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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Hi all, I played the Alpha and had moderate nat type, Just played a few games on the beta with moderate nat and did a few changes to get open nat. Playstation static Ip adress Turn off upnp TCP and UDP external and internal port range 3074 =NAT TYPE OPEN
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    Netduma Fraser

    No milestone 1.4 announcement?

    There was a delay getting the go ahead for this week but that should be all wrapped up and ready for next week.
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    Help please.

    Leave it alone unless you are having issues with voip.
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    This problem has since been solved, see this article for information: https://kb.netgear.com/000061261/Google-Chrome-77-is-blocking-access-to-NETGEAR-login-pages-what-do-I-do --- On the latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75) we have identified an issue where users may have trouble logging into their Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. This affects the XR300, XR450, XR500 and XR700, it does not affect users of the Netduma R1. Instead of asking for a username and password as normal, the router will instead direct you straight to the Password Recovery page. We are aware of this issue and all relevant parties have been notified, there will be a fix as soon as possible. -- For the time being, we recommend that you manage your router using a different browser. We have confirmed that the issue does not affect Firefox or Edge. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Well our main rule is that every single thread, tweet, ticket and email must be replied to. Replying to all of this stuff is the most important part of my job and I always give it maximum priority.
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    xr500 + Dumaos pour être dans le futur?

    Hello 👍🏻 Désolé d'avance pour le pavé 😅 Je suis d'accord avec toi sur le fait que quand ça prend, ça prend vraiment. Après, ce qui est frustrant pour moi, c'est que sur une session de 3 ou 4h de jeu, je vais passer 1h au moins à tenter de trouver "the" réglage. Une fois que je l'ai, je prends vraiment du plaisir, je continue de jouer sans voir passer le temps, quitte à lutter au boulot le matin suivant. Et plus tard, quand je relance le jeu, motivé de rejouer comme jamais vu comment ça prenait la dernière fois.. bien au bout de 5 parties, je déchante.. shoot 1st, die 1st, en veux tu en voilà, j'dois mettre 15 balles.. bref, je relance des games en me disant que les serveurs ne sont pas bons.. et ça finit que je dois retourner sur le xr500 pour retrouver des réglages (j'en avais parlé avec Cécé et il avait le même ressenti que moi, il m'a accordé une soirée pour me filer des astuces mais rien n'y a fait). À la limite, là où ça prenait bien pendant 2-3 jours, c'est avec la dernière mise à jour où j'ai pu me passer de la box orange.. mais.. ça me faisait buguer la télé et j'étais à la limite du carton rouge par Madame 😂 Alors comme a dit Fraser dans un topic, une fois qu'on en a un de bon, il faut regarder sur une semaine pour voir le nombre de fois où ça aurait bien pris, mais la différence est tellement énorme entre les fois où ça prend et les autres où ça ne pas du tout que je suis obligé de rechercher de nouveaux réglages tellement ça me frustre (surtout quand je regarde les ricains genre Teepee, Dougisraw).. j'ai pas leur shoot, mais quand je vois ce qu'ils arrivent à mettre et moi ce que je dois mettre.. Je vais encore me répéter mais quand j'ai eu le R1 sur Advanced Warfare et que Chive m'avait tout régler, je n'ai plus eu à y toucher jusqu'à ce que je déménage. Je suis conscient que les techniciens font un gros taf pour nous simplifier le travail et ont beaucoup de boulot surtout ; mais j'ai des petits soucis avec dumaOs (la TV qui ne fonctionne pas, l'upnp qui ouvre des ports alors que je le désactive entre autres) et mis à part de meilleur débit Wi-Fi, je ne vois pas de réels bénéfices par rapport à mon R1. J suis pressé de ne plus lire que DumaOs est en bêta et surtout de voir le topic sur les futures nouveautés 👍🏻
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    People need to realize that the ultimate owner of the XR series IS NetGear. If you want to keep complaining and nagging, then you should be discussing this over on the NetGear forums and or filing support tickets. NetDuma is only the 3rd Party or Co-Developer for a portion of the FW that is developed and marketed BY NetGear. NetGear holds all the plans, policy's and release dates of when actual FW updates that go to public. It's up to NetGear and NetDuma to work together in getting code fixed based on which side of the code needs fixing. If there is problems with the NetDuma portion, then NetDuma needs to get this corrected then handed back to NetGear. If there are problems on the NetGear side of the fence, then NetDuma has nothing to do with it and NetGear needs to make the corrections. However NetGear needs to know what all the problems are first and foremost. There's a long processing and development and in house testing that needs to be done. So this can take a long time, several months. So FW just cant' be released willy nilly based on users complaints and nagging. If there are legitimate complaints, users need to post about these in the NetGear forums as well as NetDuma and troubleshooting should be performed to narrow down where the real problem is and also might find out which side of the fence it resides. I most cases, this will be NetGear and they need to see and review ALL information to determine who needs to take corrective actions. IMO, most of you people are barking up the wrong tree. If you want to voice your opinions and complaints, you need to field them with NetGear first. They hold the entire responsibility of the XR series. It's there product. If this was a NetDuma R series router, then you would be in the right right tree. Please give NetDuma a break on this. They can only do so much and say so much. There are reasons why the public gets limited information about FW updates and product releases. This is business and how router business is ran. Be patient and show some understanding.
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    Welcome to the forum. You can sign up for DumaOS here. https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
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    Need Help With XR500

