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    Im just working on adding some error code/descriptions so i can get a better understanding whats going on, im almost complete.
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    Netduma Alex

    New cloud update!

    Hello DumaArmy, We have recently improved our internal tools for managing the Geo-Filter Cloud. Now, it will be much quicker for us to adjust the position of game servers on the map when they are incorrect. We have published a cloud update containing all of the mislocated servers that have been reported thus far, but we need more! If you connect to a server that you believe has been misplaced on the map, let us know by filling in the form below. The reports will be checked frequently and uploaded to the cloud database after we've verified that they are correct. We have also added a space on the form for you to add your forum name, if you want. This will enable us to quickly respond to reports from users with a good track record of accurate reporting. With our improved tools, and the help of the community, we'll be able to make new titles compatible much faster than ever before. Loading…
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    I made a small exe file. It extracts data from Duma os then I filter the findings to find the game server and get the data I need to. then when that's done I use it to my advantage. The data I extract is source ip,, destination ip, source port,dest port, timeout, s packets, dpackets, dbytes and sbytes
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    I have hooked up my r1 and after and hour or so i have found the problem. It hasnt had much testing and quite supprised there was only 1 thing wrong. I think i got it this time @N3CR0
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    here is my gdrive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7/view?usp=sharing also i have direct uploaded here. Instructions as follows. Open exe file >enter router ip >user name > password > click Auto. start a game. end of instructions. when the app opens it will place a dll on desktop you can delete this after use, but each time the app opens it will replace it back there. not tested on any abnormal use case scenerios. so if your trying to use under this condition the app is not for you. If you want to see that its working you can open up the qos page on duma os and refresh the page @GHOST-1-EC, @N3CR0 and @Bert
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    I took a bit longer than expected, but i do have something to share. At the moment it is very basic, if you dont feel comfortable entering your router username and password or router ip then this will not be for you. if you use a source port other than 3074 currently it does not support it. there are 2 basic functions manual and auto. manual = you will have to click when your game is about to start auto = click and leave it, this will add and will remove any hyperlane that is associated with your device when it detects a new server. Will share it later on today, just got to compile it and also make sure it will work for the dummies.
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    okay, today i testet something.. i use a tool that let me emulate connection issues this tool let me add connections issues to my connections or to specific Ports it let me add Latency Packetloss Paket Duplication Paket Reordering Corruption of Pakets Limit bandwitch and i can set upload and Download different i have testet it the whole morning..after every setting i make a fresh gamestart and i have come to a conclusion.. Latency isnt the issue.. adding latency both ways just add only latency.. the game itself dosnt improve.. you only get the feeling that you play on a higher latency Packetloss.. yeah its what it is.. you can how many % latency get lost.. hitdetection sucks really really bad.. beaming around corners.. choppy feeling game is unplayable Paket reordering/corruption lags like hell.. unplayable Limit Bandwith... no difference.. under 256kbit its unplayable what actuell does a big different is follow Paket Duplication!.. it duplicate every arrived and sendet paket from the game.. (udp port 3074).. every paket is send 2 times.. Enemys are slow.. and die like its hardcore.. 3 bullets from a AK47 .. i had Lanparty feeling.. like iam a second ahead wish i could record it..but my PC is to slow to record and play at the same time without stutter seems like normal the game suffer from big paketloss.. and you get only a paketloss warning under 12 pakets/sec .. so maybe some pakets are going lost on the way to client.... or the game itself has a problem with the paketflow and discard some pakets but aktuell the gameplay feeling and the feeling a secound behind is becouse of lost/discarded pakets and the game trys to compensate for that and calculate the enemy movement wrong i will try to record a gameplay this evening..
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    Netduma Alex

    Were these routers given up on?

