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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Congratulations on the announcement to all of the Netduma staff.
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    I'm not saying that, we just want it to as bug free as we can make it. The more people that test it the more bugs will be found.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Finally! Just pre ordered
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    YES, YES & YES!!! So happy to see this! 😁
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    To be honest, the tech specs are not that impressive. The XR500 / XR700 probably have better hardware. It is a step up from the R1 though and really for $150 is a good chunk cheaper than the XR line. One advantage I can think of though is that the support from Netgear is lacking and with the R2 you would have support straight from Netduma.
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    ahhhhh damn...i have been defending ppl ...until now. now we can see why all the delays with beta...because now u can buy the new R2, thats the big announcement...lost all my faith.
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    2 weeks and no invite im a dumaos insider and i see people in this forum having beta and they aren t insiders
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma lag and jitter

    First of all I would suggest you replace the ethernet cable connecting the R1 to the ISP router as that is most likely what has gone faulty. Try it with a new one and let us know your results.
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    MW FFA Talsik Backlot 30-5 DumaOS 3.0

    About 40ms ping to the server. -QoS Disabled -Traffic Prioritization SRC 3074 - DST 30000 to 45000
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    Netduma Fraser


    We'll try and get you guys boosted up the list. @Nalsano there is no need to make a new account, if anything it would likely get the beta after your main account.
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    It's suitable for a large house and as the WiFi is better it will have better penetration so should be fine. Yes, it's much better this time around! Estamos enviando mais convites o tempo todo, e você receberá um em breve. It should be in pretty good shape yes, of course though we will be watching very closely after release as it is a completely different scenario having lots of people using it so I'm expecting bugs to appear like with any product but we'll be in good shape to release updates quicker than before. Yes it does support IPv6 and we're working hard to ensure other features work well with it. From our tests this has been resolved. - If people want to discuss AX/WiFi 6 etc please so do in another topic as it's going off topic here.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    Hence the end of XR500 in my house ,due to the DHCP..purchased ASUS GT Ac2900, not for RGB ...lol....since then no issues
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    Can i ask something I have XR500 The R2 will be better of XR500 about firmware?? Does it worth to get the R2?
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    The XR500 has more powerful hardware than the R2 but with the R2 being direct from Netduma it will get the latest updates first.
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    As Cussiv said i have done..i think a very good "job" with settings for Gargoyle....also i help to make "AutoSQM" for Openwrt ....i experiment with custom scripts....custom rules....nf tables as firewall and adjust priorities and speeds to my needs....my internet speeds isn't big....only 17Mbps download and only 850Kbps upload... So when i attach traffic rules or scripts these speeds are ever lower to prevent bufferbloat..think of that..... What i want to say is that..... Low speeds has never been a problem for me for online gaming..especially FPS games..i was playing COD multiplayer from it starts... All of these settings i have tried works pretty well for all games i play.....EXCEPT current COD!!!!!!!!! So my conclusion is that your ISP's or routers or NETDUMA it hasn't any fault ...the only fault from your will be if you have bad settings but i think you will figure out so far playing and other games. So we trying to fix something (COD) that is not from our side and we can't do anything about it. They make "dedicated servers" in specific country's that cannot support all players.. These "dedicated servers" has very bad configuration.... The game has SBMM..... They have and lag compensation in all this mix.... So in the same lobby you see the following ..... Etc.... you play from UK in Spanish server with ping 40ms... It connects me to the same server with ping 90ms.... And the madness starts..... You have lower ping but my last 5-6 games was bad....so you have better stats than me..SBMM takes care and add's to you artificial latency...you hit me in the back i just turn to you and kill you with 2 "magic" bullets!!!! I think their approach are totally wrong.... Match making must implement just like this..... You hit "team deathmatch".....game see's your ping...it finds that is 90ms....so it tries to find similar ping from 80-100ms..... From these players who has the same ping as you attach SBMM ..... Allow these players to play in the same lobby.... Enjoy the game.... Everyone has the same ping...the same stats...no one has a benefit.....so the better team wins. It is just so simple!!!!!!! SBMM right now it hasn't the approach to make YOU a better player... it has the approach very bad players MUST win games because if every time they loose or make 40 deaths THEY WILL LEAVE the game. This is my opinion...any discuss is wellcome.....i am tired to make something work that is "broken" from it's beginning.
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    Port Aggregation

    Thanks a lot Bert!... appreciate all the info
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    Netduma has to fix this.

