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    I'm going to see if we can investigate this issue with High Priority getting stuck - we'll test it with Apex and Destiny 2 for good measure. It's possible that the issue is graphical but I can't really speculate until we take a look. Could you guys confirm whether this persists when you hard refresh the page (F5)? Also @Zippy, could you let us know which game this happened to you on? If anyone has experienced this while playing another game let us know. If any of you guys have added your own rules to Traffic Prio, please let us know that as well. The more information we have, the faster we'll be able to get to the bottom of it!
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    XR500 Can't connect to internet

    If it failed the update and speedtest, did it finish the set up wizard? On my first XR500, I simply skipped the wizard and set it up manually, and that didn't work for me. I needed to go through the wizard the first time in order for it to work somehow. I had all the settings right but since it didn't finish the process it failed to connect to internet. What you could try: 1. Reset the XR500 to factory specs 2. Connect Modem -> Your old router WAN -> XR500 WAN. 3. Let the wizard run and do auto setup, let it update the firmware, enter speeds etc 4. Remove the router in between and set PPPOE details, then you should be set to go. /Edit: Nevermind, I see you had it going already
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    Was not graphical on mine as my antibufferbloat settings stayed applied with the light on, no rules added, Jack. Just DumaOS classified games ticked and unticking them , turning off antibufferbloat and even QoS didn't stop the issue it was just in a frozen state thinking something was high priorty traffic I even had a friend pull the plug on my TV etc and I turned off all the wifi devices and it still stayed on, always had to be a reboot and since I'm in a wheelchair and my router is high up that was really hard work if in the end a reset (using the reset button on the back always seemed to give a cleaner reset oddly enough) was needed as it seemed to do it more and more often until a factory reset was performed and then it would be okay for a while, until a long gaming session on Destiny 2
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    Thanks Jack. You might be right about it being graphical. I am going to get my router back to the stuck High Priority Detected indicator and confirm if bufferbloat is actually applying the whole time after game is closed. I will let you know what i find. The High Priority Traffic indicator light 100% stays on with F5 refresh. I also tried multiple browsers and clearing the cache. It just stays on until reboot when its stuck. I have the problem with Apex Legends and Battlefield V on PC which are the only 2 games i play right now.
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    Hi do we have a rough idea when duma os 3.0 release date yet guys 😊
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    XR500 Can't connect to internet

    @Netduma Fraser so after giving what bert said a shot, it's worked... after reset and auto setup then just adding my own dns there are no issues. Really clueless as to what the issue was but I really appreciate everyone's help. Wouldn't have even known where to start looking. Again thank you everyone.
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    No worries.. I will reply to your pm as soon as I can.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
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    XR500 Can't connect to internet

    If you can ping google DNS or your ISP's DNS adress then it's physically connecting to the internet, so your PPPOE settings etc should all be right. That's why you get the white light. It's just not resolving the hostnames properly. There is actually multiple instances of this exact same problem on the Netgear forums, resetting and autodetecting the connection seemed to solve the issue for that user but not sure if it will for you since you seemed to start off with autodetect. Did it actually upgrade the firmware on install, or were you on .56 already? What you could try doing on your PC is run a manual configuration, ie set a static IP, and set DNS to google or cloudflare on the PC and see if it works that way. That's not a solution for all your devices but then you can rule out the connection settings.
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    Yes, I'll stick with the current firmware. Hope it can be ironed out in a later release. Thanks again 😀
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    We're not going to give away any details outside the previews we show Insiders and in announcements but you'll be very pleased with what we have in store for 3.0!
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    Netduma Alex

    does it make sense to buy a VPN?

    When there's a free VPN available, you have to ask yourself how the owner is making money. Nobody would run a VPN just out of the kindness of their heart, so it's probably your data they're selling.
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