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    Im just working on adding some error code/descriptions so i can get a better understanding whats going on, im almost complete.
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    Netduma Alex

    New cloud update!

    Hello DumaArmy, We have recently improved our internal tools for managing the Geo-Filter Cloud. Now, it will be much quicker for us to adjust the position of game servers on the map when they are incorrect. We have published a cloud update containing all of the mislocated servers that have been reported thus far, but we need more! If you connect to a server that you believe has been misplaced on the map, let us know by filling in the form below. The reports will be checked frequently and uploaded to the cloud database after we've verified that they are correct. We have also added a space on the form for you to add your forum name, if you want. This will enable us to quickly respond to reports from users with a good track record of accurate reporting. With our improved tools, and the help of the community, we'll be able to make new titles compatible much faster than ever before. Loading…
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    I have hooked up my r1 and after and hour or so i have found the problem. It hasnt had much testing and quite supprised there was only 1 thing wrong. I think i got it this time @N3CR0
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    here is my gdrive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7/view?usp=sharing also i have direct uploaded here. Instructions as follows. Open exe file >enter router ip >user name > password > click Auto. start a game. end of instructions. when the app opens it will place a dll on desktop you can delete this after use, but each time the app opens it will replace it back there. not tested on any abnormal use case scenerios. so if your trying to use under this condition the app is not for you. If you want to see that its working you can open up the qos page on duma os and refresh the page @GHOST-1-EC, @N3CR0 and @Bert
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    I took a bit longer than expected, but i do have something to share. At the moment it is very basic, if you dont feel comfortable entering your router username and password or router ip then this will not be for you. if you use a source port other than 3074 currently it does not support it. there are 2 basic functions manual and auto. manual = you will have to click when your game is about to start auto = click and leave it, this will add and will remove any hyperlane that is associated with your device when it detects a new server. Will share it later on today, just got to compile it and also make sure it will work for the dummies.
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    okay, today i testet something.. i use a tool that let me emulate connection issues this tool let me add connections issues to my connections or to specific Ports it let me add Latency Packetloss Paket Duplication Paket Reordering Corruption of Pakets Limit bandwitch and i can set upload and Download different i have testet it the whole morning..after every setting i make a fresh gamestart and i have come to a conclusion.. Latency isnt the issue.. adding latency both ways just add only latency.. the game itself dosnt improve.. you only get the feeling that you play on a higher latency Packetloss.. yeah its what it is.. you can how many % latency get lost.. hitdetection sucks really really bad.. beaming around corners.. choppy feeling game is unplayable Paket reordering/corruption lags like hell.. unplayable Limit Bandwith... no difference.. under 256kbit its unplayable what actuell does a big different is follow Paket Duplication!.. it duplicate every arrived and sendet paket from the game.. (udp port 3074).. every paket is send 2 times.. Enemys are slow.. and die like its hardcore.. 3 bullets from a AK47 .. i had Lanparty feeling.. like iam a second ahead wish i could record it..but my PC is to slow to record and play at the same time without stutter seems like normal the game suffer from big paketloss.. and you get only a paketloss warning under 12 pakets/sec .. so maybe some pakets are going lost on the way to client.... or the game itself has a problem with the paketflow and discard some pakets but aktuell the gameplay feeling and the feeling a secound behind is becouse of lost/discarded pakets and the game trys to compensate for that and calculate the enemy movement wrong i will try to record a gameplay this evening..
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    Yes I can do that after some sleep.
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    Here is another update Latest I think i will look into other setups, i have the same set up as @GHOST-1-EC maybe there are other factors for me to change for other setups.
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    People pls.. before everyone pm me for that tool.. I have give some people the tool+stuff.. let them Test first pls. I Dont think its Placebo and it Work really Well for me.. but i will See other opinions and Test first befor all people think iam crazy and Talk bullshit
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    Were these routers given up on?

    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    I would love this feature. It's not just about the router. Some WIFI Devices enjoy a freshly established connection :). (always on devices, thermostats cameras etc)
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    You're using an XR300, right? Sounds like a bug to me. I will let the devs know.
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    You can try. But really if you connect through internet sharing your Netduma should not recognize your console. To the netduma it appears that the traffic is coming from your PC. That's why you need to set your PC as gaming console in DumaOS.
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    XR500 and PPPoE

    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    the new one, i have added extra things. and i also noticed previous version was bugged.
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    Never thought I'd ask this...

