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    The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0 Last year we released our first major update for DumaOS, Milestone 1.3. You guys loved it, so we quickly got to work on the next milestone, packing it full of features to make your router even more powerful. This next milestone will instead be a new version, DumaOS 3.0, and it marks the biggest leap forward in our history. It will contain a huge amount of features never seen before on a router. Instead of just sending out each of the features piece by piece, we needed to wrap them all up into one giant release. We will explain why soon 😉 (but don't worry, we're not doing an EA!). We know you guys will want to get your hands on 3.0 as soon as possible and we are working very hard to make this happen. But until we are sure, the release date is ‘to be confirmed’. But in the meantime, here is a teaser one of the many features coming to your router in 3.0: Data History. With Data History you can see how much bandwidth you’ve used over time and drill-down to see which devices and/or applications are eating up all your data or find out how many hours you spent gaming over the weekend. If you are under a data cap, you can also see if you are nearing your monthly limit. This is just a small glimpse into 3.0. We will be gradually revealing more features over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more announcements. One final thing, we launched DumaOS Insiders yesterday. This will be a private subforum where we share first-looks at features we are currently working on and using your feedback to shape them. There are only a few spaces left, so sign up here if you haven’t already: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29480-sign-up-to-dumaos-insiders/ Big things are coming. Thank you for your support. The ND Team
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    Netduma Jack

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    EDIT: The response to to this has been brilliant. Thank you. We are now locking signups - but we will leave the form up in case anyone wishes to register their interest in becoming an insider in the future. ___ Hi guys - we have a big announcement coming tomorrow about our next development milestone, which will be the biggest set of new features ever released for DumaOS. Our number one focus is building new features, and we want them to be the best they can be. This is why we're starting up DumaOS Insiders, where we will be sharing exclusive first-looks at some of our new features and using your feedback to shape them. If you are interested, please sign up to DumaOS Insiders using this form: https://forms.gle/4TptvkBkqBfVeW669 When you sign up you will be entrusted with exclusive Insider information. Please do not share this content outside of the DumaOS Insiders subforum.
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    I appreciate the more transparent side of things here now, Fraser. I still think your devs have patching backwards, I know of no other company that releases new operating systems without patches for their software in between major releases. Its just seems to me a retrograde way of doing things. Apple have just released macOS Catalina and its buggy, now imagine if no point releases came until next year with macOS 10.16 Users would go mad and Apple would never sell another computer probably, same for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. That is just not how you do things in my view and no matter what the new version hopes and expectations are it will have bugs, you cant make bug free software, its impossible. I'm just hoping DumaOS 4.0 or another incarnation of DumaOS wont be the fix for DumaOS 3.0's bugs. Until I can see a point release path rather than 8-12 month gaps between updates to fix issues with DumaOS software pushed to Netgear hardware, I've had to remove the XR500 as my daily driver for now and box it up. I'm aware this may not be all your fault believe me, and I know you guys work really hard and I will continue to help where I can, but the XR development cycle in my view is unacceptable as it stands. I look forward though to seeing what your plans are with DumaOS nevertheless. Right time for more more coffee
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    Thanks Alex, unfortunately that’s what I kind of feared. Basically bugs that came out in milestone 1.3 in what is rapidly going to become a year soon aren’t going to get patched in other words. Anything DumaOS related will be left until version 3.0. Also no one has a real clue how much Netgear will be interested in any of these new features. Also Current bugs with VLAN tagging, QoS getting slow, port mapping in table view and antibufferbloat getting stuck on and and the leaky hybrid VPN won’t be fixed until this new version is ready and that probably won’t be this year and once again may not come to the XR routers. Is that a fair assumption of the current situation? I appreciate you coming up with a new operating system and it takes great effort to create one, but I am a little taken aback by the lack of patching in milestone 1.3 considering it’s almost a year old and virtually nothing has been done to fix the issues with it on the XR routers, as I can’t speak for the R1. I really wish you had focused on bug fixing Milestone 1.3 first before creating yet another new OS rather than leaving things unfixed and with an air of uncertainty as to whether they ever will be patched , because this all rides on Netgear. I think this could be a problem possibly especially since obviously you can’t promise how long this will take, and I have noted the words ‘early days’ which doesn’t bode well for further fixes in the pipeline for DumaOS as it stands on current Netgear hardware with your firmware. So we could be waiting possibly until next year with no fixes at all on the DumaOs side at all. Also a lot depends on Netgear wanting the new version as well, is that correct? I’m not trying to be negative, I’m just trying to understand where Netgear users stand. I hope you understand my concerns, router stability is created hopefully by fixing issues in current firmware no matter how welcome new features are. However the continued lack of support for patching your own firmware on Netgear hardware I find to be a bit odd. Personally I would need fixes and stability not long gaps where nothing is happening visibly for DumaOS software thats on existing XR routers, because you are busy creating another new version.Fixing the issues first before moving on seems the more logical approach but that’s just from my point of view. Are you going to focus on patching rather than creating new versions of DumaOS, because all new operating systems inevitably are buggy. So Will you patch 3.0 or move onto the next version? I hope you can see my concerns. Good luck with version 3.0 nevertheless.
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    Netduma Alex

