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    Caddy 1.2

    I thought i would start this off with its own thread. I have expanded slightly from my first app, screen shots are below. now you can save and load your allow and deny list. This is very ideal if you have to factory reset. plus sharing of lists is possible. you can clear your allow/deny list with a single click. for those of you who are fed up of seeing your offline devices can with 1 click remove all offline devices that no longer hold an ip address you can also create your own custom black/whitlist just make a text file named with the following Server_Blacklist.txt Server_Whitelist.txt Peer_Blacklist.txt Peer_Whitelist.txt and insert ip addresses, only 1 ip address per line for example from where ever this file is saved just drag and drop into the white box, this will automatically add here is the file caddy 1.0 caddy 1.1 caddy 1.2 @Mobel @GHOST-1-EC @TrayDay @MikeyPython @Sable @WalkedDave @Bert @Locosano @Sherman85 @DanyKTM @Zippy @Grafti @Fuzy @[email protected] @HaBlo0
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    I've now owned the XR500 for 1.5 years and to this day: No IPv6 without killing off the QOS. No USB printer support. Incorrect network activity stats. No control over VPN settings. Bugs and glitches in the management GUI. Very questionable QOS performance is some games. Very poor update support. At this point this product should be considered as abandonware. Netduma's/Netgear's lack for transparency with such a vocal community is truly disturbing. There are other manufacturers with devices out there that have a much more active support than Netgear/Netduma and according to my preliminary research, as good, if not better implementations of QOS and AQM. I am no longer actively using this router and will soon be totally replacing it. Hats off to those of you who will be sticking around for the long haul, still beta testing a 2 year old AC router.
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    Devices not showing online

    Isn't it a known bug, Alex? There have been a lot of people with this issue including myself. Hopefully one that 3.0 will fix, even though Netduma haven't actually patched it, just re wrote it so it now works (isn't that technically patching?) from what Fraser said and of course if I got the gist of what he was saying correct. Looking forward to seeing these bugs vanish with DumaOS 3.0.
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    I'm sorry, but I've never seen such a lack of competence with firmware updates. Other companies release firmware updates on frequent bases, but the response that we hear over and over and over at Netduma is "Were have a lot of features in the pipeline, but we don't know when Netgear will release them". Literally half a year will go by with the same nonsense. You guys really need to revise your business model. Releasing firmware updates every 2 years? Seriously?
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    Caddy 1.2

    Try upgrading your gaming chair. That sees to do the trick.
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    New XR500 owner needs big time HELP!

    Thanks for that! A technician is coming tomorrow so I will find out how everything goes.
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    All Netgear routers Ive ever had do this in DHCP reservation so the devices pick up the new IP straight away and the router flushes the old IP is my guess also because its writing this to ram/flash not sure one, but basically its rebooting your Lan and adding new information and Mac addresses and device names. Just add each one then press apply at the end after adding them all not after each one and it will just do it once.
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    What if the nuke had a nice minty aftertaste? I guess it would be a Tic Tactical Nuke
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    Netduma Alex

    Servers Set To Peer

    We've been whitelisting and moving lots of servers around, but we haven't updated the server definitions in a little while. I'll be sending out another cloud update this week.
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    Caddy 1.2

    You do not need the web page open, when using app. The port updates in the background. It is not a flaw or bug. Unfortunately I do not refresh web page to show changes, but the changes have been made.
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    Xr500 connection

    Lucky you. All I can say is if you havent had to reboot it yet or simply havent rebooted it then pray you never do. My first xr500 was great for the first week & change and then once I rebooted it the love affair was over. Purchased the second one and instantly rebooted it for the purpose of...if it was gonna show its ugly face I wanted to get right to it so it could be returned during the allowed period and it didnt take long, that same night to be exact to start its bs and then every 3 days after that. So it went back as well but we are already missing it. Like I said before when it worked it was great and we loved it but im convinced its a firmware issue (cuz 2 did the exact same thing) but I refuse to take that chance of keeping something that may not be fixed for that amount of money and thats assuming its just a firmware issue. Good luck to you with yours.
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    Netduma Fraser

    aggregation with XR700

    J'ai soulevé cette question à plusieurs reprises avec l'équipe, ils devraient donc en être conscients.J'espère que, parce que DumaOS 3.0 est presque comme une revigoration du logiciel en le poussant plus loin qu'avant, tout se déroulera bien. - I have brought this up several times with the team so they should be aware of it, it is my hope that because DumaOS 3.0 is almost like a reinvigoration of the software taking it further than before that everything will run smooth.
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    Netduma Alex

    XR500 Sudden Slow Speeds

    Ooh, I guess I assumed that it was happening on all devices rather than just one. I wonder why the auto negotiation didn't work correctly. We'll tell Netgear about that one. I'm glad it's sorted!
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    It does not prioritize packets at all, it just allows your device to have every port open to it inbound and outbound.
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    100MB max speed?

