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    Geo filter for Halo 5

    Thanks guys for your time through this difficult time and yes it is do or die with 343 lol Thanks again i will do the update at some point cheers!
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    XR500 Firewall Settings

    Already did ... Have 2 Networks, need to connect them. Why -> buisness Network and private Network. Just before you ask me -> No its not possible to have all in one Network. I'm curious how you will fix this without firewall options .... waiting for response
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    Netduma Liam

    179 & S21 Ultra

    OK, I've just sent you a DM, could you please try that?
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    Traffic Prioritization Question

    I should add that those server port numbers were grabbed when I was doing wireshark captures.. The older R1 router (not sure what firmware) had a feature that showed port numbers in use when playing a game.. Would be really cool if we could get that feature back.. Then we could easily narrow down port ranges to use.. It would help to take out alot of guess work for us.. After playing a number of games we should be able to see a pattern or range that is used.. Glad to hear that works good for you.. I have also noticed the same.. Not all ports are used.. Or at least there is no traffic going through them.. Zippy.
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    Netduma r2 losing WiFi

    There mixed. Next time it goes it I’ll have a go
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    Apex Legends

    Fraser these problems are on EA side yesterday i did play on a google server wich isnt anywhere listet. my highest ping on any eu server is 22ms and that server was at 40ms. netduma app showed me it's located in switzerland i did ping a server in zurich and i get the 40ms ping so they added a new switzerland google server to apex but u cant pick it as a datacenter. Frankfurt 1 disappeared and few other US servers disappeared. also packetloss serverside.i bootet up the game looked at the datacenters and only google server packetloss jumped to 80% and settled down. its random... eu and us servers have the same problem. sometimes it runs good but on some servers its lagging all the time randomly... they maybe put down some servers for battlefield 6 game testing?!
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    Geo filter for Halo 5

    Fraser is that the same one you gave me? Trying to think if it is.. But wouldnt hurt to load this one when I get chance.. Thanks! Zippy.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Geo filter for Halo 5

    I'd go with this version actually, it's newer and should be more stable https://bit.ly/39ZN5JT make sure you factory reset after you've upgraded.
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    Geo filter for Halo 5

    Ricky, Id give it a go! In your case the feature you need should out way the bugs.. And who knows you may not even experience any bugs! Worse case is you downgrade back to your current firmware.. Halo Infinite will be a game I cant even imagine.. Theres alot ridding on it.. Hope 343 has done there homework on it.. It should be a good game given the amount of time they have had.. Im mean we are talking what like 7 years! lol.. This will be the true test for 343.. Almost do or die type situation with them.. But I think they have been getting help from outside developers which my guess will be very good for them.. Hope you get Halo5 working for yah! Zippy.
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    Netduma Fraser

    costos a mexico

    No lo creo porque, como empresa, perderíamos dinero haciendo eso, pero si envía un correo electrónico a [email protected], tal vez puedan proporcionar más información sobre las tarifas o, si quieren hacerlo, podrían autorizarlo.
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    Were these routers given up on?

    Almost 6 months ago a staff member mentioned a big update to DumaOS would be soon. Have heard nothing since on that. Have these routers been given up on?
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