    New profile fields

    I just made a few small changes to profiles. It is now mandatory to specify which DumaOS routers you own. You will be asked this question when you next sign in. This will help us loads with tech support! There are now optional profile fields for Discord, Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch and Battle.net - please suggest any more you would like added Some old/outdated protocols were removed, such as MSN, ICQ, AIM and Jabber. Thanks for being a part of the community! EDIT: I'll add Twitter as well EDIT2: You can now use Facebook to login to the forums if you feel like it
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    If we do that we'll let you know. For the moment keep an eye out for more feature teases over the next few weeks.
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    Netduma Alex

    Selling a house!!!

    Most important question I would ask is "how's the broadband"
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    Netduma Alex

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    You can thank Jack for that He's also just spruced up the icons on the forums
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    Not much of an announcement. One feature that nobody cares about and no fixes for existing issues. no timeline for updates. more empty promises about the new OS fixing all the issues. Going this long without any communication real class act Netduma then when you do you don't even address any of the issues. I guess it is time for a new router I wanted to like the xr500 the only reason I went with netgear again was duma os hoping it would be better but seams it was actually worse.
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    Bonjour chtimi PremiĂšrement le xr500 ne peut recevoir que 1gb sur le port wan Sur la Livebox il faut impĂ©rativement mettre le xr500 en dmz pour ne pas avoir de problĂšme de nat mĂȘme si malheureusement le mode bridge serait la solution miracle... car sur la livebox 4 (j'imagine que la lv5 aussi) il a y a malgrĂ© tout des ports priorisĂ© en coulisse ,malgrĂ© la dmz .. Il te faut aussi dĂ©sactiver le wifi, l'upnp et supprimer toute rĂšgle nat/pat sur la lv5 Tu dois avoir la dmz et c'est tout. Et tout tes appareils doivent ĂȘtre connectĂ©s sur le xr500 maintenant j'ai une question sur la lv5 tu me dit 1gb pour ethernet et 1 gb pour le wifi est ce que le dĂ©bit et rĂ©ellement divisĂ© en 2 (un genre de qos dans la lv5) ou est-ce que c'est juste parceque la lv5 n'a que des port lan 1gb? Apres sur le xr500 soit utiliser l'upnp ou portforwarding pour avoir une nat ouvert sur les jeux mais pas les 2 ça crĂ©erait un double nat Et tu dois aussi mettre une adresse Ip fixe pour ta Xbox et ps4 Apres si tu Ă  d'autres question sur le fonctionnement du xr500 (qos,geofiltre...) n'hĂ©site pas Personnellement jai retirĂ© la lv4 et mis le xr500 Ă  la place en utilisant l'authentification orange france dhcp mais malheureusement cette solution rend la qos inutilisable Ă  cause d'un problĂšme de vlan qui j'espĂšre sera modifier dans le prochaine maj du xr500!!
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    Thanks! Fraser and I try very hard to keep the community happy. Sometimes it's hard as we're often limited in what we can say, but if the community speaks we let the devs know. Bug reports and suggestions are not falling on deaf ears.
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    QOS issues (again)

    To be fair to them I left both the home hub and the R1 there and they both took no notice and didn't blame the hardware. For this one though I'll definitely remove everything so that there's no excuses
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    Netduma Alex

    Duma app

    Focus right now is on DumaOS 3.0 but the app is coming along nicely.
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    You guys seriously....

