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    This thread (and others) is created to assist those who are having chronic hit rego and lag movement issues in which the game is simply not enjoyable. It was determined that there are port ranges that need to be placed in traffic prioritization that are not listed by the games developers. The point to this is that by prioritizing those ports one would have better hit registration and overall better fluidity in the game(s) you play. The information provided to you is not a final on the research presented so far. Furthermore, testing is ongoing. It take this community as a whole to help gather more data/input to determine what works and what doesn't. Please keep that in mind when reading this thread. Thanks Ok here is a list of ports you want to test for Traffic Prioritization as discussed in this thread: 1. Reboot modem. Next reboot your router (if you don't have any double nat issues if you do go to step 2, 1st). 2. Make sure you don't have double NAT (google how to check). However you can do either a tracert or check your router to see if you are using a private or public ip. If private more then likely you have double nat. In order to compensate for double nat you will need to use your modem to place your router in DMZ (google how to). Afterwards you may need to reboot your modem then your router again in order for it to take effect. 3. For your XR router make sure you Disable DumaOS Classified Games. 4. Uncheck Shared Excess for both download and upload from Bandwidth Allocation. Make sure that your Down/Up Bandwidth is correct. Do a speed test with just your modem to verify. 5. Delete all existing rules if you haven't added these before. 6. Set Anti-Buffer Bloat settings to both 100 and set it to never. (for me even on "Never" I'm still capped to ABB slider for up/down). Test this to see if you notice any improvement. If not re-enable it. R1 users may want to keep ABB. For me, having tested this in several matches I am now "on time" with the server and on par with other players. No more .5 seconds behind other players. 7. Make sure that the port for your console is actually in Upnp. Take note of it (it's usually 5 digit number). Make sure that port corresponds with your console and not some other device. It has been suggested to tie in that rule along within Traffic Prioritization to 3074-3075. Like this: Source: (port to your console) -> Destination: 3074-3075 and vise versa for your other rule. Results have been inconclusive and more testing is needed to determine if there is any impact doing so. I've read that tying in your console port to the actual port ranges as well in both source and destination and destination to source. But again, further research is needed to determine if this actually works or not. 8. Adjust Bandwidth Allocation as needed. 9. Set the following rules for Traffic Prioritization For UDP. It takes trial/error on your part between those games that use udp vs those that require tcp. Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 3100-3500 Source 3100 - 3500 -> Destination 3074 - 3075 Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 -> Destination 3074-3075 Once added reboot the Router (to assure that the settings stick). Using the 1st set of rules. And make sure that the port for your console shows up in Upnp. If you don't use Upnp you may want to enable it, disable port forwarding (or delete the rules for them) reboot the router find your port for your console. Then add that port to port forwarding once you know what it is and disable upnp if you perfer port forwarding. Thanks to @kinel, @GHOST-1-EC and others for the research. Example (Best k/d yet for me): Disclaimer: This is not a "tweak" to help you get an edge on other players. Nor will this help improve an already great hit rego experience. If you are already consistently coming in 1st through 4th place in matches these settings may be of little benefit for you. These settings are "suggested" as a base line and may require further research (IE: Wireshark, etc) on your part to get the optimal port ranges suited for your geo-location, etc.
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    Snow Theme ...

    Please can there be a standard theme to select if you go ahead as snow falling etc hogs CPU
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    To be honest i'm not 100% sure how the rollout is going to work at this point. We're in somewhat new territory here. We've yet to decide on the exact timing of the rollout. We'll have more information on this as development of DumaOS 3.0 nears completion. All I can say is we'll be looking to get it to all DumaOS devices in a timely fashion. We don't want any of our users to feel left out. Still, a staged rollout could allow us to detect issues before they become too widespread.
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    I would not be ... lol
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    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    Don't ya just love CoD! LOL. How come every other damn game seems to just work whereas you need to be a freaking scientist to figure out how to get CoD to play right.
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    Cloud update any news ?

    You guys should make a post explaining the problems you are having with MW as to why a cloud update isn't close to being done yet. Listen people here who spent money on a duma are gonna be mad it's not done but if your open about why I think the majority will accept that the problem is the game not the duma or duma team. You guys are gonna sell a good amount of Duma's this Holiday season. I can see a lot of upset new duma users coming in here in the near future. So it might be best to have the issues on the table so new users come here complain and we can point them to the post explaining the issues with MW and that the Duma team is working on it.
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    Cloud update any news ?

