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    Oh I see, okay that makes sense. Yes you're right, in THEORY and if the Geo-Filter is working as intended, you should be able to spoof the game into thinking you're located anywhere in the world. Unfortunately that's not working right now, and it will require extra configuration from our end to get it working. It's not a simple matter when it comes to Modern Warfare though.
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    XR500 blocking IPTV service

    Got it... I did notice they were very low afterwards but I did toggle them on again and it seemed to still solve the iptv issue. I'll keep you posted.
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    Netduma Alex

    Is this the real problem?

    I think this is normal behaviour. There's more to download than upload because you're only one player in a room of 12 or so.
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    merci netduma

    Fairehumain vérifie que tes connecteurs de coaxial sont bien vissés tu n imagine pas le nombre de personnes qui ont des problémes de reseau due a des connecteurs mal vissés.si tu as des repartiteurs retire les cela affaiblis le signal,si tu as des connecteurs f a vis installe des connecteurs a compression (cabelcon s est du bon) etre en direct s est toujours mieux, si tu as la possibilité de changer tes coaxiaux fait le (lokman coaxial a quintuple blindage s est tout bon) .les cables rj45 cat 6a ou 7. avec ces quelques conseils tu va améliorer la qualité de ta ligne.
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    Update 1.08 for Modern Warfare

    11/12/19 – Update Details and Patch Notes GENERAL FIXES: More backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all modes and all platforms Riot Shield: Fix for a bug where a player using the Riot Shield would not take explosive damage during certain situations Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield would stow on the players back when using Stim. (Tactical) Footsteps Adjusted to always play walk footstep sounds when in ADS and crouch independent of speed Increased the speed in which you can remain using the walk footstep sounds by slightly pressing on the movement stick Challenges General fix for the UI and Challenge state getting out of sync. We’ll continue to monitor and make additional fixes as needed in future updates Fix for a challenge related error that could occur; DEV ERROR 5476 Fix for Mission Challenge description, “Get Kills with a Burst Weapons” being too vague. Piccadilly: Spawn tuning while playing TDM and Domination Domination flag adjustments; B Flag is now near the busses instead of the center fountain Weapons: ARs: Minor hip spread adjustment 725: Reduce range M4: increase hip spread, decrease damage to the head FAL: Reduced recoil, increased ADS speed EB-14: Increase ADS speed Miscellaneous ammo reserve adjustments upon spawning to be in-line with other weapons of their class Special Operations: Fix for a bug where a player using the Overkill perk with an SMG as their secondary would sometimes spawn without a primary weapon when joining a match in progress SOURCE: Reddit
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    I'm using the geofilter in both filtering and spectator but never seen the full lobby of players. I typically see maybe a server, one player and that's about it. I have crossplay enabled so I don't know if that is the issue but it sucks not knowing where I'm connecting to. For example, I'm literally playing a 12-man Headquarters and this is my map. Missing 90% of the lobby and some dude is reportedly rocking out in Indonesia (he isn't).
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    Had a crappy connection but ruffed it out - Need the cloud update sorted as i'm not connecting to the lowest ping servers as i did in the beta. Beta ping to closest servers 20-25ms Current ping to servers further away 45-60ms with alot of spikes Enjoy the gameplay tho.
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    Moderate NAT type on MW

    A reboot fixed filtering and NAT type for me.
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    This appears to be an issue caused by VLAN tagging. The default VLAN tag 2 for internet is applying to LAN ports and wireless by default. The ISP website says that VLAN tags do not need to be applied to wireless but this cannot be changed for the default internet VLAN. See below setting from ISP website for VLAN tagging: The information I have found says that a VLAN bridge may need to be created so Wi-Fi and LAN communications do not need to pass through the router Network Address Translation. FYI we were able to communicate with CCTV device on LAN via Wi-Fi after we did a factory restore and no VLAN tagging enabled.
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    I've tried that, as well as just turning off the geo filter altogether. The thing is there aren't many servers nor players in my region (South-east Asia), so outside of peak times wait times are pretty long. The reason I want to connect to US servers is to just get into games quickly, albeit on high ping.
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    A reboot seems to have fixed the issues I was having, if that doesn't work, factory reset.
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    Yeah sure, I wish updates would be more regular. But I also think some of the rage criticism the NetDuma team receives is a bit unfair. The reality is my router works very well. It’s been running consistently since I bought it about a year and a half ago.
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    So if I haven't updated my cloud yet, does that mean the geo-filter just isn't working as intended? Flushed Cloud - same problem. See literally no players.
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    MW 1.07 not filtering games

    A reboot seems to have done the trick, won't connect to anything now with PA set to 0. Oddly after the reboot spectate mode was enabled. Is spectate the initial setting after a reboot / default behaviour? Oh and NAT type is now showing as open!
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    That server has been found by ping assist. If you only want servers within your radius set ping assist to 0. What ping are you getting to that server? I expect that the sever is actually in Singapore but is incorrectly located in Netduma’s cloud so I would advise leaving ping assist enabled.
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    Netduma Admin

    XR500 blocking IPTV service

    You're now effectively limiting every device in your home to the bandwidth you allocated on that feature, which could mean your Internet runs much more slowly. The fact this has helped suggests you might have a congestion problem. I'd recommend trying this: Re-enable Share Excess (check the box and then click 'Update Distribution') Then go to Anti-Bufferbloat and set the sliders to 80% on download and upload. Make sure your total bandwidth speeds are accurate too - you can edit them in Anti-Bufferbloat's advanced options Let us know if that also improves things.
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    merci netduma

    Non mais ça m'énerve ce pseudo youtubeur sort de nul part vien faire le connaisseur arrogant et il dit en gros on a rien foutu jusqu'à maintenant le mec ça fait même pas 10 mois qu'il connaît netduma et il vient faire l'ancien en config réseaux bref Et au passage je n'ai jamais pleuré sur ce topic juste curieux de voir qu'un guignol avait soi-disant trouvé un secret fin .
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    Thank you for the help! Have a good weekend.
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    We'll have a cloud update out soon that should improve compatibility with Modern Warfare.
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    MODERN WARFARE. Some thoughts.

    I uninstalled the game dude. Tired of COD polishing shit. I tried DumaOS settings, I cant stabilize over 100hz like the people have. Constant shoot 1st die 1st. Done with the game, thank god i got it for free.
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    New Firmware for XR700 Issues

    Thanks for the response first off and good evening. The DumaOS issue is as I stated in my first comment. It fails to load R-Apps with the message stated above. I have tried multiple reboots with no solution yet unfortunately. The Wifi issues I am referring to several Mobile phones in the home randomly disconnecting to the point where the owners of the phones have simply shut off wifi and are running on data. I am unable to provide a solution for them since I have no access via the Nighthawk app or the DumaOs. I wish I could provide more information but the only ways I understood are unavailable to me at this time. Thanks again
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