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    Checking email for 15 days.
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    Netduma Alex

    DumaOS 3.0 Beta

    I think the first few people have been invited to the XR500 beta so I imagine the emails will start rolling out more widely very soon.
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    I know a few folk with leased/business/dedicated gaming lines and they have just as many problems on CoD as the rest of us do so I don't think that makes as much of a difference as you might think.
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    Im with ABB, the standard setup for ABB's ip handout is CGNAT. If you haven't opted out of CGNAT you will have issues with gaming. Give them a call to have it removed and youll be given a public ip instead
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    ping-lag-shoot 1st die 1st

    I did, I spent even more on the RAX120. There comes a time if you get issues and you don’t get the performance you want and that includes hardware for better coverage it’s time to move on. I’m not alone on this either. You could sell the the 500 on and take a hit and move on.
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    I said back in 2018 when the R1 Beta was launched that Netduma needs to communicate with the community to avoid impatience and general frustration. I feel both Netduma and Netgear needed to send out an email immediately after a potential beta tester registered to indicate in which wave(group) they are and which estimated date their waves download links will be sent out unless there's some major issue. This kinda leads me into my second point that if they wanted to alpha test the software with a limited control group they should have done so without notifying the community that there's a beta (you don't dangle a bag of candy asking the class who wants some and then just share with your friends).
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dedicated servers

    The servers you're referring to that have the block button greyed out have been whitelisted by us as they are authentication servers required for online play so it doesn't matter what your ping to those servers is. Are you allowing the router to auto ping as the host should also be on the map.
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    Check your DMs, I sent you the download link.
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    I understand you're frustrated now but performing internal tests and then a beta are very different. Different user setups, ISPs, connection methods etc. We have to be cautious, if we did an immediate open beta and it bricked everyone's routers then that would be a lose lose situation and you would be way more annoyed then. More batches will be rolled out as and when, keep an eye on your emails.
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    ping-lag-shoot 1st die 1st

    Why? Routers like the XR500 hold their value you could get a nice chunk back and get an Asus. They game really well, a few users on this forum use them. (no disrespect to Netduma) people use what suits them best. Wait for 3.0 and if its still not doing what you want, then move on.
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    ping-lag-shoot 1st die 1st

    Don't feel like this, just sell it if its not doing what you need. Netduma are a great company but not all hardware is a good fit for your needs.
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    Still waiting for the BETA firmware here, I signed up day 1.
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    ok i try to set in english, i have dhcp enabled, tomorrow i will try to do the test again to invert the two consoles to see if the problem occurs
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    QOS/Bufferbloat/Ping ETC....

    Best tutorial videos on Netduma you can find anyway....
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    Netduma Alex

    Device Map Link Devices

    I agree this would be awesome. I will put this onto our internal roadmap. Ideally it would be good if DumaOS could figure out which interfaces belong to the same device, but I don't know if we receive enough information from each device to make those decisions reliably. Perhaps a MERGE button? You choose one device, press MERGE, then choose the second device from the list. Maybe you could then label the interfaces in the side panel, but give the device a master name on top of those interfaces.
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    HG612 3B or ECI-B. Best if you can match the same brand to your cabinet but either will work and can be found all over ebay from £20-£30.
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    Thanks for your help, really appreciate the support So annoyed this is happening just as 3.0 is being rolled out
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    That’s good news. I guess the other helpline was unaware of the consumer laws and more based on the US side of things. Touch wood you should get a new router and soon be up and running again. I had to RMA my router and it all went well and my replacement arrived quickly here in the U.K. thanks for the update.
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    DUMAOS 3.0

    alors cette béta DUMAOS 3.0 quand es qu elle va etre libérée ? en 1 ont a eu des promesses en 2 ont a eu des annonces en 3 ont a eu une inscription s est comme au poker maintenant il faut montrer votre jeu.
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    Netduma Fraser

    QoS issue on xr700?

