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    Be respectful to one another, mobel is Just trying to help, he is giving you decent advice, although it isn’t helping your situation.
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    Is this the real problem?

    Alex is right !!! Download is what happen in game and upload is what You do in game !!! So download reports all the lobby while upload reports only what You do !!! Now the reason why you are a step behind... do you use Auto Ping and do you look at Auto Ping stats while playing ??? Do you manage your duma os via wifi or via Lan ??? You need to manage Duma Os via wifi 2.4ghz like a phone...tablet or laptop !!! Use a web browser like chrome to access and manage your duma os !!! While in a game you want to look at Auto Ping stats on geo filter page !!! So you need to enable auto ping !!! First thing that matter is Tickrate and second thing is Ping !!! So first you want to look at both tickrate... they have to always be at minimum 120hz and bouncing upper like to 180hz 200hz but never down !!! If you see both tickrates going down at 60hz then you are unstable so you'll have to stabilise your duma os router !!! I have explained how to do on other posts and i'll do a video today showing and explaining everything (i started to rec the video on Friday but somethin weird happened so i stopped it...but now everything is like it was before Friday so i'll do it today) and i'll upload it here on the forum !!! After you confirmed that your tickrates are stable at higher than 120hz...the second thing is the Ping...so from there you'll have to find the best dedis location near you !!! All that is done by manually pinging desired dedis when you start MW... to do that you need to disable auto ping.... then you start the game you want and enter it so it will make detection of available dedis for that game...then press on one of the dedis or fake peer showing on the map (closest to you is the best normaly) and ping as many dedis location you want (by always restarting the game after each ping detection) until you find the best or bests dedis available near you !!! Then adjust your radius to only cover the dedis locations you want... restart your router still via duma os control panel...then start the console and game....enjoy !!! Always take a look at duma os auto ping stats on wifi 2.4ghz while you play to confirm that tickrates stay higher than 120hz and that you still on the desired dedis by confirming with ping (like if you choose only one dedis location and you ping them at 3ms...well each properly located dedis there would ping at the same 3ms...so if you happen to fall on a mislocated dedis at that location...pinging higher than 3ms then that would confirm it's a mislocated dedis !!!) from there you would only have to deny it and screenshot it so you'll be able to report it here on the proper section of the forum !!! đŸ‘œđŸ»âœŒ
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    merci netduma

    Bon les gars calmer vous la sa troll sa clash pour une histoire de connexion et de jeu vidĂ©o ! Ceux qu'ils veule pas aider, bas laisser les tout simplement je c'est que sa peut Ă©nerver certains et je le comprends. c'est un forum d'entraide donc ont essaye tous de se donner des informations et de s'entraider ont va bien rĂ©ussir Ă  trouver Ă  force. Sinon peut-ĂȘtre crĂ©Ă© un topic et que chacun, poste ces rĂ©glages en images et explique comment il Ă  fait ? Sa pourrait peut-ĂȘtre aider certaines personnes, qui si connaisse pas ou qui n'ont pas les connaissance nĂ©cessaire tout le mondes n'est pas caler en rĂ©seau informatique. Moi aussi je suis comme vous je cherche mes rĂ©glages optimal, sur certains jeux mes rĂ©glages vont bien et d'autres catastrophique je viens d'acheter COD Modern Warfare sur PC et oui Ă  43 ans je rejoue Ă  COD je ne pensais pas 😂 ... Donc je vais devoir trouver les bons rĂ©glages et avoir besoin de la communautĂ© 😀
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    merci netduma

    Si jamais je trouve quelque chose, je le posterai comme je l'ai dĂ©jĂ  fait auparavant LĂ , je reprends le jeu aprĂšs un mois et demi quasiment du coup entre mon shoot et ma connexion merdique.. j'ai pas finit de chercher đŸ€Ł
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    merci netduma

    Vous parliez de ce youtuber qui a un Duma... J'ai jamais fait une game sur ce jeu sans qu'un adversaire ne se retourne ou m'attende viseur fixe sans utiliser silence de mort. Il a des reflex et une co mais c'est pété qu'il a un aimbot ...(clef USB +++) mon assistance à la visée n'est pas aussi réactive surtout sur des joueurs hors champ ! Franchement, j'ai vraiment l'impression que le mec à aucun mérite !
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    We will not tolerate your behaviour whether that be to staff or other community members. You have been temporarily banned for your behaviour. Please be civil to others, treat others how you would want to be treated, there is no need to act this way on a forum.
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    Duma OS 3.0 Feed Bar on website

