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    MP5 Clips - Its a Vibe 😎

    MP5 Clips.mp4 MP5 Clips.mp4 Made this one for the heck of it..... cant upload to youtube tho(music copyright and such). Final kill tho 😎🥶 Enjoy!!
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    27 k/d MW Gameplay

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    27 k/d MW Gameplay

    I don't as I don't use a Netduma router. I don't believe there is a port prio feature on my Asus router. All I have is 3074, 3075 and 30000-45000 forwarded.
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    Aspect of Wrath

    Defeat MW Lag Compensation!

    I suggest switching to homehub 1000 and yes you are correct everything has to be connected to the netduma because the hh3000 will not have internet anymore. Everything has to be connected to netduma anyways or else qos/anti bufferbloat will not work properly and you will lag.
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    MP5 Clips - Its a Vibe 😎

    Nice Clipz mate MP5 wrecks, was that the dragunov you were using at the end? I threw this together a few days back:
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    Speed tests on PS4 are sooooo inaccurate
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    That server handles a TON of local island traffic and is really a tough server to consistently game on. What I did was (and this worked beautifully) Deny the surrounding Miami Peer/Dedicated servers and force either a Georgia, Missouri, or Illinois server every game, instead. If you traceroute your ISP hops, to their source - then place your Geo-Filter location to the end of your trace you'll notice a more fluid connection. Give it a try. It may take you longer to search for a match, but it's entirely worth it.
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    We don't have a date when it will be available but we will let everyone know how they can take part soon.
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