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    Thanks! Fraser and I try very hard to keep the community happy. Sometimes it's hard as we're often limited in what we can say, but if the community speaks we let the devs know. Bug reports and suggestions are not falling on deaf ears.
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    I appreciate the more transparent side of things here now, Fraser. I still think your devs have patching backwards, I know of no other company that releases new operating systems without patches for their software in between major releases. Its just seems to me a retrograde way of doing things. Apple have just released macOS Catalina and its buggy, now imagine if no point releases came until next year with macOS 10.16 Users would go mad and Apple would never sell another computer probably, same for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. That is just not how you do things in my view and no matter what the new version hopes and expectations are it will have bugs, you cant make bug free software, its impossible. I'm just hoping DumaOS 4.0 or another incarnation of DumaOS wont be the fix for DumaOS 3.0's bugs. Until I can see a point release path rather than 8-12 month gaps between updates to fix issues with DumaOS software pushed to Netgear hardware, I've had to remove the XR500 as my daily driver for now and box it up. I'm aware this may not be all your fault believe me, and I know you guys work really hard and I will continue to help where I can, but the XR development cycle in my view is unacceptable as it stands. I look forward though to seeing what your plans are with DumaOS nevertheless. Right time for more more coffee
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    QOS issues (again)

    To be fair to them I left both the home hub and the R1 there and they both took no notice and didn't blame the hardware. For this one though I'll definitely remove everything so that there's no excuses
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    You guys seriously....

    Yah see how things go. It never hurts to give charter a call if need be and have them check your line. That is something I always do. They know me by my first name now if that tells you anything. Not sure what kind of techs you have in your area but if you get a tech that has the newer testing equipment to test your line you will be golden! Zippy.
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    D'accord je vais regarder merci
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    Thats sounds good Alex thanks
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    I imagine the packet loss is caused because the speedtest is intentionally trying to flood the connection to it's maximum capacity. In most situations, a server will slow down sending packets when one gets dropped. This technique is used to figure out what video quality your connection you can handle... but for a speedtest I imagine they push lots of data regardless of how many packets get dropped. If the problem only occurs during a speedtest, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Netduma Alex

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    We'll be adding more people as we need them. We'll invite people who applied first before people who applied more recently, so you're in a good position!
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    That sounds awesome! The future of DumaOS looks bright. My YouTube community is going to really enjoy the future of DumaOS. Thanks for taking feedback & making the best product y'all can.
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    Ok I. will try that and update you on this.
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    I've replied to you in this thread: That IS the plan, the reason we've not been so good at bug patching so far is because we've not had the staff. We've got enough people now that we can have one group working on features and one group working on fixes. Once 3.0 is out, the pressure for features is off, and the pressure for fixes is on.
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    Ok so, ive found the source of the problem. allowed that server that dint show up before. Problem solved
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    Netduma Fraser

    Recommended speeds?

    If you were to do a speed test after setting to 70%, you would see the results as 70% of your overall speeds yes. I think Alex meant that the hardware of the R1 doesn't have the same capacity for speed as the XR500.
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    Netduma Alex

    Duma app

    Focus right now is on DumaOS 3.0 but the app is coming along nicely.
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    More Hybrid VPN Options

    @Netduma Alex And maybe custom DNS options for HybridVPN like I previously mentioned. I think @Tripper would like this also for various VPN providers. It should have a basic / advanced mode. 😄
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    LAG and Bad Ping all of sudden

    Here in the UK we have a test socket behind the master socket faceplate. You place a filter in the test socket then connect the modem/router to it via an RJ11 cable the you can test with ping plotter directly from the modem/router. I do not know about the US etc so I would test directly from your ISP modem/router via Ethernet to a computer running ping plotter. Run a test on PP using twitter.com using no other bandwidth (use on an idle line) If there is still an issue buy new cables from the wall to the modem/router and new Ethernet. If there is still an issue contact your ISP
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    The best is yet to come!
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    Super excited for some of the things in the works. You guys have come such a long way, it’s been a pleasure helping out!
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    Cat 8 ethernet cable doesnt matter. With 5E you're good for 1Gbit at shorter distances and 6 and higher will support 1G long distance and 10G. It doesn't matter for gaming if you're using 5E or 7 unless you have a 10G connection. Higher supported frequency's in cables are not used as the ports between your devices will auto negotiate it's transferspeed.
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    Netduma Fraser