    I don't know how much i'm allowed to say regarding which hardware we'll put DumaOS 3.0 on due to legal mumbo jumbo that i'm restrained by... What I will say is that we're not dropping support for any existing hardware, and we're planning to release DumaOS 3.0 for every current DumaOS device. I can't promise it yet, but that's what we're planning on.
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    I'm off from work on friday. I can put a version together that will work on other computers as I only have it set to mine.
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    Thats no excuse for not being more upfront about having that capability and not giving people the option of a 'not now' solution. Cloud updates were assumed to be for gaming updates mostly and the odd geo filter update not crashing the interface! Sounds like DumaoS 3.0 will be talking to the mothership even more, not sure how I feel about that considering what just happened. Also I hope this cloud stuff (not keen on remote servers talking to my home routers these days) is over https. There is no way a routers GUI should go down because of a hidden update the users cant block and causing the user base to have to reboot, some people have big families and this router may be in the middle of streaming files game updates, downloading critical patches for operating systems etc, its not all about gaming. This really should have been a small update people could have downloaded like the GUI language updates at their leisure over the update system via Netgear, who may have caught the fatal error before you released it (unlikely) but you never know...
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    I find it really disturbing you have control over the theme of a router and it does this much damage and people cannot block that update, feels wrong. Surely its their hardware and their choice. This API Im assuming (I may be wrong) you used should ask people if they want to update via the interface, like with the GUI language ones although they are rare. All of this makes wonder ultimately about the the routers security from bad actors. I guess you have hardware access written into in the EULA that nobody reads.Did this happen even if people have auto firmware update turned off? (most sensible setting to change so as not to get your router bricked)
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    Yes I can do that after some sleep.
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    Here is another update Latest I think i will look into other setups, i have the same set up as @GHOST-1-EC maybe there are other factors for me to change for other setups.
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    People pls.. before everyone pm me for that tool.. I have give some people the tool+stuff.. let them Test first pls. I Dont think its Placebo and it Work really Well for me.. but i will See other opinions and Test first befor all people think iam crazy and Talk bullshit
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    i would like to request a Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature added to the firmware capabilities for the Netgear XR500 Router. this feature is present on every other commercial router. Reason: the Router Performance sometimes Degrades over time or will not put through internet data. After Reboot the performance is top again or the internet data will be put through again.
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    Were these routers given up on?

    This is why I sold my xr500. I keep checking back for a new firmware, but nothing for so long that I am glad I sold it. Once, or should I say if they fix it, I will buy it once more.
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    I would love this feature. It's not just about the router. Some WIFI Devices enjoy a freshly established connection :). (always on devices, thermostats cameras etc)
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    It happenned to me when I clear cache and cookies on chrome ; when I dont do it, after enabled "dont show", it doesnt occure anymore
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    Holy Crap