    I've not seen this type of issue before, are you using PPPoE then? Have you manually added to Traffic Prioritization? I assume you're using 'Always' for Anti-Bufferbloat? Where/on what site are you doing this speed test?
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    I can nerf my download no problem but upload... too low and I'm teleporting everywhere lol.
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Might not work for you, plus depends on other settings on your netduma. What works for you might not work for another thats the frustrating part.
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    I've just asked Alex for an ETA so will hopefully be very soon.
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    I think this might be that it's blocking you from making changes as you haven't signed into the router similar to how you couldn't access a network drive without proper credentials. If you find a way to do that then it'll probably work.
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    Great tip! I shall do some sleuthing.
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    Absolutely, you've got it! That way you could VPN Skype on your PC but have Twitch running without the VPN for example all on the same PC.
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Strict NAT doesn't help you as it essentially doesn't change your latency. The game balances latency across the lobby so you're right that the server gives you a disadvantage whenever your connection is too good compared to the rest of the lobby. This is not only hitdetection, but it also manipulates player positions, like extrapolating their position forward etc. On host advantage after MW3, the game does the same here. It gives you artificial latency to eliminate the host advantage, it takes the average latency in the lobby and adds that.
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    Bullet reg / Lag compensation

    Never come on here to ask Netgear employees for help. They will offer some assistance, but their job is to defend their products. Let me tell you the truth here, it's not your connection or anything going on on your side of things. It's the call of duty servers that are screwing you over. The developers purposely place artificial lag into the game to screw over the people who are good in the game or have blazing fast internet. I have 1000 down and 40 up and a 9 ping to my closest server. I'm always seconds behind all of my enemies. This problem didn't exist before MW3. Having the best connection is actually crippling yourself. Stop that right now. These people always tell you to play on a wired connection over a wifi one are setting you up for failure. Their advice is correct if COD wasn't so damn rigged with nonsense. I've had every top end device there is on the market and none of it helped. If i had to count how much money I spent on products that eventually went back, you would call me a dumbass. None of these routers, monitors, and tricks help you in your cause. COD developers want people "sucky" people to remain on their game. If Jim with a high end internet connection go ramming over people with below average internet which happens to be the main consumers, the developers are going to cater to Timmy with no thumbs to compensate. If you are a long time call of duty players, do you remember host advantage? Back in the older cods before mw3, having host was the best thing ever. Then post MW3, having host was the worst thing ever. I hated getting host in black ops 2 because I knew what it meant. Shoot first die first. Do you want to know what I did to alleviate some of the rigged lag compensation? I purposely put my nat on STRICT.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Xr300 promo micromania

    Le dernier firmware du XR300 est équivalent au dernier firmware du XR500. Nous exécuterons également une version bêta pour le XR300 pour DumaOS 3.0. - The latest firmware for the XR300 is equivalent to the latest firmware on the XR500. We will be running a beta for the XR300 as well for DumaOS 3.0.
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    The issue is Zippy if you Google Asus, Zyxel, D-link, etc (who just abandoned a line of routers with critical firmware holes) they all have current issues. I'm thinking about getting a rack put in and some enterprise gear (second hand) and hardening my network, SOHO routers are just not great from any provider. The most basic of home routers probably all leak like sieves.
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    ping-lag-shoot 1st die 1st

    not everyone can spend £300 to £600 on hardware... i invested this money thinking this would help. i bought a bt hub 5 from ebay cost £20 then flashed openwrt on it. the bt hub is probably 10 years old if not older... yet its out performing this premiership level router. age of the hardware only comes into it when you are asking it to do more than it was designed to do.
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    I see the R6300 is on the list.. That router there was widely handed out by Spectrum here in the US. Its a freebee Spectrum gave out.. People like free so they rarely ever buy there own.. Specially if it works okay for them yet.. Spectrum being one of the largest ISP in the US makes me wonder how many are still floating around out there.. Good post Killhippie! Zippy.
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    ping-lag-shoot 1st die 1st

    Does it game better on your other routers. If so I would use them and forget about geo filtering as it’s clearly not working for you.
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    xr 300 ou xr 500