    They could put a forward percentage bar from the Duma OS 3.0 project. 50% is in the middle of the project to be launched and 100% the project completed. Thus we will have a sense of how development is, whether it is finalizing or not. We won't have a date, but we'll know if it's coming soon or not.
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    We're not going to give away any details outside the previews we show Insiders and in announcements but you'll be very pleased with what we have in store for 3.0!
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    I wouldn’t leave it off, I guess perhaps I misunderstood your previous post. I interpreted “why wouldn’t netgear update” as a lack of guarantee they will. I will not be selling or getting rid of the XR500 so I most definitely will at minimum check out 3.0 when it arrives. I completely agree that big overhauls rarely (possibly never?) come to a router after purchase so that is a valid point, I have no doubt Netduma means well and I hope 3.0 meets those expectations. thanks again for your work and communications.
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    Support for CoD MW

    Figured this should be started in here for the incoming questions for the new call of duty. Let the fun begin!
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    I don't think it affects your devices per-se, but rather it opens you up to security risks. Now in my opinion those security risks are hardly worth worrying about, since local network hacks are extremely rare and almost always targeted. I'd do some research before you go ahead and do it though - I'm by no means the authority on network security. It shouldn't create any performance issues if you open those ports, if you have UPnP disabled.
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    merci netduma

    Je tenais Ă  m'excuser aux gens de chez netduma,la recherche pendant autant de temps m'avait fait perdre tout espoir d'avoir une connexion dĂ©cente, la vĂ©ritĂ© Ă©tait juste ailleurs je ne donnerai pas la solution car autant d'annĂ©e de recherche pour finalement se rendre compte que les grands joueurs ont soit eu affaire aux services d'informaticien soit ont eu la chance de tomber sur le bon rĂ©glage tout de suite,maintenant le xr500 est un super routeur,a vous de chercher,mais quand vous trouvez ,vous ĂȘtes dans le turfu,dixit legend warrior, en attendant je m'excuses auprĂšs de l'Ă©quipe netduma avec qui j'ai Ă©tĂ© dur mais parce la barriĂšre de la langue ont fait que j'avais cette sensation qu'ils se foutaient de notre tronche avec le matĂ©riel ,je veux bien avec plaisir ĂȘtre beta testeur du milestone 3.0 car en rĂ©alitĂ© le firmware est ouf la vĂ©ritĂ© je le rĂ©pĂšte Ă©tait ailleurs,a vos recherches...peace dĂ©dicace Ă  mon super copain CĂ©cĂ©, avec qui les nƓuds de cerveau ont donnĂ© des moments de plaisir et rigolade Ă  pleurer
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    merci netduma

    Bonne nouvelle je commande le bouchon de charge et je te tiens au fait Tres sympa de ta part ,plus qu a tester tout ca Bon jeu a tous
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    The tick rate reading is just that, a reading. DumaOS attempts to figure out what the tickrate of the server is. The tickrate is always the same on the server and cannot be changed by anything you do because you do not control the server. If the tick rate appears to be changing, it is likely just picking up incorrect readings from the server. Gameplay will be unaffected because no matter what DumaOS says, the tick rate on the server is the same for everybody.
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    FYI: Tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state. When a gaming server has a tick rate of 64, it means that it is capable of sending packets to clients at most 64 times per second. I am guessing the higher the better.
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    merci netduma

    Je vous mets quand mĂȘme ce que j'avais trouvĂ© -Box 4G bouygues : upnp dĂ©sactivĂ©, xr500 en dmz -xr500 : comme la 4g n'a pas un dĂ©bit stable, j'ai bridĂ© moi mĂȘme les vitesses, j'ai mis 30 en down et 15 en upload. Les barres de congestion j'ai mis 90/70 (ça m'a permis de prendre un peu moins de bullshit) et j'ai dĂ©sactivĂ© l'hyper traffic game console. J'ai aussi dĂ©sactivĂ© le wifi du xr500, je n'ai pas fixĂ© l'adresse de la ps4, pas ouvert de port manuellement ni mĂȘme activĂ© l'upnp. Je n'ai pas activĂ© le geo filtre non plus car avec ou sans, je ne vois vraiment pas de diffĂ©rences.. Je ne sais pas si ça peut en aiguiller certains.. pour le congestion control, j'ai essayĂ© en mettant 10% en down et up ; Apres 15/10, 10/15, 15/15, 15/20, 20/15, etc.. et lĂ  oĂč mon personnage ne faisait pas 200kg, c'Ă©tait entre les 65 et 90 pour l'upload (tuto de CĂ©cĂ© : si le perso est lourd, c'est que l'upload est trop bas 😁).
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    Bat 'n' Ball

    XR500 freeze? Logs?

