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    Setting up on talk talk

    Yeah changed it to a spare one I had at home the one in the box that come with it didn’t work which is fine I’ve got it working now. So simple of me 😂😂😂but thank you
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    Non existant wifi

    I set it up and nothing changed. I was able to factory reset through the interface. Nothing changed. I tried reinstalling the latest firmware and it actually took. Everything seems to be working. WiFi is broadcasting and I am able to setup Geo filter for Warzone. It is still logging errors though. I am going to let it run and I will post the log later. I am extremely happy at the moment and hopefully it keeps working.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Beta 3.0

    Yes we'll tweet so no need to keep checking here
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    Yep i noticed i get better pings at different values and it seems to be great
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    I remember experimenting with MTU values back on Infinite Warfare. I found overall it made everything worse. Some gunfights I would just sponge bullets... I could see they were hitting me but doing almost no damage (MarkOfJ style lol) But then more times than not the other player would be the sponge... and at the time that was rare but messing with my MTU made it happen several times a match. Not saying it couldn't possibly work out well at all times for some peoples (we all have different connections afterall)... just stating my experience with it.
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    Netduma Liam

    Non existant wifi

    Yeah that'll be fine, just be aware you probably won't have internet connectivity when you get home as you'll need to run through the setup wizard.
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    Netduma Liam

    PC COD 1440P 240HZ VRR

    No, this wouldn't have made a difference don't worry!
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    You can change the MTU in Settings > Setup > WAN Setup > MTU Size(in bytes): I'd suggest running a speed test on fast.com to see what your loaded latency is first then reduce the MTU and speedtest again to see if it lowers the loaded ping. If you have the DumaOS3 beta you can use the connection benchmark.
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    I found my sweet spot to be 950 for my MTU,
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    xr500 QoS w/ Samsung Smart TV

    I recently had this issue with Samsung TVplus loading the app but unable to play video from it and I finally fixed it by going into the router settings Device Manager and changing the Samsung connection to TV.
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    No mate, dont use nolag at all. Gonna do much more testing, but will come back once i have the answer!
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    PC COD 1440P 240HZ VRR

    You want to play WZ on PC with 240FPS .... For information, most of the big streamers play in 110,140 FPS with PCs at 5000 euros and more... Good luck !
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    Netduma Liam

    Duma 3.0 R1

    Looking at the router online it lists that it has an access point mode, but there doesn't appear to be much detailing it in the user manual. You may need to reach out to Linksys for help getting it into AP mode if you can't find it in the settings.
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