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    Warning for anyone attempting to join the Discord - don't bother. The guy running it has had crucial information the entire time and refused to share it while members were paying for that info and getting scammed. Also now that we're close to an actual solution he has made a special role that gives access to hidden channels only to a select few (most of which are acting like entitled clowns). I'm part of this channel and once the solution is found I will be giving it to anyone who DMs me asking for it, as his pathetic attempts to keep the information secret while using everyone else ideas is awful.
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    Seeing as some big fish in a small pond wants to keep the method hidden in a “special” discord. I’m happy to now make it public. This is a work around method for Xbox, due to SDR and geo filtering not working on Xbox. This is not the method the community want, it’s a stop gap method. Solution- first the setup. On both of your Xbox consoles go to the network settings and change your primary and secondary DNS settings to any open DNS server. I’ve tried 3 and they all work. Now restart the consoles. Turn on vpn via duma, any server will work. Both team leaders need to have 7 wins already. (Head over to eBay and look for a cheap carry on psn and use xsave to get your cards on 7) Invite your teams, although some have trouble joining (depending on their settings) so they may need to join via the fiends list. Start matchmaking at exactly the same time.
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    I wouldn't worry Shoulin, this is the Discord crew on damage control trying to protect their method. They've even made a rule that forbids even asking about the secret members club and are warning people for going against the grain, it's awful
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    My problem is solved by using the password conversion method. thx
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    i will test this out and let you know how it goes next time im live. thanks as always so far
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    port forwarding

    I'm going to send you a picture of the ports they said on sony to use for PS5....then tomorrow...I'll will turn off UPNP and reboot the router and then turn on my ps5...and see what that does...and I'll let you know. As always Fraser...I really do thank you for all the help and help trying to figure out whats going on whenever I have questions.
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    Filtering not working?

    Ah ok, thanks for the tip. I’ll try that. Much appreciated
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    Sure no problem, I'll try to keep the streaming PC on as much as possible even if I'm not using it to see if it will happen a little faster, unfortunately it has RGB RAM that I can't change the color of (known issue with the current BIOS, waiting on an update) so I won't be able to keep it on over night as it's in my room and quite bright, but in the mean time I can ping -t the streaming PC the whole time to see if there are any recorded drops, I'll have it output to a txt file so I can check it over time and see about what time it occurs for the log file time stamp
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    Netduma Fraser

    Filtering not working?

    I wouldn't recommend doing that as connections will be allowed and will still be active while you have the filter on and therefore won't filter as accurately. Try this please: Hard turn off the console Remove device from Geo-Filter Re-sync cloud from Geo-Filter Map menu (if you get a too long message, wait 1 minute then refresh the page and it will have applied) Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter Setup the Geo-Filter and put Ping Assist to 0 Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game
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    nevermind, I figured it out. Pretty easy really.
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    Reset error !

    Yea its working Fraser 🤙🏻
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    So your solution is 7 win anchors which everyone has been talking about for a very long time lol. With the cry baby tirade you went on I would expect a custom program to filter connections based on steam id or something equally innovative. Nope you just regurgitate what people have been doing for a very long time and act like you came up with something. BTW for anyone reading thinking he's sharing something he's not. You have to have already gone flawless for this to work and the way people are doing that currently is on playstation since it hasn't been updated with steam data relay. Once it's patched in a week or two this will be even more useless.
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    It has stopped, must have been temporary
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    Destiny 2 Filtering

    Thank you Fraser 🙏
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    Netduma Fraser

    Destiny 2 Filtering

    We're looking into it currently, likelihood is you won't be able to match with specific other players or go in solo any longer
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    Not at all, but you are very welcome to your opinion and stick it where it hurts. 👍🏻
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    https://imgur.com/a/ozHygM5 here it is
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    You say Original method Do you mean the Destiny 1 method? the VPN method, The DumaOS method to what method are you refering to?
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    Because if you haven’t done the old method then I’m not spreading the solution publicly, as it’s more likely to be patched. It’s my solution so I have the right to do what I want. Your not entitled to it so don’t pull that nonsense with me.
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    Yeah I know, I was just responding to you not wanting to take it out of bridge and have a double NAT. Okay great thanks very much, if that works then we may need to disable this on the R2 so the other 2 devices can be fixed as well, we can probably get a dev to remote in and change this on your router specifically. Lets see what happens.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Improve ping/latency

    Definitely do that when testing to see what eliminates them the most, after that you can use Auto if you prefert
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    @Killerelite06 thank you for the feedback, to answer some of your points: Thanks for letting me know, I will raise a request to have PPPoE as an option for the setup wizard. Could you let me know the WiFi password you were trying to use or the format of the password e.g. letters, numbers, symbols etc. I think SA only has 2 servers so that could be why, I imagine that the whole of Africa for the most part are forced onto those servers so they may be under load. We'll be doing a Ping Heatmap update next week and then the servers should reappear there DSLReports doesn't play nice with Traffic Prioritization which is why the results can be off, if CB says you're good then that's great! You should be able to do that if you enter it as a domain. Interesting, what do you get if you select a custom channel? Glad to hear it! I believe on the NG routers UPnP works but doesn't always show them as entries
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    Try this please: Hard turn off the console Remove device from Geo-Filter Re-sync cloud from Geo-Filter Map menu (if you get a too long message, wait 1 minute then refresh the page and it will have applied) Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter Setup the Geo-Filter and put Ping Assist to 0 Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game
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