    I believe their idea of “soon” is nothing less than 6 months.
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    The tickrate debate

    Can confirm the ping part works. I’m on west coast Southern California. Put my radius to 70 off the coast in ocean and it wouldn’t pick up a server. I expanded and it picks up the Choopa server and Vultr server. Game searches for less than 15ms and remains consistent in game. Tick rate, however, is not consistent....went from 60 to 120 fluctuations all game, every game. I’ve always had issues in CoD with Choopa server though. MW still caters to high ping players and average KD with SBMM. A router can’t defeat a games crappy net code.
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    how to get better hit detection

    Yeah I been using different variations of prioritizing over the past week or so to see what gives me the best results game after game day after day. I have MW on both PS4 and Xbox and test all setups on both. I just like to ask questions when people throw info out so that I'm clear on what they are saying so I can test it. My opinion on this is first and foremost this all starts by not using the Anti Bufferbloat sliders. If you use those that's where the problems start. Prioritizing the ports is the gravy in all this. However too much gravy and you mess the meal up. I just kind of feel the Duma Team could have gave us all this data. I mean they can pull that raw data real quick and break it down step by step for a universal way for everyone to setup.
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    Fraser as amazing as these new features they are working on are.. This feature here that has been voted on here is just as amazing if not even more so! Not to mention this seems to have had more then enough support for it. What blows my mind is this feature is not here as other brand routers have been using such a feature for a very long time. Your preconfig profiles and classified Duma games is either outdated or incorrect. Not to mention half the time those ports you guys are using are very rarely correct on the user end. Every body that is using your traffic prioritization/ports are not able to do it correctly for the simple fact that they cant see the ports that are actually being used on there own connection. every ones source port will be different in some sort of fashion. And using ranges is not the answer because all that does is muddy up the water. As long as this poll has been up there is no reason this should not be in the next firmware.. Also you want to talk about a feature that would be used for gaming? This feature here would be right up there next to your GeoFilter.. Lets not dumb down your features and not have things that actually can impact ones experience for amazing fluff!! You guys need to start passing some of this onto the user so we can do things like this ourselves and not have you guys try to keep up with it. Seems the GeoFilter is more then enough for you guys to keep up with.. Lets start giving us some control here and not have to jump through hoops doing it like running wireshark to find the correct ports.. Having a simple Active Connection Log would really save a lot of people the hassle here.. Its not hard to do.. And anyone would be able to understand it.. At the length of time it takes for any real firmware updates lets get this on board for the next new firmware update 3.0. We are not asking for the moon here.. This would be widely used and would be very good info one could also use to help fine tune ones gaming experience.. Thanks!! Getter done!! Zippy.
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    Hey like I said TCP okay at the time it felt better than my current setup before using yours on here, TCP and UDP didn't noticed a thing or difference felt like I didnt use Traffic Prioritization at all like it was OFF. Then UDP only: #Find Lobby's with in seconds of search both Multiplayer and Blackout #Start game with team mates, not the last person to load into the lobby while count down starts, even if I back out of a lobby and join another I'm not randomly thrown into another lobby where people have abandoned halfway to the end or about to end. #On blackout Alcatraz I'm most times the first 1 or 5th person to land before others depending on how close the game spawns me to the closet building 90% I'm 1 or 2nd among my team mates, I know this because I can tell when my team mate land or an enemy near by. #on Multiplayer and Blackout I dont miss a shot anymore, I use to spray and pray hoping first few shot I miss and the rest I hit my target. But now all my shots I land hit there target , Its more precise that's the only I can explain it. Movement is way quicker I'm one step ahead of my opponent unless they know I'm round the corner and even at that I still get a drop on them if Im really quick. No more shoot first and die first BS which I'm so happy about, now I think I would give Modern warfare try. At least now I know for sure I hit my targets! You can see all this in action in the videos I posted above heck Iat times I cant keep up with the pace of my character. I just hope other people get this working for them.
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    My setup: Isp Modem/Router > XR500 > PS4 (via ethernet) + 4 other devices connected via wifi. My PS4 has a reserved static ip address, i use UPNP only, no DMZ, Port Forwarding or Port Triggering as this will cause the range overlaps that you are experiencing. I have increased my Qos advanced / manual rules to 10 by 10 - 20 in total (Source > Destination Ports and Destination > Source Ports - I only use the UDP protocol) All rules created are taken from several wireshark captures i did for BO4, Modern Warfare and even tested Apex for a forum member who asked me for help. Unfortunately i dont have the R1 or a PC or Xbox to test which ports are priority on them. ABB were set to 98%/98% and then set to 'Never' which illiminates the sliders settings. Qos bandwith flower has the PS4 receiving 40% on both the upload and download with 'Share Excess' disabled. With all of these settings i still most importantly have to have the correct loadout on my weapons and play the correct lines on the map - spawn prediction where possible and playing behind the UAV and Dead Silence and other perks or streaks. Hope this info helps you or anyone else having issues.
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    Been a busy week at the office, had little time to game but when i did jump on, everything still felt as good as when i last played. Using ping assist at 50ms instead of geofilter in this gameplay......this was a <42ms lobby. With no cloud update i'm still stuck playing <58ms lobbies majority of the time. ABB set to 'Never' - using manual qos rules specifically for the servers i connect to. Enjoy!!
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    Moderate NAT MW XR500