    right case closed, found the issue and I am embarrassed to say it was because one of the long ethernet from the ISP to the R1 was a cat 2 cable which I dint know because I didnt buy it, just replaced the cable and tried a speedtest on my PC I'm now hitting close to full speed. thanks for the help you guys!
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    Ok thank you guys !
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    Well Netgear have patched the R8900 and R9000 nothing about the XR700 or the RAX120 yet, but they will be patched at some point. It turns out they left TLS certificates in plain text in the firmware so anyone could read them... https://kb.netgear.com/000061582/Security-Advisory-for-Signed-TLS-Certificate-Private-Key-Disclosure-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2020-0105
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    We definitely have fewer XR700 testers than we'd like at the moment so thanks for signing up
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    PPPoE or DMZ???

    @Kostas83 hope your quiery was answered to your satisfaction, I will now close this thread.
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    Worst. Patch. Ever...

    Fair enough... Did you actually watch the video? Lol. Its not about being negative, its about the complete fuck up that the update yesturday was. Game breaking for many. Its about all the bugs it supposedly patched... but actually didn't. Its about the stuff they changed and didn't bother to tell us about... such as changing the colour of a van on a map *rolls eyes* really top priority that must've been! Its also about all the bugs it created.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ping Values

    Are you certain that they've disabled the dedicated server? Are you basing this on whether the icon when you're in game shows as a peer? It might be that it's misclassified as a peer and is actually a dedicated server. Do you have the domain for it and we can check. The ping is the round trip time from the router to the server/host and back again. We could implement something like that but may be for a different feature and not the Geo-Filter ping. We do have plans to add packet loss
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    Help with Party Chat.

    It worked great. Thanks for the help!
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    Thanks mate, yea it’s not down to connection I just got lucky with the lobby I reckon, but that was the first game after I throttled, game still played pretty good even after that game. Are you finding there are a lot more clans/party’s in lobbies after season 2 got implemented? Every lobby for me is at least a 3-4 man group.
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    Spanish Dedi PS4

    Thats what I have. Haven't had any issues with it, had it a year now.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Random internet disconnects

    It seems to indicate that someone is attempting to access your network so good idea to disable it and see if it continues. Do check the modem, it would be good to see if that disconnects at all or if it is purely the router/devices.
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    Dante Soulest

    WiFi Disconnection

    So for awhile now I've been suffering from random drops in my Wifi connection. These usually occur a few hours separate from one another, but have had it occur twice in an hour before. This does nothing to my hard wired devices as they are able to work perfectly fine while the devices on wifi are working or down and not working. The wifi enabled devices still show they are connected to the router, but they can't go to any websites or watch videos. I thought this would clear up by following a bunch of things I saw online from changing frequency channels, rebooting with various settings changed, to messing with the workaround option thing with previously mentioned settings changes. It is a fairly decent annoyance that occurs regularly and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I haven't tried downgrading back to pre-dumaos to test if it works, then re-upgrading to see if it then fails because of the update. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Dante Soulest

    WiFi Disconnection

    So good news: The root issue was indeed the modem. I also found out it only had a 8 downstream and 4 upstream. The newer updated version of the same branded modem has 32 down and 8 up, so I haven't had an issue yet. However, to prevent any kind of hardware issues, I also went ahead and bought an XR300 and I'll be hooking that up later today. Thank you Fraser and Alex for trying to assist in this issue.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Three Different Speed tests

    Well done for finding the cause, weird it wasn't applying correctly!
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    Modern Warfare Kill Confirmed 35-5

    Not anymore they don't, espc. on that map. Anyways, good stuff Bert.
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    Just a thought Squizz but have you tried using the Hybrid VPN feature of the router? Proton VPN is free if you wanted to sign up and try it out. There's no data limit and you can connect to 3 countries (44 if you pay). Japan, Netherlands and United States. I usually go for United States servers simply because of English being generally spoken. Like you, if I use the Filtering Mode with MW I can be waiting ages for a game but if use the free Proton VPN on a US server, I'm in games pretty much straight away. Pings are a bit high but relatively speaking, my game experience is quite good, considering how bad the game is! Basically, you paste your Username, Password and Configuration into the Advanced tab of the Hybrid VPN Setup. You will need to download the Router', UDP, Server config file for US-FREE#1 (or whatever server you chose). Copy the text in the .ovpn file from the 'client' line, all the way down to '</tls-auth>' and paste it into the Configuration field. Note, your VPN username and password are different to your account username and password. You'll find your VPN username and password in the Account section of the Proton VPN website, under OpenVPN / IKEv2 username. I then delete all the lines containing 'remote us-free-01.protonvpn.com' and replace with 1 single line 'remote' for example. This way you have more control over the server you are connected to, rather than a random one in the US. Look here for Proton VPN US server IP's. You'll need to put your Console or PC into the ADD DEVICE button on the Hybrid VPN page. Once it's connected, I then put Spectating Mode on and the game thinks I'm in the US and puts me on servers over there... but without the waiting times of using Filtering Mode. If you need help, just message me! Good luck 😀
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    aggregation with XR700