    And the worst thing is. You will spawn right around the corner from them, and drop them like flies after you respawn LOL.
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    Speeds are slow because the code running that (Netgears) is not up to date, Voxel who is on smallnetbuilder and has worked on the R7800 (this router is a R7800 with 128mb more flash memory and no esata, that's it) apart from a aggressive gaming shell, so USB speeds are not that fast because the code wont be optimised by Netgear, but you are dealing with a 32 bit SoC that will be 5 years old in January too... HT160 is best left off unless you have devices that can utilise it, same as using 40 Mhz bandwidth instead of leaving 20/40 coexistence ticked as per the Wi-Fi Alliance guidelines for 40 Mhz and 20 Mhz coexistence, as 2.4Ghz bandwidth is saturated and like HT160 can slow your network down by causing packet collision. AX routers wont have this issue with much greater speeds over 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz as long as you have the clients which are now starting to hit the shelves. Wi-Fi 5 routers (802.11ac) will be outdated tech by mid 2020 as more manufacturers release AX gear.I'm sure Netduma and Netgear may possibly release a AX gaming router at some point but that's a guess. As to factory reset Netgear routers do prefer them after a update, and don't use a backup from a previous firmware instead of manually entering the settings as it can bring with it low level changes that cause issues. As to Geo Filter, that may change with Duma OS 3.0 but that's Netduma's department, I'm guessing the OS and the router hardware on both XR500 and XR700 just cant deal with it possibly or its a code limitation, not sure tbh, but Fraser or one of the Netduma team will let you know.
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    There is nothing wrong with your connection/ Network or console Modern Warfare is broken! I just have 1 good game in every 5 games it's just a shitty game worst cod ever!
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    We do have a delete all offline devices option planned, we hear your pain and plan to resolve that!
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    Hi XR500J, welcome to the forum So with Stadia, we're currently playing around with our own one in the office and trying to figure out what we can do for it. We'd already planned for its release and have a few key features which will help a lot - they're coming in DumaOS 3.0, which will be out soon. You're right in that it's not traditional in any way - Anti-Bufferbloat won't help here, nor will Traffic Prioritization. Since Stadia gobbles up bandwidth, the best you can do for it is give it all the bandwidth it needs with Bandwidth Allocation. We'll be interested to see if there's ways to change which Google server it's connecting to using the Geo-Filter, though only time and testing will tell! For now, give it a load of bandwidth and see how you get on - but keep your eyes open for DumaOS 3.0 (which will be coming to XR500 and other platforms).
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    You have to look at how you play. If you can run around and just aim at people and shoot them, good for you but it's a rare skill. If you think about this, with SBMM in the game you are facing players around your level. So play smarter not harder. That is my last game from today. 21-5 in TDM. I am doing really nothing special in the video. The class has restock and shrapnel on it. I find that a good strategy for solo plays since you have a bit better control over the area. Some statistics: 50/50 gunfights: 12 50/50 gunfights won: 7 / 12 Uncontested gunfights: 8 Mine kills: 6 So from the 50/50 fights I am winning roughly half of them and that is usually how it is. Now look at my 5 deaths: 1: I paused a bit to orient myself. While it looks like a 50/50 fight, he probably would not have spotted me if I had remained backed up in the corner. He most likely heard me and that made him turn. 2: Absolutely wrong positioning on my part. I see on the minimap that they are closing in on both sides so what I should have done is backed up. I already put a mine on one side so should have let it do it's job. 3: I should not have challenged that with an SMG due to the distance. 4: 2v1. I could not have known that they were coming. They take out my teammate on the fence but I was shooting the guy just before that so most likely would not have spotted it. Managed to kill the first get killed by the second. I should have been 2 meters to the left, there I would have been in better cover and both would have lined up preventing the second from shooting me simultaneously. 5: This is probably the only death where connection played a significant role. He came sliding around the corner and landed his shots. He would have had a good peakers advantage there. My fault is trying to hipfire, if I ADSed I just might have gotten him. Still, just a better play on his part. It's often people blame connection but it's worth it to look at the other stuff to win in game as well. Because you won't win every 50/50 fight. That is like betting red and black in a casino, the outcome should be 50/50 but you can be unlucky and have 10 times black in a row.
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    UPnP (miniupnpd) on the XR500 is about 15 years now Netgear never updated it, its just been patched in binary its proprietary so cannot be amended. The same goes for Open SSL, its over two years old now and that can be updated., but Netgear do not update the code of their routers that much, in fact take the R9000 the R7800 and the XR500 all have different versions of OpenSSL when they should have the same version, it depends on the writers in Taiwan, some are better than others and some are just lazy. You will find streamboost is still in the XR500 code, from its predecessor the R7800, Netgear just add new code and leave the old code as dead but never write fresh firmware as such. Netgear routers are like a note pad you scribble on and it makes it hard to patch when there is so much clutter from previous routers.
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    *Update* We have identified the issue and we are working on an immediate fix. We will update this post with further information when it is safe to reupgrade back to .56. Thank you for your patience. *Update 2* It is now safe to upgrade back to .56. We have received multiple reports about these issues. I have reported this to our team as this seems to be affecting a few people today. While we investigate please try a factory reset first using the button at the back of the router and holding it down for 30 seconds then allowing 1-2 minutes for boot up before accessing. If that doesn't work please follow these instructions: 1. Go to http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm if that doesn't work please try your LAN IP instead with /adv_index.htm added to the end e.g. the default IP is so would be 2. Administration -> Firmware Update 3. Download this firmware (two versions below .56*) http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR500/XR500-V2.3.2.32.zip 4. Unpack the .zip file 5. Browse to Image file 6. Upload 7. Go back to Administration -> Firmware Update and disable Auto Upgrade until we can say this has been resolved. If you receive any errors on the .32 firmware then you may need to clear the cache/cookies on your web browser, if that doesn't solve it then do a factory reset, that should ensure no legacy issues have carried over. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and will investigate this issue ASAP. *This version lacks some security updates but this is unlikely to affect you as well as some features (e.g. Ping Assist, Device Manager Table View, Hybrid VPN & Advanced Ping Stats) from the .56 firmware.
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    Holy Crap

