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    John Doe

    XR500 VPN Issue

    Yeah pure luck figuring that out, haha. Nope not using it a bit affraid bc need sable inet for work , but i was tempted allready. Thx for the helpt, keep the good work up. #staysafe
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    Actualizaciones de firmware las publicaremos en el foro, no aparecerá en la interfaz y luego podrá actualizarlas manualmente. Actualmente no hay nuevas versiones. - Firmware updates we'll post them on the forum, it won't appear on the interface and then you can upgrade them manually. There aren't any new versions currently.
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    Thanks this works!
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    I always play on ethernet. My tests are always A+. As soon as I get home I send a screenshot of the results.
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    Yes, I just figured that out yesterday Thanks for your reply.
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    Netduma Fraser

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    It's really not far off now!
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    Samsung TV Plus also doesn't work. I told the team about this a couple years back. Disabling quality of service fixes the issue.
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