    I gotcha man.......go to “firewall” tab, then you’ll see “IP Passthrough”. Click that & choose device (xr500 should show up). Select that and select “fixed” on the other drop down. It’s pretty much that simple. There’s only IP Passthrough not Bridge mode. Restart your device under “device” tab, then your console. Should see “open” NAT as well. Make sure to turn your WiFi off on the gateway as well, assuming you’re using the WiFi from xr500. All port forwarding done through the xr500 as well.....don’t do any funky things to the Gateway, just leave that as is......remember, it’s just passing your IP through it. All control is at xr500.
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    I realize this update is quite small, but the changelog isn't exhaustive, and we do have big updates on the way. Keep an eye out next week because we're planning a blog post that will reveal some exciting information about our plans for the next milestone.
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    DHCP Server alternative

    Just a follow up for anyone interested. I set up another router on my network behind the XR500. The second router is connected to the network via it's LAN port. Connecting through the WAN caused issues. So my setup now is modem > XR500(WAN), XR500(LAN) > ASUS(LAN). Disabled the DHCP on the XR500 and set it up on the 2nd router. Everything SEEMS to be working well at the moment. Geofilter still detects any console and appears to be working fine. QoS is harder to figure out but it looks like its working fine. The only issue I have found is that the XR500 can no longer resolve NEW device names. If the device was discovered by the XR500 then it retains its details. However all new devices are added as 'Unnamed Device'. Looks pretty good so far, so now if I have to reset my XR500 my IP reservations will not be lost
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    I like the format here and the way the Community works together. It’s a lot better than Netgear support and I’ve the Arlo system and to be honest their forum although now a separate company to Netgear is not a patch to this forum. i don’t know another company that helps as much as Netduma, it’s almost 24/7 and here I feel you get a more personal one to one. It’s also friendly and everyone tries to help where they can. Long may it last.
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    introduzca en la barra de direcciones de su navegador la siguiente direccion:
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    router login

