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    Ok j’essayerais pour l’instant tout fonctionne on verra si il y a encore un souci
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    Netduma Fraser


    Vous devez entrer l'adresse IP WAN trouvée sur la page Informations système R2 - pas l'adresse IP que vous utilisez pour accéder au R2, alors cela fonctionnera
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    thanks the red light lit up and ts tracking data when in use
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    Internet problems

    Okay thank you.
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    XR1000 is making a high pitched noise

    Yes, one on Reddit under Netgear where someone posted and I asked on a discord channel I’m on where there are a few Duma users and asked if they could hear anything. personally I don’t see an issue but was interested to see if anyone else noticed this.
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    Sure, will do. Hopefully you guys can add this game to your database. Just FYI- I know for sure that gears 5 was between 48-55ms in-game before the change, I haven’t rest after the change. Keep you posted.
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    Thanks for the feedback! We don't usually dive into the core functioning of our features, particularly as the forum is completely public. At this point in time you can only use this on DumaOS powered routers.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! It's possible the server data for the Sao Paulo server wasn't seen when we did the capture, I'll mention this to the team and see if there's anything we can do about it.
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    QOS for Google Meet video/audio calls

    Use a manual / advanced configuration. Protocol UDP Source: 19302 - 19309 Destination 1-65535
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    Big fan of this game too, hopefully you guys can add it to your server database, that would be a major upgrade for us.
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    As above, chrome is an excellent choice on mac. Safari does not play nice with dumaOS as I can recreate on my pc the possible error you are getting. I also ran into an issue where I couldnt even get the page to load at all unless i used http as it defaults to https which is a secure connection.
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    It won't update automatically for the beta firmwares, but there is an option the network settings to have it automatically update when full release firmware is available.
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