    If you forward ports 1-65535 for both UDP and TCP it should work. Essentially this is the same thing as putting it in DMZ. I would not worry about it though as it's likely just the app going off because it sees something in DMZ like Fraser says.
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    LOL! Yes, I can only imagine all the rage they were having as you was drilling them with that hit detection! Unfortunately, I'm in a similar boat with @N3CR0 and can't get any of the servers recognized as I play on PS4. But I also have a theory as to why it may not be working. It could possibly be due to not having the R1 as the main router due to bandwidth capacity. I'm going to give it a shot later when the family is not using the network and swap to give it a test run. Edit: Notice @N3CR0 and I both have R1's and facing the same issue. But still going to try later when family is asleep.
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    ok ill make an update now, https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    https://kb.netgear.com/000060464/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-40 https://kb.netgear.com/000061157/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-56
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    the idea behind the app has been covered, to target single ports per game,. Disable duma os classified games, and remove any others the app will do it for you if thats what you want.
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    @GHOST-1-EC Bro, you did that with the quickness! LOL! When you said "its silky smooth". I felt those words haha! Can't wait to give this a try. @RedBull2k Thanks again for taking the time to present this application. Taking time to provide this to the community is huge. Again, thank you!
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    Oh wow, it's been a while since I lasted posted here. I haven't found anything else that worked consistently other then the original post. I've been having a blast playing the game though. On PC I have to quite when I see cheaters playing but other then that I've found sweats not that bad now. Here is a summary of a few matches both on MW and BO4. This is now a major improvement for me. I still haven't found anything else that would improve hit rego and movement though. I'm by no means "top player" but going from negative k/d matches to positive k/d matches consistently I'm pretty happy.
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    Xbox One X & Party Chat

    Came home, flushed the cloud. started a party chat and it works now 👍
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    XR700 + PPPOE + VLAN

    OMG. It was IPV6. Apparently that was turned on and I believe DumaOS was trying to connect to IPV6 every so often, which cause the entire router to disconnect, try to connect to IPV6, fail, and the connect back to IPV4. I turned off IPV6 and not everything is rock steady. I would recommend the logs capture what IPV number it is trying to connect to rather than just say "Connecting" and "Disconnecting". Might help a dummy like me in the future when their router keeps connecting and disconcerting.
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    Yes exactly. As far as DumaOS is concerned, it only sees the PC. Your PC effectively acts as a router. So you also need to set your forwarding rules and prioritization rules towards the PC. (I don't bother with this most of the time, just play on moderate NAT) Your PC needs to be in the geofilter, set as console and that is what controls the PS4/Xbox. I find it's a little less reliable though, sometimes I have to turn off sharing and turn it back on for it to work. I leave both sets of QoS rules on in the router and both PS4 and PC in geofilter so if I use the ICS setup for testing, I just plug over the ethernet cable, run the setupwizzard on the PS4 and it works. If you use bridge mode it just passes the ethernet signal on. So then it would be the same as if your console is connected straight to the router. This would be the best but I had issues getting wireshark and connection manager to work that way.
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    Thank for reply Alex i helping this morning remotely via TeamViewer .if guys need help in future I'm more then happy to support Duma community 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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    I have no idea but this is working out for me 100%
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    So i applied the setting and my kd went up from 2.46 to 2.53 and i also drop my first 100 bomb. The game is playing 10x better for me
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    @Glazeko trust me buddy this is in dummy form 😅😂
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    Bufferbloat issues and others.

    You can set prioritization on your R1 but it won't do much in reality since only your PS4 is connected. When I ran my R1 in cascade with another router I just set the bandwith limits to 1000/1000, Super turbo mode on. And then let your other router handle whatever QoS you want to run for the rest of your network. I just used it as a Geofilter, nothing else. Not using port prioritization is the whole point of Cake and FQ_Codel. It's basicly a algorithm that favors small realtime packets and doesn't differentiate between sources. If you want to use port prioritization you probably need to run PFIFO.
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    Buster Are you with BT, EE or Plusnet by any chance? There's a 72 page thread on the BT forums of people complaining of high latency spikes whenever there's someone streaming video content. https://community.bt.com/t5/Home-setup-Wi-Fi-network/Recent-online-gaming-ping-spikes-when-streaming-Netflix/td-p/1930963 https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/08/customers-of-uk-isp-bt-see-multiplayer-lag-spikes-during-streaming.html I'm with EE, which uses BT's core network & have the same problem
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    Bonsoir aktiva, T'es paramètres sont bon, par contre sur le XR500, enlève Ip fixe de ta console et t'es règles de ports tu les supprime. Laisse le XR500 gérer automatiquement les Ip en auto et laisse Upnp ouvrir t'es ports pour les jeux. Si sa fonctionne pas désactive sur le XR500 > upnp > et mets dans se cas une IP fixe à ta console > et ouvre les ports manuellement. Mais ont active pas l'Upnp et les ports en même temps, sa va créé un conflit sois l'un sois l'autre pas les deux en même temps.
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    I, too, would like an automated reboot feature. Scheduling capability is already present with parental controls, why not also add a simple auto reboot to it.
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    yeah.. i have a crack for that tool if you want i can PM you
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    Dropped a 110/19 game on shipment while doing the P90 camo grind......this lil' gun is crazy, hahahaha!!! Enjoy the destruction!!
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    Netduma Jack

