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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    over 6 months without a firmware update. no wonder people are looking for alternative firmware.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Because their are QoS issues reported by people, DPI false positives, port mapping in table view in DumaOS being the opposite way round to Netgears base Firmware view (Its a Netgear router so DumaOS runs on top of Netgears firmware on the XR range) devices showing online when not and vice versa plus a hotfix not in the main firmware fork for disconnects amongst other reports of issues since milestone 1.3. So no the router is not working as intended, unless broken is the intended way and I'm pretty sure Netduma and Netgear know that's not what they want and are working to fix these bugs and maybe taking longer to make sure they get squashed properly. Also there will always security issues to fix at some point and don't forget your version of UPnP/1.0 miniupnpd is 13 years old so bang up to date! So yep its doing well...
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    Thanks guy everything is working great! I appreciate all the support.
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    Finally got there making my Internet connection more stable thanks guys for all your help 👍
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Shame Voxel does not have a XR500 and the ability to update the really old code in the XR router line up. Who pays Hundreds for a XR300 (no Hybrid VPN) XR450, XR500 or XR700 to have modules from 13 years ago or even old versions of OpenSSL which is needed for OpenVPN (and I guess DumaOS's Hybrid VPN too, as it uses hardware acceleration on the XR500, but obviously I cannot be sure) for its 256-bit OpenSSL encryption. Anyway the XR500's OpenSSL version 1.02n is from December 2017, not exactly current or really that secure. I know I go on about this stuff, but it should be current, as Voxels and Merlins firmware versions are. If people with full time jobs like Voxel can compile the firmware with new packages, why cant a huge company like Netgear do it, or their partners 😒
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    It worked! thank you.
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    american players in EU lobbys

    Which is ludicrous. The 40 man Alcatraz lobbies play so smooth also, on PC at least, when lobbies got down to 30-50 man lobbies on the regular, due to loss of player base, it was way smoother than 100 man lobby. These jack A's are too dense to realize they are killing their own performance from day one with trying to match the player count of Fartnite. <---------<< not a typo
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    Keep in mind that there aren't any devices currently as far as I am aware that support AX so current devices won't benefit much from that new technology
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    Shoutout to @Netduma Alex and @Netduma Jack and of course @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Iain for all the support with this behind the scenes. I’ve been a customer so long that my record wasn’t in the system and I plan on being one well into the future! Netduma forever!
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    It should not take six months tbh. Netgear has a fairly standard quarterly update procedure, but are ramping up I would imagine the AX routers for you to add DumaOS to even though the final draft has not been released yet. I have to say despite reassurances the XR range feels dead at this time along with many other Netgear routers, like the R7800, built off the same hardware. I really hope to be proven wrong and we will all get updates soon but considering how many bugs exist in milestone 1.3 that need patching the lack of updates since December 2018 is alarming. Also I am sure as partners with Netgear you know what's going on, but I'm guessing you cant say as I'm sure you have your own contractual NDA of sorts. None of this helps the current lack of fixes of course. All of this is pushing me to look now at other products from Netgear or Asus or maybe Ubiquiti that actually get patched and have a lifespan and support standard network protocols like IPv6 and don't have a QoS that feels like it doesn't know which device is which at times. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, I know you guys work very hard, but the silence on this forum is deafening at this time regarding the XR range of routers. This is not a feeling I find myself at all comfortable with going forwards, when continued patching of bugs and security is really important. Milestone 1.3 was released in December 2018 for the XR500 and not one fix for issues that have brought up over and over again has appeared, apart for a hotfix for 11k Wi-Fi roaming from Netgear. It really feels like these routers are dead in the water or have been put of the back burner while Netgears next batch of Wi-Fi 6 routers, which have hardly any clients are not based on a final draft and offer no benefits to a Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) network are worked on.
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    please perform a full factory reset seeing as you have installed the latest firmware. If the problem persists after that let us know. Also could you swap your ethernet cable from the xr500 wan port that goes into your modem!
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    This is why I got rid of my XR500. I bought it the day it came out and used it for about 2-3 months and peoples are still reporting the same issues I had today so nothing has been fixed.
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    Had to be done!

    Finally changed my PSN Name. Duma Army!!!!!
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    Netduma Alex

    Had to be done!