    QOS issues (again)

    Really sorry to hear that but glad that you'll be back in the future! Yes please that would be really helpful! I will chase Jack on that and get him or another colleague to respond.
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    Yes i will do this as soon i am home, and tell u what the results are. Thank you very much for your help and assistance.
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    Thank you Alex , this evening i ll download .40 to see if client tickrate is setting to 120 hz and i ll posted a photo..
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    Netduma Alex

    Netduma R1 Setup Assistance

    With a radius that small I might consider turning ping assist up a little bit, just in case it can't find a game quickly enough in England.
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    Netduma Alex

    party problem nat

    Yes I believe so. I just sent out the update, so give it a go and let me know if it works.
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    best settings for bo4

    I would probably disable ping assist and find the servers you have the best gameplay on on put your radius around it or them. As for your qos settings you'll have to go on pingplotter and start at 70/70 and work from there up or down. I live in the midwest and (MN) and I have mine at 52down/60 up. Everyone is different depending on your speeds and where you live etc. You could also try to open up all the ports to the game as well. Some stuff works for some ppl and some don't. There is no magic to any of it cause it is cod and your only as good as your connections to the servers. Good luck!
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    Heya, sorry it took a while. one more thing i noticed but that probably unrelated and i dont really care about it is that i cant access my router from outside my wifi anymore ie. remote access is unavailable.
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    It's possible that the server you see on start up is just used for authentication and not for actually playing the game. It could also be possible that the server was just full every time you played. The game should be fully restarted every time you change Geo-Filter settings. This is because the game figures out what servers it can talk to while it starts up. DumaOS doesn't need to be open for it's settings to take effect. Once you've got the settings as you like them, you can close DumaOS and it will keep applying your settings until you turn them off. In Geo-Filter, you can turn them off by switching to Spectating mode.
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    Thanks, Netduma Fraser. That's good to know.
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    Dave Masefield

    Allow and deny

    This seems to have sorted it bud. Thank you
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    The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0 Last year we released our first major update for DumaOS, Milestone 1.3. You guys loved it, so we quickly got to work on the next milestone, packing it full of features to make your router even more powerful. This next milestone will instead be a new version, DumaOS 3.0, and it marks the biggest leap forward in our history. It will contain a huge amount of features never seen before on a router. Instead of just sending out each of the features piece by piece, we needed to wrap them all up into one giant release. We will explain why soon 😉 (but don't worry, we're not doing an EA!). We know you guys will want to get your hands on 3.0 as soon as possible and we are working very hard to make this happen. But until we are sure, the release date is ‘to be confirmed’. But in the meantime, here is a teaser one of the many features coming to your router in 3.0: Data History. With Data History you can see how much bandwidth you’ve used over time and drill-down to see which devices and/or applications are eating up all your data or find out how many hours you spent gaming over the weekend. If you are under a data cap, you can also see if you are nearing your monthly limit. This is just a small glimpse into 3.0. We will be gradually revealing more features over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more announcements. One final thing, we launched DumaOS Insiders yesterday. This will be a private subforum where we share first-looks at features we are currently working on and using your feedback to shape them. There are only a few spaces left, so sign up here if you haven’t already: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29480-sign-up-to-dumaos-insiders/ Big things are coming. Thank you for your support. The ND Team
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    More Hybrid VPN Options

    If possible along with Open VPN protocol, also provide option for IKEv2. It seems to be just as reliable as open VPN.
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    Ping Assist