    sorted it thx guys all I had to do was refresh my sky router for it to let me log in
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    There was a delay, we didn't get the full go ahead but should be next week, won't be long!
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    NETGEAR has released firmware fixes or hotfixes for KCodes NetUSB unauthenticated remote kernel information disclosure and arbitrary memory read security vulnerabilities on the following product models: XR500 running firmware versions prior to v2.3.2.56 XR700 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.1.18_BETA D6000 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.78 D6400 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.88 D7800 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.1.56 DC112A running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.44 EX6200 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.3.90 EX6200v2 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.1.78 EX8000 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.1.202 R6250 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.4.38_BETA R6400 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.1.50 R7300DST running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.74_BETA R7500v2 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.3.41_BETA R7800 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.2.63_BETA R7900 running firmware versions prior to R8000 running firmware versions prior to R8900 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.4.36_BETA R9000 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.4.36_BETA WNDR4300v2 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.60_BETA WNDR4500v3 running firmware versions prior to v1.0.0.60_BETA The firmware versions that end in “_BETA” are security hotfixes. Security hotfixes are beta firmware created outside of normal development and testing processes. While the hotfixes do fix the security vulnerabilities identified above, they could negatively affect the regular operation of your device. Though our pre-deployment testing process did not indicate that these hotfixes would impact device operability, we always encourage our users to monitor their device closely after installing the firmware hotfix. NETGEAR strongly recommends that you download the latest firmware fixes or hotfixes for these product models as soon as possible. CVSS v3 Rating: High CVSS v3 Score: 8.8 Vector: CVSS:3.0/AV:A/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H * I would suggest not running older firmware on XR routers unless its just for testing purposes and that you update to version or to be safe
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    Does it include bug fixes for DumaOS in between milestone launches? Because all the new features in the world wont help if you don't patch the bugs that exist after updates, like the bugs that never got patched in milestone 1.3 and were not patched in the last update for some unknown reason, I mean Netduma did have 8 months to fix these. There has to be a change of direction in patching DumaOS bugs, there are still major bugs from December 2018, which result in people having to turn off QoS like the VLAN tagging bug for instance. These bugs are still causing people issues 8 months into Milestone 1.3 and that's after that's a recent update too. No new feature set in Milestone 1.4 will fix what is pretty much a non existent patching cycle for bugs in DumaOS. I really hope you have thought and worked on this aspect of DumaOS's life cycle in tandem with Netgear, otherwise nothing has really changed no matter what you add feature wise. Maybe you need to slow down creating new feature's and concentrate on fixing the broken ones first?
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    Issue : XR500 & Philips Hue bridge

    I have a hue hub and I often have problems with it after I have rebooted my XR500. The only thing I have found to restore the connection is to unplug the hue hub for a minute and let it reconnect. Just keep an eye on the lights on the hub. It seems to have some issues with DHCP if it is left on through a router reboot.
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    We'll have something VERY soon. The post is all ready to go, we just need the go ahead from various parties. I would EXPECT it to come out tomorrow but I can't promise that.
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    This week for sure. The post is written and ready to go, we're waiting to get the go ahead from various parties.
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    fifa 20 servers

    hi guys after dowmloading the fifa 20 demo i have notcied thier is more servers located in my region, which is europe as im from the uk, servers pop up in france, london, ireland and also germany, where as fifa 19 i was only getting one loacted in germany. i dont no if the devs want to do some testing for cloud updates etc :)
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    Its been working today early in the day at like 2pm I couldn't find a game but hasn't done since Madden I have to start orgin fresh or the controller won't work that's awhole different topic lol that would make sense why the first time I load 2k it seems to go pretty fast I will try it I'll keep u posted if I get frustrated again lol thank you
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    I didn't play 2v2 but only "one" match as the mode is not for me. BUT THIS! 50 seconds mayhem 10000000_682659805533366_478445466850164736_n.mp4
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    it works for me after the update
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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Oh i see thanks for letting me know that.
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    Saw the post on Twitter, updated Chrome. (Thank You!) All good on my side!
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    QOS ne fonctionne plus

    Alex, I turned it off and to be honnest, all seems to be correct, I'll test it tonight on MW ! Thank you
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    WiFi Issues

