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    But does that vision go hand in hand with what the customer wants? It took 3 years to come up with DumaOS which is bascially just a nicer looking modular OS but with pretty much 0 new features. The post release roadmap was to deliver modular feature add-ons in short succession. But that has long been droped and now (for whatever reason) everything has to be bundled into one new DumaOS 3.0 which totally works against the initial modular approach. So why again have we waited 3 years for DumaOS then?! I start to get the feeling that the main driving factor for DumaOS was Netgear and that there MUST be a reason for why those "over-promissed" features havent been released individually yet. The original R1 OS may have had some expansion bottlenecks, but at least it was WAY more responsive and easier on the CPU. I mean the new DumaOS isnt even mobile compatible, and its 2020! And to come back to my first sentence about what the customer wants, i could care less about another overhaul of the netduma interface or its traffic monitor. The R1 is a gaming router and not a device for network engineers who need to track down traffic sources. So why would a gamer need a traffic history in the first place? People who need that buy different routers with far more monitor capabilities. The idea of the R1 is to activate congestion control and forget about lag and all the complicated stuff. And talking about congestion control, last year some really impressive progress has been made in terms of congestion control. And it will not take that much longer until you can natively use those with Linux. So the R1 will soon get some severe and free competition that doesnt require you to reduce your bandwith to 70%. Im curious to see who is faster with the release, but deep down i already know the answer. Plus im not even sure if the R1 congestion control can beat Googles congestion control from 2016, Iain didnt include it in the benchmarks from 4 years ago. Netgear isnt stupid, when taking the congestion control out of the equation there isnt all that much that separates the R1 from the competition. Geo filtering becomes less and less important as more and more games use dedi servers plus dont enforce world wide lobbies. And the VPN function kills the R1 CPU plus most competitive shooters straight up ban you for VPN-ing anyway. After 4 years you guys better have some REALLY good features in the oven. Luckily it is no longer our job as the community to make pressure but for the first time the competition will now do that. And maybe you will listen more to what they have to say than what we had to say over the last 4 years...
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    Don't use game servers to test through PingPlotter, they can be unreliable. Use a local site such as a news website to fine tune your QoS. QoS eliminates local congestion aka spikes/jitter/rises in ping caused by your internet usage, it can't do anything for issues arising due to the way an actual server is networked or the routing. Only they could fix that. It's about getting your connection as good as possible on your end.
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    We totally understand how frustrating that issue can be so I'm sure you'll be happy with 3.0
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    Modern warfare servers

    Try narrowing your geo-filter over SoCal (San Diego/LA). These are the servers that i typically have the best connection to.
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    Caddy 1.2

    You do not need the web page open, when using app. The port updates in the background. It is not a flaw or bug. Unfortunately I do not refresh web page to show changes, but the changes have been made.
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    You definitely raise some good points with monthly updates, I'll let Alex answer that though as the updates would likely come from him. I don't want to say too much but if our vision wasn't what you wanted then it would be, you'll see what I mean. The initial DumaOS version was a huge over haul of the software, even if it looked just like a reskin with a few new things or existing features done differently, that really paved the way to this update. We're not going against the modular approach, you'll see. We can't just include features for gamers, gamers have families, they have data caps etc. As much as they may want the gaming features if we didn't provide other things then they may go elsewhere. We're finding a good balance. I am very confident you'll be pleased with what you see.
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    Netduma Fraser

    A weird kind of ping problem

    Very strange, thank you for bringing it to our attention. I have let the team know so hopefully NG will be able to look at this.
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    Excess checked, no traffic prior just default Duma OS classified games checked
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    Ok thanks for the help il take alook
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    Ya le mande al correo que me sugerido y le mande enlace
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    Spanish Dedi PS4

    Man I flash mine myself no issues at all I got my R1 connect 2 openwrt hub5 my QoS settings is 30D 4.8Up my Hitdection so crispy man 👍🏽👍🏽😃😃
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    Well I see a lot of people are upset, with how long/delayed updates have taken for their XR routers. I owned the R1 from the very early days, and I bought the XR500 early on as well. To be honest, I haven't used either of them very much. They have collected a lot more dust, than uptime. Overall most will say I wasted my money, and I can understand them saying that, and I won't argue that. Also I have known a couple of the original ND guys since they started up as a company. They do WANT to make things better for US as GAMERS. At the same time, they were a startup company, and I'm sure they're still a pretty small company overall. Still they have made it this far, and I'm happy for them. I know some are likely angry with them partnering with Netgear. Which I can understand that as well. But for them as a company, it was their best decision, to help grow themselves as a company, going forward. As for these XR routers, it was a hard decision for me to buy the XR500. For me at the time, I had the money to buy it, so I did. However before buying the router, I knew "Netgear's" history, when it came to their routers. Which is, they're very slow with pushing firmware updates for their routers. I have owned close to 15 routers in the last 10-12 years, several netgear routers. As of right now, I won't buy another netgear router, due to how slow they're with updates. As they don't post beta build's, and such, unless you're a beta tester for a select router, and you only get updates for it. As of right now, with the main routers you can buy in many stores, and such. The brand I feel is best for routers at the moment is ASUS. As they actually push firmware updates pretty often, as of the last couple months, I feel some of their build's are buggy, for me at least, the wireless drivers they're using, causes me random short disconnects to my Galaxy S9+ phone. Still even with some of their bugs, with faster updates being pushed. There's a guy named RMerlin, who makes build's for a lot of their newer routers, fixes some of the smaller bugs, and add some other features as well. Plus he pushes newer build's pretty often as well. Finally I want to say, if Netgear truly wants to help gamers with routers, with gaming type features. They have to learn to work much faster with updates. Averaging 6+ months for every firmware update, at this point in time, is piss poor, and not good enough. My phone gets updates so much faster, and more often. There's zero reason, for a router company to not be faster, and more steady with firmware updates. As for the XR line of routers, I won't place blame on ND. As I'm sure they only work on/handle a certain part of the firmware for these routers. Even with that said, as people on these forums repeatedly have mentioned. With the current firmware for these routers, there are minor annoying type bugs, which should of been worked on, and fixed, in a timely manner. That's not happening, and NG should be ashamed of themselves for being so slow with updates. As I type this, if someone asked me about buying a Netgear branded router, I would tell them to stay away. This isn't a me HATING them as a company. It's just me calling things out like I see them, nothing I said in this post is a lie.
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    Spanish Dedi PS4

