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    Netduma Fraser


    Hey, welcome to the forum! The router purpose is to find the best connections not for finding games where you're playing against less skilled players
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    XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36

    And also to add , I’ve been on this forum since the R1 and Frazer has always tried to be helpful so to be fair it’s not his fault . Hopefully you get the firmware in near future
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    Glad ive seen this, ive experienced the same thing and also noticed when a game is downloading or updating the chat goes a bit weird and sounds like a robot so if i pause or stop the download everything goes back to normal.
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    PS4 Internet Speed is Low

    Hello everyone, No one covered one extremely important aspect: PS4 is very sensitive with cable length. It was really frustrating to see my PS4 getting always under 100Mbps for internet speed test (usually 70-95 Mbps) despite I have a bandwidth of 500Mb and a 1Gb router. The speed was always OK on my PC , but not on PS4. Everything changed when I used a shorter LAN cable and now I get 400-500MBps. This definitely is not happening on PCs, is just about the PS4 network card which is sensitive. My initial LAN cable had about 7-8m (which is short enough for networking) and the second one is ~3m long and is the cable which finally provides normal speed. I discovered this when I moved data from one PS4 to a PS4 PRO, and the PS4 PRO was connected with a shorter LAN cable. Initially I thought that the PS4 PRO has a "true" 1Gb port, but that wasn't the case, as the cable length proved to be the real issue. I was also shortening the the first cable, to see if the speed decreases and it did, I was getting ~115MB/s with a ~5,5 m long cable so I did by best to have the shortest cable connected. Works just fine both on PS4 and PS4 PRO. Nothing usefully found on the internet, just DNS stories, which can improve a bit the speed. Hopefully my findings will help many of you. At least my son is very satisfied after he downloaded a game of 25GB in about 10 minutes (~40MB/s).
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    Netduma R2 defectuoso.

    Hola compañero, yo soy jugador de ps4 también, vivo en la península, el geo filtro funciona bien, y es fácil de configurar, aunque vivas en las Islas, te recomiendo hagas un ping hearmap, pon en selección ping el juego que uses, y establece el geofiltro posteriormente que cubra la zona de el servidor que tengas en verde, luego pon el juego, el geo filtro en modo filtrado, modo estricto, y debe conectarte al servidor que seleccionaste, ten en cuenta que normalmente si un servidor tiene un ping de 20 y tu conexion lleba un pin de 30, el ping con el que jugarás es de 50, es decir la suma de ambos. Te dejo mi id ps4 por si quieres agregarme y hablamos por la pley: KR i Dead#6650251, déjame un mensaje para saber que eres tu y te agregó, o me dejas tu móvil y te llamo
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    Netduma Fraser

    Wifi lights are not lit

    Please email [email protected] with a link to this topic and your order number and we can organize a replacement for you The power light would generally go off for a second if it's rebooting fully
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    Error Message after AP Mode setup

    Oh okay, thanks for the information. I just put it back to router mode so I can access the DumaOS features again.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Wifi lights are not lit

    First hold the reset button for 30 seconds, release then wait 2 minutes before accessing it, then see if you can connect to the interface, if not do this: Set a static IP on the PC itself that is connected via ethernet to the router using this information and this guide (control panel) https://pureinfotech.com/set-static-ip-address-windows-10/ IP Subnet Gateway DNS also disable IPv6 from the ethernet adapter, then see if you can access using
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    XR700 Beta DumaOs 3.0 & Fw. V1.0.1.36

    💯 Not , Frazer always done a good job and helpful in my experience think the person above is just frustrated.Netgear are crap
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    Hi @Mastersgt21 👋 Yes, that sounds like a throughput issue to me. VoIP dynamically changes (as does some streaming video) to make use of what available bandwidth there is. Glad it's not just me that has noticed this 👍
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    Insane Hit Detection - COLD WAR - PS5

    i guess this game is not for me. even with the settings you mentioned, Nothing changed for me. my hit detection is still shit. i probably should stop playing this game
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    Name Change

    Perfect, thank you
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    XR1000 ppoe vlan tagging

    Thank you Fraser!
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    Okay understood, that's quite a difficult thing for us to try and diagnose given we can't go off gameplay and have to use the stats which use fine. Have you tried forcing higher ping servers yet?
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    That's awesome, thanks for letting us know! We're also working on how accurately Connection Benchmark reports things like this so that will improve too.
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    Interesting, check the Ping shown by the Geo-Filter after that point and see how it differs. Have you added them to the allow list?
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    Geo filter for apex

    yes please. thank you
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    XR1000 CPU Colour Codes