    I think I've solved the issue, under the WAN settings I changed the MTU value from 1492 to 1430. Webpages seem to be loading a lot quicker
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    I believe that version is just bug fixes. We'll be announcing what's on the way very soon so you guys know what to expect next on DumaOS
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    Hey. I just sent the fix to your router so you can now upgrade manually. Thank you for your patience.
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    router login

    ok thankyou m8
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    oui j'ai réussi à me connecter à nouveau je vous remercie je mettrai a jour DumaOS
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    si claro, puedes actualizar en cualquier momento tu R1, todos son compatibles con el OS DumaOS, es mas si en algun momento no te gusta o te parece peor(cosa que dudo), siempre puedes volver a tu firmware origial que estas ahora. Para poder actualizar dirijase a este enlace y complete el formulario que le aparece, una vez que lo haya hecho, el equipo de Netduma le proporcionara la forma de actualizarlo: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ Estoy seguro que DumaOs le va a gustar, como lo dije es bastante mas facil e intuitivo de manejar, ademas de contener mejoras respecto al Firmware original
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    nevermind I just got it - lol. Use the smartphone config file. The missing link was using "client" as both the username and password
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    Netduma Alex

    Your favorite hobby?

    I love golf video games although I do get a bit frustrated with real golf. After all, if you're not instantly good at something it's not worth doing.
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    Your favorite hobby?

    Other than with my family or on a console/pc you can find me here
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    Device Manager Workaround(s)

    This is for those of you who like to tinker with the router and the duma devs if they are looking for the fix (or maybe they know already?) and a warning if you don't know what you're doing, a factory reset will be in your future. So I got to messing with this again today (bored) - router still up 15+ days. no reboot, no factory reset QOS still disabled. That's for another rainy day ... In a previous post I talked about throwing arping probes at each device on the router network to try and jar them free in device manager. Arping is no good, tested. Whatever you use, it needs to actually open a pipe/socket to the device in the kernel and get a temporary entry in the arp table. An arping probe doesn't seem to do it. I tested with telnet (works, but telnet could actually get a response from a host and open a socket, and if the ip is not in use it just takes too long). Would have liked to use nc (netcat) but unfortunately nc can also get a response from a host and take too long on some types of hosts. The version of nc on the router is super limited also, missing a lot of arguments, no -w timeout option which makes it difficult. So I settled on good old ping, even though ping on the router is super limited too and is missing a lot of useful argument options (like wait time). Had to devise a tiny script that would ping all possible hosts on the LAN subnet and do it quickly with what is available by default. In order to do this, you need telnet access to the router - need to understand how to create a script / chmod +x it, use vi, etc. basic linux stuff. if you find any improvement or better idea, let me know. so far, it works for me. FOR DEVICE MANAGER DEVICES THAT ARE IN THE ONLINE BRANCH, BUT ARE ACTUALLY OFFLINE -OR- DEVICES THAT ARE IN THE OFFLINE BRANCH, ARE ACTUALLY OFFLINE, BUT HAVE AN ACTIVE IP SHOWING (You are Unable to Delete Device/Device has Sticky IP): Create the script in the /tmp directory - chmod +x it and execute it: [email protected]:/# ./<name you called it> ex ./fixip This is the script: #!/bin/sh ### Get current LAN subnet - only first 3 octets chkip=$(config get lan_ipaddr | sed 's/\.[0-9]*$//') ### Cycle LAN subnet - un-comment echo to see if any error for i in $(seq 2 254) do #echo Are you really there $chkip.$i? ### Open ICMP socket to each IP on subnet & kill ping process in 1 microsecond ping -c1 -s1 -q $chkip.$i >/dev/null & usleep 1 && kill %1 2>/dev/null done Script is getting around limited ping version on the router by sending a quick ping to each ip .2-.254 and then turning around and immediately killing the ping process in 1 microsecond-- just enough time to open the socket and get an arp entry. With the sneaky loop the script takes only 1-2 seconds to complete as opposed to 37-45 minutes if you don't kill the ping process each time - learned that lesson, lol -- if you wanted to you could put it on a cron job every 6-10 minutes or so. I did not actually time how long it takes before the arp table resets back to only actual online devices and clears all the dummy 0x0 entries. It was about 5 minutes or so after execution of the script. if you un-commented the echo line to make sure its got the right subnet: [email protected]:/# ./fixip Are you really there Are you really there ... ... After the script runs (1-2 seconds) devices that were stuck online (but actually offline) will drop to the offline branch. Offline devices (really offline) in the offline branch that had IP addresses still stuck to them will clear out the ip, so you can leave them or delete them now without the "Error: Cannot delete, device is online" message. Now we still have one scenario that this does NOT fix. Devices that are online, have an actual IP attached to them, but STUCK in the Offline branch of device manager. Sneaky fix/cheat to that in next post ..
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    Question: Backups