    Yah see how things go. It never hurts to give charter a call if need be and have them check your line. That is something I always do. They know me by my first name now if that tells you anything. Not sure what kind of techs you have in your area but if you get a tech that has the newer testing equipment to test your line you will be golden! Zippy.
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    Cat 8 ethernet cable doesnt matter. With 5E you're good for 1Gbit at shorter distances and 6 and higher will support 1G long distance and 10G. It doesn't matter for gaming if you're using 5E or 7 unless you have a 10G connection. Higher supported frequency's in cables are not used as the ports between your devices will auto negotiate it's transferspeed.
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    Selling a house!!!

    Do they want a discount if you take the light switches and electrical sockets? 😆
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    Selling a house!!!

    I. never realised that selling a house was so complicated, my late moms house had 30 viewings in 7 days and we got a buyer at the asking price, now the paper work has come through and they are asking if we are leaving the light switches and electrical sockets?????? WTF, who takes the light switches and electrical sockets. ??????
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    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Excited to see the new update and what it can do #R1club
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    Netduma Alex

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Everybody's welcome to join while applications are open!
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    Must Be Magic?!

    Not even throttling but there is instances where the lagger can gain the advantage simply due to in game mechanics. If I play at 150ms and you at 4ms. Assume the game has approx. 50ms interpolation lag for 60Hz servers. We are playing on Freqency. You run through the middle, I camp one of the hallways on either side of the map. As soon as I come out of cover and aim and shoot at you, this needs to be put in an update by my console, 0-16ms, send to the server, which takes 75ms, they need to process it in the master gamestate, which takes 0-16ms in theory (time between 1 update) then it gets send to your console, which takes 2ms. Then this gets processed by your client, 50-83ms interpolation lag (time between updates and frame rounding. in the best case it takes 127ms for me to be visible on your screen, worst case it will take 192ms. Average, 160ms. If I use a gun that kills in 300 ms I can have killed you before you finished raising your gun. Also in the above example, in CoD damage is dealt directly, so there is no interpolation delay, but there is a delay for it going in the update to the server, 0-16ms. So actually you would receive damage after just 0+75+0+2 = 77ms best case, or 16 (update rate)+75+16+2+32(frame rounding) = 141ms. So you can actually start recieving damage or be instakilled before I even appear on your screen fully. Also, my shots lag but register at the server after 75ms best or 107ms worst case scenario. What a lot of people forget that with high latency connections, that it gives the lagger a window to shoot at you without having flinch, because you can't shoot back yet. Where it hurts him is that hitmarkers will come at a delay. If situation above was reversed. You would come out of cover and this would be visible to me after 2+0+75+50 = 127ms best case or 16+2+16+75+83 = 192ms. Same numbers. But you fire and your shots hit at the server in 2ms best or 18ms worst case scenario. So I would already be dead at the server before I even see you moving. Now 2 players that both have 4ms to the server: Best case for coming out of cover: 0+2+0+2+50 = 54ms Worst case for coming out of cover 16+2+16+83 = 117ms Average, 85ms delay. You you see, it's not just your ping, but the other guy's ping plays a big role in the gunfight. And this is assuming clean connections which is usually not the case in a online environment. And a server that is not limited by CPU cycles etc etc. If you do the math for LAN with no latency then you will see that it's still not 100% fair. In reality. Most of the times latency is not symmetrical. And game updates are not recieved in exact 16ms intervals etc. Server can be at max capacity. It can go on forever. Low ping just means that you have the lowest possible path to the server. Less hops in between so the least chance of something going wrong. You have the advantage when coming out of cover and in straight up fights. But there is times where you are disadvantaged.
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    Source port help