    The XR500 has a dual core 1,7GHz main core. But next to that, it has something that they call NSS subsystem. It has 2x 733 Mhz cores dedicated to things like QoS. So it can actually do hardware offloading for QoS.
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    Bufferbloat and Ping Test Underload Results

    What if you try to set your actual bandwidth numbers to something like 920/920 or 940/940 ? These bandwidth numbers control the traffic shaping algorithm. The issue with 1Gbit connectivity over a 1Gbit LAN port is that you won't actually make 1Gbit due to overhead. That's why a number of ISP's advertise their service as 940mbit and not 1000mbit. So if you try to push 1000mbit through a 920mbit pipe it will bufferbloat eventually. In the last connection benchmark you can see latency running up on upload, that's buffers filling because of link congestion.
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    It only applies to the Wireless devices so it won't matter what you set it to for wired. Essentially there's two different queues in the 802.11 standard if memory serves correctly, this means QoS will need to know which type of traffic it is so ensure it's prioritising from the appropriate queue.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ping heatmap

    What was the Ping Assist value you set exactly?
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    WIFI - DFS

    Yep, I've run the analyser and cut down to 40MHz. Still I'd like to have DFS channels available
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    I think declaring it as “fine most of the time” if you’re referring to the disconnect issues is a stretch. Getting disconnected 2-3 times a day isn’t really fine especially for people who work from home. Going from 0 disconnects with my old router to 2-3 is a big deal. I’ve been on calls for work that dropped twice due to disconnects and losing multiple ssh sessions I have to run everything in a screen session since switching to netduma R2. All that aside I do appreciate your responsiveness to support issues. Please keep us posted when there’s a fix.
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    Gears 5 Xbox Series X

    Thank you, that's really helpful.
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    Netduma Os Web

    Muchas Gracias , buen dia!
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    Sometimes I'll leave it on a tab but not often. It doesn't error or anything usually I just have to log back in.
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    Problema con Netduma R1

    I have already managed to access, I have it connected to another router to play ps5 warzone, what configuration do you recommend? Greetings and a thousand thanks for the help
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    Netduma Liam

    Anular askey

    Bien, hemos recibido informes de velocidades más lentas sobre PPPoE y Netgear están trabajando en una solución. Mientras tanto, sugeriría ejecutar el Mitrastar en modo Router y solo DMZ el XR500, de esa manera no necesita usar PPPoE en el XR500.
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    That's because Classified Games uses DPI to determine whether or not to prioritize packets so both can be enabled. That's right, the Games Console service uses ports and so is the same as adding ports manually basically. You don't need two different ways of prioritizing one or the other will be sufficient.
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    Yeah lets go with a reset for a fresh start and see where we are at
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    Your PingPlotter results are great, certainly nothing to worry about, a couple of ms won't be perceptible so looks to be working very well. We can take a look at the site yes
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    Et sûrement des problèmes de décodeur ^^ après oui ça sera plus clean du point de vue dhcp mais je ne pense pas que ça changera grand chose
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    Warzone and Geo-Filter

    Ho rifatto tutto ho spento anche il modem e ora funziona ...grazie mille!!! Ho provato a cercare partite però in quei paesi ma nn le trovava...credo che più di una certa distanza dal server il gioco non lo permette di trovare partite...grazie mille comunque ho risolto il problema
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    I agree , complete let down and your post just triggered me to sell mine on eBay and move to Asus Ax86u , I’m done with Netgear , no where near as good as Asus in supporting there products , just blow smoke
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    nouveau firmware 3.0 R1 en vue?

    Mdrr pas mal
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    Fraser, thank you for the dhcp tip. I’m going to try that as I also am having an issue with dropped connection. 🤞🏽
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    The old Hyper Traffic setting used for PlayStation service would be equivalent now to selecting the Games Console service on Traffic Prioritization now
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    Destiny 2 for PC Geofilter

    Awesome, yes I recently saw you mention that to someone about a month ago, just wanted to confirm if anything changed within one months time since then. And connecting to nearest servers for best connectivity is more than enough anyone could ask for anyways. Thumbs up 👍
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    I officially turned my R2 OFF

    To be fair regarding point 5, monitoring devices and the info they handle is a struggle on most routers that offer this. Might be fine if you are using an enterprise router with or without licences but many are not 100% accurate and most home routers if powered off or suffer a power loss will lose that info. I don’t trust my Unifi as it clearly does not accurately record all the information even with all its detailed structure. it’s handy to see issues or what type of data is being accessed but it should be as a rough guide and once it gets detailed it’s going to start to use more memory and again there are limits for home routers.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Look at this bug? Kinda like it

