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    Netduma Jack

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi Duma Army, and welcome to the first Developer Q&A thread! This your chance to ask the team about the current development and exciting future of DumaOS. Our developers will answer you directly as soon as they can (though this won't be live). Before we begin, lets get the caveats out of the way: - Keep it on topic: If you have technical issues with your router this isn't the place to get support. We'll be redirecting and deleting irrelevant posts to keep this thread on topic. - Keep it civil: Trolling, name-calling or general rudeness will not be tolerated on this thread. Please choose your words carefully and adhere to the forum rules to avoid suspension. - Keep it brief: Our developers are hard at work and their time is precious. They will try to answer every question they can, but they might not be able to answer every one - especially if your question is two pages long! Spam will not be tolerated. DumaOS development is driven by your feedback, so we're super excited to hear from you all. If this goes well we may host more Q&A sessions in the future. Fire away with any questions you have and a developer will answer as soon as possible!
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    Netduma Luke

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Nothing stopping us doing this - so it's good to know you'd be interested in a new router from us.
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    Netduma Alex

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, I'm Alex, I just started working at Netduma. My main role is to deal with tech support across the forums, social media and so on. I'm also going to deal with community stuff in general, and i'm impressed so far that Netduma's community seems so dedicated. I'm amazed at all of the mods and incredibly helpful community members I've seen so far! I'd like to have community events and things that aren't soley related to tech support. Some information about myself: I'm a lifelong gamer, I was a Nintendo fanboy in my youth but have since diversified. I don't like to take sides in the console wars, or the pc vs console argument, but I suppose if pushed i'd say I prefer using a controller... Sorry! I like JRPGs, platformers, racing games... Currently very into looter shooters like Destiny 2 or The Division 2... Haven't really got into the whole battle royale thing yet but I get the feeling that I will do, given that people in our office play PUBG and CoD Blackout. Also having 100 people connected at once is such an interesting networking challenge, it's like the ultimate benchmark. Anyway i'll definitely see you around the forums, Thanks for reading, Alex
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    I'd love DumaOs Router/Modem

    Just for discussion.. I'd love a Netduma Router that has DSL port built in so i have only 1 Modem/router setup. Instead if having 2 products. Is this a possibility for the future? For me the Benefits are no extra wires/ Ethernet's running all over the DumaOs does all handles Everything and be plugged straight in the BT Socket skipping my Vigor 130 modem. Would be "AWESOME" tho!
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    After sales support

    Just want to say thank you Jack and Alex for the after sales support think Netduma R1 awesome kit actually kept me playing COD ty guys πŸ‘πŸ»
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    Netduma Fraser

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Alright guys, if you're going to have a discussion please do it elsewhere. This is a Q&A topic. If you have a question then please ask.
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    If we had a colony on the moon, I'm certain that Activision would install a dedi on there and force everyone in the US to play on that, lol.
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    How many retweets do we need to hit....for this to happen?
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    Had to be done!

    Finally changed my PSN Name. Duma Army!!!!!
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    Thank you for the replies that answer my question i thought i wasn't connected but now i see thanks Big-dod and Zennon.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I can only see cloud-based gaming as a shitty gimmick for shitty games at the moment. With a lot of shitty lag.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I am always going to game on local hardware for FPS games. I can see them pushing cloud gaming for those who want to buy cheap consoles (dumb devices) knowing that all the hardware upgrading is happening in the cloud, so you don't need to keep upgrading hardware. However, you are going to need a serious internet package, a decent ISP, and money to pay for the service. Long term costs are ouch for cloud based, until backbone and ISPs step-up, especially the larger common household ISPs.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I have an excellent KD record on PS4, especially on BO3. However, the user experience, limitation of customization and the sheer lack of useful apps is the main reason why my ps4 is in the conservatory gathering dust and my xbox is now getting the love!
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    Netduma Alex

    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    Nah nah, what I mean is that the Xbox One (original) was underpowered and that's what held it back initially. It also means that any games that haven't been enhanced to work with Xbox One X are going to look kind of bad no matter what. In my experience I mostly meet Europeans on PlayStation and Americans on Xbox. Don't know why... Lots of military guys like Xbox. I prefer Xbox Live and I prefer the achievements system to trophies, plus what kind of company takes 12 years to figure out how to let you change your username?
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    Netduma Jonathan