    So out of curiosity and some brainstorming i believe i found out why some of us are hindered so bad by lag comp. So ive noticed the better my network gets the worse the game plays. I went online and purchased an old linksy router for $5. This router was from 2002 i connected it and played Modern Warfare and Blackout. The game played amazing despite a disconnect here and there from the router being so old. I couldnt believe how fast players were dropping and the movement speed of the enemies seemed so much slower. So my Conclusion is simple a lot of people we are playing against are playing on weak routers that are pieces of shit. I believe its all down to the send and receive speed of packets. With my network running top notch im receiving info faster than a lot of my enemies and the games netcode puts a delay on me because of this. When i added this almost 20 year old router the gm didnt penalize me, some real ass backwards shit
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    XR500 and PPPoE

    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    the new one, i have added extra things. and i also noticed previous version was bugged.
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    LOL! Yes, I can only imagine all the rage they were having as you was drilling them with that hit detection! Unfortunately, I'm in a similar boat with @N3CR0 and can't get any of the servers recognized as I play on PS4. But I also have a theory as to why it may not be working. It could possibly be due to not having the R1 as the main router due to bandwidth capacity. I'm going to give it a shot later when the family is not using the network and swap to give it a test run. Edit: Notice @N3CR0 and I both have R1's and facing the same issue. But still going to try later when family is asleep.
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    ok ill make an update now, https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7
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    Bufferbloat issues and others.

    You can set prioritization on your R1 but it won't do much in reality since only your PS4 is connected. When I ran my R1 in cascade with another router I just set the bandwith limits to 1000/1000, Super turbo mode on. And then let your other router handle whatever QoS you want to run for the rest of your network. I just used it as a Geofilter, nothing else. Not using port prioritization is the whole point of Cake and FQ_Codel. It's basicly a algorithm that favors small realtime packets and doesn't differentiate between sources. If you want to use port prioritization you probably need to run PFIFO.
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    Buster Are you with BT, EE or Plusnet by any chance? There's a 72 page thread on the BT forums of people complaining of high latency spikes whenever there's someone streaming video content. https://community.bt.com/t5/Home-setup-Wi-Fi-network/Recent-online-gaming-ping-spikes-when-streaming-Netflix/td-p/1930963 https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/08/customers-of-uk-isp-bt-see-multiplayer-lag-spikes-during-streaming.html I'm with EE, which uses BT's core network & have the same problem
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    I, too, would like an automated reboot feature. Scheduling capability is already present with parental controls, why not also add a simple auto reboot to it.
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    yeah.. i have a crack for that tool if you want i can PM you
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    Feels like i have Super Bullets 😎 Enjoy the gameplay and 36 killstreak.
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    XR300 GUI full of "nil" values

