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    Geofiltre COD WAR : astuce

    Hello les français je voulais avec vous partager une petite astuce concernant le géofiltre de mon XR 300 sur COD WAR. Comme beaucoup d'entre vous, je cherche le réglage optimal pour avoir un jeu fluide ... J'ai fait comme tout le monde, j'ai mis mon géofiltre comme point de départ autour de mon domicile, avec une zone de 500 kms, j'habite en Normandie. le SBMM n'aidant pas, j avais des parties plus ou moins correctes selon le lobby mais très rarement sur des serveurs dédiés, majoritairement des Pairs. J'en ai eu marre et j'ai décidé de placer mon géofiltre sur l'ESPAGNE, à plus de 1000 kms de chez moi, toujours avec une zone de recherche de 500 kms. Et depuis ce temps ma connection est plus fluide, je tombe très souvent sur un serveur dédié où je ping à 25 ms sur la PS4 (9 ms sur le netduma) Essayez et dites moi ce que vous en pensez.....il faut au moins faire 3-4 parties pour voir la différence bonnes fetes. JCD
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    got it thank you again
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    Comme tu peux le voir les serveurs WARZONE Europe Via DumaOS sont Paris et Londres ! Donc rien d'anormale ... Au moyen Orient, il n'y a pas de serveurs comme Fraser l'a précisé ! Ton géofiltre fonctionne bien en te proposant le serveur le plus proche.
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    Ah well done for figuring it out, sometimes its the most simplest of things! You're very welcome, as it's resolved I'll close the topic but feel free to open another if needed and we'll be happy to help.
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    Bot Lobbies in warzone

    It doesn't. Its a bandwagon that uneducated peoples are jumping on. Its just a myth.
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    Does this help? https://portforward.com/portforward-two-xboxes/default.htm#:~:text=To get open NAT when,port to the second console. Worked for me, don't forget to restart the router.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R2 Order

    I've also been informed that due to Brexit we've had a few challenges with our courier that we needed to overcome as well so that hasn't helped. So that's why the email wasn't sent but you should get something today, either an email giving you an update or a shipping confirmation. I've been told this by the person that will be sorting this out so I don't have any more information at the moment.
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    Where is my order

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    Where is my order

    Having the same issue with my order. Look yes, anybody can say be patient. But there’s no excuses for this. They knew it was a pandemic and holiday season when I made the order. And they happily took my money for express 1 day shipping. Now here I am three days later and having gotten as much as an email saying it even shipped! C’mon now.
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    the r1 taps out right around 280mbs
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    Netduma Fraser

    QoS outdated?

    Actually in the next update depending on your router or the router you have now (XR1000) we ask you what the traffic type is for the device you're adding to Traffic Prioritization so it can be more accurate.
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    Unknown. Need to play with it more. I have noticed with ping assist set to 28 I’m seen ping in the high 40’s at times. Typically I get low 30’s. The tech does work and my brother & I partied up Saturday night and could feel a difference in CoD on Shipment for sure. Not so much in other games of CoD that night. Overall it’s worth the price. I won 1v1 gunfights I’m confident I’d normally have lost. also, I was wrong about DNS not being pointed to my Pi-Hole. I rebuilt it and it’s working as expected. My apologies for asserting otherwise in the other thread. Technology will humble one in a hurry. Initially I was afraid I’d wasted my money. Now I see I need time to get to know it and get it dialed in. Thanks to all of you folks for bearing with me.
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    xr300 warzone serveur Egypte

    J'ai essayé l'Arctique et je m'en suis bien sorti.. jusqu'à rencontrer un ours blanc mutant dénommé "MrPixxx.." mais merci pour le conseil 😉
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    Netduma Fraser