    so i've tested the setup out for the last couple of days...looks like everything is working great! forwarding 3544 to 3074 seems to have solved my input lag issues. you guys have been a lot more helpful than both microsoft and ea regarding this issue. i greatly appreciate the help! i just have to come to terms with losing because i suck instead of lag now lmao... thanks again, boys!!
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    Well make sure you keep an eye on the forums over the next few months, and also make sure you're signed up to the newsletter, because IF we had any amazing new products to announce, and i'm not saying we do, but IF we were to announce an amazing new product that was so sexy you'd have to buy it instantly, we'd certainly make sure everybody knew about it via the newsletter. https://netduma.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=87a7aef5725cff4be341f1b26&id=5341b993d5
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    The R1 is way overdue for replacement with newer tech and I would much prefer to get one from you than to buy one from netgear. I know we've talked about this before...but....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats what I've been saying for a while now too!
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    On the latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75) we have identified an issue where users may have trouble logging into their Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. This affects the XR300, XR450, XR500 and XR700, it does not affect users of the Netduma R1. --- A workaround for this issue has been found: Paste the following address into your Chrome address bar and press enter: chrome://flags/#http-auth-committed-interstitials Change the highlighted setting to Disabled and press Relaunch Now Now you should be able to log in as normal again --- There's a Netgear knowledge base article about it here: https://kb.netgear.com/000061261/Google-Chrome-77-is-blocking-access-to-NETGEAR-login-pages-what-do-I-do
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    Try this 1. Place geo location on top of server of choice smallest radius(69) 2. Boot game with filtering mode on 3.once you see all servers being blocked and your at the main multiplayer menu expanded the radius between 600-1000 miles 4. Search for a game Let me know if you have any luck
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    Thats sounds good Alex thanks
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    I imagine the packet loss is caused because the speedtest is intentionally trying to flood the connection to it's maximum capacity. In most situations, a server will slow down sending packets when one gets dropped. This technique is used to figure out what video quality your connection you can handle... but for a speedtest I imagine they push lots of data regardless of how many packets get dropped. If the problem only occurs during a speedtest, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I've replied to you in this thread: That IS the plan, the reason we've not been so good at bug patching so far is because we've not had the staff. We've got enough people now that we can have one group working on features and one group working on fixes. Once 3.0 is out, the pressure for features is off, and the pressure for fixes is on.
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    The best is yet to come!
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    when will we start to recieve the new version for testing
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    GĂ©o filtre

    Ah parfait
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    XR500 support 10gb Fiber?

    Keep in mind that most current home class routers only support 1000Mbps RJ45 connection rates on their WAN and LAN ports. There are only a few routers that are just now supporting 2.5Gb on the WAN port. Though still not supporting anything over 1000Mbps on the LAN ports. To get full 10Gb support, you need 10Gb support on the WAN, LAN, cabling and PC Network adapter. Most enterprise class routers, switches and NIC adapters are still spendy and mostly not available or tuned at the consumer level. Remember when 100Mbps was the norm 10+ years ago and the consumer finally got access to 1Gb support on modems, routers, switches and NICs? Same thing needs to happen again, if the consumer will get access to full on 10Gb networking speed support. When and IF all the Networking Mfrs decide to do this. We're just beginning to see some 2.5Gb support on some home class routers. I know that there are some networking Mfrs that have 10Gb switches that are becoming a bit more inexpensive. We need NICs as well. This would begin some migration to 10Gb on the LAN side. Also need to factor in PC CPU speed support as 10Gb speeds would be very CPU processing intensive for any single/dual core or lower PC. Most would not be able to support these speeds. I've got a dual core CPU PC that can't do anything near 900Mbps on the WAN side. While my quad core PC can with out question. Lastly is cabling. CAT6A is minimum for 10Gb performance. So there are a few things to remember when thinking about anything over 1Gb speeds. 10Gb will be interesting to see when and IF it appears at the consumer level.
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    Netduma Admin

