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    Tick rate all over the place

    Thanks for the info
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    Netduma Alex

    Tick rate all over the place

    The tick rate reading is just that, a reading. DumaOS attempts to figure out what the tickrate of the server is. The tickrate is always the same on the server and cannot be changed by anything you do because you do not control the server. If the tick rate appears to be changing, it is likely just picking up incorrect readings from the server. Gameplay will be unaffected because no matter what DumaOS says, the tick rate on the server is the same for everybody.
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    Netduma Alex

    MODERN WARFARE. Some thoughts.

    I believe that Activision owns some networking companies that do the netcode for all CoD games, so similarities between different developer's multiplayer games shouldn't be a surprise.
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    I held the reset button for like 2mins earlier and its behaving so far. Can try that next time Alex, thanks.
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    Hey buddy not spectate mode stay in filter mode untick the strict mode check box in the geofilter settings.
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    A reboot fixed a lot of issues for me that were only prevalent after patch 1.07!
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    If you have 20-35ms ping to a server your server is located in USA, no way you would get that ping to a EU server.
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    Tick rate all over the place

    I can't tell you this 100% accurate since I am not a dev but I think it has to do with your internet connection. With a 60Hz tickrate, packets are spaced 16.6ms apart. If for some reason there is congestion or other BS on the line the meter will keep jumping all over the place, ie sometimes you recieve 2 packets 8ms apart and then wait 32ms, it will jump from 120hz to 30 hz and so on. I don't know what it exactly counts and how it determines this as it was also found by battle nonsense that the packets are so big sometimes it causes packet fragmentation, it can easily count this as 2 packets etc. And there is the issue of sample rate in DumaOS since the spacing is so narrow and it's updating only once a sec. Some clarification on the side of the devs would be nice. I get the cleanest connection when it's just reading steady 60/60 all the time.
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    Tick rate all over the place

    FYI: Tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state. When a gaming server has a tick rate of 64, it means that it is capable of sending packets to clients at most 64 times per second. I am guessing the higher the better.
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    Try this: Hard turn off the console Remove device from the Geo-Filter Flush the cloud (wait until a minute after the too long message then refresh - if you see it) Add device back Setup the Geo-Filter how you want Turn on console and game
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    Is this the real problem?

    Alex is right !!! Download is what happen in game and upload is what You do in game !!! So download reports all the lobby while upload reports only what You do !!! Now the reason why you are a step behind... do you use Auto Ping and do you look at Auto Ping stats while playing ??? Do you manage your duma os via wifi or via Lan ??? You need to manage Duma Os via wifi 2.4ghz like a phone...tablet or laptop !!! Use a web browser like chrome to access and manage your duma os !!! While in a game you want to look at Auto Ping stats on geo filter page !!! So you need to enable auto ping !!! First thing that matter is Tickrate and second thing is Ping !!! So first you want to look at both tickrate... they have to always be at minimum 120hz and bouncing upper like to 180hz 200hz but never down !!! If you see both tickrates going down at 60hz then you are unstable so you'll have to stabilise your duma os router !!! I have explained how to do on other posts and i'll do a video today showing and explaining everything (i started to rec the video on Friday but somethin weird happened so i stopped it...but now everything is like it was before Friday so i'll do it today) and i'll upload it here on the forum !!! After you confirmed that your tickrates are stable at higher than 120hz...the second thing is the Ping...so from there you'll have to find the best dedis location near you !!! All that is done by manually pinging desired dedis when you start MW... to do that you need to disable auto ping.... then you start the game you want and enter it so it will make detection of available dedis for that game...then press on one of the dedis or fake peer showing on the map (closest to you is the best normaly) and ping as many dedis location you want (by always restarting the game after each ping detection) until you find the best or bests dedis available near you !!! Then adjust your radius to only cover the dedis locations you want... restart your router still via duma os control panel...then start the console and game....enjoy !!! Always take a look at duma os auto ping stats on wifi 2.4ghz while you play to confirm that tickrates stay higher than 120hz and that you still on the desired dedis by confirming with ping (like if you choose only one dedis location and you ping them at 3ms...well each properly located dedis there would ping at the same 3ms...so if you happen to fall on a mislocated dedis at that location...pinging higher than 3ms then that would confirm it's a mislocated dedis !!!) from there you would only have to deny it and screenshot it so you'll be able to report it here on the proper section of the forum !!! 👽🍻✌
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    Maybe I mis-spoke, I use the reservation feature set by MAC address, but only for the two Xbox’s. This is the R1 I was sent as a replacement over the summer. Was definitely strange and I sorted it out, just posted this as a “hey this happened” type thing lol I also noticed that the wired ports showed as “offline” during this time was well when viewed in the devices pane.
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    Maybe if the guy didn't act like a total douche bag then more people would be willing to help.
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