    Ah Ah Ah Not errors brah... i call that play with things to learn things !!! After factory reset 3 times in a row you should put your settings like i mentioned with home to proper real world location and then when everything is done aka proper settings & reboot you should test while looking at Auto ping to see if your tickrate is stable or not because TICKRATE is MORE IMPORTANT than PING !!! 7ms dedis are shit when Tickrate is unstable vs 18ms dedis with stable tickrate !!! Call Of Duty runs at 120 minimum guys !!! If you see your tickrate staying at around 60...you have a problem !!! If you see your Tickrate bouncing from 60 to 120 to 60 to 120 to 60 every seconds or two... You have a problem i call UNSTABLE !!! I found a working way to stabilize it and i've explained everything but also in preparation of doing video about it !!! Please note R1 users... R1 is not able to handle 120 tickrate with duma os...yet !!! It max out at around 100 !!! Like running between 80 and 100 Ticrates !!! It's sad in a way but on the other side the R1 with Duma Os is more stable than XR500 so you don't need to workaround like us to stabilize your Tickrate 😛 !!! And before anyone think wrongly... no it's not line related aka same results on second setup 2 months ago when line was 9-11ms cable and now with the new line aka 1ms FTTH 1,5gbs/1gbs ...also same result with the R1 on my main setup aka Straight 7ms VDSL2 while my XR500 on both setups with the 3 different type of lines always run at +120 when stabilized by my lil knowledge 😛 ah ah ah !!! That's the main reason why the XR perform better than R1 and why to step up from R1 to XR series !!! XR500 USERS : WARNING !!! .56 breaks your router and make it impossible to stabilize !!! The best of all firmwares for XR500 to date is .40a fix !!! If you are on .56 you'll have to downgrade to .32 then factory then unplug then factory then unplug then factory then unplug..now update to .40a fix and reboot...factory reset...let reboot...unplug...hold factory reset pin on back of router for 10 seconds...plug back...power on router...last factory reset...reboot...unplug...press back power button 6-7 times in a row...plug back...power on and now set everything like i already explained earlier in this same thread !!! (PS: when i say Factory reset... Always do it by pressing the Factory Reset pin on the back of the router...hold for 10 seconds and release) ALWAYS UPDATE FIRMWARE VIA LAN aka with lan cable aka wired AND ALWAYS MANAGE ROUTER VIA WIFI 2.4g !!! YES it is time consuming...but you'll properly fix your router and from there YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY GAMING !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC81 aka DMC51450 👽🍻
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    Ok ill give it a try and let you guys know the results.
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    Netduma Alex

    Anti bufferbloat sucks!!!

    I'm sure your YouTube community is going to be hyped when they see everything DumaOS 3.0 is going to offer. We've got big plans.
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    Anti bufferbloat sucks!!!

    I'm a content creator on YouTube and have had no issues with the XR500. The big * is that DumaOS takes time to nail down good settings for a gamer who plays lots of different things. One setting might be great for Cod but not so much for Apex & so on. Eventually you'll find a setup that works good for most games. The few that give you trouble you'll eventually find settings for as well. I started out with the R1 years ago and grabbed a XR500 when it was released. The one thing I witch NetDuma would put in bold somewhere on the interface or somewhere obvious is that it takes time to find good settings for all games. I've notice many comments on many of my DumaOS videos where people have the same kinds of issues. I explain that it takes time however once you find a good spot your online gaming experience will get better. Looking back at comments I feel as though people think DumaOS is plug in play with minimal user adjustments. That's simply not the case as everyone has a different setup. DumaOS requires you to take the time to adjust things & find your sweet spot. I can be a bit difficult but it's worth it in the end. Good Luck!
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    So why couldn't you just patch Milestone 1.3 then, if you have not got enough staff you fix what you have already made surely before starting a new project? Anyway I wish you luck with it and look forward to seeing what's coming.
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    My Gaming Experience hasn't changed

    im looking for remote assistance this is getting way out of my comfort zone, especially for a premium product, Can you remote assist via my pc?
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    QOS issues (again)

    Reboot from the the DumaOS software GUI, not a turn off and on from the plug. If that has no change, unplug the XR500 for 5 minutes and try again.
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    Netduma Alex