    OK it appears I'm good now I disabled all port forwarding, left UPNP enabled, and switched NAT in settings from Secured to Open and now in COD its showing NAT Open in COD on my PS4. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    I turn anti bufferbloat off feels bit better
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    I would expect there to be another firmware release before DumaOS 3.0 but I couldn't say with 100% certainty, I'd be surprised if there wasn't.
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    I know it is up to Netgear, but do you expect a XR500 bug fix firmware release prior to the release of the DumaOS 3.0 update?
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    merci netduma

    allez juste pour rire ,une petite derniére : sans le netduma ,ny aucun router qos , avec juste un vpn bien configuré j ai une baisse de ping de 5 ms soit 19/20 ms (netduma 25 a 28 ms) (edgerouter 22/25) ,des jeux fluides etc.... pas un de ces supers routeurs ne m a donné une entière satisfaction alors oui la vérité est ailleurs mais je ne pensais pas a ailleurs dans la galaxie d a coté 🤣🤣
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    Does Activision have a blacklist?

    I put out a challenge to players a couple of years ago who were saying they had the magic formula to get great games, lowering upload etc. I asked for any of them to put up a video showing 5 games in a row unbroken to prove their theories. Not 1 taker. the game is what the game is. all you can do is set things to get the best connection and just play. you will have good games and bad games but you will go insane trying to adjust stuff to get good game after good game. far to many variables. Just my honest opinion you understand and my experience.
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    Bat 'n' Ball

    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    Before adding an XR500 to my hardware collection, I used to use HMA VPN to connect to US servers across the pond (via a DD-WRT-flashed router), primarily because EU servers tended to match me with continental European players who did not speak English - I like to communicate with players and I only speak English, hence the VPN usage. The chances of English-speaking players on an east coast US server was maybe 95%, as opposed to maybe 50-50 when playing on a European/UK server. I’ve generally been playing over a VPN for nearly 10 years! My ping to a US VPN server on the east coast from the UK was around 72ms; not bad at all considering the distance. The in-game ping would generally go up due to the extra hop from the VPN server to the game server but despite the relatively high latency of 72ms and above, vs a closer European server, I found that the lag comp generally went in my favor. I now use my XR500 to change my home location rather than use a VPN but if anyone is interested, ProtonVPN is free and works with the Hybrid VPN feature of DumaOS. You need to paste your credentials into the Advanced tab of your router VPN section. https://protonvpn.com/ After many, many tests over the years, some quite complicated ones involving Windows ICS and specialised Connection Emulator software to artificially invoke lag to the connection etc., as with you ‘ugotstretched’, I tend to have the opinion that the better my connection, the worse my gaming experience is. This is not definitive; it’s just a general observation which I’ve made over the years of playing COD. Most serious gamers pay for the best connection they can afford and therefore this is fundamentally wrong. Lag compensation algorithms/netcode should not chastise a gamer with an excellent connection. I’m a fair player BTW and I never ‘tinker’ with my connection in order to gain an unfair advantage. I’m quite satisfied to lose to a better team, but when I am going game after game with hardly any kills and I see a player on the other side seemingly in ‘god mode’ whom nobody can touch, with 30/0 KD, I will go out of my way to figure out what is going on. I never used to take much notice of the kill-cam replay’s because what you see on your screen and what the other player sees on their screen are two different things. But what you do see with the replay, is what the server itself saw, not what you or the other player saw. It can sometimes hint as to what is going on with the lag comp. Online gaming can seem infinitely complicated sometimes if you are an avid gamer. I often spend more time changing settings than I do playing. I don’t mind experimenting but wouldn’t it be nice to just sit down and have a fair game without having to worry about settings!?
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    Besoin d'aide configuration routeur