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi everyone, first time posting. I'll be answering some questions as well in the future but am currently working on new features. Hope to get them to you soon.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi, I have the XR500 with DumaOS and just love it, their is one thing I kinda miss that my old router had (Asus RT-AC87U) is an scheduler for rebooting. Could be something like this above where you easy can enable it ans choose when and what time to reboot.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Or simply forget netgear and create a R2 as evoked upstream ... more powerful, more evolved, with the latest software and hardware functionality and a regular update monitoring in agreement with the community. Personally, I would be ready to put the price if such a project was born.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Are any of the devs going to push Netgear to update their code, so we are not running outdated versions opf OpeneSSL with possible vulnerabilities or minupnd which is still version 1.0 and is over a decade old! I ask about the low lying code on Netgears side because in this day and age being safe online is important the more IoT devices we have. etc As of now now the version of OpenSSL is from December 2017 1.0.2n I believe, and miniupnd is over decade old. There are so many packages Netgear dont update that third party firmware devs like Voxel (he can be found on the smallnetbuilder forum) he does a fork for the R7800 and R9000 using Netgears code with tweaks and updated packages to help with security and performance and general reliability Netgear filter ICMP for IPV6 which isn't helpful, most other router manufacturers don't, so this leads me to when will DumaOS actually support IPv6 and will you try and get Netgear to stop filtering ICMP? More ISP's are using IPv6 now (mine, which is IDNet have used it for years) and it would be good if DumaOS was compatible with what is really the future of internet routing. Also anything in the works for a solution like Asus AiProtection. I know Netgear have Bitdefender Armour (I can't see that coming to the XR500 and its brethren) but DumaOS could have something similar baked in possibly or would put you at odds with Netgear? Any chance of a guide or a semi automated QoS because hell I have no idea what my printer or Zeppelin wireless speaker should be using bandwidth wise and I don't want to spend hours tweaking it tbh, they certainly don't need an equal share of what's left after antibufferbloat takes its percentage,. so maybe a high, medium or low initial setting for certain devices could be given at set up and of course have it user configurable for those that want to tweak further, rather like the defunct Qualcomm streamboost and better seen in Cake or FQ-CoDel. I know Cake is more CPU intensive so maybe not great to run on older hardware, but something like cake would be really helpful to many I'm sure. We also need more device classifications please, that was also promised but never materialised. and will we get WOL on these routers? I know they are gaming routers but some thought needs to be put into the fact they will be used as the households main router, so streaming, NAS functionality etc all need to be looked into and improved, I would love to be able to prioritise devices that use a lot of bandwidth for streaming as well as the small amount for gaming. Also maybe a theme that isn't red, the Asus colour scheme is clear and concise, so something similar would be great. Red looks snazzy for a gaming router which I imagine was part of the thought process behind the colour scheme of both the R1 and later DumaOS Netgear devices, but damn its hard on the eyes at times, and not great for colour-blind people I imagine.
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    Host Question?

    You should be the party leader if you are geo filtering.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Netduma Luke Id be in full on if you guys had something new on your end only!! R2 or whatever you would call it! Id be first in line! Zippy.
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    Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
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    Heres a good one if your on android I use this daily and can also plug my usb c to ethernet adapter in for accuracy https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.techet.netanalyzer.an
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    Good news, NETGEAR are happy for us to publicly share the link to a hot fix firmware which should address the very small % of users who are experiencing drop outs. Here it is: https://ntgr-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/tichang_netgear_com/Efc2T54tBPREtZwrMtj7PF8BGssdUVOk7aCG_PBzlFyMzQ?e=OAwQnP Keep in mind this is the exact same as the current release (, just with a small hotfix which may fix drop outs. There's no real need to install this firmware if you are not experiencing any drop outs. Upgrade Instructions: Using the Download Link below, download the new firmware to a convenient place such as your desktop. Run your web browser and open http://www.routerlogin.net. Click Settings => Administration => Firmware Upgrade page. Click Browser button and locate the firmware image file. Click Upload button. Wait for upgrade progress to complete.
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    Dos Attack?

