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    Netduma Jack

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi Duma Army, and welcome to the first Developer Q&A thread! This your chance to ask the team about the current development and exciting future of DumaOS. Our developers will answer you directly as soon as they can (though this won't be live). Before we begin, lets get the caveats out of the way: - Keep it on topic: If you have technical issues with your router this isn't the place to get support. We'll be redirecting and deleting irrelevant posts to keep this thread on topic. - Keep it civil: Trolling, name-calling or general rudeness will not be tolerated on this thread. Please choose your words carefully and adhere to the forum rules to avoid suspension. - Keep it brief: Our developers are hard at work and their time is precious. They will try to answer every question they can, but they might not be able to answer every one - especially if your question is two pages long! Spam will not be tolerated. DumaOS development is driven by your feedback, so we're super excited to hear from you all. If this goes well we may host more Q&A sessions in the future. Fire away with any questions you have and a developer will answer as soon as possible!
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    Netduma Luke

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Nothing stopping us doing this - so it's good to know you'd be interested in a new router from us.
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    Netduma Alex

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, I'm Alex, I just started working at Netduma. My main role is to deal with tech support across the forums, social media and so on. I'm also going to deal with community stuff in general, and i'm impressed so far that Netduma's community seems so dedicated. I'm amazed at all of the mods and incredibly helpful community members I've seen so far! I'd like to have community events and things that aren't soley related to tech support. Some information about myself: I'm a lifelong gamer, I was a Nintendo fanboy in my youth but have since diversified. I don't like to take sides in the console wars, or the pc vs console argument, but I suppose if pushed i'd say I prefer using a controller... Sorry! I like JRPGs, platformers, racing games... Currently very into looter shooters like Destiny 2 or The Division 2... Haven't really got into the whole battle royale thing yet but I get the feeling that I will do, given that people in our office play PUBG and CoD Blackout. Also having 100 people connected at once is such an interesting networking challenge, it's like the ultimate benchmark. Anyway i'll definitely see you around the forums, Thanks for reading, Alex
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    I'd love DumaOs Router/Modem

    Just for discussion.. I'd love a Netduma Router that has DSL port built in so i have only 1 Modem/router setup. Instead if having 2 products. Is this a possibility for the future? For me the Benefits are no extra wires/ Ethernet's running all over the DumaOs does all handles Everything and be plugged straight in the BT Socket skipping my Vigor 130 modem. Would be "AWESOME" tho!
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    After sales support

    Just want to say thank you Jack and Alex for the after sales support think Netduma R1 awesome kit actually kept me playing COD ty guys 👍🏻
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    Netduma Fraser

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Alright guys, if you're going to have a discussion please do it elsewhere. This is a Q&A topic. If you have a question then please ask.
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    If we had a colony on the moon, I'm certain that Activision would install a dedi on there and force everyone in the US to play on that, lol.
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    How many retweets do we need to hit....for this to happen?
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    Had to be done!

    Finally changed my PSN Name. Duma Army!!!!!
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    Thank you for the replies that answer my question i thought i wasn't connected but now i see thanks Big-dod and Zennon.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I can only see cloud-based gaming as a shitty gimmick for shitty games at the moment. With a lot of shitty lag.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I am always going to game on local hardware for FPS games. I can see them pushing cloud gaming for those who want to buy cheap consoles (dumb devices) knowing that all the hardware upgrading is happening in the cloud, so you don't need to keep upgrading hardware. However, you are going to need a serious internet package, a decent ISP, and money to pay for the service. Long term costs are ouch for cloud based, until backbone and ISPs step-up, especially the larger common household ISPs.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I have an excellent KD record on PS4, especially on BO3. However, the user experience, limitation of customization and the sheer lack of useful apps is the main reason why my ps4 is in the conservatory gathering dust and my xbox is now getting the love!
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    Netduma Alex