    I was thinking the exact same thing just now that I was googling about the features of RAX120. Seems like a really solid choice, but to be fair after the experience I had with the XR300 I am kind of loosing faith in Netgear products in general
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    Glad you got to the bottom of it, it did sound like a hardware issue but we never want to go there really unless all else fails. Glad you got it sorted.
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    Have you tried 5Ghz channels to see if they work? it's possible your firmware may be corrupt. Firstly make make sure HT160 is off, WMM is on and try with MU-MIMO off as that's not really doing much of anything unless your devices support it. Also make sure 20/40 Coexistence is ticked as trying to use 40Mhz bandwidth in a busy Wi-Fi area can also cause your own Wi-Fi network to suffer packet loss. What country is your router showing as if that got changed it could mess things up too. Mine just says Europe, If you let it auto select can you connect? Failing that try re downloading the firmware again it and reset the router via the pinhole on the back after uploading it (pressing in for 10-20 seconds will work) and set up everything manually, don't use a backup as that could copy issues back to the router. If that does not work its possible you may have a hardware issue with the 2.4Ghz radio, this really is a question for the Netgear forum as its their hardware, but lets hope the other things sort it out. If you still have warranty and can't get it working contact Netgear support for a RMA replacement possibly.
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    Yesterday I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time 🤣 I had a game with a single explosion of packages and with a fluidity never had on any cod. I had given up on finding a solution by resigning myself, but now thanks to @East who gave me the right input I could come up with a solution. To finish the job, however, I need your help because I can't get wireshark to read the ps4 ports, can you tell me how to do it step by step please? In some comments here on the forum I read that before it was possible to do it directly via router, I take this opportunity to say that I vote for a reintroduction of this too important option that should not be missing on a gaming router. There is one thing to say though, @Grafti opened my eyes to something I had never thought about and now that he said it I thought about my games is unfortunately a sad reality. I tried these settings that I will share once the work is finished while I was alone and not with friends in the lobby where for reasons that you can understand I am always the host. @Grafti now I understand why when I am alone I have less stutter than when I host people, it is shameful. The advice you give me (on the beam instead of on the ping assist) is very good and I appreciate it, I got to go to play on the Spanish and French servers and it was running much better than the Italian one but I have 2 problems in doing what advise me. 1) I don't understand why I am thrown on the lobby ≤75 ping; 2) I have many friends on ps4 (492) of which roughly 100 I often play on cod so I should add them all among the allowed ones. It would be nice to go back to the ray also because since I use ping assist I can no longer participate in the PS4 vocal party as it does not hook the nat with other people. All of this since the ps4 7.00 update came. But isn't there a way to use beam and ping assist together?
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    I'll definitely give that a shot the next time we play. I'll update whether it works or not when I get the chance.
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    Yes stretched I got exactly the same only i can't give it a number of matches sometimes the match right after sometimes after 5 matches and I play Hardcore most of the time but it then feels for me like I am playing core to get the kills on the enemies or i i am ADS and just put like 10 bullets in a enemy and no hitmarkers nothing he just run off or challenge me and kill me instantly
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    I tried it using netem and putty. Didn't make any difference as far as I could tell. Tried multiple ms settings but nothing seemed any better or worse. I just camp the Spanish server which gives me 50-60ms ingame and that plays great for me.
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    What I don't like about a VPN solution is that you are connecting through their servers so they potentially give you more connection issues. Adding latency on your own system ensures you keep the same route to the nearest server so minimal interference from the internet. Plus you can adjust it to what you want. 30ms isn't really all that much, I was up to 100-120ms in most cases. But that is in Asia, latency in the lobby here is higher across the board.
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    I know this was mentioned a few months ago but could you please either let us set time for devices to expire or let us delete all devices that are not online at once? I forgot I had qos enabled and noticed EVERYTHING running so slow then I checked devices and there were approx 100 devices in list. We usually will have around 25-30. But there were alot of devices that were offline and duplicated. It renders qos useless when you see the qos look like stars in space haha. Just so you know my net is 1000/45 and yes it rendered it so slow that everything was buffering and speed test on download was 4Mbps. I have disabled it for now, do deletions and reboot every two days but shouldn't have to. I'm not gonna ask when new Dumaos OS is gonna be released for XR500 because I know how last one was delayed for like 8 months or so. Not hating just being obvious. P.S. I know you guys are doing your best at releasing an almost bug free OS but we seriously need some kind of update. Thanks for letting all of us know the updates and stuff. 👍👍👍
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    Scott don't use dslreports. It's trash and won't do anything for your connection. It's very unreliable. Do what Fraser said and run pingplotter tests. It's more accurate and make sure your wired when doing so. I used to use dsl reports all of the time. But the results were very inconsistent.
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    "Page Has not been loaded yet"

    See this thread;
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    This issue was cloud related, not firmware. You'll be able to use the latest version without this issue happening again; we know what caused it so we've already solved it permanently
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    Yup, up and running on Now I can access the GUI and such. Was constantly getting not loaded yet error. Thank you @dr_evil_genius - link below. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/DumaOS-not-loaded-yet/m-p/1837968
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