    Salut Hawk62, Je vais essayer de t'aider au mieux et de t'expliquer comment ont fait pour tout configurer je suis juste un membre comme toi. ISP > c'est ton modem/routeur de ton FAI Box SFR. Box SFR > tu désactive Upnp et IPV6 > Tu attribue une Ip fixe à ton XR500 dans DHCP > Ip fixe du XR500 tu la met dans la DMZ et tu reboot ta Box. XR500: 1 > Sois tu désactive IPV6 > tu branche ta PS4 et tu laisse comme sa, ip automatique et upnp activé va ouvrir les ports de jeux que tu à besoin et dans la QoS tu laisse activé (Classified Game DumaOS) qui va priorisé t'es paquets en jeu. Sinon (Classified Game DumaOS) tu le décoche et tu mes ta console dans > Game Console ! 2 > Tu désactive IPV6 et Upnp > Tu attribue une Ip fixe à ta PS4 et tu ouvre t'es ports manuellement, et dans la QoS même chose que je t'ai expliqué au dessus après c'est un choix. Une fois tout t'es réglages fait je te conseil de reboot le XR500 car si tu ouvre t'es ports manuellement il faut rebooter pour que sa sois pris en compte voila. J'espère que sa t'aura aider 😉
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    traffic prioritization

    Bonsoir DanyKTM, Laisse t'es port forwarding, petite question ta attribuer une Ip fixe à ta PS4 ? Si se n'est pas fait je te conseil de le faire dans un premier temps. Ouvre les ports de jeu pour PS4 ou COD. Ta bien ouvert ces ports ? : https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/ Si ta ouvert ces ports tu n'active pas upnp, sois upnp ou port forward mais pas les 2 en même temps sinon sa va créé un conflit. Hiérarchisation du trafic > sois > Classiefied Game DumaOS > ou tu désactive (Classified Game DumaOS) et tu mes ta PS4 dans > Game Console tout simplement. Sinon > Avancé > port source 1-65535 > port destination 3074 ou les ports que tu as besoin. Exemple: > port source 1-65535 > port destination 1935 c'est juste un exemple tu peux mettre tout les ports 1 à 1 que tu veux ou les port PS4. Voila j'espère que ta compris, sa parait compliqué mais en faite c'est simple 😉
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    Its crazy through the years my network has gotten better and better but my gaming experience has gotten worse. I tried a nord vpn on black ops, maybe ill try it again with modern warfare
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    Does Activision have a blacklist?