    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    Nah nah, what I mean is that the Xbox One (original) was underpowered and that's what held it back initially. It also means that any games that haven't been enhanced to work with Xbox One X are going to look kind of bad no matter what. In my experience I mostly meet Europeans on PlayStation and Americans on Xbox. Don't know why... Lots of military guys like Xbox. I prefer Xbox Live and I prefer the achievements system to trophies, plus what kind of company takes 12 years to figure out how to let you change your username?
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    Netduma Jonathan

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi everyone, first time posting. I'll be answering some questions as well in the future but am currently working on new features. Hope to get them to you soon.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Hi, I have the XR500 with DumaOS and just love it, their is one thing I kinda miss that my old router had (Asus RT-AC87U) is an scheduler for rebooting. Could be something like this above where you easy can enable it ans choose when and what time to reboot.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Or simply forget netgear and create a R2 as evoked upstream ... more powerful, more evolved, with the latest software and hardware functionality and a regular update monitoring in agreement with the community. Personally, I would be ready to put the price if such a project was born.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Are any of the devs going to push Netgear to update their code, so we are not running outdated versions opf OpeneSSL with possible vulnerabilities or minupnd which is still version 1.0 and is over a decade old! I ask about the low lying code on Netgears side because in this day and age being safe online is important the more IoT devices we have. etc As of now now the version of OpenSSL is from December 2017 1.0.2n I believe, and miniupnd is over decade old. There are so many packages Netgear dont update that third party firmware devs like Voxel (he can be found on the smallnetbuilder forum) he does a fork for the R7800 and R9000 using Netgears code with tweaks and updated packages to help with security and performance and general reliability Netgear filter ICMP for IPV6 which isn't helpful, most other router manufacturers don't, so this leads me to when will DumaOS actually support IPv6 and will you try and get Netgear to stop filtering ICMP? More ISP's are using IPv6 now (mine, which is IDNet have used it for years) and it would be good if DumaOS was compatible with what is really the future of internet routing. Also anything in the works for a solution like Asus AiProtection. I know Netgear have Bitdefender Armour (I can't see that coming to the XR500 and its brethren) but DumaOS could have something similar baked in possibly or would put you at odds with Netgear? Any chance of a guide or a semi automated QoS because hell I have no idea what my printer or Zeppelin wireless speaker should be using bandwidth wise and I don't want to spend hours tweaking it tbh, they certainly don't need an equal share of what's left after antibufferbloat takes its percentage,. so maybe a high, medium or low initial setting for certain devices could be given at set up and of course have it user configurable for those that want to tweak further, rather like the defunct Qualcomm streamboost and better seen in Cake or FQ-CoDel. I know Cake is more CPU intensive so maybe not great to run on older hardware, but something like cake would be really helpful to many I'm sure. We also need more device classifications please, that was also promised but never materialised. and will we get WOL on these routers? I know they are gaming routers but some thought needs to be put into the fact they will be used as the households main router, so streaming, NAS functionality etc all need to be looked into and improved, I would love to be able to prioritise devices that use a lot of bandwidth for streaming as well as the small amount for gaming. Also maybe a theme that isn't red, the Asus colour scheme is clear and concise, so something similar would be great. Red looks snazzy for a gaming router which I imagine was part of the thought process behind the colour scheme of both the R1 and later DumaOS Netgear devices, but damn its hard on the eyes at times, and not great for colour-blind people I imagine.
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    Host Question?

    You should be the party leader if you are geo filtering.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Netduma Luke Id be in full on if you guys had something new on your end only!! R2 or whatever you would call it! Id be first in line! Zippy.
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    Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
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    The reason it is showing as 88.1 which is your routers ip address is because all your devices are using the dns cloudflare address that you inputted into the router so all your devices that connect to the router will use your cloudflare address which I assume you actually wanted to do. Otherwise, leave it set to automatic which will use google's dns servers and add the cloudflare dns addresses to each device at a time in their respective settings menu.
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    I was wondering the same, I have an R7000 with lower RAM which with custom firmware is able to run VPN in a similar fashion to Hybrid VPN. Obviously the DumaOs version is more customisable and simple though, which is why I was disappointed.
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    Hi would love to see ping, packet loss and the overall connection grade like dslreports.com. If you get a problem with your connection you have a rough idea on what going on with your connection with these simple tool 😊
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    DHCP option 60 & 61 feature?

