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    Traffic Prioritization questions

    1) Is there a list somewhere that tells you which games are under the "DumaOS Classified Games", does it mirror the list under "Basic" when you click "add device"? Does the list get updated by NetDuma team in a cloud or only from firmware updates? There haven't been any list or FAQs given the list of ports used for the dumaos classified games. But yes, I would assume it's update by Netduma. 2) when setting up a game under the "Advanced" section, do I need to enter both the "Source" and "Destination" ports, or only the "Destination"? If the latter, do I leave the Source ports at 1-65535? It's up to you, as many of the games varies on the source and destination ports used but if want to use a range, 1024-65545 is not a bad start. For example, you can see the list of ports I presented that is used in Call of Duty:MW Warzone here. 3) I read somewhere that not all ports need to be prioritized for a game as it's not the same as port forwarding, example is UDP ports are typically gameplay packets while TCP are other things, Is there a way to find out exactly which ports need to be prioritized for each game? does it matter too much if I just find out which ports are typically used for port forwarding and just add them? Yes, games such as First Person Shooters, utilizes UDP packets due to faster transmission and other technical reasons. But there are shooters like The Division that uses TCP and NBA 2k that does the same in usage heavily on TCP. 4) If 2 PCs are playing the same game on the same router, do I just add both PCs to "add device" and use the same ports for both? Is that possible? Yes, but make sure you utilize UPNP. 5) I am currently playing Apex Legends on PC and have googled which ports are used for forwarding, but for prioritization I have only added the UDP ports and the TCP ports that have a matching UDP port number (see screenshot below) Is this a correct setup? It does appear to be working correctly, "High Priority Traffic Detection" light only comes on while playing. I play mainly on the PS4 the source ports is 50000:60000 to destination 37000:42000. As I also have captured the packets and have the saved data. PC is not too far off, as someone on the EA forums have found the information to coincide with my own findings in this thread here. Just to give you and idea of what I'm talking about, here a screenshot of that data.
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    Have you considered massive packet loss is due to ISPs throttling connections due to strain on the networks because of Covid-19. Gamers come last in the list of prioritised traffic shaping wise in possible new rules to be possibly brought in as home workers come first. YouTube and Netflix in some areas in the EU are reducing bit rate to SD to reduce bandwidth as well, so it would make sense that at this time people may at points see packet loss and spikes too. I would imagine unless using a gaming package this will continue as the world isolates itself, severs will be hammered due to so many people around the world using them simultaneously.
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    Massive packet loss might be down to what’s going on at the moment. COD servers are not great anyway but given that the internet is under strain which kind of shows on the plotter test.
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    Xbox One X & Party Chat

    All I know is party chat streaming and game play with the r1 went to crap all at the same time
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    Yeah that's pretty much what I thought, just wanted comfirmation thanks! Hope everyone is staying safe within the Duma team.
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    Did i just get lag switched???

    CoD is broken. It dosn’t have anything with skills to do. Without connection on your side your pointless. The Game plays diffrent on what settings you play with and who you play with. Playing solo strict played well on my older router then my newer ones. Playing party is random depend on who you play with and what settings they are using. Hit detection is going to change if your mate changes his QOS settings next game. (Its true I tried it today) And yes game is really random and these youtubers have the ”right” settings and ofc they are good but without the right settings even I’am pointless. It’s nothing wrong with our connections, its the game own ”lag comp” bullshit. Broken game.
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    I pushed out a cloud update late last week. It had all of the changes that were reported by users, hopefully it improves matters.
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    Its hard to explain but i was wrong in what i was thinking as ive been reading up on it and found out i was wrong But i will try to explain what iwas thinking In you screen shot it shows to values 1st is length the 2nd is len I noticed in many screenshots on the forum that the lenghth value was always higher than the len value So i thought this meant that we were sending more packets than the server could handle =length As the server looked like it was sending back less packets = len That was my theory But after reading up on it Its just wireshark dosent capture 42 bytes of data If you add 42 to every len value in your screenshot it matches the length value They all match up meaning i was wrong I hope i made sence And thank you for the help I really thought i was on to somthing as well
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    I did go ahead and give this a test. A second reboot of the router after the initial install did not do it for me when using Chrome... Incognito mode on chrome did indicate the change. I did a flush of my Chrome cache and now it is showing the correct version under System Information. Something for me to keep in mind in the future
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    That is expected, if people are having wireless issues I generally advise them to move any wireless devices like headphones (in this case a mouse) etc about 3 feet away from the router as it can interfere with the WiFi and vice versa. There isn't a fix for it really as it is normal behaviour - they both use the 2.4GHz band which is why they can clash. Your WiFi can even be affected if there is a microwave being used too close to the router as well!
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    Xr500 geofilter issues

    I have always plugged it directly to outlet, its not losing power. The internet light turns offs, then after about 30 seconds, router fully reboots. no rhyme or reason, and not happening at a specific time either. I brought up a issue some time ago about NTP time server issues and the router page saying failed to sync, searching google there seems to be multiple people with issues similar to mine, ( https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Routers-with-WiFi-6-AX/RAX80-time-sync-with-NTP-server-and-gaming/td-p/1856887) I'm wondering if because of the ntp failing to sync correctly, if it's causing something/R-Apps to crash, then forcing a reboot. my modem (which sit right next to it) doesn't lose internet or reboot, just the router. I haven't been able to remove the geo-filter pin due to the inability to access the geo filter page, each time i attempt to access from desktop chrome or edge, or mobile chrome, the page crashes. could this be a cause? I did just reboot my router, unplugged for a minute and am letting things boot back up, I'll see if anything changes. Is there a way to force the router to keep the logs after a reboot? they always seem to clear out once it boots back up. I don't believe i'm going to try and mess with anything on the QOS page... I've attempted to uncheck the share excess, however it's never changed the bandwidth allocation issues, after this factory reset (5 within the last year i believe) the upload is not terrible. The only difference is I haven't touched anything on that page other then to disable all QOS settings and buffer bloat. Which is unfortunate, because using any of the options outside of geo-filter (which latency increases on .56, downgrading to .40 and testing the router has anywhere between 13ms-30ms and averages around 24ms. .56 update i have yet to see anything below 32ms) causes router breaking issues which to fix is factory resetting. Which sucks, because I don't have any increase in wired gaming performance or connection from my r7000, which in fact gets lower latency then XR500. Makes it feel like I just bought a expensive gaming router for the design and no performance improvements, or being told to disable all the functions because they don't work on gigabit fiber.
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