    Youtubers cherry pick their game plays that end up in their videos. They also lobby shop. A lot of these guys if they start a game and die while on a good streak but didn't get all their streaks yet will simply quit that game and find a new one. They don't waste time with the BS. So you only see the best but in reality that's not their normal experience.
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    I can understand their motivation for doing this... Although I thought this is what skill based matchmaking was for? You shouldn't have to design the maps around unskilled players if those players aren't matched with skilled players in the first place. Plus I reckon that the MW maps could cause paralysis due to overwhelming choice. One of the key things about old Call Of Duty maps is that there are only three or so viable routes, so players are kind of automatically led to certain choke points. The new maps feel more chaotic and random thanks to the abundance of places to bail on your chosen route. I think if anything the maps have the opposite effect of their intention, because at least with a smaller and more focused map, it is easier to pick up on the techniques. Better that then just becoming proficient at finding a nice hiding spot.
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    Just letting you guys know i think now playing cod mw that the next update that the dumar has has to reinstall the older network monitor My hit detection \hit registration is now brilliant since i done these steps Heres why If you want your hit registration or hit detection to be great read this When playing cod mw the game uses 3 ports to play thats if you want godd hit detection \hit registration The first is port 3074 this is on ps4 i think its 3075 on xbox but i am not sure i dont know about pc The second port stays the same untill you restart the game i think this is the data centre or either matchmaking The 3rd port is changes every new game this is the dedi or peer your playing on Thats why you see new people every game and thats why you do good one game but not the next Thats because you changed dedis and the ports have changed So thats why you need 3 ports every game the first is 3074 the send is the matchmaking or data centre the 3rd is for the game mode you play Atm i am making a list for the ports it uses Just letting you know you can do this yourself to see what ports is needed but you have to downgrade to the older firmware well thats on netdumar1 I dont know about other routers You would have to ask admins as i dont know anything about them routers Please if you found this helpful please vote this thread was started over a year ago and we are still have no clue if there gonna bring it back
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    I would like to know if you are going to update the Neduma original firmware (not Duma OS) because now it is dated as it has no profiles for the new games just released. I tried to use the new Duma OS but it is simply unsuitable, ping goes up and performance is poor, it's slow, and can't be easily controlled by the iPhone because the interface is also bad, chaotic and complicated. So I downgraded to the official version. Also because I have friends who ask me if it is profitable to buy the R1 now, and nobody wants to spend too much money to buy the newer Router that is powerful but also very expensive, instead the R1 if only the software were optimized could be a product still valid to buy by calculating that it is cheap. I think you should do an update that aims to stabilize, fix bugs, and simplify rather than introduce too many new features. For example, calculating that the VPN function is useless and that nobody would use it since it slows down gaming a lot. Simple is better (apple teaches this) better a simple thing that works smoothly and smoothly than a complicated and cumbersome thing.
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    I don't think it affects your devices per-se, but rather it opens you up to security risks. Now in my opinion those security risks are hardly worth worrying about, since local network hacks are extremely rare and almost always targeted. I'd do some research before you go ahead and do it though - I'm by no means the authority on network security. It shouldn't create any performance issues if you open those ports, if you have UPnP disabled.
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    I HAVE UPDATED IT FOR COD MW READ JUST BELOW HOPE ITS NOT TO CONFUSING BUT THIS TOPIC WAS STARTED A LONG TIME AGO It also now shows you how to traffic protize cod mw ports 2019 below I WILL POST COD MW PORTS jUST BELOW HERE these are the ones i found so far i will keep updating it with new ones here I recently upgraded to new dumar os fw and think its great but its missing one thing important i think In network monitor it now does not show you what ports the game you play is connected to uses In cod bo4 now cod mw 20019 i used this feature all the time In cod bo4 same for cod mw19 everytime you would join a new lobby it would show us new ports it was connected to. You would always be connected to two ports in every game this first port is always port 3074 udp the second was always diffrent ever new lobby you join uses diffrent ports If you stayed in the same lobby for an hour the two ports would be the same for an hour or how long you stayed in that lobby . Once you change lobbys the game changes ports it uses so you need to put new ports in traffic priortaztion I think this is why the connection keeps varying For cod mw 2019 its now three ports instead of two HERES WHY ITS IMPORTANT when i put in the ports it uses for that game in traffic priortization my hit registration would get a lot lot better i did this before on cod ww2 now i do it for cod mw2019 and it helped my hit registration .And on cod bo4 Somtimes i would do this during a game. i would be playing a game and struggling to get a kill then in same lobby same people playing i would enter those port number in and the hit registration was great easier kills same for cod mw2019 EVEN IF YOUR NOT PLAYING COD you still might need it for other games. i used it for all my other games to help get a better connection and i would like to use it in the future for new games I really dont wanna downgrade to an older fw just to use this feature as it was so GREAT SO ANY GAME YOU WANNA SEE WHAT PORTS IT USES YOU NEED THIS As some games it dosent tell you all the ports it uses I would love to use this for red dead