    Hi Netduma Fraser, Thanks for your reply. If I have issues again, I'll follow your suggestions and post back to this thread.
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    We'll have a cloud update out soon that should improve compatibility with Modern Warfare.
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    XR500 is just rubbish

    I'm at the end of my tether with this router!! Keeps dropping internet connection......and yes on the latest firmware. Keeps putting me onto servers/peers that have already been denied.....the whole point of this thing. And support from netgear and here netduma is trying at best.... Its not like this router was cheap and nasty......it was a premium price and I only got it because the R1 was so good. Time for a re-think on routers, as this one has been 90% grief and 10% great and when its great it is great, sadly too much the other way
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    Its all about finding slider settings that the game likes... not what makes your line better imho. I just start at 99% and work my way down until I stop getting BS deaths and leave it on that. Worked for me on BOps3, IW and BOps4. WW2 was seriously inconsistent for me but the other games worked perfectly once I found that sweet spot. 99% of the time I'm the only one using my line when I play yet without QoS, the game plays like utter crap... unlike Battlefield V which I played over wifi on an interleaved line with no QoS and got 0 BS deaths or bullet sponges. Anyways, I've tried throttling til your bandwidth is next to nothing many a time... never worked out well, not once. I even tried (bar the 'stabilising trick') the 'tricks' DMC has been banging on about and again, no workie.
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    Netduma Alex

    Petite question sur le VPN

    J'ai vu des informations selon lesquelles certains utilisateurs ont vu de meilleures performances avec un VPN. Cependant, dans la plupart des cas, je suppose que cela n’aiderait pas beaucoup VPN envoie votre connexion Ă  un autre serveur quelque part dans le monde afin que vous puissiez accĂ©der Ă  Internet comme si vous vous trouviez Ă  proximitĂ© de ce serveur. Cela semble bien en thĂ©orie, mais ce qui ralentirait votre connexion (votre route vers les serveurs CoD) se produirait toujours, mĂȘme si vous utilisiez un VPN. La connexion doit toujours ĂȘtre routĂ©e vers le serveur. Alors, pourquoi certaines personnes obtiennent-elles de meilleures performances avec un VPN? Il se peut que leur route vers le VPN soit plus claire que leur route directement vers les serveurs CoD. Cela peut ressembler Ă  un dĂ©tour sur la route, se connecter au serveur VPN, puis au serveur CoD; pour certaines personnes, cela peut ĂȘtre plus rapide, mais je pense que cela serait rare. -- I have seen information that some users have seen better performance with a VPN. However, in most cases, I guess it would not help much VPN sends your connection to another server somewhere in the world so that you can access the Internet as if you were near this server. This sounds good in theory, but what would slow down your connection (your route to CoD servers) would still occur, even if you were using a VPN. The connection must always be routed to the server. So, why do some people get better performance with a VPN? It may be that their route to the VPN is clearer than their route directly to the CoD servers. It may look like a detour on the road, connect to the VPN server, and then to the CoD server; for some people it may be faster, but I think it would be rare.
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    Please could everybody just take a breath, calm down. I can understand the frustrations of having issues but flaming and swearing on the forum will only antagonise people and lead to one result. Please keep things civil we are all just trying to help.
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    Sorry to inform you; the new cod is trash and you have spent your money on a real damn good campaign, LOL! I don't think it's your connection. There is no way around it. Call of duty has been sliding downhill on multiplayer. I may be wrong because they're still making crazy money.
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    I can't believe that the admins and mods are allowing this misinformation in this and other threads from this DMC guy. It is funny to read though haha
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    Wow, your dedication to the screenshot craft is admirable! That said, there's SO MUCH information here that it's kind of hard to figure out what you're actually saying... I see that you've identified a lot of mislocated servers. That's really useful information. It would be really great if you could put those mislocated servers into this form: https://forms.gle/uL41beoxTzgCYV9M7 After that, we can adjust them and update the Geo-Filter!
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    XR500 settings for CoD MW

    With using this method I have not noticed any lag just a ton of campers!
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    Fun? What MW and Fun? Whats going on? Enjoy!
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    3KD Domination Fun on Modern Warfare

    SIM you have always put up good videos. Keep it up! Are you rolling with the R1 or the XR500? Or neither? Cheers! Zippy.
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    XR500 settings for CoD MW

    I'd suggest testing your line with ping plotter
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    Problems are not ending with XR500

    I have just given up and put the xr500 into AP mode and set up a ubiquiti edgerouterx. All good now!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Support for CoD MW

