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    Well if you've whitelisted everybody you want to play with (in spectating mode), then you could make your Geo-Filter radius really small, maybe put it in the ocean, and disable Strict Mode. Then put it in filtering mode and hopefully that will work.
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    Thank you all for answer that for me. Can’t wait to pick one up today.
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    Hi,yes it does,it is on all netduma routers!
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    Lobby not joinable...

    Hey everyone thank you. Its okay now. As soon as I changed my DNS server to my isp DNS server on the XR500 it resolve my problem. Which is kind of weird...I connected to the Florida server all the time.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    If you are using HT160 turn it off as it can cause issues with packet loss in crowded Wi-Fi environments where lots of routers are near each other, if you can see them in your iOS list that means turn that off. As to updates, yes its a pain but its not just the XR500 I have noticed missing out on updates. from netgear oddly enough.
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    XR700 PS4 NAT type 3(strict)

    swines. You will need a static ip address then if that is what they are telling you which is causing you nat restrictions. That is a bit shadey of them and I certainly wouldn't be with a company which pulls crap like that on it's customers. It looks like you are using a shared ip address.....YUK! CGNAT = Carrier Grade Nat. I have a static ip with my ISP, but It was what I wanted and it comes in handy when accessing my files away from home etc etc CGNAT is used by telcos running short of public IPv4 addresses. By deploying CGNAT, a mobile network or ISP can stick a bunch of customers – typically small businesses and home subscribers – on private IPv4 addresses and route them through a small set of global IPv4 addresses.
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    Six7 Tango

    Can not access DumaOS

    Ok got this fixed by factory reset and deleting network on pc and restarting everything
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