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    Hi everyone, We know what you’re thinking, and we get it. We said R2 updates would be frequent (and they will be), but this update ended up enveloping a lot more than we initially expected. That’s frustrating for you and for us too. However, we hope you’ll find the wait was worth it – this is a huge update with fixes and changes across the board. Feedback on the R2 has been great, helping us to improve everyone’s experience while fixing specific problems too. The changelog below shows just much work has gone into this update. This is the latest in DumaOS and it sets the stage for new features we’ll reveal in the near future. From all of us at Netduma, thanks for your patience, and for caring enough about DumaOS to stay vocal. We hope you enjoy the latest firmware! Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1krvgqi4peslusv/DumaOS-R2-3.0.179.sig?dl=0 General Improvements System-wide GUI improvements. Memory usage improvements. Added new Copy to Clipboard button for information generated by Rapp Performance and Device Manager > Wi-Fi Scan (also a new addition). Fixed initial tour throwing errors if ‘Next’ clicked too early. Fixed various issues with upgrade process. Fixed various vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi Improvements Improved Wi-Fi band steering. Improved Wi-Fi range coverage. Fixed Wi-Fi settings not preserving on firmware upgrades. Fixed Wi-Fi station details displaying incorrectly if the device is disconnected. Fixed 5GHz channel not starting correctly when splitting the channels. Added auto Wi-Fi channel detection, picking the least noisy Wi-Fi channel to achieve better results. Added Wi-Fi channel width setting for greater control. Added Wi-Fi region setup to the setup wizard. Added Wi-Fi radar detection DFS channels. Added Wi-Fi Performance feature to devices. Added Wi-Fi Scan feature. Added more Wi-Fi stations information for better debugging. Ping Heatmap Fixed Ping Heatmap displaying multiple graphs when spam-clicking. QoS Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results. Improved QoS Stability. QoS now loads quicker on start-up. Fixed QoS not always loading correctly. Fixed QoS crashes and stability issues. Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup layout issues when zoomed in. Fixed "Applying Settings" popup appearing when Auto-Setup loads. Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup button. Fixed Auto-Setup not always setting the slider. Fixed incorrect padding around auto-setup bars. Fixed Auto-Setup throttling below 1%. Connection Benchmark Fixed issues with Speed Test when WAN is disconnected. Fixed Ping Under Load test not working correctly. Device Manager Device status will update between online and offline much faster. Fixed Device Manager crashes. Fixed Device Manager spam messages about device status. Fixed issue where devices sometimes have no name. Fixed issue when adding a new device causing Rapps to fail. Traffic Controller Fixed Traffic Controller causing DumaOS to fail loading Network Settings Fixed MAC cloning to update the device interface correctly. Removed MAC address cloning toggle, added reset button. Added more special characters for Wi-Fi password entry. Misc. Updated to use new multi-threaded webserver for faster GUI loading. Installation instructions: Download the file above Open DumaOS at or /dumaos/ Click the three dots in the top right of the interface Click Update Click 'Select Upgrade File' and choose the file you just downloaded Click 'Upgrade' and wait about 5 minutes for the update to apply Do not unplug your unit during this time!
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    Lots of games in Uncategorised

    Lots of games are listed under the uncategorised application?? Surely they should be listed in the dumaos classified games?? I'm on PC btw
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    Netduma Fraser

    Lots of games in Uncategorised

    That is a bit odd yeah, I'll bring that up with the devs and see what is going on there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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    Wifi randomly shuts off

    Hey, sorry to hear about the problem you’re having with your router but for me personally once the new firmware update came out (v 3.0.179) i updated my r2 router and factory reset it right after updating as suggested by Fraser via pm. After following those steps my wifi hasn’t randomly stop working, but then again I’ve only recently updated yesterday so only time will tell if the issue persists.
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    Traffic prortization please read

    My suggestion is try everything that's been mentioned on this thread and stick with what works for you. What might be good for one person might not be for the next e.g. people here prefer manually prioritising the ports but this hasn't worked for me at all. What I found best for my connection (FTTP) is to prioritise my PS4 as games console and also switch on duma classified games. They both do the same thing and I'd probably get the same result switching just one of them on but I've had some great ones with both on so I leave it like that. I haven't tried throttling bandwidth and disabling share excess yet but it might be something i'll try when I start getting crap games. Also you will still have games where you feel a second behind some people, usually they have some dodgy connection going on and are hard to kill. There's nothing you can do about them. I used to block the servers I'd come across these people and keep track of the IP addresses, but after factory resetting and losing all my severs I later found some of those servers gave me a good connection, it was just the players I was vs at that time had the packetburst symbols etc and were hard to kill.
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    Yes I'd recommend it just in case there was a last minute change. Reboot the router and then try to update immediately.
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    Access the Huawei router, find LAN Settings and you should see the router listed and you can assign the same IP as static or reserved. If you're unsure on how to do this specifically it may help to look up the specific Huawei model.
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    LH1000 Arcadyan Open Beta?

    Hi All, If you have an Arcadyan/LH1000 Smart Modem and one of the few that have managed to be able to prematurely activate Game Optimiser in MyTelstra; apologies - the first firmware version wasnt intended for customer use. But since its activated on your device, we can put your device at the top of queue for new firmware rollout occurring in the next few weeks. Just reply here with your devices serial number and note you were able to activate via MyTelstra, If you have an Arcadyan/LH1000 Smart Modem but havent yet been able to activate in MyTelstra; you will be able to from 10th November and access the 1mth trial. But in meantime, if you reply here with your devices serial number and note you havent been able to activate via MyTelstra - I'll check out whether we can get you enabled early.
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