    Using sky MER setup

    Only disable DHCP on the Hub if you apply a static/reserved IP on the hub for the R2. Even then I would suggest leaving it enabled just in case you need to connect a device to the hub. Yes turn off the WiFi on the hub to prevent any devices connecting to the hub by accident.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue. So just to confirm it does show connected on the left? How have you added your devices to the VPN exactly? Could you provide a screenshot please?
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    I personally have always mentioned this.. Ones receive rate should be higher.. which means one should also see more download packets prioritized.. If your upload runs away with more prioritized upload packets then imo there is something wrong.. Every game ive always played my receive rate runs around 580-680 kbps while my upload rate is around 240 kbps.. give or take a bit on either receive rate and send rate.. But those are roughly the numbers for myself.. In my case when im in the Geo and watch our send and receive rates when playing a multiplayer game those numbers above ive mentioned are what I usually see.. These do very a bit on the game type of course and what it is your playing.. One has to remember that our download prioritized packets are just as important as our upload.. If one or the other is not working correctly then that imo would of course make the game play out of sync or as others mentioned getting shot around corners or shot first dies first. My understanding or how I came up with this makes sense to me.. Heres what my reasoning is.. It would make totally sense that our receive rate is more when playing a multiplayer game because we are downloading everyone elses movements and placements and action in a game where our send rate is specifically only sending our actions and placement in a game.. So that is how I personally look at this.. Now the part that doesnt make any sense to me is this.. Lets say im playing a multiplayer game.. My receive rate is running around 620 kbps.. my send rate is 220 kbps.. These are the numbers my Geo represents or shows while playing a game.. The question now becomes why are my download packets not fully being counted or prioritized? Clearly if we are receiving more data then our download prioritized packets should be higher.. Not only should they be higher but they in all honesty should out number the prioritized upload packets.. But yet they are not.. So the question is what is going on there.. There is definitely something to this.. But the question is where or what is the issue? Anyways thats my story and im sticking to it! Zippy.
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    Glad to hear that! We're aware of that issue and will be fixing it. For now I'd recommend giving your PC the PlayStation device type in the Device Manager and then re-adding it to the Geo-Filter and selecting the manual option, it will then filter correctly.
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    strange reboot of xr500

    yes will do that
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    Il n’y pas de mode brigde sur le routeur ! tu dois mettre ton ont en direct sur le wan du xr avec l’option dhcp 60 neufbox mais plus de TV5 ni de téléphone ou mettre le xr dans le dmz de la box red. Veille à fixer ton ip du xr en amont !
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 y Xbox party

    Aún necesita agregar a sus amigos a la lista de permitidos para que sepa que no debe bloquear esas conexiones
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    Brilliant, thank you for all of your help
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    Ok Cool, Ill try that when I get home from work
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    Having the same issues for a while now too but have finally fixed the issue. Make sure to allow the site to use anything it needs like flash, java and disable browser adblocker. For the first time in a long long time I was able to see it and get a grade.
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    The only thing I have seen that people testing the Netduma for Bot lobbies is the fact that you can join low populated server locations. But by doing so, you sacrifice your ping of 20ms to one that is 150ms + It makes no sense....
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    I got it. Needed the latest firmware.
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    Port Forward - Source IP

    Its on most routers and for example FTP connection - you would allow the IP you know connecting to the FTP server so stop random attacks from external source. You normally have the option to leave blank or * for any source IP, but the option to actually give an ip too is needed.
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    We are looking into the chat issues at the moment and a helpful user potentially pointed us in the right direction so fingers crossed there. If you make a new topic we can certainly look at any issues you're having with the DMZ.
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    Okay thank you, it must be to do with the wifi issues rather than a problem with saving across the board. We will look into it, thank you for your patience and the information you've provided.
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    Don't buy the openreach as there are 2 types. 1 for conventional vdsl and the other for g.fast. The g.fast model is available to buy online but at inflated prices as it is a relatively new product. This version will work on vdsl too also but the other version of the modem will not run on g.fast. I am on talktalk g.fast 150.
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    Brand New R2- password not working

    Hi Fraser, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to set up the router once I used the lan cable to connect the router to the laptop directly. I would reiterate however just for clarity and convenience to new users that the user manual speaks to wirelessly connecting to the router to accomplish the initial setup. I was not ever able to connect to it wirelessly since it simply refused to allow me to connect. The user manual should mention the wired option if the wireless fails. In my case wired was the only way it worked. Thank again!
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    BTW, thanks for the welcome. I called tech support about another issue and during troubleshooting we discovered many other problems. She documented, I am sure there will be an update coming soon.
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    double nat xbox

    alors du coup j'ai réussi je ne sais comment lol j'ai redémarrer les paramètres usines sur la box et ca a marche merci pour vos réponses et surtout bonne année a vous tous
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    Get out of bed Fraser!