    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Hi everyone - the response to this has been brilliant, thank you. We are now locking signups - but we will leave the form up in case anyone wishes to register their interest in becoming an insider in the future. Anyone who has already filled will be added now if they haven't already.
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    I understand your concerns, but from our point of view, many of the bugs that currently exist will cease to be a concern because we're reshaping fundamental elements of the OS. Many of the bugs will end up being fixed simply because of the refinements we're making. But yeah, in an ideal world we'd have one team working on bugs, and another team working on features. We're expanding our team rapidly so hopefully this can be a reality soon. I'm sorry that you'll have to hold on a few more months for the next update...
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    Netduma Fraser

    Buying router for COD

    I would agree with BD, especially if you are thinking of upgrading your speeds, you would then be able to use the full speeds & QoS, as well as benefit from the AC WiFi which the R1 doesn't have. If you have a good ping then you should have an advantage, if there are laggy players connected to that same server you shouldn't lag but you may see them lagging but again you should have the advantage here. Gaming doesn't use much bandwidth at all, less than 1mbps in most cases so upgrading your speeds wouldn't help with lag necessarily. If you were to change ISP to get these new speeds their lines/routing may be better in which case your base ping may decrease but theres no way to tell until you do that. Having higher speeds also would mean local congestion is less of an issue so your ping may stay lower in times of heavy usage, especially when using QoS as well.
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    Netduma Alex

    Gears 5

    We've done testing, and we've figured out what's going wrong. Now we just need to implement a fix.
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    Ping Assist