    Just to let people know, we will be testing the game as soon as it arrives tomorrow. If needed we will then push out a cloud update for the game to improve compatbility if required. We'll let people know if we've done this.
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    Modern Warfare Thoughts & Concerns

    For those of you who may have missed this video. This is not a fluff/hype kind of video. Its all about my journey with it pre-launch, how I felt about it, and concerns post launch. Prior to publishing this I had not pre-ordered it, just like I stated in my BO4 Worst COD Ever video. However, the over whelming response via likes is that people want to see it on my channel, as I guess they know they are going to get the truth, aka does it suck...
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    LOL. Actually it's total BS. You cannot magically increase server tickrate from 60Hz to 120Hz. So whatever you are seeing in DumaOS is a measuring error. Battlenonsense has tested with wireshark, not DumaOS. Cables. Maximum bandwidth quoted for a cat 8 cable is 2000 Mhz. That is what the cable can sustain at peak performance. But if you hook it up to a 1GBps port the port will always be limited to 125 Mhz. So you can have a cable that is able to sustain 2000 MHz but it won't do anything for you as long as it's a 1GBps port, since maximum transmission frequency is only 125 MHz. The cable is a dumb piece of copper that can't decide data frequency on it's own. For higher transferspeeds, not only do the networking ports increase their operating frequency, but also they use a completely different transfer protocol. (1GBps = 125 MHz, 10Gbps = 800 MHz, so if you punch that in a calculator, (800 / 125)*1000 = 6,4Gbps, so something doesn't add up there. 10 GBPs uses more bits per amplitude than 1Gbps, but this is not applied until you stick the cable in a 10Gbps port. In short, using Cat.8 cables in a 1 Gbps system will do absolutely nothing for you. Or to use some analogy. My car has a top speed of 250 km/u. I can drive on a 4 lane highway with 250 km/u. But if there is no other car on the road it won't get me there faster than a 2 lane highway. In theory you can see reduced latency by scaling up the network. Ie on a 10Mbps system, sending a ethernet frame (max 1522 bytes) takes about 0.1ms, on 1Gbps system it takes 0.001ms. I'm sure you realize how insignificant these numbers are.
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    Going to do tests to isolate this issue.
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    Yes we're developing an app for iOS and Android. The app is in a functional state but it's not quite ready for release yet.
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    Netduma Alex

    Duma OS 3.0 Feed Bar on website

    Potentially a good idea, although these things are hard to estimate. Also we've learned the hard way before that making promises about deadlines and such can lead to disappointment down the line... My best guess based on what i'm seeing in the office right now is maybe 40% complete but that's just my opinion.
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    Just a follow up on this topic. After months of getting no where with BT, I switched to plus net and when the switch was complete. I didn’t change any equipment at all and it resolved it instantly. Looks like a change of port in the FTTC Cabient fixed it.
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    So i finally figured it out after i had to factory reset my phone. When i did this i started getting no internet at all for my phone , even after a delay. I set everything to static and hard set my dns to google. After i did this i had internet instantly. After a bit of fiddling i figured out it is indeed my PiHole acting up(seems like my new ISPs way of doing stuff puts off my pihole, as before it had no problem). I am very sorry for wasting your time, you very correct from the beginning. All i had to do was set my dns to a set one other than pihole on the phone AND flush my internet settings (seems like the pihole dns was getting cached so just changing without flushing didnt help, thats why i didnt notice. It stucks even through phone resets). Thank you so much and sorry i wasted your time.
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    Was not graphical on mine as my antibufferbloat settings stayed applied with the light on, no rules added, Jack. Just DumaOS classified games ticked and unticking them , turning off antibufferbloat and even QoS didn't stop the issue it was just in a frozen state thinking something was high priorty traffic I even had a friend pull the plug on my TV etc and I turned off all the wifi devices and it still stayed on, always had to be a reboot and since I'm in a wheelchair and my router is high up that was really hard work if in the end a reset (using the reset button on the back always seemed to give a cleaner reset oddly enough) was needed as it seemed to do it more and more often until a factory reset was performed and then it would be okay for a while, until a long gaming session on Destiny 2
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    I'm going to see if we can investigate this issue with High Priority getting stuck - we'll test it with Apex and Destiny 2 for good measure. It's possible that the issue is graphical but I can't really speculate until we take a look. Could you guys confirm whether this persists when you hard refresh the page (F5)? Also @Zippy, could you let us know which game this happened to you on? If anyone has experienced this while playing another game let us know. If any of you guys have added your own rules to Traffic Prio, please let us know that as well. The more information we have, the faster we'll be able to get to the bottom of it!
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    XR500 Can't connect to internet