    It’s nothing to worry about, these logs are perfectly normal. The logs are only for the developers and they are often misunderstood.
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    Netduma Alex

    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    In theory i'm interested in cloud based gaming, especially since people will be bound to want better network hardware when it gets popular πŸ˜‹ But i've tried services like OnLive and GeForce Now and I've never been very impressed. You need like 100% perfect network conditions for it to work! Mine kept fluctuating and making things blurry. The responsiveness was okay but the image was far from crisp. Honestly if cloud gaming is going to hit it big, ISPs are going to have to up their game. But even so, Sony and Microsoft working together? What an age we live in...
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    Netduma Alex

    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I can never decide between PlayStation and Xbox. I think that PlayStation has better hardware this gen, but Xbox's online services are better... I hope that next gen, Microsoft will keep up the good work from the Xbox One X and go really high spec. More exclusives would be good too although I love Forza. Still i'll probably end up getting both anyway, especially considering I now have a job... (you'll never guess where)
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    Help on XR500 recent purchase

    talktalk are the best out of the major ISP's. I use idnet as although their prices are a little higher you get what you pay for. They are british, with british tech support and their fault and repair service is second to none. I lost internet connection last wednesday afternoon, I had an engineer at my house at 8am the following day repairing my issue!!!.........it was a faulty port in the street cabinet that was to blame.
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    yea, gonna screenshot it late tonight when i get back.
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    Don't care what 'stability' fixes they reckon they made, nothing has changed.
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    Ok good to know brother thanks again for the 411
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    Thanks Alex & Fraser for the support πŸ™Œ Gonna update it now πŸ‘ 😎
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    Hi Yam, I sent you a private forum message with the link, hope this helps!
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    trying to keep an open nat

    you may also need to clear your browser cache which should help remove your error message. If you are unsure how to do this I will post screenshots to guide you.
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    Hi. I have deleted you recent post as it is exactly the same content as this 1 and you should only post in 1v1 support thread when asked to do so by Netduma directly. Please do not create multiple threads for the same issue as it's harder to follow and help resolve your issue as frustrating as it is for you. I am locking this thread as please concerntrate on the 1 you have already posted and that Netduma are already helping you with, thank's!
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    To add to your suggestion. Temp ban only ban's one IP from a bank of possible hundreds in a server bank. to ban the whole server it would need a wild card system to look something like this 35.566.*.*
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    Yeah would agree and say this is down to VM. Also a tip, if you get an engineer out again remove the XR500 before they arrive as if they see you're using it they will most likely blame that
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    Lag spikes PLEASE HELP HUB 3 XR500

    If next door has this issue then it has to be either an issue with the cables to / in the Virgin cabinet or somewhere from their backbone to the cabinet.
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    Netduma Admin

    Xr500 firmware updates

    Will PM it to you - it just contains a hotfix so it's the same as .40, but with an adjustment that might stop those small % of people having dropouts. OK, will send it now OK, will send it now OK, will send it now OK, will send it now It just contains a hotfix so it's the same as .40, but with an adjustment that might stop those small % of people having dropouts.
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    Kids are currently gaming. Will try to squeeze the update in after dinner.
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    Netduma Casey

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    We could add a ping plotter/ping route R-App, it could be useful to see what parts of your packet's trip are causing lag. We could look into adding a third 'spectate' type to allow/deny enable watching server without impacting the rest of the geofilter, or adding another panel which hosts a list of servers that it pings. Thanks for the suggestion. VLan is definitely a useful feature, we plan on adding it in a later version. We are definitely interested in expanding the appeal that our routers have. Parental controls would be a nice addition to DumaOS, it could have features like periods of time devices can access the internet. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by not supporting a Nintendo Switch, you can configure your Nintendo Switch devices in the device manager and the R1 allows full port forwarding from 1 - 65535 on both protocols. We don't currently have DMZ in our R1 firmware but we do plan to add it in a later version.
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    Netduma Jack

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Just to pitch in on this since I'll be working with Josh on themes - we'll absolutely be taking colour blindness and other sight factors into account with many of the themes. We'll do the proper research into this area and make sure folks like yourself are able to give us feedback before we release them
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Maybe not but you are an integral part of the the Netduma machine and an asset :)
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    Netduma Fraser

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Ahh fair enough, I misunderstood, I'm not a developer so I'll butt out of this topic πŸ˜‚
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Is there a way that you can see the pings of the players in a lobby before the game starts and we can set a max player ping per lobby, so if it at a range of say a max of 60ms and a player was connected at 75ms to that lobby it would kick us back so we can search again. High ping players are the bain of cod it throws the sync right out of the window, this feature would be a god send to me.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    What are some of the new features coming to the 1.4 milestone?
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    modem question

    alright im back to my old plan so this topic is all finished i guess i think im going to just stick with this plan for the years to come thanks again for all the help everyone did appreciate it.
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    I just wanted to tell you all that I bought the XR500. The reason why I decided to buy the XR500 instead of the XR300 was that they reduced the price to the EXACT same price as the XR300 during Easter. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions and helped me decide what to buy!
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    geo filtre Destiny 2

    Thank you fraser πŸ‘
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