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    Hyper scape new game

    I have access but to be honest i think its a bit meh! all the jumping and flying around puts me off.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    This. I've never been able to use the same settings for the games lifecycle. Every patch they're changing the netcode, I'm sure of it.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    It will change again next patch lol have to find sweet spot settings each update, the only think to be consistent is throttle and forcing 40+ ping servers.
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    Sean Pip

    DumaOs not loading problem

    Nevermind. Netduma Fraser you have saved me. Thank you my friend!😂😊😊
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    Scuf controllers

    I'd say learn how to fix it yourself... be much easier than having to keep sending it back if it does have problems.
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    Yes i saw it a few months ago already, stopped using geo-filter now i can't even getting games on my location while i am living near a lot cod servers in my hometown Amsterdam (NL). Something went wrong with the cloud update a few months ago because since then i couldnt get in games on my home location i get forced to expand to UK, France or Germany otherwise it won't find a game. Also the server icon won't show up on my geo quite often (the ones that are in the Netherlands) sometimes it will sometimes it won't. I think definitely somebody must straighten things up for the cloud update also still some servers show up that are mislocated for example 1 of the dutch servers appear sometimes on the border of Germany/Switzerland.
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