    What's up !!! First of all ping assist is broken as right now so you should disabling it by entering 0 then enter !!! It works but is broken...so the dedis you see as peers are dedis (you can confirm with ping stats...all dedis will have an ip adress with either Choopa.net-Setaptr-Vultr-Game servers-Amazon ect...beside the ip adress in Domain Name) !!! The reason i say it works is the reason why you banned them but they still pop in...because the ping assist let them in !!! The bans are like putted aside by ping assist as it only task is to Allow pings you selected even if they outside of your radius(the distance you set from home location) so it kind of bypass bans and radius !!! Now the reason i say it is broken now... it not only don't care about bans...it also allow way higher pings than what you setted !!! I've tried mine at 7ms like my line is and at 16ms ... both have let dedis pop in with higher than 40ms !!! Last week i've finally fixed my XR500 stability issues by downgrading to the .40a fix and factory resets(8 times each in a row) because the .56 broke more things than any firmwares out there and it is impossible to stabilize it on .56 while i can stabilize any XR500 on earlier versions (best firmware for XR500 is .40a fix) and by stabilizing the XR500 i talk about stabilizing your Tickrate and that's impossible with .56 !!! Also on .56 when computer shut off...not sleep but Real power OFF then the light of it's lan on the XR500 becomes Red meaning it is in sleep mode !!! It does the exact same problem as with my Premium 4K UN55NU8000 while hooked via lan on every other firmware versions...and i didn't even tried it again while on .56 since it made the same problem with my 1 month and a half old Ryzen 3000 computer !!! It's because of that problem i recommend everybody to buy monoprice Cat8 cables for complete cat8 setup (between modem and router and between router and devices) and then hook problematic device like my premium tv via wifi 5ghz... you will have a better experience than via cable since it wont trigger the lan problems thus keeping your setup flawless like it should !!! Also cat8 from monoprice runs at 2000mhz and 40gb/s so all your setup will run at that 2000mhz lightness 😛 bringing a much better experience with every devices in the setup !!! Also even my Premium Samsung shit only have a 100mb/s card on them so you have way more bandwith with 5ghz wifi vs 100mb/s lan !!! Do i need to tell anybody that a 100mbs card is not enough bandwith for a decent 4k streaming ??... cause it's really not !!! Because of these lan problems i always use and recommend to use a wifi device to manage Duma Os...i use my phone with Chrome only for managing Duma Os and i only use a computer to upgrade or downgrade of the firmwares as it is Extremely Important to prevent and/or fix weird problems !!! So while doing my tests between each firmwares and factory resets i tried ping assist again...also tried 3 days ago as it was hard to find dedis (in my case it's now rare that it happen) and it found absolutely 0 dedis... even raised it to 30 ms and that 30ms let all usa dedis in with 2-3 exceptions only... nothing at all !!! Restarted everything and in the real proper way...still found nothing at all !!! Flushed cloud and restarting everything the proper way again...still find no dedis for BO4 with my 7ms line !!! I decided to disabling it again...flush cloud like i always do when having hard times finding dedis (rare in my case but still happens) and then after restarting everything the proper way Boom everything was back to normal...instant access to a lot of dedis !!! Also note that this is an old trick for the old os of R1 routers to put your home location in water at 111km radius and with ping assist On .... and that's really not a good idea with Duma Os !!! Put your home to the closest of where you live and then set your radius accordingly to get 2 dedis at different locations if possible inside a 1000km radius !!! If the second nearest dedis is at higher than 1000km i recommend disabling auto ping then start game to see dedis on your geofilter map then click the ones you'd like to test (1 at time only) and scroll down to see ping of this dedis then allow it !!! Do that on the ones that are outside your -1000km radius and when ready to test them just enable auto ping again...refresh the page of the geo filter and restart your console then enter and play your game !!! Once in a while it will select the dedis outside your radius so you'll then be able to test them and then decide if you keep them or deny them (but since they'll be outside your radius you'll just need to remove them from the Allow/Deny list ) !!! You also can simply put your home where the dedis to test are with smallest radius possible so it will straight away test them instead of waiting to fall on them !!! Then i would recommend you to remember (maybe with screenshots) the location of the tested dedis that are in real world located at more than 1000kms from you... then 3 factory resets in a row (once rebooted after each factory reset you should unplug power cable from it then wait 30sec or press power button 6-7 times to release current from the router...plug back power and power on...factory reset again...ect ect ect ) then properly set your router internet-lan-wan-wifi then you add one by one every devices you have that will hook to your setup...name them and reserve ip for every devices...don't do geo filter and Qos yet...reboot router when every devices will be reserved and hooked and close aka shut off every devices except the one you use to manage...now Qos untick duma classified games... add your console(s)...for bandwith allocation you want it equal for every devices except led lights and/or devices that don't really need internet to work so i set Led lights at 0 on both upload and download then save each...so it's like if i don't have Led lights on my setup but they are and they just don't use any internet 😛 so all my bandwith is equally shared to 4 devices in my setup even if more than 4 devices are hooked to it meaning more bandwith for devices that matters !!! Once done your last setting is geo filter... i select zoom x15 and i then select my home location...once home location is selected and auto applied refresh the page to confirm it have saved your proper home location...i then unzoom and let it at basic x2.5 !!! Never touch that setting again cause i found out that it cause problems in the long run !!! You can add your console up there in geo filter !!! Now get back on Qos tab... set both slidders to 70/70 and Always !!! Restart router and close managing device aka shut off !!! Once the main 4 lights will be white you remove power cord from the router and also from your modem or Aio ... press modem or Aio power button on off 6-7 times then let it at off and plug power cord back then power on... wait 3mins... now put power button of router to off and plug back power cord then power on router...when the 4 main lights are white you can start devices and test gaming !!! Before every gaming session... you have to disable both share excess before starting console (you enable them when finishing gaming) then you start console... do a manual internet setup with the same ip you reserved for it earlier... if in result you have a message telling This router might not handle packets fragmentation... that means your mtu is not set properly !!! My vdsl2 7ms setup runs mtu 1492 and my ftth 1ms runs 1500mtu like for cable lines !!! Setting mtu manually is best !!! As this is for COD... knows that COD perfect bandwith in game is between 4110 and 4128kb... i mostly always have 4117 or 4118 and that's the first thing you check when entering COD also as your Open state !!! If under 4110 ingame we restart game again till we have that bandwith !!! Once you confirmed you are Open and with around 4117kb ingame bandwith... then you'll start playing !!! If you feel your running heavier like you now 568pounds vs your normal average 165pounds... raise your download by 2 at time...so 72...74...76... just until you walk and move