    It’s nothing to do with NetDuma, it’s the crappy servers for MW. NetDuma works as intended. You get the same problem on other routers. It’s the games lag compensation, it’s too generous to the higher ping player. The Solution is simple, force a server with a in-game ping between 40-60ms. (for example; I live in U.K. and I play on Spanish server or Italian server)
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    XR500 Internet Dropping Out

    Set up the XR500 a week ago. On the latest firmware. Now getting crashes every other day and have to power off/on the router (previous router never crashed). I have an Arris SB6183 modem that this router connects to.
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    We'll try and get you both on board as soon as. If it doesn't straight away use Traffic Controller to allow all traffic for that device.
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    Yes it is still in development. I imagine it will be available around the time of the 3.0 firmware release or slightly after that as we're developing it to include some of the features available in 3.0.
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    first game is always better

    This is most likely related to SBMM (Skill based matchmaking). The first couple of games are to see where you "rank" and after about 3 games you get put with other players similar to your skill set. I notice this too and read multiple threads about this. If you have time, check out Xclusive Ace's Youtube video about this. He posted it a couple of months ago I think.
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    Netduma Alex

    Where is my duma os 3 on xr500

    Ok I've added you all to the priority list, i'm sending the list to Netgear today.
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    XR 500 and Warzone

    Update: So at the day time I wasn’t getting into any games at all but at night I was finding games in 1-2 minutes with 60-70 ms which is good since I was playing on 140+ ms 😆. I don’t know what happened honestly but I closed my radius to the closest server to me and set the ping assist to the same ping that I get from that server. Btw I tried this solution before and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not ( @titofuenla suggested it ). Sometime I get a person icon in the geo filter and it is located in the ocean, what does this icon mean ? And is it ok to ping it and allow it ? Thank you all.
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    albert dh

    Can't access web switch S8000

    Hello TrayDay, I have been lucky with your help! Now I just revived the switch. I have done the same as you explained and it has been solved. Thanks a lot!
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    Id follow what Bert said and try your ISP supplied router.. It will at least point you in the correct direction of where the issue likely is.. Also when you see the long red bars in the graph bellow like that.. Thats definitely a clear indicator of some serious issues.. Good luck! Zippy.
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    XR300 ping unstable even with ABB

    There is definitely an issue here. Is your ABB actually decreasing your speeds? I only know the XR500 one, but there is a bug in that where it doesn't reduce bandwidth even if you set it to. Also do you get this jitter on idle connection as well? Ie the pic is idle connection?
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    DumaOS 3.0 PPPoE Login credentials

    Just name and password.
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    thank you
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    This post helped me thanks guys
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    Netduma has to fix this.

    What makes you think it's the actual router? There is a lot of variety across different internet connections and servers. Also, to touch the elephant in the room, a lot of people are blaming connections / routers but in reality they are not as good at the game as they think they are. I have tried many setups with different routers, and even connecting my PS4 straight to internet (NAT 1) and none of it makes a difference for me. The only reason I use Netduma routers is the ability to filter out server locations. So really I don't know what you guys want them to fix.
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    3.0 for the xr500

    Thanks I know it’s hard but I appreciate what you can do !
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    3.0 for the xr500

    The XR500 invites are down to Netgear to send out. From what I’ve saw on Twitter people have gotten them. It’s just a case of being patient I’m afraid.
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    few Issues on the XR500

