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    Netduma Alex

    mobile app being blocked

    Hey @button1masher, Did you have Adblocker enabled before you disabled QoS? Disabling QoS also takes down Adblocker, so I was wondering if perhaps Adblocker was the actual cause? If Adblocker is the cause, then we just have to figure out which blocked domain is causing the problem and add it to the whitelist. Also: iOS or Android?
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    Netduma n'a aucun moyen d'ajouter les options que tu souhaites apporter en plus !!! C'est 2 soft distinct !!!! Comme on te l'a expliquer pour les améliorations du soft netgear, il faut t'adresser à netgear ! Fraser essayes juste de faire avancer les choses depuis... mais à priori, il est comme toi face à un mur .... Le but n'est pas de te faire acheter le R2, on t'explique juste que lui il a la fonctionnalité que tu souhaites ! Fraser fait juste son taf en te répondant, c'est mieux qu'un silence !
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    Thanks Liam, will give it a try 😊
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    Netduma Liam

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    Hey all, hope you’re doing well. Here’s the latest firmware update for the R2 – 3.0.205 (Sounds great, right?) Nothing huge - but it welcomes several stability, security and general cosmetic improvements to your R2. We recommend you make the upgrade and do a full factory reset afterwards, just to make sure you're starting from a clean slate! You can go ahead and download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49gt1wxva9rxame/DumaOS-R2-3.0.205.sig?dl=0 Those that have an R2 on pre-order, rest assured that it will come with this latest firmware pre-installed - if you have any issues or queries, just give us a shout! For the techies amongst you, here's a more detailed change log: System-wide GUI improvements to both cosmetics and Security Increased DHCP cache size to 10000, stopping DHCP from being filled by 1500 requests Improved Traffic Prioritisation for wireless devices Fixed occasional issue where IPv6 devices weren't assigned DHCP IPs DumaOS webserver fixes for improving operating smoothness of GUI Improved DPI detection services Improved Bandwidth Allocation backend
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    Again I'm not able to see the ping heatmap page, that seems to happen every time I try to update it. Tomorrow I'll restart it again and I'll let you know.
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    Thanks for confirming Fraser 😃
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    Bufferbloat Test

    Just to compare in saturation hour before the game ! The ABB of R2 does the job!
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    Netduma Fraser

    QOS question

    Tests like Waveform can be negatively impacted by Traffic Prioritization so I'd stick with PingPlotter which is what we normally suggest or disable Traffic Prio completely and retry those tests.
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    Netduma Fraser

    mobile app being blocked

    Great to hear that, I'll pass this on to the team so they can have a look and try to fix the cause.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Access point question.

    No worries, glad you got it sorted. I'll close the topic as it is resolved, feel free to open another topic if needed and we'll be happy to help!
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    Netduma Liam

    Access point question.

    What devices do you still have connected directly to your R2? Are they just devices for gaming? Gaming doesn't use much bandwidth so you don't need to limit the AP too much, depends on what sort of speeds you get from your ISP really!
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    Bandwidth Required to Play?

    I ran some tests with the QoS in the R2 on my PC in Warzone and BLOPS CW a few months ago. I actually found that if I throttled the bandwidth to just 1.5mb down and 0.6mb up, my hit detection was incredible. The initial test was with no other devices using the connection, but even after allowing a TV and XBOX One on at the same time, I was able to share the bandwidth out between the three devices and still achieve a great gaming experience in Warzone and BLOPS CW. If you are able to only use the PS5 while gaming, there IS no need to have super fast Fibre.
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    Thanks Mitch, I've responded to you via email.
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    mobile app being blocked

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    Router factory resets after every reboot

    I have tried both the pinhole and through software. Both give the same result.
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    Bandwidth Required to Play?

    1mb would be hitting the bare minimum. It’s not so much bandwidth to play the game but it’s the latency it creates. If one Ethernet frame (1500 bytes) of your other devices just started sending from the router, and your game packet arrives at the router. Then at 1mbit link speed it will take your router 12ms to clear that frame before it sends your game packet. At 10mbit upload it would take 1.2ms and at 100mbit it would take 0.12ms, 1Gbit 0.012ms Latency is a function of bandwidth, but with diminishing returns. Ie going from 100 to 200 mbit is not such a difference (0.12ms VS 0.06ms) but going from 1 to 10mbit is a big difference. This is also why I suspect that throttling works for some people, ie when you drop your upload bandwidth to 0.5mbit you are creating 0-24ms bufferbloat for yourself and it’s in fact updating the server later.
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    Thank you for responding. Sounds great, and will take a look at MS Edge. 👍
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    Magic Bullet for hit detection

    Yeah Im not sure what you mean on this, how can defining ports cause the latency when thats what the Classified Games Prioritization is doing as well. Correct me if Im wrong @Netduma Fraser the classified option just define more ports to well known games without users having to define it themsleves. Defining ports doesnt add latency so I will have to disagree with you on this @CRarsenxL. If you can provide more proof in you testing, then open to seeing it.
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    Netduma Fraser

    NETduma discord?

    We will look into improving the Discord and making a bit more of a community
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    heil boi

    Destiny 2 lobbies resolved?!

    whoever needs help with the trials lobby method just message me dont waste ur time with the discord server ! thx
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