i won't fall in that again !!! Look it's simple...we in LIFE...and in LIFE there is things that suit you and things that don't.... so if you think that it doesn't matter...well it's your right even if you're wrong !!! A salesman...me AH AH AH you surely have ate a clown for dinner man AH AH AH !!! You should start thinking twice before making assumptions ..... i don't sell things !!!! And instead of acting like a boy who think he's protected behind his screen... why don't you act like a man by first stop making stupid assumptions and second...by buying the fuckin cables i recommend and testing by yourself ??? You clearly are the type who let sharpness at manufacturer's setup on tv's... they do that NOT because it's optimal... they do that because some people think cables are all the same so they know theses peoples will run basic cables that are not able to handle enough bandwith for the tv to be set properly at 100 !!!
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    It's simple !!! Enable Auto Ping and while you play look at auto ping showing the stats of the dedis... you'll see the tickrate of the dedis also as the one of your line !!! Tickrate is kind of fps... if you run at 60 hz it's good but if you run at 120 hz it's better because it refresh more often so less 'lag' and more accuracy vs what really happen !!! The concept is simple... like let's take 1 min of a match... your tickrate at 60 will refresh 60 times instead of the 120 times the game refresh so ya'll miss nano seconds in reaction and that will give you the impression others are flying between bullets just because they able to run at that same 120hz of that game so they always in 'real time' since they update 120times just like the game do !!! In a simplier way... it's exactly like if you close your eyes for a second at each 2 seconds while you drive on a road with traffic........ like 1 second your eyes are open and the second they're closed...then open closed open closed...while still holding the same speed.... you'll miss part of the action happening in front of you so next time eyes open Boom you see that a dumb have place in front of you and braked so in a nano second you have to think on how to react for that situation.... while if you where able to keep your eyes fully open each seconds after each second...then ya would have seen him sooner giving you a bit more time to predict and react !!! Hope that make sens !!! So you optimaly want to handle the same tickrate than the game you play !!! Now the .56 have some...problems...making the xr500 impossible to stabilise while the .40a fix is holding flawlessly and is stabilisable !!! You can try to stabilise the .56 if you happen to see your tickrate staying around 60 or jumping each 2 seconds from 60 to 120 and so on (meaning it's Unstable) and don't use a wired device to manage your Duma Os powered router...use a phone or tablet or surely also a wifi pc...all hooked on 2.4ghz ...don't use a lan device as ya'll see your tickrate staying around 60 while in fact it's supposed to run at 120 !!!!!! So first thing is to enable auto ping then watch what it will show you while playing...if you see your tickrate staying at 120 and jumping once in a while near 200...then your router is stable and you don't need to worry about us who face thoses problems... but if it happen that it's the same for you as for thousands of us..well in that case i recommend you to downgrade like i explained in the same exact steps !!!
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    Ping Plotter Quick Guide

    Go back on there and do it again. Start at like 90 and work your way down until you line is as flat as can be. I bring a notepad and write down my numbers let it go for like 5 mins and move my slider again until I find the best setting. Depending on your upload speed I wouldn't go past probably 60. I have 10 upload and I have mine at 60. Like mine is set at 52 down/ 60 up. Also make sure your pinging something fairly close to you like a news station or something in your state. Hope this helps you out!
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    best settings for bo4

    I would probably disable ping assist and find the servers you have the best gameplay on on put your radius around it or them. As for your qos settings you'll have to go on pingplotter and start at 70/70 and work from there up or down. I live in the midwest and (MN) and I have mine at 52down/60 up. Everyone is different depending on your speeds and where you live etc. You could also try to open up all the ports to the game as well. Some stuff works for some ppl and some don't. There is no magic to any of it cause it is cod and your only as good as your connections to the servers. Good luck!
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    Double Nat Issue

    It works. Thanks. Badri M
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    Heya, sorry it took a while. one more thing i noticed but that probably unrelated and i dont really care about it is that i cant access my router from outside my wifi anymore ie. remote access is unavailable.
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    Cancel Order

    Thanks so u can close this thread. Have a nice day
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    Netduma Alex

    party problem nat

    We're aware of this issue, we're doing some testing. Should have a cloud update pretty soon that will fix this problem! Thanks for your patience.
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    Severe packet loss (49%)

    Yes the interval was too low.
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    Thats sounds good Alex thanks
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    Thanks, Netduma Fraser. That's good to know.
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    Thanks! Fraser and I try very hard to keep the community happy. Sometimes it's hard as we're often limited in what we can say, but if the community speaks we let the devs know. Bug reports and suggestions are not falling on deaf ears.
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    J'ai réussi a bridge mode PPPoe mon xr500 j'ai vraiment essayer souvent et jai enfin réussi reste a downgradder sa ! merci je te revien avec la suite
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    netduma et fibre

    Bonjour Sab taz et bienvenue à toi, Il n'y à pas d'âge pour jouer à des jeux vidéo ou être passionné moi même j'ai eu 43 ans et je joue sur PC maintenant 😄 J'ai pas la fibre mais déjà côté Box tu as quoi comme réglage ? Box > désactive IPV6 > désactive upnp > met une ip fixe au XR500 > ip fixe XR500 met la dans la DMZ très important sa redirige tout le trafic internet vers ton XR500 et reboote ta Box. XR500 > désactive IPV6 > sois ta PS4 tu laisse ip auto et upnp qui va ouvrir les ports automatiquement > sois tu désactive upnp et tu met une ip fixe à ta PS4 et tu ouvre t'es ports manuellement mais la c'est ta PS4 aura les ports ouvert pas les PS4 de t'es enfants. Oui tu peux désactivé la QoS vu que ta la fibre niveau congestion t'es comme même tranquille, pour ip fixe c'est surtout pour ouvrir les ports manuellement ou éviter un conflit d'adresse ip. Pour ip fixe si tu veux savoir comment ont fait: XR500 > paramètres > Lan > tu cliquer sur ajouter > tu sélectionne l'appareil que tu veux et tu met à la fin ip que tu veux et tu applique tout simplement. Exemple: Ta sélectionner ta PS4 le XR500 ta mis ip auto et toi tu change juste les 2 derniers chiffres de la fin Voila j'espère que sa pourra t'aider un peux bonne journée 😉
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    Dude your just giving monoprice your money cause there ain't no difference in cables cat 5 and up and hdmi whatever you just 1.4 or 2.1. Literally no difference in gameplay. You literally sound like a salesman and talk like one which means you must be one.
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