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    xbox one ping

    The ping test on Xbox is just the ping to the Xbox server. Sometimes on mine it pings to the Seattle server (I'm in the UK) and it says 138ms. Other times it pings in the UK server at around 18ms. Don't worry about it. No matter what that says, it will have no affect on any game and will not cause lag.
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    Just wanted to update everyone who have XR routers, and signed up for the beta. Netgear posted a little while ago, they have selected the first round of testers, and sent email's to them. So if you didn't get a email today, you will have to wait till the next round of invites are sent out.
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    DUMAOS 3.0

    alors cette béta DUMAOS 3.0 quand es qu elle va etre libérée ? en 1 ont a eu des promesses en 2 ont a eu des annonces en 3 ont a eu une inscription s est comme au poker maintenant il faut montrer votre jeu.
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    I think there is no longer the possibility of frustration over time ... I just think that this forum remains a way to express yourself while asking questions!
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    Thanks Fraser. Hope I get the xr500 beta invitation soon.
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    thanks you netduma fraser, hope to have more upload. perhaps i can try with my 4G PHONE ...
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    @[email protected] Christine on the NG forum will resolve that for you. To everyone else, as lilstone has mentioned the first emails have gone out so double check to see if you have one. Don't worry if you haven't got it as new waves/batches will kick off soon. It worked on a first come first serve basis.
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    netduma R1 bricked -HELP-

    Hi Bud I had same issue i done static on laptop or pc - try this...
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    netduma R1 bricked -HELP-

    I would suggest trying the reset button on the back of the router, hold it for around 30 seconds. Do you know what FW version you were trying to update from?
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    Rodney Rosado3


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    With a giga connection! The R1, just with a console or PC dedicated to gaming behind, it will do the job, with the rest of the local network upstream on the ISP router.
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    The problem is, I filled out my netduma forum id for my xr500 instead of my netduma forum id. So someone from the netduma/netgear staff is going to have to help me out?
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    xr 300 ou xr 500

    Le XR300 gère le gigabit donc pas de soucis avec la fibre ! Attention à ton orthographe, ça peut poser problème par-contre 🙈 !
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    iTz Cotton


    Im sooo psyched for Duma 3.0 and as a show of support im being super patient so dont miss my email now guys 😅 @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser
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    Rodney Rosado3


    Ill try that Fraser any new features in dumaos 3.0 with anti jitter
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