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    Netduma Fraser

    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    It will be pushed automatically to the router, no need for you to do anything
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    Lol discord crew you say how petty. Nobody is hiding anything the private area was created purely to have an uncluttered space, nothing is being kept secret we are working on it for the whole community. @shoulin you certainly love to try and be the centre of attention, and this is why you threw all the toys out the pram when you didn't get access to the private area on the discord server, instead of working together you have decided to stay on these forums and talk crap about the people who are actually working on this for the whole community. @shoulin I also believe it was you in the discord on a smurf account spouting racist crap the other day, oh and not to forget you and your buddies trying to DM people to "SELL" your so called method "which is has old has D1" btw @shoulin you really are full of yourself, you held back a so called method which in fact wasn't even anything that was unknown to 90% of the community, and was a method used back before netduma was even a thing, so please get off your high horse. @shoulin please continue to try and chat crap about the discord server I am sure it gives you some kind of weird satisfaction but it does NOTHING to HELP the COMMUNITY. @Toots when you get a chance to remove your tongue from @shoulin's ass perhaps you could think long and hard about what you are saying here, not sure where you got the idea that we have a method hidden in the members section perhaps you believe everything @shoulin is spouting, I can assure you the intention of the discord is to bring the community together to work on a soloution "EVERYONE" can use, @shoulin just seems to be against anyone working on it perhaps he has money involved like I said he and his buddies tried to sell the method he has posted here on the discord, which is against the rules btw. When a solution is found it will be available for FREE to anyone that wants itIf anyone would like to join the discord where we have a bunch of knowledgeable people looking in to this you are more than welcome the join code is Rn6WFXXdfx
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    Can you please start a new thread instead of derailing mine. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. * I'm still waiting to see if anybody has a PlayStation console there willing to test. If someone comes through I'll be sure to let y'all know the results.
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    Old Man Spetz

    Shared configs

    Had this idea with with a fellow dumaOS user in our Discord a few min ago. In short, it would REALLY be epic if there were a "Save Settings" system in place along with a "Share Settings". This Share Settings could create a small config file that we could share with others. In this file would have EVERYTHING we have done, from blocking certain IP's, to configuring geo-filtering, on ones dumaOS. I say everything but obviously not a persons VPN account login info or things like that. If we could share our configs with others, and all they had to do was load said config to have our exact settings...Well, this would make things SO MUCH FASTER.
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    Brother Vance

    LUKE What have you done?

    If you are still working at an office make sure to put him on coffee duty for the next few weeks. 😅
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    🤣 Fraser, you're going to become an expert in this whether you like it or not. May as well come to the dark side 😉
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    Netduma Fraser

    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    Hopefully next week but depends how well testing goes
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    how to get better hit detection

    im 2nd on the " you guys are expecting the world" from this router thing. i had mine for like 4 weeks and i will say that i am very happy with my purchase. the router promises to get good ping lobbies which it does. my time with this router i went from 80 ping games to 20-25 which has made this game ALOT MORE ENJOYABLE. what some of you guys are expecting is too much, you want to laser people, win all your fights and get bot games..... bruh. the router cant help yall if yu have no gunskill, thats on YOU to actually get better. but alot of people will blame everyone but themsleves in that area.... one thing i will say, cold war hit detection us naturally shitty and you need to deal with it. everyone is.
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    @Soblex30 Its right above the word Rapp.. Or very close anyways.. It wont appear until you get close to it as its invisible until you hover your mouse/pointer over it.. If you still cant find it let me know and I will take a screenshot for yah! Thanks! Zippy.
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    No internet connection

    It worked! Thanks to all of you for the help:) would not have made it without you.
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    Netduma Fraser

    New tread

    v v v
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    yes the ps5 is showing Nat type 2 , call of duty showing moderate , Thanks for the fast reply and advice will update if it helps.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Moderate NAT - PC - Warzone

    That's great! You won't really be able to get them both open NAT if they're connected to different devices, especially as they'll be trying to use the same ports. Can they both not be connected to the XR?
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    Netduma Fraser

    LUKE What have you done?

    Thank you for letting us know, Luke will pay dearly for this mistake! I've let the team know so it should be resolved tomorrow.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Internet Stops Working on R2

    Keep us posted if it happens again, it may have just been a fluke as its just one device, would usually be more if it was something on the router
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    Ill try that, i didnt think it mattered. I guess ill hae to check on it around the 1-2 hour mark to see if it causes problems
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    Netduma Fraser

    Destiny 2 geo filter not working

    Nothing yet, we're still testing it and hopefully will have a cloud update next week to help filter servers - unlikely to be able to help with matching solo or against friends.
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    If it's open all day that might do it, just have it open when being used or once you've changed your settings and see if it goes longer without issue
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    I think it would be useful for Netduma to appreciate whether or not the current issue faced by some of its users affects the minority or the majority.
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    To improve your gaming experience "Unintentional use" on Destiny 2 Other Netduma router features For all the above In my case two out of three is not bad. I do hope the discord guys find a work around though.😎
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    2.4 GHZ Wifi Connection

