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    2 weeks and no invite im a dumaos insider and i see people in this forum having beta and they aren t insiders
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    Netduma Fraser

    Warzone settings

    That has been suggested before so it is likely you'll see something like this in the future.
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    needs correcting text is white
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma lag and jitter

    First of all I would suggest you replace the ethernet cable connecting the R1 to the ISP router as that is most likely what has gone faulty. Try it with a new one and let us know your results.
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    That looks much better
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    MW FFA Talsik Backlot 30-5 DumaOS 3.0

    About 40ms ping to the server. -QoS Disabled -Traffic Prioritization SRC 3074 - DST 30000 to 45000
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    Netduma Fraser


    We'll try and get you guys boosted up the list. @Nalsano there is no need to make a new account, if anything it would likely get the beta after your main account.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    While I understand anyone having issues with the shipping costs, I'm personally fine with it. DHL is great and I've gotten orders from Andy at Ultimarc in the UK to my house in the US in two days. You pay for quality.
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    We are tired of excuses

    We been waiting for this magnificent update “3.0” for the longest, I think it’s time that you guys from the netduma company release this update and stop bs with us, I feel like the netduma software is totally broken.. nothing works like it has to. I own 2 routers the netduma r1 and the XR700 which I recently bought to see if it was going to make a difference, guess what? It doesn’t. Also you guys discontinued the r1, which I totally understand but I smell a marketing benefiting strategy with it. Releasing the R2” for 150$ with the 3.0 DumaOs update meaning the R1 owners will probably Not get the update. In addition We are extremely tired of seeing netduma admins playing around with us when it comes to issues, acting like they don’t know what’s happening. Stop it!!! And release the update! Jesus!!
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    NAT Filtering Open or Secured

    I only do this when you want to utilize multiple consoles and uPNP. Ie if you have 2 playstations and you want to achieve open NAT.
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    3.0 for the xr500

    Thank you Fraser for your quick reply. My username : Maxxxxx69
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    My email: [email protected] Community name: Scrubosaurus Please push me up also, if you can, im the best beta tester there is, bugs in games and software always happen to me xD
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    XR 500 and Warzone

    Yes that’s exactly where it is located! Well I found a game then I allowed it and after that I am getting into games real quick so it might be the reason? Idk I am not sure yet, I need to try more and in different games. I will keep you guys updated, thank you all I appreciate the help 😃.
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    XR 500 and Warzone

    Update: So at the day time I wasn’t getting into any games at all but at night I was finding games in 1-2 minutes with 60-70 ms which is good since I was playing on 140+ ms 😆. I don’t know what happened honestly but I closed my radius to the closest server to me and set the ping assist to the same ping that I get from that server. Btw I tried this solution before and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not ( @titofuenla suggested it ). Sometime I get a person icon in the geo filter and it is located in the ocean, what does this icon mean ? And is it ok to ping it and allow it ? Thank you all.
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    XR500 | Poor Wifi performance

    Right, I'm kinda surprised this router hasn't gotten as many updates as you'd expect, but it is what it is. Like the entire population of people who bought this router have done, I've applied to join the 3.0 beta but haven't received any emails (not worried about being bumped on the list either). The R7800 which according to various sources on the net, uses the same hardware as the XR500 and has received around 15-20 updates compared to the XR's eh.. 8. Just kinda seems like the XR has been neglected, and that adds some sting ya know?
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    Netduma lag and jitter

    Modern warfare is terrible. Nothing to do with the router.
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    PS4/PC playing

    I changed it to 1 min....logged completely ps4...I think I have it working...but I'm having to manually refresh after a min before logging in...so we will see...I'll let you know tomorrow..thank you for all your help man!!
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    I will double check with the team regarding the vulnerability status and get back to you.
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    albert dh

    Can't access web switch S8000

    Hello TrayDay, I have been lucky with your help! Now I just revived the switch. I have done the same as you explained and it has been solved. Thanks a lot!
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    Yes it will be. A Netgear developer confirmed on the XR500 forum that they have identified the issue and will be available in one of the next beta builds.
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    still have yet to receive the DUMAOS 3.0 beta email for the XR500 or R1 but patiently waiting 🤔🤔
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    We'll try and get you bumped up so you can use it sooner. Thanks for the support!
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    Thanks again for the advice mate, was worried it was going to be a tough fix but you guys have been brilliant. Really appreciate it
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    Faze Swagg reacting to the #1 Warzone player - this guy is hitting beams on a 70+ms ping (no aimbot either)
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    ND Steve

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Hello and welcome to the forum. This is a common question especially since the announcement of the R2. We will continue to invite users, and once we feel the beta is relatively stable we'll then transition to an open beta. We appreciate your patience and your support. Regards, Steve
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    Yeah that's loads better! Nice try on the R2 😂
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    Netduma Fraser

    DMZ for remote desktop ?