    In our defence, the XR500 is very popular and Netgear sells many many units. I think that the purchase to problem ratio is pretty good, personally. Obviously if there's a lot of routers out there, the number of faulty routers will also be higher.
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    QOS issues (again)

    So just for clarification you want me to put my PC in the XR500 DMZ and re do the ping plotter tests while loading up a YouTube video on my phone? Also yes I left WMW on as that was what the default value was. Or do you want all saturation to come from the PC as well?
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    Netduma Fraser


    There are some issues which are definitely present for some users and they have those same issues but you'll get that for every manufacturer, it's only being a part of the community that you see issues all the time so it seems like something huge but then again theres so many people that don't post who don't have issues. I do understand what you're saying though and we do want to make it as stable as possible
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    My Gaming Experience hasn't changed

    This router can t change your connection , it stabilized your ping during congestion or could connect in a nearest dedicated servers , thats all for COD. Nothing of magic.. In a recent call of duty games there 's a problem called Lag comp that ruin the gaming experience.. I ve 1 gb/s and 6/7 ms in Italian dedis and my hit detection aren 't so clear.. This Router for me is fantastic , the problem is the netcode..
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    Netduma Alex

    Restore default panel layout?

    Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you're enjoying your XR500. Unfortunately there's no button to restore the default layout, however i've taken a screenshot of the default layout on my XR500 so you can recreate it from there! Remember that panels can be dragged, dropped and resized at will.
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    As @DAKOTADOCKALL suggests, put your radius in the middle of the ocean, set ping assist to something reasonable like 30 or 40. Strict mode on, fast search off.
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    Netduma Alex

    Packet loss with QoS enabled?

    The results on the graph look pretty good. The only concern is that one really huge lag spike, but since it doesn't seem to have happened again, I can only assume that something on your network was using a lot of bandwidth very briefly.
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    ps4 doesnt will never see gb speeds. the most ive gotten was 600 on my ps4 pro.
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    Ping Assist

    Thank you for your response. All these years with the R1 and now XR700, I never really played with ping assist. I either used geo filter with ping assist at 0 or geo filter disabled. Just another case of user error and forgetting things in my older age.
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    netduma et fibre

    Bonjour Sab taz et bienvenue à toi, Il n'y à pas d'âge pour jouer à des jeux vidéo ou être passionné moi même j'ai eu 43 ans et je joue sur PC maintenant 😄 J'ai pas la fibre mais déjà côté Box tu as quoi comme réglage ? Box > désactive IPV6 > désactive upnp > met une ip fixe au XR500 > ip fixe XR500 met la dans la DMZ très important sa redirige tout le trafic internet vers ton XR500 et reboote ta Box. XR500 > désactive IPV6 > sois ta PS4 tu laisse ip auto et upnp qui va ouvrir les ports automatiquement > sois tu désactive upnp et tu met une ip fixe à ta PS4 et tu ouvre t'es ports manuellement mais la c'est ta PS4 aura les ports ouvert pas les PS4 de t'es enfants. Oui tu peux désactivé la QoS vu que ta la fibre niveau congestion t'es comme même tranquille, pour ip fixe c'est surtout pour ouvrir les ports manuellement ou éviter un conflit d'adresse ip. Pour ip fixe si tu veux savoir comment ont fait: XR500 > paramètres > Lan > tu cliquer sur ajouter > tu sélectionne l'appareil que tu veux et tu met à la fin ip que tu veux et tu applique tout simplement. Exemple: Ta sélectionner ta PS4 le XR500 ta mis ip auto et toi tu change juste les 2 derniers chiffres de la fin Voila j'espère que sa pourra t'aider un peux bonne journée 😉
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    You're talking about a Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router right? In the firmware updates section of settings, there is an automatic updates option, and if you press I Disagree and press save, your system will remain on the version it's currently on. You can download whichever old version you want from here (if you're on an XR500): https://www.netgear.com/support/product/XR500.aspx When you go through the setup procedure, make sure that you refuse any updates that it finds automatically!
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