    Geofilter searching change

    We'll be announcing what its purpose is when it's out, likely next week I believe it's largely for issues Modern Warfare players have been reporting. Not just server locations, but also whitelisting servers intended for authentication, NAT, party chat and other necessities. If they aren't whitelisted by us, you could be accidentally blocking them with the Geo-Filter! (That's why we're working on ways to automate this process and eliminate that risk).
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    netdumaR1 derrière l'ONT

    ça dépend, tu as quel type d'authentification ? pppoe : ce sont : identifiant fti/ et ensuite ton mot de passe. dhcp : c'est automatique via vlan, mais pas possible sur le r1. A savoir que le pppoe avec orange est en fin de vie. ton identifiant et mot de passe sont envoyés par courrier à la souscription... Je bypass mes box FAI depuis toujours, ça te permet de supprimer les blocages imposés par les box en carton FAI ! (dns....) Voici le lien FR ou tu trouveras peut être l'astuce https://lafibre.info/routeurs/ (Forum d'intérêt public).
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    Netduma Jack

    Geofilter searching change

    There's a cloud update on its way, likely next week - hopefully that resolves some of the problems you're having. We're investigating but alas, problems with CoD net code are as old as the franchise. We'll keep investigating and let y'all know when the cloud update is out!
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    Don’t buy SOHO routers from. Netgear, Asus, D-link etc. Get something decent like Cisco or Sonicwall. At the end of the day auto reboot is like having a graphic equaliser on the cheap all in one music systems of the late 90’s, It was to cover up the amplifier being absolutely awful, a decent amplifier doesn’t even need bass and treble. As to routers it’s easy enough to press the reboot button yourself or even get a timer. But if you want the kind of reliability that doesn’t require a reboot get a business grade router that generally comes with a much longer warranty if not a lifetime one. No it won’t have all the gaming features but it will stay up for months and months on end and have all the routing functions you will need. Home routers generally are full of gimmicks to make people part with their money and have fantastic shapes and loads of LEDs, whereas a business class router will be probably be rectangular and boring to look but it will be reliable, and with the minimum number of LEDs needed to show you everything is working.
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    GeoFilter problem

    Sorry, never got back. Did that an no probs since. 👍 //Jay
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    Holy Crap

    this is the dmz page, correct? Thanks again Fraser!!
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    How can I share PC connection with console?

    The easiest way is to have 2 ethernet cards on the PC and create a network bridge between the cards. Then you install any software that allows you to modify your connection as you wish ...
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    As-tu essayer de mettre ta console en DMZ sur ton router de FAI ?
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    This is what i used. Had to dm someone for help lol.
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    XR500 port PC/PS4

    Karma, J'ai fait le même switch que toi, passer de ma vielle PS4 à une Pro et le même problème, j'ai même mis un SSD dedans et aucun changment,seulement les temps de loading moin long. Je pense que le problème vient de mon FAI, Je vais essayer un autre. Sur DSL report je suis A partout, normalement sa devrait bien aller et j'ai toujours un petit retard.
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    One of the best tools I have used to check my network while playing games is the network info on Battlefield 5. There is an option in the main menu to turn it on. It gives packet loss in and out, latency, latency variation and a bunch of other stuff while you are playing ( it is at the bottom of the screen). It shows my network is perfect at the moment with my variation in ping averaging 1 ms.
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    Match I had tonight. Not the greatest. Wish I could play this the same way as Black Ops 4.
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    Holy Crap

    @ugotstretched, How are you going with your old linksys router? Still getting good results? Because if you do, I will try to do something similar
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