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    Netduma R2 rebooted suddenly

    @Squidid I had the same problem as your going trew the way I fix it @Netduma Fraser sent me a pm I did that then I factory reset it then as @Netduma Fraser said change the dhcp lease to 168 then I bought a usb fan put it on the bottom of my r2 and now it works perfect also make sure to download wifi analyzer to make sure the channel is not congested 1,6,11 are the most clutter so pick a channel that only you are on that work like magic now my r2 runs perfect hope this helps
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    MUST READ! Network vs Input Lag

    Couldn't agree more fellas, SBMM and outdated/crappy netcode (lag compensation) are still very real and the downsides of the CoD series as a whole, not to mention the hackers and force crossplay but like everything in life there are things in your control and things that are not. I have kept a steady 1.4 k/d in warzone since I started playing in season 2, with a gigabit connection and a R7000 router flashed with ddwrt. I noticed a difference in my gameplay when i started using the XR500, but it still wasn't perfect. Geofilter and the newer more sophisticated traffic priorization abilities of the netduma side of the router are a godsend, but the networking aspect is only part of the equation. I didn't take into account input lag, and after doing some research I definitely had a lot of it. The input lag from using an outdated hdmi cable and a large outdated tv, as well as using the ps4 controller wirelessly, I probably had upwards of 100-200ms of lag from the controller to the console to the tv. Just wanted to share my findings with the community, and to possibly help others enjoy their gaming experiences more. Obviously, it's not the be-all end-all solution for fixing everything CoD related, but it definitely helps.
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    Netduma Fraser

    PS4 NAT 1

    Hey, welcome to the forum! NAT Type 1 is when you are directly connected to a modem, you cannot get this when connected through a router. NAT Type 2 means it is open and behind a router.
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    I had not but I just did and that fixed the problem. Thank you for your help!
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    Keep having to reset

    I'm just turning it off and on by unplugging it
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    Hey, welcome to the forum @cnc137! Thank you very much for the information!
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    Oui, il dispose d'une configuration automatique pour QoS sur le dernier micrologiciel R1 3.0. Soyez averti cependant qu'il peut être très agressif dans ses suggestions, nous continuons à l'améliorer.
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    Speed test in DumaOS

    ok Thanks
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    Cod coldwar alpha fri 18th sep ps4

    This game is one big shitshow. -Horrible SBMM -Horrible connections -Horrible visibility -Weapons all fell the same Reached lvl 40 and had enough of it for now.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Speed test in DumaOS

    We're aware of this, the benchmark results show less than what you're actually getting. In the next version it should more accurately reflect your speeds.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma R1 wont factory reset

    Thanks a lot for doing that, it was in the Spam folder, it is now at the top of the inbox so they should respond on Monday. I can do that for you if you wish.
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    Firmware Update

    this is getting ridiculous with "Next Week" every week , just give us a solid date and stop taking your customers as fools
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    Nat strict avec xr 500

    Merci beaucoup Fraser, je vais tester ça !! Si ça apporte une amélioration, je viendrais vous le dire comme retour d'expérience 👍
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    R2 problem internet

    I believe @Netduma Fraser this is a pure modem only.. But this does have VOIP also. And that feature is either enabled if a costumer wants a LAN phone or not.. Hope that helps! Thanks! Zippy.
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    Netduma Fraser

    i cant get in my netduma r2

    Okay thank you for the information. I have created a ticket for a dev to take a look as soon as they can and see if anything can be done.
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    It doesn't look like you have done an actual factory reset, do a factory reset from the interface and then it will work.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Have you gone through the setup wizard when connecting to the R2 interface after connecting it to the modem?
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    Port foward errors

    Thank you, I tried to manually forward ports and got the same error. I'll use DMZ
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    Even though many years have passed, I agree with them. More than once I faced such a problem, and only the third time I managed to somehow fix it. Six months later, this problem happened again and I didn't know what to do this time. The Internet connection was getting worse and eventually disappeared, but I turned to a friend who took my router to the service center, where I was finally provided with high-quality Internet service and I was overjoyed. To be honest, I don't even know the name of this service, but if the problem persists, then contact the usave.co.uk who will help you
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    Firmware Update

    I’m totally disappointed from the delay, and vlan option will not be in the update. Then why the delay? Beta update for nighthawk includes the vlan.
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    Firmware Update

    Not really. It's ok if this happens sometimes, but the approach becomes unprofessional when it happens week after week. I know you try hard.
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    Fraser cette fonctionnalité me facilite vraiment la vie ,s'est une réelle avancée .un seul autre constructeur a mis en place une fonction similaire mais de façon opaque . vous forcez l admiration les gars 👍👍👍👍
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    I'm just going off what I hear, I believe it is close to being in the testing stage and then beta release bar any caught issues.
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    Netduma Fraser

    R1 XR500 fibre

    Vous pouvez utiliser l'un ou l'autre routeur et ils fonctionneront. Vous devez toujours les avoir connectés à votre modem / routeur ISP afin d'avoir une connexion à moins que vous n'ayez un ONT.
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    Understood, we haven't tested/optimized for the game just yet. I would recommend having a look at this site which has some suggestions on how to fix specific FIFA issues https://fifaaddiction.com/fifa-issues/
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