    If it failed the update and speedtest, did it finish the set up wizard? On my first XR500, I simply skipped the wizard and set it up manually, and that didn't work for me. I needed to go through the wizard the first time in order for it to work somehow. I had all the settings right but since it didn't finish the process it failed to connect to internet. What you could try: 1. Reset the XR500 to factory specs 2. Connect Modem -> Your old router WAN -> XR500 WAN. 3. Let the wizard run and do auto setup, let it update the firmware, enter speeds etc 4. Remove the router in between and set PPPOE details, then you should be set to go. /Edit: Nevermind, I see you had it going already
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    Try this 1. Place geo location on top of server of choice smallest radius(69) 2. Boot game with filtering mode on 3.once you see all servers being blocked and your at the main multiplayer menu expanded the radius between 600-1000 miles 4. Search for a game Let me know if you have any luck
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    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it's frustrating to have to wait so long for an update, but I assure you that this upcoming version update is totally real, and totally on track. Regarding the XR500, why would we want to leave this update off our most popular product? We are planning on releasing this update to every DumaOS router. We can't promise that it will be a simultaneous release, but any delay would only be caused by time constraints. We would not use a delayed release as a marketing ploy. Bear in mind that the XR500 is by far our most popular product so it's going to be a priority for us. Regarding lack of updates so far, I will say that the vast majority of routers only get bug fixes and security updates. We are bringing a massive update that will add many new features and will represent a huge leap forward for DumaOS, and it will be provided to all existing customers free of charge. How many routers have you had that received an update that overhauled the entire experience and made your router feel like a brand new product all over again? That's what 3.0 is doing to do. Anyway, i'm sorry that you won't support us any longer, but I hope that you'll take another look at us once 3.0 is released.
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    Not much of an announcement. One feature that nobody cares about and no fixes for existing issues. no timeline for updates. more empty promises about the new OS fixing all the issues. Going this long without any communication real class act Netduma then when you do you don't even address any of the issues. I guess it is time for a new router I wanted to like the xr500 the only reason I went with netgear again was duma os hoping it would be better but seams it was actually worse.
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    Bonjour chtimi PremiĂšrement le xr500 ne peut recevoir que 1gb sur le port wan Sur la Livebox il faut impĂ©rativement mettre le xr500 en dmz pour ne pas avoir de problĂšme de nat mĂȘme si malheureusement le mode bridge serait la solution miracle... car sur la livebox 4 (j'imagine que la lv5 aussi) il a y a malgrĂ© tout des ports priorisĂ© en coulisse ,malgrĂ© la dmz .. Il te faut aussi dĂ©sactiver le wifi, l'upnp et supprimer toute rĂšgle nat/pat sur la lv5 Tu dois avoir la dmz et c'est tout. Et tout tes appareils doivent ĂȘtre connectĂ©s sur le xr500 maintenant j'ai une question sur la lv5 tu me dit 1gb pour ethernet et 1 gb pour le wifi est ce que le dĂ©bit et rĂ©ellement divisĂ© en 2 (un genre de qos dans la lv5) ou est-ce que c'est juste parceque la lv5 n'a que des port lan 1gb? Apres sur le xr500 soit utiliser l'upnp ou portforwarding pour avoir une nat ouvert sur les jeux mais pas les 2 ça crĂ©erait un double nat Et tu dois aussi mettre une adresse Ip fixe pour ta Xbox et ps4 Apres si tu Ă  d'autres question sur le fonctionnement du xr500 (qos,geofiltre...) n'hĂ©site pas Personnellement jai retirĂ© la lv4 et mis le xr500 Ă  la place en utilisant l'authentification orange france dhcp mais malheureusement cette solution rend la qos inutilisable Ă  cause d'un problĂšme de vlan qui j'espĂšre sera modifier dans le prochaine maj du xr500!!
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    Any cable higher than CAT5e on a gigabit port will only give you better shielding not a higher frequency, you are limited by the ports frequency. A HDMI 2.1 cable will do nothing on a 1.4 or a 2.0 port ,again the ports limitations. Both cables are backwards compatible.
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    Ok all went well. I ran this setup from Friday until today. However I think I'm better off having the R1 as my main and just use my other router as an access point for wifi and deal with those issues I was having with wifi as they come up. The anti bufferbloat and device management on the R1 is more reliable than WRT setup I was using. Thanks again for help.
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    Severs seem really good, was consistently getting sub 20ms almost every match, very few over 35ms.
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    Thank you very much, I will hard reset my router and set everything from scratch up with this configuration. I'll let you know if there is any difference.
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