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    Netduma Fraser

    XR1000 Beta Firmware

    I'm pretty confident it will yes, it is NGs decision at the end of the day but they love all the features and they've heard what the community want! It most cases the trials just have a untested fix with no other changes - I just don't have one to provide at the moment. Perhaps when we get closer to release I can provide one
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    PS4 Internet Speed is Low

    Hello everyone, No one covered one extremely important aspect: PS4 is very sensitive with cable length. It was really frustrating to see my PS4 getting always under 100Mbps for internet speed test (usually 70-95 Mbps) despite I have a bandwidth of 500Mb and a 1Gb router. The speed was always OK on my PC , but not on PS4. Everything changed when I used a shorter LAN cable and now I get 400-500MBps. This definitely is not happening on PCs, is just about the PS4 network card which is sensitive. My initial LAN cable had about 7-8m (which is short enough for networking) and the second one is ~3m long and is the cable which finally provides normal speed. I discovered this when I moved data from one PS4 to a PS4 PRO, and the PS4 PRO was connected with a shorter LAN cable. Initially I thought that the PS4 PRO has a "true" 1Gb port, but that wasn't the case, as the cable length proved to be the real issue. I was also shortening the the first cable, to see if the speed decreases and it did, I was getting ~115MB/s with a ~5,5 m long cable so I did by best to have the shortest cable connected. Works just fine both on PS4 and PS4 PRO. Nothing usefully found on the internet, just DNS stories, which can improve a bit the speed. Hopefully my findings will help many of you. At least my son is very satisfied after he downloaded a game of 25GB in about 10 minutes (~40MB/s).
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    XR1000 ppoe vlan tagging

    Thank you Fraser!
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR1000 Beta Firmware

    We're working on getting a solid version out so we're not giving out any trial firmware versions at the moment as they're not representative of a final version and don't provide useful feedback - we usually only do this if someone is experiencing a specific issue that may have been addressed.
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    Okay understood, that's quite a difficult thing for us to try and diagnose given we can't go off gameplay and have to use the stats which use fine. Have you tried forcing higher ping servers yet?
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    Thanks for picking up an R2! Yeah you can give the R2 the XR1000s MAC address, that shouldn't be a problem. Then you can run the XR1000 in AP mode and it will simply by an extender so shouldn't cause any issues!
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    Well that's good to know. It's looking better now I would say
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