    Thats what I have. Haven't had any issues with it, had it a year now.
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    Netduma Alex

    XR500 déffectueux ?

    Parfois, ce problème est dû à un échec de la négociation automatique entre l'adaptateur Ethernet et le routeur. Si vous êtes sous Windows, vous pouvez régler manuellement l'adaptateur sur 1 Go Full Duplex -- Sometimes this problem is caused by an automatic negotiation failure between the Ethernet adapter and the router. If you are under Windows, you can manually set the adapter to 1 GB Full Duplex
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    Spanish Dedi PS4

    Here man https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163989609886 👍🏽
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    1gb speed not showing at all

    Ok I’ll give it a try appreciate your time
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    Netduma Fraser

    again and again APEX

    I would think that is probably to do with the fact you can select the server in the game, it always makes it a bit more difficult. I have raised it with Alex and I think with a few cloud updates we should be able to get it sorted.
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    A weird kind of ping problem

    Thanks for this level of support! I really appreciate what you guys are doing ;D
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    We are still doing what we want to do, our vision hasn't changed at all. None of our features have been denied by NG or anything like that. As we have so much going on it takes time to develop these features/updates. I realize the frustration now but I think you'll be impressed with 3.0. That's not strictly true but it is true we need to do more to make them compatible yes.
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    Are you using QoS at all? When you notice this is there high usage in the network monitor?
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR500 déffectueux ?

    Le graphique lui-même n'indique pas la perte de paquets, ce qui est un bon signe. Pour vérifier, j'utiliserais réellement l'invite de commande et cinglerais l'IP du routeur manuellement et voir si vous obtenez une perte de paquet. Il est très étrange qu'il devienne rouge, il se peut qu'un port spécifique soit défectueux, cela se produit-il si vous le branchez sur l'un des autres ports? - The graph itself doesn't indicate packet loss which is a good sign. To double check I would actually use command prompt and ping the router IP manually and see if you get any packet loss. It's very odd that it goes red, it may be that specific port is faulty, does it happen if you plug it into any of the other ports?
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    My estimate would be long before that, but you're right, we're being secretive for now. We learned from past experiences that it's better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver! Similarly, it's better not to promise a release date which we then have to miss because of an unexpected bug. Some of the new features we're adding are quite complicated, and have a high possibility of bugs being found during testing.
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    Am I the only one that thinks not giving a completion date for the software is probably the best thing they could do right now? I think people have forgotten the endless amounts of shade and criticism the company had to face during the dumaOS release for the R1. Shit was insan, so i dont blame them for being so secretive. And if i was to guess when it will release, i'd probably say by the latter end of the year or early next year... just because of my past experiences with the company and timeframes.
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    Bat 'n' Ball

    XR500 Sudden Slow Speeds

    Just to clarify, in my other thread I (wrongly) assumed my original slow file transfer speeds to my NAS device were due to Wi-Fi being in the loop. PC <Ethernet> XR500 <5GHz> Bridge Router <Ethernet> NAS So, I took Wi-Fi and the XR500 out of the equation. PC <Ethernet> NAS Because transfer speeds were now fantastic, my new assumption was that nothing was wrong with the PC or NAS. But was that the case? I put the XR500 back in the loop, but without Wi-Fi. PC <Ethernet> XR500 <Ethernet> NAS Slow speeds were back, so forget Wi-Fi being the problem. You might now assume the XR500 is to blame, but could it be a PC driver issue which had previously negotiated full speeds with the NAS, but crucially, not with the XR500? To cut a long story short (yes, I know that’s rich coming from me), if the Speed and Duplex setting of the Ethernet driver being set to Auto Negotiation is the issue, my third assumption would now be that both the PC Ethernet adapter and the XR500 1Gig port were simply not on talking terms! This could be a PC driver issue, but it could also be an XR500 issue, failing to ‘negotiate’ with certain desktop drivers. That’s one for the Netgear folk to nail down. If anyone is interested, this is a great article on Ethernet Auto Negotiation. Glad you got your problem sorted, Kahari 😀
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    LOL!!! How can a router block something thats plugged into the console!??? Thats funny! Getting sick and tired of folk saying CronusMax users are cheats! I use one so I can use my Xbox Elite controller on my PS4. Does that make me a cheater??? Just because I wish to use anything but a PS4 controller?
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    I play on PC & Console, XIM allows me to play with my friends who are only console gamers with the peripherals I'm comfortable with - Modern Warfare 2019 supports native KB/M on console so I use that instead of XIM + I'm only playing Public matches, I'm not using it in competitive or anything earning money. Sony & Microsoft even have licensed KB/M adapters for there consoles, It's not against there Terms of Service.
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