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    Yes I can do that after some sleep.
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    You're using an XR300, right? Sounds like a bug to me. I will let the devs know.
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    You can try. But really if you connect through internet sharing your Netduma should not recognize your console. To the netduma it appears that the traffic is coming from your PC. That's why you need to set your PC as gaming console in DumaOS.
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    I have hooked up my r1 and after and hour or so i have found the problem. It hasnt had much testing and quite supprised there was only 1 thing wrong. I think i got it this time @N3CR0
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    A lot of people say the older firmware was better, and maybe with certain connection types and speeds, it is. But I've been messing around the R1 for about a month now and my hit detection was horrible. See them first, react first, bullets hit after I shoot and look away. Lol. So I decided to download the DumaOS on the R1 last nivht. Bullets were connecting instantly but I'm no longer ahead visual on screen. Weird trade off going on but the bullet lag is gone! I also had some high cpu usage when idle so I factory reset the R1, unchecked save settings and unchecked check version, and flashed DumaOS. The CPU went down to like 20-25%. I also disabled the VPN and now it only spikes when I first log into the touter. Overall, much better for my connection type and speed! đź‘Ť
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    Sounds like a possible bug. I will tag netduma tech support and hopefully they can have an asnwer for you or raise it with the devs to look into it. @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser
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    Precisely, removing the R1 from the setup removes the error all together UNLESS I put the switch in-between the R1 and modem and have my Xbox use the 2nd public IP address. But that setuo is not really optimal because a switch isn't good at routing and so if someone starts downloading/streaming while I'm gaming off of the switch, ping can spike through the roof. When the network is quiet, it works fine. I upgraded the R1 to the DumaOS last night and so far so good. I'm not sure what version the DumaOS is that I installed last night from the email but I can look when I get home if that helps.
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    Level800 Quick Stats +130 nukes

    i play all,,,, depends the days and the friends i join. but i can say im 70% hc player, and 30% core :D
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    How can I share PC connection with console?

    I have auto for these settings, let DHCP on XR500 supply those. But they should not be having any influence on your geofilter.
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    Currently, the app only works for ports 3074 and 3075. Any other ports, the app will not detect those. As @RedBull2k didn't create those functionalities. Just a basic 3074/3075, basically for COD. Maybe in the future, he may add those functions. But currently, it's basic and it works pretty neatly for COD.
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    no idea what dmg is. i use google drive so every time i update the app it uses the same share link, just re download when i repost a link thats a plus then
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    Alpha @RedBull2k, It's a-go. we have a match. We have a match. R1 is working properly with the app. Epic BRUH!!! I'm currently playing the game and the guys "DONT SEE ME" what the hell lol. Looking like noobs!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Configuration netduma r1

    Eh bien, c'est un très bon ping et si vous l'avez stable, cela ne vous causera pas de retard. Je vous suggère d'essayer de forcer les différents serveurs un peu plus loin pour voir s'ils fonctionnent mieux pour vous. - Well that is a very good ping and if you have it stable then that won't be causing you lag. I'd suggest you try forcing different servers slightly further away to see if they play any better for you.
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    This thread (and others) is created to assist those who are having chronic hit rego and lag movement issues in which the game is simply not enjoyable. It was determined that there are port ranges that need to be placed in traffic prioritization that are not listed by the games developers. The point to this is that by prioritizing those ports one would have better hit registration and overall better fluidity in the game(s) you play. The information provided to you is not a final on the research presented so far. Furthermore, testing is ongoing. It take this community as a whole to help gather more data/input to determine what works and what doesn't. Please keep that in mind when reading this thread. Thanks Ok here is a list of ports you want to test for Traffic Prioritization as discussed in this thread: 1. Reboot modem. Next reboot your router (if you don't have any double nat issues if you do go to step 2, 1st). 2. Make sure you don't have double NAT (google how to check). However you can do either a tracert or check your router to see if you are using a private or public ip. If private more then likely you have double nat. In order to compensate for double nat you will need to use your modem to place your router in DMZ (google how to). Afterwards you may need to reboot your modem then your router again in order for it to take effect. 3. For your XR router make sure you Disable DumaOS Classified Games. 4. Uncheck Shared Excess for both download and upload from Bandwidth Allocation. Make sure that your Down/Up Bandwidth is correct. Do a speed test with just your modem to verify. 5. Delete all existing rules if you haven't added these before. 6. Set Anti-Buffer Bloat settings to both 100 and set it to never. (for me even on "Never" I'm still capped to ABB slider for up/down). Test this to see if you notice any improvement. If not re-enable it. R1 users may want to keep ABB. For me, having tested this in several matches I am now "on time" with the server and on par with other players. No more .5 seconds behind other players. 7. Make sure that the port for your console is actually in Upnp. Take note of it (it's usually 5 digit number). Make sure that port corresponds with your console and not some other device. It has been suggested to tie in that rule along within Traffic Prioritization to 3074-3075. Like this: Source: (port to your console) -> Destination: 3074-3075 and vise versa for your other rule. Results have been inconclusive and more testing is needed to determine if there is any impact doing so. I've read that tying in your console port to the actual port ranges as well in both source and destination and destination to source. But again, further research is needed to determine if this actually works or not. 8. Adjust Bandwidth Allocation as needed. 9. Set the following rules for Traffic Prioritization For UDP. It takes trial/error on your part between those games that use udp vs those that require tcp. Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 3100-3500 Source 3100 - 3500 -> Destination 3074 - 3075 This is not needed for the actual game itself (it seems). You are prioritizing data about your stats more so then anything else. I've noticed at the end of the round that my rank up wouldn't animate (filling up the circle). It would be instantaneous. Albeit I was also prioritizing 2000-7000 udp as well. This was/is unnecessary. Thanks @blackfirehawk for the tip. Source 3074-3075 -> Destination 30000-45000 Source 30000-45000 -> Destination 3074-3075 Once added reboot the Router (to assure that the settings stick). Using the 1st set of rules. And make sure that the port for your console shows up in Upnp. If you don't use Upnp you may want to enable it, disable port forwarding (or delete the rules for them) reboot the router find your port for your console. Then add that port to port forwarding once you know what it is and disable upnp if you perfer port forwarding. Thanks to @kinel, @GHOST-1-EC and others for the research. Example (Best k/d yet for me): Disclaimer: This is not a "tweak" to help you get an edge on other players. Nor will this help improve an already great hit rego experience. If you are already consistently coming in 1st through 4th place in matches these settings may be of little benefit for you. These settings are "suggested" as a base line and may require further research (IE: Wireshark, etc) on your part to get the optimal port ranges suited for your geo-location, etc. EDIT 12/21/19: It appears that after a few updates things get borked with Modern Warfare (and BO4). I found out that in order to get better fluidity in my movement I had to reinstall the game after about 2-3 updates. The ranges above does indeed work 3074-3075 30000-45000 (in 5000-8000 increments). And for me, keeping ABB to never using 75% of my download speed (lowering it more with bandwidth allocation) seems to really bring the game up to par. I've found nothing else that would allow me to be ahead of everyone else in movement, etc so far. If anything else comes up I would update.
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    XR500 and PPPoE

    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    Sinon tu mets le freebox mini 4K en mode bridge ! Et tu configures ton XR500 avec la configu free ... https://free.fr/assistance/5082.html#
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