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    So this was just posted...... i am over the update and bug fix crap but i also cannot just let it be........ this gamer has promoted the product on his platform all the time....... i'm not sure what tipped the scales for him but i know how frustrating the lack of transparency can be. @Netduma Admin this is for your attention - alot of users are switching to other routers...... i personally have just tried to make the best of what i have (xr500) and set things up as best i could - my gameplay speaks for itself but i cannot not say anything and leave you guys to continue the way you are with no clear timelines on the upcoming updates. Use this as constructive criticism!!!
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum. Your WiFi devices are showing as wired because they are connected to your mesh system and not directly to the XR450. As the mesh system is wired to the XR450 any device connected to it will be seen as wired in Device Manager.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    What i found as an issue was a random spike in cpu usage For some strange reason i have had an issue where the cpu usage wud spike to 100% and cause my ingame experience to drop big time.... no bullet reg, trailing in gunfights and movement and super lag in general. What fixed it for me without changing anything was to reboot the router. Now i always make it a point to monitor my cpu usage before and while gaming. Hope that bit of info helps.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    If you getting melted, make a reset of your router, dont disable anything or turn on any settings. Try play as moderate see if its great. If not try open nat and see if its an diffrence. If you still getting melted then try to downgrade or upgrade your firmware. I made some testings on ww2 yesterday (I was bored) and noticed some some diffrence on what firmware I was playing on. Have a little clip of yesterday (No QoS). Not getting melted, dropping high kds and nice gameplays. I noticed the last guy was wtf? IMG_0586.MP4
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    As much as I like this router I think by the time the next version actually gets released most will have moved on to another device......
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    Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Could you go to Settings > Monitoring > Connection Status please and let me know what it says for Lease Obtained & Expires? What is your physical setup?
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you using QoS? If so then that is the reason that your speeds are lower. Also your internet speed and download speed use different units, so it sounds like you might actually be getting the expected speeds. Your speeds from the ISP are measured in Mbps (Megabits per second) and downloads are measured in MBps (Megabytes per second), 383Mbps = ~45MBps.
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    I've worked with Alex to find the issues in the cloud so I'm confident going forward these issues will be diminished until then switch to Spectating Mode, you can select the server on the game so it's not as necessary to use the Geo-Filter but you'll still be able to ping it and monitor your connection.
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    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    Today me and my friend played together and everytime he changed settings in tomato qos our gaming experience changed until he found a sweetspot when the enemys started to get really slow (I played with same settings). Tbh cod is a no skill game, if someone has better settings then you, he will see you first and instamelt you. And people who says to not trust killcams are bots, because thats how he killed you! If he saw you first its because your settings sucks according the game. I can confirmed there is no right settings in this game. If someone has ”better” settings according the games lag ”compensation” he will destroy you. Ping dosn’t really matter if your settings aren’t ”right” anyway. That’s how CoD works. So playing Solo, parties and diffrent people will change your gaming experience according how cods lag comp handles it and how ”good” your settings are CoD need to fix their shitty netcode. Try Battlefield as example. Its better
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    Lag compensation fix on PS4 Pro

    You use my post in Gargoyle forum...😃
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