redemption 2 online when its released soon Fraser told me if enough peole want this feture back in the firmware they would put it back in SO I JUST PUT A POLL UP SO PLEASE VOTE THANKY YOU So i am asking any who might use it before or might wanna use it in the future please vote on the poll here if you would like to see it in i future update I hope i made sence sorry for any typos And please post to say you would like it the more people who say they want it they saidthey would reinstall it if the demands there Thanks i have now edited to update for cod mw READ FROM HERE for cod mw 2019 and how to set up ports correctly From members who know how to set it up correctly below RL317 shows how to in this post below He knows more about it than i do ahe advised me how to set it up correctly Just letting you guys know i think now playing cod mw that the next update that the dumar has has to reinstall the older network monitor My hit detection \hit registration is now brilliant since i done these steps Heres why If you want your hit registration or hit detection to be great read this When playing cod mw the game uses 3 ports to play thats if you want godd hit detection \hit registration The first is port 3074 this is on ps4 i think its 3075 on xbox but i am not sure i dont know about pc The second port stays the same untill you restart the game i think this is the data centre or either matchmaking The 3rd port is changes every new game this is the dedi or peer your playing on Thats why you see new people every game and thats why you do good one game but not the next Thats because you changed dedis and the ports have changed So thats why you need 3 ports every game the first is 3074 the send is the matchmaking or data centre the 3rd is for the game mode you play Atm i am making a list for the ports it uses Just letting you know you can do this yourself to see what ports is needed but you have to downgrade to the older firmware well thats on netdumar1 I dont know about other routers You would have to ask admins as i dont know anything about them route Hers a way toput the ports in traffic priortization Source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 udp rule 1 Source 30000-45000 destination 3074-3075 udp rule 2 Source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 udp rule 3 Source 3100-3500 destination 3074-3075 udp rule 4 HERES A LOAD OF PORTS TH GAMES COD MW USES Heres is a copy of my upnp settings screen after playing a losd of cod mw 2019 9308 9308 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3074 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3163 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3153 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3172 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3184 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3155 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3123 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3102 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3148 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3111 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3124 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3131 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3150 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3192 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3176 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3125 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3129 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3177 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3115 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3162 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3116 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3147 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3134 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3133 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3100 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3109 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3095 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3127 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3190 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3117 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3126 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3084 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3182 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3138 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3175 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3171 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3165 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3180 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3169 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3085 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3105 3074 UDPDemonwarePortMapping 3194 3074 UDP DemonwarePortMapping 3074 3074 UDP 9308 9308 UDP Btw i noticed everytime i reset cod mw 2019 these more was added they were added one at a time So im pretty sure that these ports are needed as well Here are the ports network monitor shows are in use for cod mw 2019 i will add more when i find them 30410 35710 30350 31300 35300 37160 31350 36360 32700 32710 39860 38280 39500 42420 43300 30040 30080 32560 31080 32540 30110 30020 30030 30070 30230 30500 30600 31030 32930 33640 34260 36050 36290 36930 39550 43610 43840 44790 30020 :30010 :32680 32310 :32350 :30190 :34790 :34790 :30070 30100 32560 :32580 30060 33420 :33420 40820 36800 32310 30550 30520 30130 30060 35310 32550 30040 30310 30160 32590 39300 32460 32490 32550 35800 32580 32570 Please if you found this helpful please vote this thread was started over a year ago and we are still have no clue if there gonna bring it back SORRY IF I DOUBLE POSTED A FEW PORTS TWICE BUT I HAVENT HAD TIME TO EDIT THIE LIST YET BTW ANY PORTS LISTED BELOW HERE ARE FOR OLDER COD But you can still see how the people use traffick prortization dorrectly you just input your ports instead of the outdated ones
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    Thanks alot for this mate really appreciate all the info it's really helpful. I somehow missed the notification of your response but I'll have a look into this for certain. Thanks again.
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    Admins do you know if this feature will be put back into the new firsare update or zippys idea Did we get enough voted yet
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    Netduma Alex

