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    Bug flush cloud ?

    Petite méprise .... Son R2 à briqué, du coup il utilise de nouveau son vieux R1 ...
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    The "Deny" in Geo Filter

    I totally reinstall the .120 on my XR500, the video I posted, was recorded after when the denies were bugged. But this time, I had set ping assist to 15 ms, and the duma os somehow put me into a game lobby, "Zombies match" with a 100 ms ping within the game. I will also record the game itself and the dumaos at the same time, so you will see more accurate what is happening.
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    IP change

    The change on BT takes place within a 15 min window so it’s wise to allow 30 mins from disconnection.
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    Rapps Not Loading

    I'm getting the same issue. PM please @Netduma Fraser
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    Duma is not about working round systems in place. It’s about giving you the best connection but it’s also about controlling your network. it’s a combined packaged aimed at giving you a great experience for games and for others using the network. People may want to earn a living but you and your friends play for fun. When it’s not fun and let’s be honest you are here complaining it’s not a great experience then sometimes you need to step back. We all want fun after a days work. Fornite has issues on the console, it’s sadly the way of today. They can’t stop the third party devices which are used across most games and again it’s just wrecking the fun. to work around the matchmaking would be cheating yes? It’s can’t go both ways and hand on heart but I know the team and their passion is to purely provide a router that gives users great experience. The problem you have is Activision and their mechanics and there is the route of the issue as well as others working around the mechanics of the game. It’s not for Netduma to sort out issues a company has with their games. I wish I had the answer for you but sadly I don’t. What I do is simply move on and tonight I’m on Red Dead 2 having my evening fill of fun.
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    I think it's more a case of tweaking your settings, your radius only really covers one server you could feasibly play on, if that server is busy or currently not being used for matchmaking, you won't find a game. Your other radius on the West Coast will cover quite high ping servers for you, meaning you'll struggle to get a game on them. I'd suggest expanding the local polygon to cover a couple of other servers. They can probably implement a patch to stop people joining servers if their ping is too high, but that doesn't really affect us, just the users that bought our product for the wrong reasons. I respect what you're saying, it may be that they patch this and people can't use DumaOS for unintended purposes, but DumaOS still works very well for it's intended purposes. It's a support forum after all, we have this so people can discuss problems they need support with, it'd be weird if you didn't see a bunch of problems here. The last firmware we pushed for the XR500 was the 3.0 beta firmware 7 months ago, we're aware that's too long. It's due to a lot of improvements we're making internally to ensure firmwares can be built, tested and released far more quickly. This was a long process but it's almost fully implemented now so the firmwares will be rolling out as a result of that soon.
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    Hi everyone, As part of future developments, we're looking at the concept of a sub-tray extension for DumaOS; allowing you to make changes to certain settings quickly without opening the full browser version, regardless of what you're doing. To make the sub-tray as useful as possible, we need to know: Which features do you use the most? Which statistics and data do you regularly use or monitor? Which features do you think you would find useful in a Windows sub-tray app? This could be almost anything - such as changing your Ping Assist setting, running a speedtest from Connection Benchmark, or simply switching an entire Rapp on/off. So far, here are some of the ideas we've potentially considered: Adblocker (Switch On/Off) Adblocker Pause Traffic Prioritization (Stat Counters, enable rules) Speed Test, Ping Test Congestion Control Bandwidth Allocation Ping Graph I've included an image to give you a better idea of our vision for the sub-tray extension. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in this format, let us know. Thanks! 👍
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    This is a FANTASTIC idea! I like what you have in the graphic since those are used a lot before and after gaming... or just simple web browsing. Maybe a REBOOT option in the 3 dots section... Keep the good ideas coming.
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