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    Thanks for the info, I've passed it on to the team. I'm getting some feedback about it at the moment and trying to get a full picture before I let people know as it's just preliminary.
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    Geo-Filter: Before or After

    The customer service on this site is top notch... I have not had any personal issues but i come look from time to time and check comments and Netduma is top notch on responses quickly and effectively. Kudos
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    I'd need to have a play around with it and I'm going to be busy today, but maybe later I can try a few things and provoke it to fail.
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    I read it; It was childish.
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    Was working fine Until now

    Ok Awesome Ill Try That!! Thnks 4the help
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    Netduma Fraser

    En México no funciona?

    Ponga un polígono en el área con esos dos servidores de ping bajo, Ping Assist en 0. El ping en el juego siempre será más alto ya que incluye un retraso en el procesamiento, si es muy alto, entonces indica que tal vez debería probar con otro servidor. Le sugiero que reduzca el Control de congestión al 70% tanto para la descarga como para la carga, configúrelo en 'Always'. ¿Ha puesto el R2 en Ubee DMZ? ¿Siguen conectados los dispositivos a Ubee? - Put a polygon on the area with those two low ping servers, Ping Assist at 0. The in game ping will always be higher as it includes processing delay, if it is very high then indicates you should maybe try another server. I would suggest you lower Congestion Control to 70% for both download and upload, set it to 'Always'. Have you put the R2 in the Ubee DMZ? Are devices still connected to the Ubee?
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    Netduma Fraser

    Connection Testing -HELP

    I don't know all the shorthand for the states but I'll take your word for it, there does seem to be an unnecessary amount of hops and your ping spikes are ridiculous. This comes down to the ISP unfortunately so you would need to contact them and see what they can do.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Was working fine Until now

    Copy the WAN IP from the System Information page on the R2. Then access the XB7 interface (if you're not sure how to do this there is likely a sticker on the underside of the XB7) and set that IP as reserved/static. Then put it in the DMZ function on the XB7.
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    Netduma Fraser

    conclusion geofilter

    As above, it is an authentication server, nothing to do with your game ping so you can ignore that
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    I had the electrician fit it when wiring the place so I haven't actually taken a look at the switch. I'll have a look at disabling device management on the device and see what happens.
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    conclusion geofilter

    what? geofilter works in warzone for me i spent a day messing around with it trying to play in different countries, and ended up in alot of 150 ping lobbies. it does its job. just doesnt force you to get bot lobbies (like alot of people are trying to use the router for , which is comedy)
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    Netduma Fraser

    soporte netduma r2

    Respondí a tu tema ayer, así que continuemos ahí. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/35932-en-méxico-no-funciona/?tab=comments#comment-302151
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    Well done on figuring that out. That will be a bug and while we are developing DumaOS 3.0 for the XR300 it's not something we can focus on fixing as it shouldn't be a problem in 3.0. I'd suggest doing a factory reset get it back working and then don't use Bandwidth Allocation - I rarely suggest people adjust this feature anyway and at your speeds it is not really needed.
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    Hybrid Hybrid VPN works in that it route you through a server of your choice, however the steam relay servers recognise that you are from a different region and will match you against people from that region. You can test it if you like, set up a hybrid vpn in egypt and you will be matched with people in europe (i even messaged people after the game to ask their location). SO basically the relay severs make the hybrid vpn function redundant.
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    Have you done any manual port forwarding on the R2? As mentioned I have VM and the R2 plugged directly in to it and I've not had this before. You may not have even port forwarded but it may be UPnP has opened the port to the affected device. Do you see the port listed in UPnP?
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    rogue company/valorant

    what are the chances of these being added
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    Netduma Liam

    Was working fine Until now

    Good work! What's your NAT type currently? I'd suggest connecting directly to your modem and and log in to it's interface. Then set a reserved IP for the R2 and then place this IP in the modem's DMZ. Reboot both the R2 and after a few minutes boot up the game again.
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    Gracias por contestarme
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    Remember guys we have a discord running with lots of people working on this, if you would like an invitation to come join just send me a personal message (quickest way) or ask in this thread and when I see it I will send an invite to your inbox.
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    I think they say they are looking into it for damage control, netduma hasn't worked on PC Destiny for a year, no changes, I can't say I blame them, confirming it's a paper weight for Destiny 2 will prevent a lot of sales. Currently Geo filter doesn't work not even for servers, hybrid VPN doesn't work, for Destiny 2, those of us who test this constantly know it's just a good wifi router now with an annoying buggy Qos, my God I hate how buggy Qos is.
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    Geo-Filter: Before or After

    Great explanation. Thank you for explaining that perfectly. That's what I was hoping to understand. I noticed both methods worked but I was going for the most efficient one. I'll make sure to turn geo-fiter on before loading the game. Thank you!
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    Fraser has Virgin so may know more info on why.
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    You can’t write firewall rules on the R2, for that you would need to step up to a more complex router that includes that which tend to be more aimed at businesses or the more complex home routers. However the R2 has a firewall even though it’s in the DMZ on your Virgin router, unfortunately I don’t know much about the firewall on the R2 so Fraser or Liam will be able to help more. The important thing is don’t have any devices under the R2 DMZ as that leaves them open to abuse. At a guess it’s due to DMZ and do you by any chance have a console or PC set in the R2 DMZ?
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    how to get better hit detection

    0.2 is working very good and it is also logic. You need a little bit of knowledge about netcode in games to understand why. Here is a good starter guide: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/16499-networking-lag-compensation-and-hit-detection/
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    The in game ping is higher because it includes things like server processing delay, all games have it whereas the Geo-Filter shows the direct ping to the server. If the ping is that high in game it could indicate the server is under load and I would recommend you try to force a different server
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geo-Filter: Before or After

    Good advice above but basically yes I would advise you enable it before loading up the game. Reason being during the load they ping all the servers to see what you can connect to so if you can connect to everything and have established connections then the filter won't be able to do its job efficiently.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Server Warzone Brazil

    Hey, welcome to the forum! They get outdated so we need to update it again, the server will still be available on the Geo-Filter, it does not affect this. I've already let the team know to update it.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Lower Internet Speeds

    How/where are you testing the speeds exactly? Have you entered your speeds into the Bandwidth settings in the Congestion Control menu on the QoS page? You won't be able to achieve 1.5Gbps as the ports only support 1Gbps.
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