    It’s an omni directional antenna. Some of the newer routers exceed the older type routers on 5Ghz compared to 2.4 on the older gen routers, sadly they are not gaming routers. There’s no way the antenna can unscrew itself, and when running hot most processors will slow down or simply stop. How many other neighbouring channels do you have?
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    I get what you're going for but if Destiny have changed their matchmaking system to use server hosts instead of player hosts then there may not be a way around it, we don't control how they implement their systems
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    Netduma Fraser

    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    We're working on it, don't have a solution currently
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    Yes, it worked for me too
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    WIFI weak Signal

    No its not designed to be wall hung , I have it standing on the desk on its nose leaning against something . I suppose you could buy some of those double sided sticky things and hang it on the wall it is after all a very light piece of kit .
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    how to get better hit detection

    I’ve had zero problems with the router. Everything is pretty much self explanatory. There’s tons of tutorials and videos for every feature. What are you wanting the router to do that it’s not doing then? I only said what I said because you mention warzone specifically. I play warzone and Cold War and have zero issues aside from the usual cod bs that has NOTHING to do with my r2...
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    can't connect to internet

    Yardımlarınız için çok teşekkür ederim
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    Thanks for the kind words. The router intention is not to help you get into a game solo or force connections to your friends so you're on opposite teams - the intention has always been to get you the best games possible. The game devs changed their matchmaking system so that you're unable to do this anymore, not us. I think the fact we're looking into the possibility of a workaround to allow an unintentional way of connecting to the game shows we care about our customers. We are going to re-classify Destiny and push a cloud update so you can at the very least filter via servers properly - if there is anything more we can do then we will but it may not be possible. I understand you're frustrated but I feel your anger is misplaced. We'll keep people posted.
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    Awesome, thanks for the update. Sure so continue with static IPs for now until we're able to resolve this!
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    placement of router.

    Thank you for the advice, I will try that network layout tomorrow.
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    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    You will not be able to use the geofilter forever. Because Bungie changed the matchmaking to SDR so our ip is completely hidden by steam system. Believe me, it will never work again since the geofilter will not be able to see others' ip to know their ping.
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    Filtering not working?

    Great thanks for your help
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    Been on the new firmware almost a week no issues to report, factory reset after upgrade as advised and its business as usual using traffic prioritization and traffic controller rules for playing battlefield.
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    Filtering not working?

    Great I’ll try that thank you
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    It's been a while. Was using R1 and the XR500 and then ended up selling them for a mesh system, but I missed the Netduma OS features so I ended up buying a used R1 from someone. It's good to be back. Other routers are just not the same. Netduma for life! Lol
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geofilter Destiny 2

    Hey, welcome to the forum! It's something we're looking into at the moment, we don't have anything conclusive at the moment but will let people know when we do
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    Netduma Fraser

    doubt upnp

    You can disable UPnP on the modem definitely, you can use UPnP or DMZ on the R2 and you should get an Open NAT - where are you checking the NAT status?
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    How can such an old (and fat) man be so childish? How can such an old (and fat/ugly) man act like such a child? Grow up.
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    DDNS thoughts?

    sorted it thank you liam.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Server route problem?!?

    The in game ping includes processing delay which all games have so that is perfectly normal, both pings are correct - the Geo-Filter is your ping direct to the server
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    I never said it was perfect, and I never said it was the only working method. Your negative comments are not useful. If anyone who doesn’t know This method then I hope it’s helpful. If you already knew it and that it currently works then why didn’t you share it? this is info only, due with it what you will. ps don’t come creeping in my inbox again.
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    Poor Wifi Signal - XR1000

    When I had it enabled, it caused disconnects and it was super spotty
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    Hi, SetTop boxes for movistar used to operate based on VLANs. If your box managed to boot up to a certain point, then there is a good chance the they changed this. The old values were: Los datos de configuración del FTTH de Movistar son: Datos: ID 6 Prioridad 1 Voz: ID 3 Prioridad 4 Televisión: ID 2 Prioridad 4 The problem with streams freezing on this setup boxes is due to lacking support (or misconfiguration) of Multicast streams. For this you need something like a igmpproxy. Sorry, I cannot tell you if the R2 hals built-in support for this Configuration. As far as I know. Lan support is in the making. Multicast support might be already functioning. Saludos Boixa
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    Netduma Fraser

    Warzone settings

    That has been suggested before so it is likely you'll see something like this in the future.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geofilter March 2021 Not working

    They changed their matchmaking system, we're testing it at the moment and hope to put out a cloud update so you can filter servers but unlikely you'll be able to match solo/against friends.
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    EX slay3r

    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    I talked with a guy on Xbox yesterday who told me that they've figured out how to run ghost lobbies after the matchmaking patch. Problem is that they refused to share the info on how to do it.
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    Problem geofiltri Destiny 2

    Yes nothing works anymore, geo filter servers will still connect you to servers outside your range, blocking servers manually will still occasionally connect you to that same server, you can't controll servers you connect with ping anymore on Destiny this router is compelty useless. No amount of flushes or resets will help, I mean connecting to the same server I Blocked yesterday with the same name and ip addresss is just retarded.
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    Netduma Fraser

    En México no funciona?

    Creo que puede que le falte un servidor de autenticación, debería haber un ícono de reproductor en el este de los EE. UU. Que aparece; intente permitir esto cuando lo vea y luego vea si funciona mejor
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