    Late night, an early start and hanging around multiple forums has finally took its toll. Rosie was looking at me with a strange face 😂
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    firmware 3.0 R1 ?

    BONJOURS FRASER j ai testé pour voir une technique employé pour régler les problèmes d instabilités en informatique en désactivant les actions non essentielles : Devices Upload/Download Share Excess désactivé ,traffic priorisation désactivé , fonctions wan general tout désactivé résultats la qos fonctionne normalement comme n importe quel router qos :19ms de ping 3 ms de buffer-bloat stable reproducible.pas de lags en jeu etc... MON PLUS PETIT RATIO SUR 6 GAMES sinon avec les fonctions activées .les instabilités commencent :problèmes d upnp 22ms de ping ,bufferbloat de 3 a 8ms instable ,qos incohérente, retards en jeu ,difficilement 2 a 3 de ratio car je suis un joueur acceptable etc.... conclusion ,netduma n est ni plus ni moins qu'un router qos de base avec une belle interface.
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    Netduma Fraser

    More Powerful Ping Assist

    We are looking at combining Ping Heatmap and Geo-Filter together into one Rapp so in one form or another you could do this.
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    I remember bringing this up a long time ago about less hops would be helpful. Maybe it can be added and like you said if a user wants to use it they can.
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    The password on the bottom was incorrect on mine to, had to use a wired connection to set up initially
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    I've got quite a few in my log as well but I haven't had any issues, as Newfie said it's a known occurrence on Netgear routers. There hasn't been one time where this has been a legitimate cause for concern yet.
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    Netduma Fraser

    FIFA 21 issue

    Okay thank you very much, I'll pass this on to the team to see if they can reproduce it.
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    R2 router has stopped working

    Sorry, My mistake I want to write in another post as My Netduma R2 connection is dropping out
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    En teoría no tendría xq, pero me ha pasado y por experiencia propia no agregó servidores a mi radio, ya basta con poner El modo estricto y no salir del radio. Ahora con el xr1000 y con el modo polígono creo que incluso se pone más radical el radio mi experiencia está siendo buena de momento la detección de golpes es una pasada hay que trastear tantísimo en el Qos. Y en la priorizacion de tráfico la llevo Manual a 1024-65535 UDP!
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    Thanks m8 merry xmas
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    Jordan McCleary

    Netduma R2 No internet

    I’m just trying to get some help fixing it or a replacement @Netduma Admin
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    Please could you supply as much info as possible, ie isp provider, equipment, connection type and so on.
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    Estás en una versión muy antigua, por lo que ya no podemos aplicarle correcciones. Borre la caché / cookies del navegador y vea si eso ayuda con el error. En lo que respecta a WiFi, lo único que podría hacer sería agregar un extensor o un enrutador en modo AP, algo más básicamente para proporcionar WiFi que se conecta al R1.
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    Netduma Liam

    No internet access

    @evilc @Carl Bentley @therockstar84 @liquidluck77 Login to the interface on using the default credentials in the bottom left corner of the sticker underneath the router. Go to Network Settings -> WiFi and change your password here, you should then be able to login to the WiFi. After this, unplug the power cable of your R2 and reboot your upstream modem/router. Once that's done plug the R2 in again.
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    XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36

    Really waiting for 3.0 for XR700 didn't knew their top router would be one of the last one getting DumaOs 3.0 While the XR700 works really good in my home network very stable, very good WiFi connection and speeds to all my devices. It's really a pity that Netgear abandons their routers like this in lack of security updates, driver updates, certificate updates for the firmware to be up to date. It at least should came out together when 3.0 came out for XR500 that is months ago.
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    It is supported but it can be tricky in that they've changed their matchmaking. It should still help you as the server is closest to you so then you should have an advantage. I'd suggest you follow this guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-diagnose-modem-internet-service-provider-issues while saturating your connection e.g. downloading, streaming etc and trying different Anti-Bufferbloat percentages until you find what works best for you by keeping the ping low and stable. Depending on your internet usage use 'Always' if people stream etc a lot, it will help with buffering or use 'When High Priority Traffic Detected' if not much bandwidth is used. I usually leave Bandwidth Allocation alone with share excess enabled for download/upload. Keep Traffic Prioritization using DumaOS Classified Games. No specific QoS for D2 but this should get you optimal.
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