    [email protected] , welcome to the forum! It's always best to make a new topic so we can focus on your issues, should the OP reply it will be harder to support two people in one topic. Bandwidth Allocation doesn't really eliminate lag however it is set, that's not really it's function so it's unlikely setting it specifically either way will make a difference. The Connection Benchmark tests on the XR routers still need some improvement as well so you can take them with a pinch of salt, just reset whichever you are to use and then leave it at that.
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    Awesome, that worked worked. Thanks!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R2 rebooted suddenly

    Okay so it may not be possible to filter the game/lower the ping if it is forcing you onto these servers each time. It might be those are the only servers in the US that they have. I'll add it to our request list though and we can properly test it and see whether it can be filtered.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Duma R2 Daily Internet Outage

    That's just a recommendation based on what others with similar issues have experienced. It's just something to be wary of while we work on the issue. We're actively working with a user and gaining lots of useful information from them so it's only a matter of time before we nail down the issue. Hoping to have a new version available very soon. That is on our roadmap as well
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    The ping you recorded on the router (19-40) where are you seeing that exactly, on the Geo-Filter ping panel, in game ping, a general ping test? Also are you having any issues with games or more worried that you're potentially missing out on lower pings/better games? We can't do that kind of support as it would simply take too much time - I used to do something like this in the past and it can take hours and that takes away from our ability to help multiple people in a timely manner. I think it's important to manage expectations, there are no perfect settings that will give you the best gameplay in 100% of the games that you play, there are always outside variables we can't control. Also every single connection is different, what works for one person may not work for another. Settings in the Settings pages largely will not have any affect on your game quality, the two features to focus on are definitely QoS and the Geo-Filter. Your bandwidth speeds are very high, this does reduce the need for QoS - lag/congestion occurs when all your bandwidth is being used, as yours is high this is less likely and therefore lag caused by local congestion may not be as much of an issue for you. However, I would recommend you experiment with the Congestion Control percentages using Always and see what feels right for you. The Ping Under Load results we're still improving on so you can take them with a pinch of salt at the moment. Does Traffic Prioritization show it prioritizing when you're playing? For the Geo-Filter use Ping Heatmap and identify where the lowest ping servers are located and use that to inform your Geo-Filter settings - some people also prefer forcing servers slightly further away so that's something to consider as well. Ultimately the Optimal Settings Guides Liam linked are our general recommendations based on what we think works for a wide audience but there is a lot of customisation and testing that you can do to really find what works best for your specific connection.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Broken antenna

    You can't buy one separately but email [email protected] and we'll see what we can do!
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    Netduma Liam

