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    Netduma Alex


    Well DumaOS is only in beta on the R1. On all of the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers we don't consider it a beta anymore. The fact that we call it a beta on the R1 is just a holdover from the transition from the original firmware to DumaOS. There will certainly be updates, big things are on the horizon, but whether those will still be under the umbrella of "beta" or not, I don't know. Essentially, it's semantics, it won't affect the product.
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    Xr500 CPU 100%

    Après un redémarrage tout est rentré dans l'ordre , j'avais pas grand chose allumé pendant cette monter d'utilisation du processeur a 100% . J'avais juste la PS4 allumé.
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    Hi I think it's fortnite unplugged everything went downstairs and plugged directly into the router and still the microphone doesn't work. like a say call of duty works okay been in touch with Xbox gamer expert and they said they are trying to fix it
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    xr500 + Dumaos pour être dans le futur?

    Il t'a fumé beaucoup trop vite on dirait que tu avais 80 hp... Mais c'est un peu compliqué de savoir si c'est un beug ou pas, le mieux serai de faire un petit clip mais avec toi à la 1ere personne pour analyser comment se comporte ton jeu
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    Desculpe escrever em português, mas me parece que seu modem/ISP está bloqueando as portas. Pode ser seu provedor bloqueando as portas. Veja se seu modem tem DMZ. Se tiver, ative o DMZ para seu netduma r1. Isso resolverá!
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum. Firstly I would advise checking out the optimal settings guides. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646 Let us know how that goes for you.
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    Its been working today early in the day at like 2pm I couldn't find a game but hasn't done since Madden I have to start orgin fresh or the controller won't work that's awhole different topic lol that would make sense why the first time I load 2k it seems to go pretty fast I will try it I'll keep u posted if I get frustrated again lol thank you
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    Modern Warfare Dedicated Servers

    The server south of Sweden is actually a Middle East server hosted by i3d.net. I've already completed a google document and submitted somewhere in the forum for incorrect server location.
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    Needs and missing

    Additional instructions: monitor the Guardian, I can monitor the specified device, what she is doing(watching video or listening to songs, etc.), interfacing with third-party software, and obtaining status information for the router to specify the user device monitor function.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Connection ssh xr500

    You won't see detailed information like that through the interface currently. If it's something you're interested in we could add it to our idea list for the future.
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    Thanks for updating with the fix, we'll close this topic now. Feel free to open another if needed.
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    R-App taking forever

    k That did it thanks
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    xr500 + Dumaos pour être dans le futur?

    Bah après Sfr j'ai déjà eu et rien que pour le service client, je n'y retournerai plus 😅 free je n'ai jamais testé donc à voir.. Après niveau software, je ne sais pas du tout, je ne suis pas assez calé pour en parler ^^ And Fraser, he wasn't down, while i shot his body top first.. i fell so fast that i cant even jumped 😅 I tried a new settings ; instead of putting my real speed (900/300) i put 100/50, congestion control 50/50% and on multi, my feeling was better.. i m gonna try again later to see if this tip always works (also, i just lay udp 3074 on port forwarding too, i took off 3478, 1935, etc).
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