    Thankyou for the help tho
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    I use the Draytek Vigor 130, and it gets me 2-3ms lower latency compared to the OpenReach bg612 (standard, not unlocked). I can see all the line stats but only when directly connected to the modem, which is a drawback, when one has line issues (faults), as you have to unplug router. They (draytek) have a feature that will publish info to other draytek routers, haven't checked to see if other public plugins available for other routers to get that info. When my line has been stable (no rain) its stayed in fastpath with 7ms latency for 4wks. The firmware gets regularly updated too. Minor fixes generally.
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    Sounds good all I needed to know.. and no I dont use it for gaming just general..Thank you💯
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    I decided to just try it plugged it into the ISP BTHH5 to skip the PPPoE function. So I factory reset and let it connect to the BT HH5 ISP router (I also put it on DMZ for belts and braces, although it was working fine without this. It seems to be working just fine, but needed a reboot to apply the downstream QOS %. I get my original full speeds with QOS enabled. 68/18 - 68.5/18.5 (the same as if straight from the ISP router) and with <70ms lag spike with no Buffer Bloat When I set to 70% the Download Buffeblost didnt work but the upload one did. I tried updating distribution, adjusting but I just couldn't get the download to work. And kept getting messages in the system: kern.warn kernel: [ 1425.380000] HTB: quantum of class 10002 is big. Consider r2q change. Then I rebooted and it worked: Then I tried adjusting the % sliders and got the quantum of class 10002 is big. Consider r2q change message accompanied by an iffy download result: Then I waited, changed nothing and tried again and got perfect result: And it all seems to be working Perfectly, here are the dslreports, (which before when it went through PPPoE I always had some random 150-180ms spikes early on in the download***edit - I still get the spikes, BUT only when logged into DSLreports and using finer sample rates setting, i think this is bug with dsl reports****) So, I think, the problems, as mentioned by support, are all to do with the PPPoE. So, I'll use it through the ISP router and put my shiny new £85 modem on the shelf ready for another day or maybe an XR300 or XR500. I hope it continues to works once the network has more devices and comes under heavy load tonight.
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    That is a separate issue.. I don't think this hotfix will address this.. Some have downgraded back to firmware .32 But im not aware if they have even narrowed this issue down yet because we don't get any updates on where they are at with this.. Would be nice to get better communication on this though.. Zippy.
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    Bricked Router?

    I will try in 24 hours and report back to you thank you so much for your help.
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    Thanks for time my Internet is whisp with unlimited Internet with 15mbps download and 1mbps upload for 25 pounds a month which brilliant price for gaming
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    So it's been almost a week now and I've yet to have a single drop out issue since updating, will continue to monitor but so far so good. Thanks!
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    i can play, i do what frazer tells me to do, add that server in usa, to my alow list, and now i can play only by the server in madrid!!!
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    Hi thanks for reply I have sorted it now all is working thanks
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    VPN issue

    Now that Netduma are aware and are working on a resolution for this issue I shall close this thread!
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    Netduma App IOS

    thank you Fraser
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    Netduma Iain