    @Netduma Fraser Nice new, thanks ! @Fuzy A priori il n'y a aucun boitier pour agréger en amont 2 ethernet et sortir en SFP+, donc pour Orange c'est inutile, il faudrait avoir une fibre 8Gbps Free pour pouvoir exploiter le SFP+ en WAN..
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    XR700 and NordVPN

    you need the openvpn config details and also the certificate. I am sure on their site they say they support netduma and Netgear routers in their support pages. That will guide you through the setup process.
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    Cant Access GUI

    Got in eventually. Had to factory reset the dam thing.
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    100MB max speed?

    You can always try the following: 1. plug your LAN cable from PC into the WAN port of the R1. This won't do anything connection wise since the R1 won't get a IP, but it wil perform the auto negotiating handshake, ie detect the cable type. 2. log into your R1 over wifi with PC and check the ports menu again, see if you get 100M or 1000M. This will give you another datapoint on the WAN port of the R1, if it's stuck on 100M or if it jumps to 1000M.
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    Caddy 1.2

    boy am i glad. any questions/issues?
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    I would love to help you, i think if we could do teamviewer, im sure i could fix it for you.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! I think the issue here is that the Geo-Filter wasn't designed to matchmake two consoles on the same LAN just to ensure you get the closest servers when playing online. The only way I can think of doing this is to add both the consoles to the Geo-Filter and place the home location/radius in an area where there are no servers or players and then they should find each other. However, like I said it wasn't designed to be used this way so it isn't really an issue with the feature per se if it doesn't work.
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    Mais je suis calme 🥰 pas de soucis fraser je reviendrais vers vous pour vous tenir au courant
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    Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. I will close this thread.
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    No audio from party/game chat?

    It actually has nothing to do with traffic prio I have the same issue..... what i do is set the geo filter to spectating, then when my teammates audio goes active then i set the geo filter back to filtering. I have to do this everytime i create or join a chat party. Its a geofilter issue.
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    That was a Windows issue, but it was fixed after the last update, so now you probably don't have any issue's playing League of Legends. To be honest, this story made me cry, because I got a lot of reports from my teammates, because of those freezes and ping issues, so my account is now banned and I can't play League of Legends at all, so I don't know who is guilty for that and who is going to help me. I thought Riot support team would help me, but they won't, as long as this is not their issue. So now I am searching how to solve my issue, and what should I do, to be back in League of Legends game. As well as I know, the best solution, for me at least, is to buy Unranked League of Legends account with a lot of blue essence, to be able to buy all the champions and start to play once again. I was afraid a little, because I heard a lot of times about scamming people, but a friend of mine told me that he bought a lot of League of Legends accounts and he was never scammed as well as a lot of his friends. So to say, I found a way out, I think I will be able to deal with it, but I hope, Windows won't make me surprises anymore
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! It's because you have Ping Assist on, that may be a mislocated server that is actually under your ping range. It means you never miss the chance of a good game. If you want to use the radius exclusively then turn Ping Assist to 0 as well as the above suggestion.
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    PM'd them to you.
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    Hi to everyone!! As all of you I tried all this time to find the best settings. Here are my settings and something that really improved my game experience! ABB on @70% share access enable qos 10mb down 5 mb upload traffic priority 3074:3075 30000:45000 and reverse. Reservation IP on PS4 disable all media share access manual setup on PS4 for static IP and enter the MTU that I have from ISP, in my case 1492 And final for all of you that you have FTTC internet connection as I have. I set on the modem from my ISP pppoe pass through and then I set on my xr500 that my connection need log in, I set pppoe and I put my username and password from my ISP. With this way you avoid the double NAT. With the above settings for 2 days now I play and my hit detection is perfect. Never first shoot first die. And I have really the feeling that all gunfights that I loose I fair. I am not a pro player but now I do very good scores and positive KD ratio. I am playing on hardcore mode with MP5 and only need 2 bullets to eliminate the enemy.
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    Holy Crap

    Let me ask you the fire question: Does this configuration works in 5 games in a row, and at the next day is still working? (we could make the "5 games in a row challenge" in this forum just to guess what settings are good 😂😂)
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    Netduma Alex

    Hybrid VPN

    So I have fiddled around on an XR500 in the office, and you're right. PureVPN only lists countries, cities never appear. Could you just confirm for me that no other countries have cities listed? You don't have to click them all, just a few will do. Also could you switch to hidemyass and see if cities appear then? Because they do for me. I think this is a problem specific to purevpn. I've made a bug report.
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    Is there something you would have liked to see or hear that we didn't mention? If you're having issues with the router just make a new topic and we'll be glad to help.
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