lightier (download affect your lower body aka legs) If you find your bullets don't always register like flawlessly...raise your upload (it's upper body aka arms and bullet registration related)still by 2 so 72...74...76... !!! I suggest finding the optimal upload first then the download !!! My down is at 78 and my up is at 98 !!! Understand that not a lot of devices uses upload when not asking them to there is less congestion on upload meaning you can raise next to top 100 but don't be stupid it won't help at 100... at 98 my bullets are precisely killin everything it touch as soon as it touch it but 99 or 100 cause them to less register like if set at 70 !!! It's been months now since i didn't had to play with the slidders... i just had to test again and raising them a lil bit after successfully bringing back my XR500 to a stable state... but for the last 7months my down was at 76 and upload at 94...same results on every COD's we tested and whatever time of day or night...day after day same flawless experience !!! Now having same flawless experience but with a lil bit higher specs 😛 (had to test again because things have again changed in internet and in COD's) so we have to adapt like i did !!! If you have an Aio instead of a modem then Bridge it or put only 1 dhcp adress and dmz your router !!! If you're lucky your Aio can have an option named Advanced DMZ...if you have that enable that as it will give your router a public ip like your modem/Aio gets from isp (so it's almost exactly a bridge mode and that's what we use on the ftth 1ms setup running R1 Duma Os with Bell Canada Home Hub 3000... my 7ms vdsl2 setup runs XR500 and AIO in real bridge mode that is not available on bell home hub 3000 just like my Aio don't have an Advanced DMZ so bridge mode and pp0e on XR500) If you go in internet setup on duma os XR500... under pp0e you have Connection method... select Always On !!! I myself test my isp dns and set both to the same so i always have the same experience as both dns won't run same ping so you should test them and select to use only the best dns your isp provide by entering same ip for both dns !!! In Wan... disable igmp proxying... if you setup with duma help your mtu should be right there...mine is 1492... Nat Filtering should be set at Open and more important if you have more than one gaming console or devices that play the same games...like BO4 !!! Disable Sip Alg...apply !!! Lan is where you've reserved ip's to devices... also where you change the ip to manage your router (i set mine at 50.1) and where you can set the number of devices you'll let hook to your setup...only allow 3 more devices...so if only 5 devices will hook...at all times... allows like 8 in dhcp server like 192 168 50.15 to 50.23 !!! Wireless: Never use Smart Connect... NEVER !!! Enable 20/40 mhz Coexistence (much important thing when you scan more than 3 wifi setups near you with phone or wifi devices) Now choose Channel 11 for 2.4g and 153 for 5ghz !!! Usb storage : i disable media servers as i don't use that so i remove chances to bad peeps to enter by that way in my setup !!! Advanced wifi: Let 2.4g wmm option ticked but untick it for 5ghz !!! Down there i disable router's pin and keep: Keep existing wireless settings ticked also as beamforming ticked and mu-mimo ticked !!! In Advanced settings you can also make sure ipv6 is disabled !!! That's all the settings i use and recommend to everybody except for when exceptions occur...like if for any reason you really need Sip ALg then just re enable it but do try with it disabled as it is an old tech not really needed anymore for most people !!! So try that and the settings i shared...like i shared...not in a different way since we won't be able to know what caused wich problems ect !!! I have done this a lot of times and now once i've done all this so many times i know exactly how to handle these XR500 and R1 and that makes me able to help others with proper explications and settings also as proper ways to do things !!! I know it's long to read...please try to figure out how many mins i've spend just to write this in another language 😛 ah ah ah So sorry if it's a long text... but you're not alone to read and i do try to give more explications so more people in our Duma ARMY start understanding proper things so they too can enjoy their Duma Os routers also as their gaming sessions !!! I might forgot something once in a while and i'm sorry if i do... also as i try to use the proper words to explain things even when it's hard to explain to people without my knowledge...and not in my first language !!! Test that and you'll enjoy your gaming sessions more and more as you'll fine tune the sliders only... and only when every other settings are properly done !!! I didn't even include My XR500 fix to make it handle Tickrate never dropping under 120 !!! So set things up...test a lil bit... while you play check your auto ping cause it shows Tickrate in real time... if you never see it dropping to 60s so it stays around 120 and jumping to around 180-200 once in a while... then your XR500 is miraculously stable !!! If it drops from 120 to 60 each 1 to 3 seconds...then your XR500 is Unstable...and at that point just ask me i'll give you the trick(or search on the forum and or youtube and or twitter as i've already gave the trick with almost same settings i just gave you) !!! I will start making vids on my youtube soon since i now have my Ryzen 3000 baby... so i'll post here on the forum with links to my vids !!! Have an awesome gaming sessions homies !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!! DMC ✌
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    Yes kinda of behind the times a bit. I'll get it updated. 😏
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    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Good to be apart of a good community.
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    Hey! Thank you for the tip! That opened up the router that was showing upnp failures on the xbox one's that were connected to it and now they're open too. I don't have my full setup at the moment I had to send 2 xbox's into the local repair shop because of faulty hdmi ports but I should have them back Monday to fully test, but so far I have both R1 routers going with 2 xbox's on each and all 4 xbox's are open and the matchmaking is working great. That would be sweet if you ever do increase the limit but I understand not a lot of people or even any asking for it. Not a lot of people have the space with 4-6 xboxs on a network looking to filter the search area at once because when we don't filter it, we match with people on the other side of the world, and the player animations are standing still but you see them moving and jumping, it's not a good time. haha. Thanks you again for the help!
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    With a need for IPv6 and WPA3 being the new standard in town soon (unless that's not a priority for Netgear on older kit as it can be updated), also Wi-Fi 6 is replacing Wi-Fi 5 quite fast and I will be looking at hardware that keeps up with new clients and my networking needs. I love the GUI of DumaOS but not the failed promises and the never ending bugs that Netgear and Netduma don't get fixed, I'm guessing more Netgear than you guys, but still Ive seen to many promises just fade away on these forums. Also this XR hardware is getting old. SoC's and Wi-Fi chipsets from 2016 are hardly cutting edge any more. Basically buying a R9000 or the gaming equivalent, the XR700 means people are buying 3 year old hardware, the XR500's CPU hits 4 years old in January 2020 as that's when the IPQ8065 landed on the shelves in home routers like Netgears R7800, which the XR500 basically is just in a new body shell and a bit more flash NAND that seems to not even be used.
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    That's the only way I will ever purchase another router from Netduma. It has to be Netduma only!!! And not a Netduma/Netgear router. Zippy.
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    Ste G