    Very nice! I'm thinking of maybe changing mine to Netduma_Alex... I could also change my Xbox gamertag... But what if I get fired?
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    Thank you for the replies that answer my question i thought i wasn't connected but now i see thanks Big-dod and Zennon.
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    Delete your PC from the Geo-Filter then In Device Manager change the device type of your PC to a console (Xbox or PlayStation), re-add to the Geo-Filter, you should be able to see hosts then.
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    the Netduma effect, they call me cheater 😂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUyXV9NQrR8
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    Netduma Alex

    Blocking IPs

    No sadly I don't think any of the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers can do this. It's definitely a feature that's on our roadmap, along with enhanced firewall features all around. We make a note of all of the suggestions we receive, so i'll add this to the list.
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    Hoping I get a nice DHL delivery soon 😁
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    E3 2019

    Im also very excited about the new Elite controller.. The current Elite controllers don't seem to hold up long for me.. But it has been replaced free for me.. Im on number 4 now.. And the new Xbox! Well I will be getting one unless something changes where I feel MS dumbs down on something with it.. Cant forget Halo either! Its always been my favorite game.. Even though I still feel very cautious about 343I. The history of that developer has by no means been great! Once Bungie had left that was really the end of the legend.. A new chapter for Halo maybe in our sights! Rising from the ashes! Could it be! Will it be! The once great game it was... Time will tell.. None the less the excitement is growing! Zippy.
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    BO4s netcode as we all know is not great. There are things you can do and there are things that are out of your control. No control over Netcode SBMM + lobby balancing, i.e. all noobs on your team vs all the sweats on the other The consistently inconsistent online experience, down to netcode + lag comp algorithms Have control over Home network setup (bufferbloat control etc.) ISP (may be some regions, only have 1 choice) UK there are options. Hops will impact latency BT for example 8 hops to a known server AA 5 hops to known server Line quality - if poor this will greatly impact your online gaming experience (I know currently suffering from this) BAD ISP = no fault found, not repairing, give me your money GOOD ISP = fault detected, will repair Once got good line quality (no more random packet loss, 1250ms ping spikes etc) gaming experience in general will be better So you have all the best things in the world at your end, but fundamentally if the game servers are oversubscribed (causing what appears to be packet loss but is not), and the server and client netcode is poor, the gaming experience overall will be poor and there is no magic bullet that you can apply. Sim
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    Salty  waffle

    This r-app is not responding

    I gotcha
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    XR700 FTW And hungry for The New DumaOs Router
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    Netduma Alex


    Well there's no right answer to that. I can tell you my personal view on it though. I like to connect everything important via Ethernet and just use 2.4GHz for everything wireless. I would never do anything like gaming over wireless so having the slightly slower speeds doesn't bother me. The increased reach of 2.4GHz is worth it for me. Of course you could just turn off Smart Connect and decide on a per-device basis.
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    @Netduma Jack They appear as dedicated servers in Sydney when you first start up the game and all the servers are pinged, BUT when in games they appear as peers. I've been slowly adding them to your mislocated server list via the form. I think I've almost got all the in game servers now because I'm starting to join ones I've already saved. I've got more saved that are mislocated and misclassified but I haven't added them yet, will do it tonight.
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    Il n'y à pas de quoi je partage mon expérience Netduma, je serais comme toi je serais content qu'on vienne m'aider si sa peut t'aider bas écoute je suis content 😃 après c'est à toi de trouver t'es propre réglages car chacun à un réseau différent, si tu ne c'est pas demande un admin ou un membre du forum t'aidera comme ils peut bien sûr bon courage 😉
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    Salut, Comme dit Fuzy il y à un mode bridge, j'ai lu l'article en bas la freebox delta et one c'est indisponible il faudrait attendre. Sinon tu configure ta delta avec le Netduma, même si la delta est nouveau je pense que la configuration reste la même. Sur ta delta >> désactive upnp et ipv6 >> tu met une ip fixe au Netduma >> ip tu la met dans la dmz tu reboote ta Box pour que sa soit prit en compte ! Sur Netduma >> désactive ipv6 >> sois tu laisse en automatique ip dynamique et upnp t'ouvrira les bon ports de jeux >> sois tu met une ip fixe à l'appareil console PC etc... tu ouvre les ports manuellement >> Géofiltre tu met la maison sur la carte ou tu habite sur un rayon de 1000Km strict mode>> QoS preemptiv ou reactive à toi de tester et quand tu joue tu met les 2 barres download et upload à 70% ... quand tu joue plus tu les remet à 100% voila dans les grandes ligne moi j'ai le XR500 donc les infos sont de mémoire 😉
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    https://www.universfreebox.com/article/47762/Freebox-Delta-le-mode-bridge-sera-disponible-prochainement A priori pas encore dispo !! Mais l'article date d"avril ! Bonne lecture !
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    Can't access the OS at all

