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    MUST READ! Network vs Input Lag

    What HDMI cable do you use? I used to play on a TV, terrible idea until I got a gaming monitor.
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    MUST READ! Network vs Input Lag

    Playing on a 60ins screen is a bad idea, regardless whether it gives you input lag lol.
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    i cant get in my netduma r2

    I’ll tag @Netduma Fraser to see if he knows what the error message means for you but as it’s the evening here you may have to wait till tomorrow for Fraser to respond.
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    r2 not working r1 works

    How did you try to update it ? it can’t revert back to an earlier firmware on a reset unless the update failed and you missed it or the GUI is showing the wrong information.
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    Hmmmm it s been over a week now since the beta for XR450 came out.... when is XR700 ready? I cannot understand how you can piss off your prem router clients like that....
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    Firmware Update

    hey fraser could we be seeing the update today ??
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    Firmware Update

    Netgear can only update the firmware that is supplied by Netduma. With 2 lots of coding working it can end up with more work needed to get the end results. I’m Sure Netduma will make sure it works well on the XR series of routers.
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    Fix browsing to modem GUI on a mobile device, it's almost unusable (S10 5G (Telstra network of course!!))
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    xr500 dumaos 3.0

    Let me know. I have it but I'm tech illiterate by this much.
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    Netduma Fraser

    New firmware

    Not just you, we're still making changes and working on it but I think it is getting better each time.
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    Netduma Fraser

    xr500 dumaos 3.0

    There are bugs, so it is entirely up to you. You could try it and then revert back if needed.
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    This is a FANTASTIC idea! I like what you have in the graphic since those are used a lot before and after gaming... or just simple web browsing. Maybe a REBOOT option in the 3 dots section... Keep the good ideas coming.
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    Firmware Update

    @Netduma Fraser It's starting to look like old habits are returning. This is the second router I purchase from you guys and honestly I expected certain lessons to be learned. If a product, no matter how new it might be, is not performing optimally, then you issue a hotfix instead of trying to bundle everything into a full firmware update. I have no issue being patient, but I fear what happened to the R1 is starting to happen to the R2 from a very early stage .
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    Netduma Fraser

    Official R2 Firmware News

    I've been away for a few days for my birthday so I will be chasing the team to see what the latest is and then we'll let people know. I will close this topic now though as it has gotten a little heated and off topic.
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    Bad experience COD mw

    Nope not my ISP either I been back and forth with my provider, got engineers todo a line test which was fine, I took it a step further upgraded my BT package from broadband to fibre optic (Halo 2) which is currently their fastest has we speak. I got Virgin Internet which I tried also same bullsh&t. I have not left any stone unturned I made it personal to find the root of this issue , this is not just me I play with friends both here in England, Nigeria, USA etc they all experience the same.
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    r2 not working r1 works

    Yes. It would install then upon the page refreshing it would revert back.
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