    Thanks I appreciate it
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    Don't forget yourself! And without you and the rest of the team, none of this would have been possible 🍻
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    XR 500 and Warzone

    Oh man it’s really annoying, I really like Warzone and playing with 140 ping isn’t fair at all especially in Warzone since the health is increased. Thank you for sharing your experience, please give us an update if you managed to overcome that issue. Thank you 🙏🏽
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    Various problems with Netduma R1

    Yes it is that same email. Thank you, it's much appreciated
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

    You don't even need the XR500 in your case tbh. I have exactly the same setup, 1 PC and 1 PS4 and wifi turned off. R1 runs this fine altough if you want QoS the bandwidth will become a issue and PPPoE support is an issue. I'm running the R1 now instead of the XR500 and really it performs practically no different in game. The only thing is I need to use my ISP router as well, while I generally run PPPoE on the XR500.
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    Hi really disappointed

    Same, now I find out I bought an XR500 for nothing since the R2 will probably run Dumaos 3.0 better.
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    Netduma Fraser

    slow lag

    That will be the server then, probably experienced a moment of excessive load which led to packet loss.
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    ND Steve

    Lag and inconsistent packages.

    Hello, We have done a cloud update in early July, if this hasn't fixed your issue then we will need to do some more testing specifically with Warframe. Regarding the 3.0 Beta, I will ask @Netduma Alex to add you to the priority list. Regards, Steve
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    XR500 Internet Dropping Out

    Whoa...So Interesting update i found out in my particular situation. So It seems that apparently, this is some issue between Modern Warfare and spectrum (My ISP) it seems: I never put the 2 together but this thread describes the exact issue i'm having and it always seemed to happen when me or my roommates who are playing Modern Warfare(Platform doesn't seem to matter but majority are xbox one x it seems which is the platform I play primarily play on but have noticed when playing on PS4Pro as well). Everyone is explaining the exact same issue I've been having for a while now. After I back out to the menu, it the internet seems to crash after roughly 2-3hrs at certain periods after I come back to the lobby. I'm in SoCal as well. Seems like it may have something to do with Spectrum interpreting Modern Warfare as a DDOS attack or something possibly. Maybe worth mentioning to some folks regarding this issue. Not quite sure if that's the case for the router as it seemed to have happened regardless(maybe someone else was playing without me knowing possibly), but I'll test this out with my current setup and let you guys know.
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    Dedicated server's

    hi I'm having issues 90% of the time I am connecting to a peer server's according to my geo filter i live in the UK is any one else having this issue
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    This Hotfix for the XR300 is really worth installing as soon as you can. Maybe @Netduma Fraser of @Netduma Alex can add it to the firmware section due to its importance. "Since authentication is not required to reach this bug, anyone would be capable of exploiting this vulnerability. Since it’s remote code execution, you can completely take over the router, the attacker would be able to possibly upload a custom backdoor software and establish persistence or launch further attacks, like man-in-the-middle attacks." https://kb.netgear.com/000062023/XR300-Firmware-Version-1-0-3-44-Hot-Fix
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    Rodney Rosado3

    DumaOS 3.0 Beta Gameplay

    Thanks for informing me I'll stick to cat6
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    Where is my duma os 3 on xr500

    Netgear community name Roadrunner79 Yes me and Killhippie have been PATIENTLY WAITING for beta or non beta firmware for a LITTLE while now 🤣🤣🤣
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    Netduma didnt Work at all with Cod on my end after season 3 Update.. i Change Router to a edgerouter and have better Results
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    I know a few folk with leased/business/dedicated gaming lines and they have just as many problems on CoD as the rest of us do so I don't think that makes as much of a difference as you might think.
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    We've made notes of everyone who has expressed an interest in the beta. We may make an official list closer to the time for people to sign up to.
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    How many votes do we need for it to be in future updates Thanks to all that voted so far Please keep voting
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