    QOS Issues?

    I recall that some of the early units have lights that don't correspond with the correct port. If you go to Device Manager, open the side menu and choose the Table view, you can see what each port is doing. Take a look there and check that the ports are reporting the correct maximum speed. I believe that the colour of the lights on the XR500 represents the link speed of that cable. It sounds to me like, for some reason, the router thinks that the computer has a slow network card.
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    I believe some early CoDs had the lobby hosted by players which is why you would have seen them, you then may or may not have sustained that connection when in game even if switched to a dedicated server. You will be able to see if it's working if it gets a server within your settings range, you can't dictate who joins the game just where the host is.
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    that happened to me one time. I didnt have a static ip set on my xbox so when I turned it on it didnt match the ip address on the Geo-filter. I deleted the Xbox off the Geo-filter and added it again and set ip address for the Xbox. Basically the ip for that device was unmatched.
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    The Merry Christmas thread

    Sometimes, when frustrated by CoD MW BS and time wasting on net-settings, it just best to take a deep breath and have a break. Why not use this break to wish a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all, fellow gamers and DumaOS-employers...😊
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    Great hit reg on MW

    You know sometimes I wonder if these weapons are fine with only a few attachments. And the devs being devs gives us all this attachement options to just troll us. lol
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    Try this source 3074-3075 destination 3100-3500 destination 3100-3500 source 3074 - 3075 source 3074-3075 destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 Destination 3074-3075
  38. 2 points
    Nice game , where u find this lobby’s 😀 i sit everytime in destroy lobby , they spawn from all sides , they hear me walking from 100 Miles , i can not move , self whit ninja 😀, they have every seconds uav , what settings u used from netduma ?
  39. 2 points

    What algorthyms does netdumar use

    Yes it is this way round
  40. 2 points

    trying to fix lagcomp expiriment

    I have legit exhausted all options. its terrible
  41. 2 points
    Nevermind I figured it out! Its on the dashboard, duh!
  42. 2 points
    We need that old feature back in the new firmware!! I wonder why that was ever removed? That type of info is very much needed and is critical to have it.. Zippy.
  43. 2 points

    The tickrate debate

    Do you have a business account with a regular ISP in your area or a actual 1:1 lease line? (These are different as you are still using the same backend as the rest of the users on the ISP network on a business account, just the SLA is different and more strict than a residential connection) For a lease line they essentially dig a complete new cable to your place and you connect directly onto a backbone. And there is litterally no other users on your line, so no oversubscription. You can get a 10G line if your pockets are deep enough for example. I think that there is also other tricks going on sometimes, like joining games with very low skilled players to circumvent SBMM. I have noticed some YTers always magically leave the matchmaking out of their videos for example. Downside is that you would need to do this every game over.
  44. 2 points

    The tickrate debate

    Called hacking...
  45. 2 points

    The tickrate debate

    But you gotta wonder... what the hell are the big YT'ers, Twitchers and pro's doing to get the games to play flawlessly every time???
  46. 2 points

    merci netduma

    Ca a fonctionné merci apres de nombreuses parties et reglages ,je renonce a jouer a MW beaucoup d efforts pour avoir au final un retard aberrant et instant kills qui vont avec merci a tous pour votre aide Netduma au placard 😉
  47. 2 points

    Have I missed much?

    Thanks Fraser! Hope you're well mate!? I'll let you know if I have any issues for sure. Glad to see you guys as are doing so well. Hopefully I won't be as much of a stranger these days.
  48. 2 points

    XR300 QoS help

    You dont need to reboot when making changes just press apply, rebooting causes more issues than it does good if you do it all the time.
  49. 2 points

    Support for CoD MW

    Sweet Thanks! Yeah I did some recommendations others have done and I do see them now. I'm doing the one where you drop geofilter all the way down and put PA around 30. Also have auto ping enabled. Working alot better. Denied a couple bad servers already that are on East Coast since I'm on West Coast you can expect some bad latency and stuff. When I use Geo filter at a higher radius it seems not to work as good. Thanks for all the info, everyone! 👍
  50. 2 points
    Hi and welcome to the forum. I have moved this post to the correct section of this forum as the 1 on 1 support help is by invite only by Netduma. Your problem sounds like it maybe a misconfigured router or a possible ip address clash. I would suggest setting your console a static ip address which does not conflict with any other devices on your network. It is also possibly a line fault where your modem is losing connection, a fault lan cable. All these could point to the issue you are having and its a tough cookie to crack as it is a very slow process of elimination.
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