    Massive +1 for DHCP reservations. This is the main reason I am reluctant to perform a factory reset on my Xr500. Alternatively a better method of inputting them would be very welcome. Maybe some sort of csv import or similar may solve the problem also. Or as progprog said, backup the reservation table to a cloud service. Dropbox, onedrive, google drive. Any option that would save the painful manual reentering of the devices would make me very happy! To be honest the whole reservation feature needs some work. Lines and radar buttons aren't clearly lined up and not all devices are shown in the list so you have to resort to manually inputting MAC addresses. This is the part of the process that currently takes so much time because I cannot connect all devices until the reservations are in place.
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    Using game servers to ping isn't too helpful as they can fluctuate wildly. It's better to use local/country specific sites that are more stable to provide a better idea of what your connection is like. Also the graph at the bottom would be very helpful to see.
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    Bt Smarthub 2 to DrayTek 130

    Ok I’ll try both configurations and get back to you.
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    Netduma Alex

    It would be possible?

    We're not currently doing any secret beta testing for the future R1 firmware, but when we need more testers we'll keep you in mind.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! So you do not have a Netduma/DumaOS router currently is that right? The R1 is a WiFi router and the S8000 is a switch so doesn't have WiFi. It sounds to me that you would benefit from connecting directly to your Sky Hub and using this guide to help you see whether your connection is stable or not (ignore any DumaOS specific instructions) http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-diagnose-modem-internet-service-provider-issues/ do this without anything else connected. If the connection is unstable then that points to an ISP issue. If it is stable then most likely you are experiencing local congestion which is definitely something that the R1 or the XR300/450/500/700 with DumaOS can help you with!
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    Sky and Open WRT

    Hi guys I use a bt homehub 5 with openwrt installed Here is the easiest way to do dmz
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    New firmware update

    Something similar was happening to me on .40. It quit once I downgraded to initial release, let it update back to .40, and did clean factory reset. I've learned that doing a factory reset then downgrading to original FW and letting it update back does wonders.
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    XR500 WiFi disconnect issues

    I just went to the netgear community through the router (online support) and found the .40 downgrade and put it back....ever since I went back to the .40 I haven't been booted playing COD online and that was yesterday afternoon when I went back.
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    It's possible that because you've just purchased it that it's taking some time to sync properly with the XR500. This can take a few days and usually results in less than full speeds. If it hasn't recovered within a few days then an option would be to set the MAC address of the XR500 to the MAC address of your previous router. If that doesn't work then post back and we can help. For NAT depending on your setup you may need to put your hub in modem mode or the IP of the XR500 into the DMZ of your hub.
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    New firmware update

    Honestly guys I would try that.. Do a factory reboot after you've done the latest firmware update.. See if that helps at all.. I know its a pain to do but if may require this in order for the new firmware to fully take.. Good luck! Zippy.
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    Modern warfare 2019 open Alpha

    The alpha is going to be 2v2 on a small selection of maps with set load outs. This link gives all the information https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-08/Announcement-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-PlayStation-4-2v2-Alpha-Rolls-out?cid=cem_19mwalpha More info and gameplay footage https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-08/Recap-Get-Your-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-Multiplayer-Footage-Here
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    Hybrid VPN and Netflix

    There are some VPN providers that offer for a premium a dedicated static ip address. I know purevpn have a netflix button on their desktop app that says netflix on it so when you connect it bypasses their geo filtering and vpn detection.
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    As Alex said - we will get a blog/announcement this week filling you guys on what we have been working on and the direction of DumaOS over the oncoming months. We've got a LOT of stuff coming soon. Also, for what it's worth, we do read all your comments and really take into account how we can make the best software possible. New features / bug fixes / usability improvements - we're working on them and you will see a major jump forward on these over the coming months.
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