    adblocker youtube

    Nothing as yet I'm afraid, I know we've been testing adblocker more lately but I don't think we've quite managed to consistently block YouTube ads as yet.
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    I HAVE UPDATED IT FOR COD MW READ JUST BELOW HOPE ITS NOT TO CONFUSING BUT THIS TOPIC WAS STARTED A LONG TIME AGO It also now shows you how to traffic protize cod mw ports 2019 below I WILL POST COD MW PORTS jUST BELOW HERE these are the ones i found so far i will keep updating it with new ones here I recently upgraded to new dumar os fw and think its great but its missing one thing important i think In network monitor it now does not show you what ports the game you play is connected to uses In cod bo4 now cod mw 20019 i used this feature all the time In cod bo4 same for cod mw19 everytime you would join a new lobby it would show us new ports it was connected to. You would always be connected to two ports in every game this first port is always port 3074 udp the second was always diffrent ever new lobby you join uses diffrent ports If you stayed in the same lobby for an hour the two ports would be the same for an hour or how long you stayed in that lobby . Once you change lobbys the game changes ports it uses so you need to put new ports in traffic priortaztion I think this is why the connection keeps varying For cod mw 2019 its now three ports instead of two HERES WHY ITS IMPORTANT when i put in the ports it uses for that game in traffic priortization my hit registration would get a lot lot better i did this before on cod ww2 now i do it for cod mw2019 and it helped my hit registration .And on cod bo4 Somtimes i would do this during a game. i would be playing a game and struggling to get a kill then in same lobby same people playing i would enter those port number in and the hit registration was great easier kills same for cod mw2019 EVEN IF YOUR NOT PLAYING COD you still might need it for other games. i used it for all my other games to help get a better connection and i would like to use it in the future for new games I really dont wanna downgrade to an older fw just to use this feature as it was so GREAT SO ANY GAME YOU WANNA SEE WHAT PORTS IT USES YOU NEED THIS As some games it dosent tell you all the ports it uses I would love to use this for red dead redemption 2 online when its released soon Fraser told me if enough peole want this feture back in the firmware they would put it back in SO I JUST PUT A POLL UP SO PLEASE VOTE THANKY YOU So i am asking any who might use it before or might wanna use it in the future please vote on the poll here if you would like to see it in i future update I hope i made sence sorry for any typos And please post to say you would like it the more people who say they want it they saidthey would reinstall it if the demands there Thanks i have now edited to update for cod mw READ FROM HERE for cod mw 2019 and how to set up ports correctly From members who know how to set it up correctly below RL317 shows how to in this post below He knows more about it than i do ahe advised me how to set it up correctly Just letting you guys know i think now playing cod mw that the next update that the dumar has has to reinstall the older network monitor My hit detection \hit registration is now brilliant since i done these steps Heres why If you want your hit registration or hit detection to be great read this When playing cod mw the game uses 3 ports to play thats if you want godd hit detection \hit registration The first is port 3074 this is on ps4 i think its 3075 on xbox but i am not sure i dont know about pc The second port stays the same untill you restart the game i think this is the data centre or either matchmaking The 3rd port is changes every new game this is the dedi or peer your playing on Thats why you see new people every game and thats why you do good one game but not the next Thats because you changed dedis and the ports have changed So thats why you need 3 ports every game the first is 3074 the send is the matchmaking or data centre the 3rd is for the game mode you play Atm i am making a list for the ports it uses Just letting you know you can do this yourself to see what ports is needed but you have to downgrade to the older firmware well thats on netdumar1 I dont know about other routers Also this cane be done if you have a router with openwrt on it You would have to ask admins as i dont know anything about the other routers Heres a way to put the ports in traffic priortization Source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 udp rule 1 Source 30000-45000 destination 3074-3075 udp rule 2 Source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 udp rule 3 not nessasery optional Source 3100-3500 destination 3074-3075 udp rule 4 not nessssery optional HERES A LOAD OF PORTS TH GAMES COD MW USES Heres is a copy of my upnp settings screen after playing a losd of cod mw 2019 9308 9308 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3074 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3163 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3153 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3172 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3184 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3155 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3123 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3102 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3148 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3111 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3124 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3131 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3150 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3192 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3176 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3125 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3129 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3177 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3115 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3162 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3116 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3147 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3134 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3133 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3100 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3109 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3095 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3127 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3190 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3117 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3126 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3084 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3182 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3138 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3175 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3171 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3165 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3180 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3169 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3085 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3105 3074 UDPDemonwarePortMapping 3194 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3074 3074 UDP 9308 9308 UDP Btw i noticed everytime i reset cod mw 2019 these more was added they were added one at a time So i thought these ports are needed as well but now i think there optsinal Here are the ports network monitor shows are in use for cod mw 2019 i will add more when i find them 30410 35710 30350 31300 35300 37160 31350 36360 32700 32710 39860 38280 39500 42420 43300 30040 30080 32560 31080 32540 30110 30020 30030 30070 30230 30500 30600 31030 32930 33640 34260 36050 36290 36930 39550 43610 43840 44790 30020 :30010 :32680 32310 :32350 :30190 :34790 :34790 :30070 30100 32560 :32580 30060 33420 33420 40820 36800 32310 30550 30520 30130 30060 35310 32550 30040 30310 30160 32590 39300 32460 32490 32550 35800 3258032570 These ports made into a range by east so thank you to them They have a brilliant guide on these forums i recken you guys read it I think its the best one Please if you found this helpful please vote this thread was started over a year ago and we are still have no clue if there gonna bring it back SORRY IF I DOUBLE POSTED A FEW PORTS TWICE BUT I HAVENT HAD TIME TO EDIT THIE LIST YET BTW ANY PORTS LISTED BELOW HERE ARE FOR OLDER COD But you can still see how the people use traffick prortization correctly you just input your ports instead of the outdated ones
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    ExtraCrispy86 DNS

    Ok then know it all, do me this little test and you tell me if you could notice a distinct improvement. Use your ISP’s DNS servers manually on an xbox console and check the detailed network statistics. Then test using cloudflare’s and I bet that 9/10 people notice a 20-30 second decrease in latency. Care to explain that Mr WorldWideWeb expert!?!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Servidor Miami

    Cualquier servidor permitido al iniciar el juego, p. Ej. Miami no aparecerá, solo muestra conexiones bloqueadas en ese punto. Dada su ubicación, tomará más tiempo forzar un servidor específico, desafortunadamente no hay mucho que podamos hacer al respecto.
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