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    Netduma Fraser


    Depends what you consider to be worth it. If you really care about hardware specs then the XR routers would be more suited to you. If you want a router that is optimized for DumaOS that will receive faster updates then the R2 is recommended. It has AC WiFi and can handle roughly 800-900mbps bandwidth. You'll also receive DumaOS 3.0 pre-installed on the R2 which includes loads of new features that you can use right away.
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    Keep getting put in denied servers

    why do i keep getting put in servers that i have denied from the geo-filter Host type peer as well and this is for the XR500
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    The name is all that is needed, thanks, we'll try and get you boosted up the list.
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    nice and I meant I have the R1 do I need the upgrade but this is an upgrade worth buying excited for the new router !
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    3.0 for the xr500

    Thank you Fraser for your quick reply. My username : Maxxxxx69
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    A router is quite central to the home, providing internet to all devices. If we were to just release the software without proper and incremental testing to thousands of people and there was a bug that disconnected you from the internet then this would cause havoc and chaos. You may not like the way it is being done but it actually allows us to produce a more stable product this way.
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    Keep getting put in denied servers

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    i'll let you know how it goes once i have an answer
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    The beta is here so it's no longer just words, people are using it right now so just a matter of time before you receive an invite. I do understand your frustration and I wish I could just give you the firmware but there is a process that has to be followed.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma lag and jitter

    If that's the case then it's unlikely 3.0 will change that but I'll try and get you on it asap so you can try it.
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    Should've been nuke #2

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    My email: [email protected] Community name: Scrubosaurus Please push me up also, if you can, im the best beta tester there is, bugs in games and software always happen to me xD
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    Using R1+XR500

    You would if you switch off the XR500's QoS and run the R1's QoS. I have both as well and for me the XR500 is usually a bit better though. Just on DSL reports it's not really great because it uses DPI, but on pingplotter the actual ping stays flatter. Depending on what you're trying to achieve, you can also configure the XR500 as AP and connect your devices to the R1. If you run modem -> R1 -> XR500 your bandwidth is pretty much limited by the R1 anyway.
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    hello mate, ill try that in the evening and let u know. anyway tnks for your help
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    XR500 | Poor Wifi performance

    The R7800 has better WiFi and is supported well by third party firmware like Voxels who really is on the ball and knows what he’s doing. It was NGs gaming router on launch and still has a good following. Merlin also does some nice stuff too on the Asus routers.great move by Asus to use him.
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    Port Forwarding XR500

    Not sure about 2 PC, but for 2 consoles I had to turn on uPNP, remove all port forwarding rules, and in the WAN menu set NAT filtering to 'open' instead of 'secure'.
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    What is your NG community name? We'll try and push you up the list for both. That is completely up to you, it's certainly possible with our boosts that you will get it before the R2 launches. I suppose it depends on whether you want to use 3.0 when it's optimized on the R2 or on the other routers.
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    XR500 | Poor Wifi performance

    Right, I'm kinda surprised this router hasn't gotten as many updates as you'd expect, but it is what it is. Like the entire population of people who bought this router have done, I've applied to join the 3.0 beta but haven't received any emails (not worried about being bumped on the list either). The R7800 which according to various sources on the net, uses the same hardware as the XR500 and has received around 15-20 updates compared to the XR's eh.. 8. Just kinda seems like the XR has been neglected, and that adds some sting ya know?
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    This is the nail in the coffin for me. I have complained many times about how Netgear has pumped out other routers (with Netduma) without ever updating the XR500 but now even Netduma will release a new router WITH the new software before we have even seen an update. I agree 100% with your sentiments.
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    ahhhhh damn...i have been defending ppl ...until now. now we can see why all the delays with beta...because now u can buy the new R2, thats the big announcement...lost all my faith.
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    Scuf controllers

    Don’t buy scuf. I had 2 controllers both broke. They using cheap Quality products.. Not worth it! My trigger stops broke and I couldnt aim anymore and even my sticks got stuck sometimes. 😂
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    Scuf controllers

    i went through 4 scuffs in one year when aw was out never again horrid ps4 controllers are so bad heres hoping ps5 is made better
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    MW2 by far had the best connections and hitdetection. Since then connections got worse every year.
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    Bullshit, skill is long ago gone in COD. COD is very connection depending. If someones server sync is better than yours, no matter what you'll lose the gunfights all day long.
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