    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    1. I believe so but it is not top of the list so still a quite a few months away at least. Is there anything specific you desire? The obvious one is running a file server of course 2. We could on some routers but not all and it is not straightforward. Is there a reason you ask? 3. Sure that is a good idea! Thanks for the kind words very much appreciated Sorry I should have been more explicit, I think you emailed someone else and eventually the question reached me. I understand your frustration but we have limited resources (as does every company!) and therefore we must prioritise what we think the customers want. We are developing features that a huge percentage of the #DumaAmry want where as IPv6 (albeit important) is desired by far fewer. It is definitely on the roadmap we just have a few other features we want to get out first. Hope you understand. And it is not a political sidestep at all, I have no interest in doing that. We're very happy with our NG relationship, they make in my opinion the best quality router hardware and have an excellent team. Thanks for the feedback, I think we should be able to find away to ping different servers via a button on the UI. The problem would be determine the server set for different games but it is probably feasible. I hear you on the traceroute, my initial idea for the Geo-Filter actually used filtering by number of hops. This ended up not working, I'm based in the UK and I found that I'd get to NYC in less hops than I would to Scotlan in some instances. That inspired me to develop the Geo-Filter based on IP mapping which required huge compression and was a load of fun to develop, alas I digress.... Sure, I think we will do that soon That's a good idea. We are doing heavy research into improving QoS that people should see the benefits from soon
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    R2 as a second router

    Fraser and Big Dog, thank you for all the help.
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    R2 as a second router

    yes. The R1 get's it's ip address from the dlink dhcp table, that is why Fraser says that you need to give the R1 a static ip address for the R1 on the dlink.
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    R2 as a second router

    yes, that is correct!
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    Thanks guys!! Looking forward to the next update :) cheers!
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    Netduma Jack

    Fps on servers black out

    Yep seems to me like you're playing on a 20hz server. Black Ops 4 is riddled with them depending on where you live - they never truly upgraded them. The best thing you can do is block them if you see them, but if you start not being able to connect then you might have blocked too many. There's only so many servers! I hope you appreciate being able to see your tick rate using DumaOS, we certainly find it useful when we're scouting for good servers.
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    One DLC map pack so far and only 6 months left of its life. Thats really pathetic. Glad I never bought the season pass. Total ripoff.
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    cleared cache didnt work but rebooting did! All is good now thanks!!
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Could DumaOS have some sort of Ping Plotter built in? If so that would be great! Also could we have some sort of game server status to check if servers are online or offline?
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    Soonest I can get to that is tomorrow. Stand by.... 🤣 Thanks for all this.
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    DumaOS Developer Q&A

    Great idea guys, is it possible to have a ping assist max and minimum range so it will only connect between the range? that way you could search for between 30-35ms if you find servers in that range play better say. Doing this would rule out potential misallocated servers when using the the geo circle to get a further afield server.
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    I set the Ping in the Geofilter to 15ms. Will post a picture tonight. Thank you very much for your response.
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    Are these lagspikes?

    That spike you see, though being pretty intense is not something that is effecting your game play, as you can clearly see it comes and goes. Now one thing that may be considered is the idea of a low ping in a highly lag compensated game. By forcing a "GREAT" connection you are essentially suffering from the games net code working against you. As i've explained before, certain games try to balance out connections and place them on fair ground, when you geofilter in some games, your'e essentially rebelling against what the game is trying to do, end result being more negative than positive. Some games are able to match players fairly without needing the netduma, then again some games can't. Thats why geofilter is more of a tool than a end all solution. My suggestion is to try it with geo off, or perhaps another dedicated server somewhere else, or widen your radius alot more. I commented a few days back about this issue. In a game like BO3 where best connections win usually, getting a dedi is a huge importance, but in a game like ghosts where the game matches you with the best possible type of connection usually it can sometimes hinder your experience because youre blocking out people who might be a best option. In that case It was better for me to widen up the radius so I still get a USA host but not necessarially the "best host" in that radius. If that host is already a really good player in a host advantage game then all im gonna do is get melted in every gunfight. point being, sometimes geo helps and sometimes it hurts, but you have to figure out what it is that works best for you. If I remember correctly that bo4 servers raised the tick rate, this means that connections that were solid suffered more because the otherwise laggier players benefit from increased level of communication between client and server, meaning a bad connection could now smash you where as before ping was absolutely king, and a stable line/low ping was more advantageous. I know that when they bumped the tick rate up I had way more issues killing people than before.
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