    I'm not aware of anything like that happening, no. I'll try leaving it unplugged for a day and let you know if it helped at all, thank you!
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    I'd suggest in the Device Manager that you change your PC to either a PlayStation or Xbox and then re-add it to the Geo-Filter, it'll add this as a console and then it should pick up FIFA.
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    yes stopped. its all relative fine!!!
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    Hello Alex, yesterday i disconnect the NG RX500 and I set up my connection direct to the Hub 2000 and I cant got more than 700. I was tried to speak with my bell Tech and he is not able to help me, I need to call technical support only on day. the probleme seems to come from Bell. thanks for your help, it is apprecieted
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    p2p ????

    peer to peer https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_à_pair bonne lecture !
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    Okay my friend we've done a cloud update. I was able to connect to an Apex server in Sydney using the new version. Press FLUSH CLOUD Put Geo-Filter over Australia Set ping assist to zero That's what worked for me.
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    Weird issues

    We've got to get a fix for this. It's a router breaking issue, w/o a working, reliable geofilter then why else would I buy the router? ya know. Just now it started, out of nowhere , trying to connect to servers well outside my filter range. These particular servers are a new cluster of Internap routed servers worldwide that are misplaced from EU and US alike all showing in Kansas, USA. -The first server it connects me to it, and the game loads me into the lobby and disconnects me with lobby unavailable error counting as a 0 kill loss. This server was NOT in my ALLOW/DENY list at all. -The second server is actually correctly placed in Texas but is a really crappy connection; lag, ping spikes of 100ms..., Internap Crap is what most are labelled. This server is clearly marked in my allow/deny list, and has been for at least 2 days now as DENY, yet the filter doesn't even recognize this for approx. 5 minutes. I connect and get 3 kills before the geofilter decides to disconnect me. The server is custom ID'd/labelled as Internap 10, this is the same as the server in my list that has been Denied over and over. It's not an issue of the filter not being applied correctly either. My filter rarely is OFF as well as the first 2-3 matches were filtered and surprisingly correctly joined within the parameters set; allow/deny and filter radius. Same message, lobby/game unavailable. This is really , really, really super frustrating. I want to battle enemies not my router. 😡
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    Pingplotter Help

    Basically I can only make it good not perfect lol thanks netduma didn't know what I was doing at first but got a good idea now how it all works 😊
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    port forwarding issues

    wanted to let you know that i fixed it, apparently when my ISP had a big update to the internet it messed up my static IP so after that it worked like a charm. thanks for the replies
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    Yeah... coz I really got 2.7 k/d in IW by being a bad player... you have no idea what you're talking about mate. If you shoot someone, get 10 hitmarkers with a gun that kills in around 5 and don't miss a single shot and they still don't die... I've registered 10 hitmarkers on an AFK player at close range before and they still didn't die. Shoot first, die first is a thing, even the killcams sometimes show someone sponged your bullets before they even knew you were there.
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    iPv6 Question

    To sum it up just turn it off you don't need it. I did a long time ago
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    Totally understand your frustration, there is lots of work for the developers to undertake and there will be some issues that have to be taken care of first before issues like this can be looked into properly. Now that more people are experiencing the issue it is my hope that this gets escalated higher than other issues.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    Your welcome! Give it a look! Imo if it wasn't for guys like Voxel, Merlin and such, routers like Netgear and ASUS would be very much lost with out them.. Reach out to Voxel.. He will tell you if he supports the XR500.. Good luck! Zippy.
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    XR500 DDwrt Firmware

    I will have to look into that ! Thanks Zippy for the response.
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    2 weeks of up-time, no reboot needed.
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    Help! WiFi problems.

    I'm at work right now. But will try it when I get home.
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    Dos Attack?

    It’s nothing to worry about, these logs are perfectly normal. The logs are only for the developers and they are often misunderstood.
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    Hi would love to see ping, packet loss and the overall connection grade like dslreports.com. If you get a problem with your connection you have a rough idea on what going on with your connection with these simple tool 😊
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    my guess is that the XR500 was merely a "test subject" to test the "market" water, as such.... From the lack of firmware updates since launch, we can pretty much determine that this router is now dead in the water , and Netgear just keep pumping out variants for no sensible reason , other than PROFIT! ...and , Netgear are probably the worst company DumaOS could have jumped into bed with....! There were much better to choose from guys....
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