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    Game Optimiser from Telstra

    I know this may not affect everyone but what an accomplishment. Congratulations to the Netduma Team https://netduma.com/blog/latest-milestone-game-optimiser-telstra/
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    Netduma Fraser

    Official R2 Firmware News

    Hi everyone, I know some of you have been wondering when there would be a new R2 firmware available and why there has been a delay. We have been working really hard to improve the WiFi performance and range on the R2 as well as fixing other bugs along the way. We have built several versions since launch trying to get it as good as we possibly can and we've drawn a line in the sand now for what we think is a pretty good firmware. This will be getting tested this week so ideally assuming that goes well we'll get that out publicly this week or at the very latest sometime next week. TL:DR: New firmware publicly released by the latest, next week.
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    Game Optimiser from Telstra

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    Yam Yam

    No Connection at all to R2

    Hello Netduma Jack B, sorry for the late reply. I was checking everyday for email at the time as I thought Fraser or anyone @netduma would've been in touch sooner. I'll get onto this asap buddy, thank you 👍
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    Cannot connect to Internet.

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    Netduma r2 just got it today

    No sir thanks dude
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    ok will do thank you
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    Choose the Games Console service and it will prioritize the game for you.
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    I haven't heard anything yet, if I don't get a response by the end of the week please email [email protected] with a link to this topic and they may have some more suggestions.
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    Netduma Fraser

    No me conecta a internet.

    Rara vez recomiendo nunca, solo si estoy tratando de diagnosticar un problema específico. Sugeriría usar Always. Definitivamente debería ayudar con su experiencia en línea. - I rarely recommend never, only if I'm trying to diagnose a specific issue. I would suggest using Always. It should definitely help with your online experience.
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    Warzone packet loss fix with tcp

    So, I finally found the cause for me and wanted to let you know what helped for me. I also had the 3 orange boxes, FPS drops every 5-10 seconds but package lost stayed at 0%. I tried all kind of sh*t; diffrent ISP's (at friends place), diffrent RAM, hotspot from my phone, cooling by an extern fan, all kind of diffrent settings in windows+game, re-installing the game+shaders, tried all kinds of diffrent drivers but nothing worked. Then I tried another SSD with windows installed on it, and guess what; this sh*t worked. So I re-installed windows and basta, it's working for now. Stupid but simple. Hopefully this will work for someone else as well. *edit*: It worked for 2h, then blizzard came with this wonderfull update and things went back to 'normal'
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    Official R2 Firmware News

    Nice Fraser, already dropped 2 nukes with this bad boy and kd is flying up!
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    Netduma r2 just got it today

    In that screenshot above you would just click on the submit button.. Your WAN connection is DHCP. So everything there is correct as far as I can see.. You dont need Client Identifier or Vender Class.. Just leave those blank. For some reason the R2 isnt detecting your connection automatically. As it should because you have just a stand alone modem.. Fraser will have to investigate this further with you.. Sorry your having these issues.. Hang in there! 👍 Thanks! Zippy.
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    Official R2 Firmware News

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    losing connection

    Alright iv give it a try thanks for the help.
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    Tua PR

    Official R2 Firmware News

    I am looking forward to it!Very Excited!
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    Double Nat XR500??

    I decided to tinker and narrow down the ports more if i could, turns out it's just the 3 UDP ports, 23, 993 and 1900 that don't work. So my rules for UDP now look like this 1-122, 124-992, 994-1899, 1901-65534
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    Netduma Fraser

    Beta 3.0

    I've added you, you can access it here: https://forum.netduma.com/forum/130-dumaos-30-beta-netduma-r1/
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR700 Overheating?

    It's unlikely that overheating is causing the issue - the fans will turn on automatically when they get too hot. It's most likely due to a known issue that will be fixed in the beta version - we hope to have that out quite soon. Meanwhile I would recommend upgrading to this firmware and doing a reset https://kb.netgear.com/000061714/XR700-Firmware-Version-1-0-1-24-Hot-Fix
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    Netduma Jack B

    No Connection at all to R2

    Hi there, Could you please email us at [email protected] and provide a link to this thread so we can get this sorted. Thanks.
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    War zone Ping isn’t everything

    I found a server with 60-90ms ping 2000km away from my location! Maybe I found a s ever that works for my location. ✌️
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