    Hey, welcome to the forum! As above just put the LAN IP of your device into the DMZ function and it should work fine.
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    Netduma Fraser

    PS4/PC playing

    Okay try this please, remove your port forwarding rules completely. Then on the UPnP page use these settings and see if that improves it: Advertisement Period(in minutes): 5 Advertisement Time to Live(in hops): 10
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    Hola y bienvenidos al foro, Utilice PingPlotter y elija una IP cercana a su región, por ejemplo, un sitio web de noticias local o un sitio web de negocios. Como no hay servidores Activision en América del Sur, trataremos de conseguirle el mejor ping posible. Por favor, luego responda con una captura de pantalla compartiendo sus resultados. Gracias. StevePingPlotter Guide Hello and welcome to the forum, Please use PingPlotter, and choose a close IP to your region e.g. a local news website or business website. As there are no Activision servers in South America, we will try and get you best ping possible.Please then reply back with a screenshot sharing your results.Thank you.Steve
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    Those skills, Dope man! Regards, Kevin J. Hodge
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    Id follow what Bert said and try your ISP supplied router.. It will at least point you in the correct direction of where the issue likely is.. Also when you see the long red bars in the graph bellow like that.. Thats definitely a clear indicator of some serious issues.. Good luck! Zippy.
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    xr700 and vpn

    im having the same issue the VPN is connecting correctly just not being applied to any of the devices ive added to the devise list. any updates on fixes for this yet? hopefully beta fw will fix it
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    Why I would suggest trying the ISP router, if you have an issue with your line (very possible here) they will ask you for this.
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    45 gunstreak (infinite warfare)

    2 high 2 remember 😂👌
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Awesome Awesome
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    As above, just username and password at the moment but I will suggest it to the team to see if we can implement it for those PPPoE users who require it. The XR500 does have the service name option.
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    There is definitely an issue here. Is your ABB actually decreasing your speeds? I only know the XR500 one, but there is a bug in that where it doesn't reduce bandwidth even if you set it to. Also do you get this jitter on idle connection as well? Ie the pic is idle connection?
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    DumaOS 3.0 PPPoE Login credentials

    Just name and password.
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    thank you
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    R2 wifi

    Yea I have one but I think it’s getting old lol, want something new to play around with also 🤣.
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    This post helped me thanks guys
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    thanks for your reply. I want faster updates so I just ordered the R2 too 🙈
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    Netduma has to fix this.

    What makes you think it's the actual router? There is a lot of variety across different internet connections and servers. Also, to touch the elephant in the room, a lot of people are blaming connections / routers but in reality they are not as good at the game as they think they are. I have tried many setups with different routers, and even connecting my PS4 straight to internet (NAT 1) and none of it makes a difference for me. The only reason I use Netduma routers is the ability to filter out server locations. So really I don't know what you guys want them to fix.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Congratulations on the announcement to all of the Netduma staff.
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    Nothing changes with that. Think of the R2 as an addition to the DumaOS lineup. We’ll keep adding more and more testers to the R1 beta, and we’re working with Netgear to do the same with theirs. Biggest difference with the R2 is it’s all ours from the bottom up. This means we can get new firmwares to the R2 in the shortest time possible.
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    ahhhhh damn...i have been defending ppl ...until now. now we can see why all the delays with beta...because now u can buy the new R2, thats the big announcement...lost all my faith.
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    Scuf controllers

    i went through 4 scuffs in one year when aw was out never again horrid ps4 controllers are so bad heres hoping ps5 is made better
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    Well I can’t really help you. This router is a combination of NG and Netduma, so firmwares are supplied under one roof. I would suggest if you don’t have luck with this router maybe try a nice basic one that’s easier to understand. You clearly don’t understand low level coding which needs clearing at times.still that’s routers, if you want SNB is a good site to learn why a reset is required. I’ll let you google that as it’s good for you to research yourself for more understanding. you should do more research and perhaps read the manuals from support so you understand a bit more about the XR routers. Good luck.
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    MW2 by far had the best connections and hitdetection. Since then connections got worse every year.
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    Bullshit, skill is long ago gone in COD. COD is very connection depending. If someones server sync is better than yours, no matter what you'll lose the gunfights all day long.
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