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    Hi Bat n Ball, ye ive noticed this since having the ps5 ive tried changing the setting myself but dont get any joy, hopefully it can be worked out at some point
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    I have a similar setup and I connected the NetDuma R2 to the BT SmartHub and then in the SmartHub web interface, enabled the DMZ setting and selected the NetDuma as the DMZ device. I then reconfigured all network devices (laptop, PC etc.) to point to the NetDuma exclusively, basically using the SmartHub as a modem so to speak. If you do go down this avenue, you'll need to re-ip the SmartHub as the NetDuma and SmartHub can't be on the same network subnet due to routing, so I have my SmartHub on a and my NetDuma on a My BT internet is totally ass due to my location, 13 meg down, 1.5 meg up and I don't have any hit registration issues in this setup. Hope this helps.
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    Warzone geofilter lobby easy

    Grazie mille Liam
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    Traffic Priority Setup Advanced

    Thank u Fraser
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    Hi @Mastersgt21 👋 Yes, that sounds like a throughput issue to me. VoIP dynamically changes (as does some streaming video) to make use of what available bandwidth there is. Glad it's not just me that has noticed this 👍
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    Netduma Fraser

    Xr500 latest beta firmware?

    The latest beta firmware is .120 released earlier this year, we're working on the next one currently. It doesn't use any different QoS algorithms. If Congestion Control is set to never then Traffic Prioritization will still work, if you disable QoS completely from the Congestion Control menu then it will disable all the features on the QoS page
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    I have had an ETA that I can't share at the moment as it may change but it is on the horizon
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