    Ce qu'il faut comprendre c'est que la série XR est mixte entre les fonctionnalités Duma et netgear... Ce qui est très bien sur le papier, mais le manque de mise à jour régulière a fait une soupe d'un routeur au final décevant ! Je n'ai pas tester le XR300 ou XR700 "plus récent" ayant déjà un XR500 ... Si tu as une connexion fibre cela te permettra seulement d'utiliser ta connexion au giga par rapport au R1 limité ... Et d'avoir les fonctionnalités du soft netgear ! Ils vont sortir une nouvelle version logiciel, mais qui est encore au stade beta, d'ou la réponse de Fraser. Mais une version stable peut prendre encore beaucoup de temps ou pas... Dieu seul le sait. Perso, ça fait un ans que j'attend ... Et mon XR500 me sert d'AP pour le moment ... cela dit en passant j'ai un bon wifi pour un AP acheté 400€ à l'époque 🤣😥
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    This is only my opinion, but a beta version remains a beta version with its share of bug and regression! I was the first to want to test 3.0 on the XR500 ... But think about it ... I would rather wait a little longer and test a stable version rather than be disappointed with a worse beta than V.56. After, what concerns me more for the moment, these are the skills of the 20 insiders chosen by netgear to track bugs ... The future will tell ...
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    Netduma Alex

    Viber not work on WiFi

    There's a setting called SIP ALG which could be affecting it, this can be disabled on the router.
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    Port Scanner Status Closed

    hi i'm in france and i have the same problem as soon as i do a port scan the port is closed on 3074 and many others .. (i use portforward)
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    aide réglage XR500 avec ma ps4

    https://netduma.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/16000095583-using-ping-assist-as-a-ping-filter Y a un tuto : Utilise google translate si tu galères en anglais ! C'est le seul outil qui peux rendre le Duma utile pour nos connexions fibre
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    Netduma Fraser

    Hide WiFi Password

    That's a very good idea and something we could easily implement, I'll pass it on to the team.
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    thanks you netduma fraser, hope to have more upload. perhaps i can try with my 4G PHONE ...
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    xr 300 ou xr 500

    Le XR300 gère le gigabit donc pas de soucis avec la fibre ! Attention à ton orthographe, ça peut poser problème par-contre 🙈 !
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    Rodney Rosado3


    Ill try that Fraser any new features in dumaos 3.0 with anti jitter
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    Netduma Alex

    Devices duplicated

    I can confirm that we're adding a REMOVE OFFLINE DEVICES button in DumaOS 3.0! Don't get too excited.
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    Port Scanner Status Closed

    The port closes when utorrent is exited. To test simply disable firewall on the pc its preformed on. But I guess ur concern is, while playing a game u feel that the ports are closed, and testing it on the above site confirms ur suspicion. First you would need to find some1 that can show open when game is being played, b4 u can go any further. I can not get open this way. I dont think you can but nothing wrong with trying. Good luck
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    So you connect to your Vodafone router from the hole in the wall? That means the router has an internal modem. You have two options at this point: Obtain a standalone modem for your connection type. I personally use a Draytek Vigor. It didn't take any configuration on the modem itself, I just had to enter my PPPoE details on my Netduma router. However, I have BT Infinity, so perhaps your results would vary? Set up your DumaOS router underneath your existing router. In order for this to work, you'll want to disable WiFi on the Vodafone router, and make sure that the only connected LAN device is the DumaOS router. Connect a LAN port on the Vodafone to the WAN port on the XR500. Once you have internet on the XR500, connect all of your devices to it. You may need to configure DMZ on the Vodafone router after this to get rid of Double NAT errors. I can help you to do that.
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    Warzone geofilter not filtering

    Hi Fraser, i think we are good to close this string as the combination of factory reset and expanding my radius a bit has kept me with west coast connections which has dropped my ping about 30-40 ms consistently. Thank you for all your time on this!
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    Anti bufferbloat sucks!!!

    I 100 percent agree with Miguel. There is nothing you can do to get around lag compensation. The shit is built into the game by the game developers. The type of lag compensation it has is the kind that helps people with higher ping be able to compete against those with lower pings. That's how they tweaked their lag compensation since MW3. Before that game, the person with host or with low ping always had the advantage. There are countless educational videos on this topic on YT if you would like to take a look. Too bad of ping is bad and too good of ping is bad. These Netgear employees are telling you what they are paid to. They are simply doing their job and defending their product. You won't get any clear answers here. You either have to live down the street from a dedicated server or hack and not admit it like the rest of the big COD players on YouTube
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    Now why do you think that may be happening?
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    Theres been ping spikes and packet loss in just about every game ive played lately
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