    Xr500 Issue

    I've got it all up and running now Thanks for the help.
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    Yes fraser i cannot wait, im a super addicted apex fanboy, with all the connection quality problems it suffers there is still nothing beats it at the moment, if these developers sort out the connectivity i don't think ill play any other fps again. Can't wait to see crypto in the real and see what he brings to the meta. Also im hoping whatever changes they implement we can finally get the geo filter working in tandem, even selecting the in game server browser of your choice you know as soon as you play its not the one you selected cause it feels way over 100 ping at times.
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    Yes, the chipset in XR700 and XR500 are almost 4 years old. Now I have two new AX clients, so I'm looking at a new AX router but not until Qualcomm's new silicon is used which will be next year. Also Wi-Fi 6 is close to being ratified I would hope, until then any Wi-Fi 6 routers are potentially incompatible with the 'wave 2' style updates coming after Wi-Fi 6 is ratified, same as Wi-Fi 5 really. The Wi-Fi 5 chipsets in the XR routers hardware are old as i mentioned, 4 years old next year (2020) for the XR450, XR500 and XR700. https://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/wi-fi-6-powers-real-world-wireless-enterprise-applications
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    Xr500 CPU 100%

    AprÚs un redémarrage tout est rentré dans l'ordre , j'avais pas grand chose allumé pendant cette monter d'utilisation du processeur a 100% . J'avais juste la PS4 allumé.
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    Desculpe escrever em portuguĂȘs, mas me parece que seu modem/ISP estĂĄ bloqueando as portas. Pode ser seu provedor bloqueando as portas. Veja se seu modem tem DMZ. Se tiver, ative o DMZ para seu netduma r1. Isso resolverĂĄ!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Connection ssh xr500

    You won't see detailed information like that through the interface currently. If it's something you're interested in we could add it to our idea list for the future.
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