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    DumaOS will be available on all the routers so we'll be ensuring they work for all the routers so that includes the R1 as well. We wouldn't hold back something like that.
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    Damn TryHard you can carry me anyday. Nice job.
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    How to setup with ISP router?

    Set ISP router to handle PPPoE. You need to enable DHCP to your LAN as well so your R1 gets a IP. On the R1 enable DHCP for WAN. Then assign DMZ to the R1 in your ISP router. Best is to make a IP or MAC reservation if your router has the possibility.
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    I know. Just gets worse with smaller maps. Game is horrendous now. 😤
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    Spawn points are atrocious in the game. 🤢
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    But does that vision go hand in hand with what the customer wants? It took 3 years to come up with DumaOS which is bascially just a nicer looking modular OS but with pretty much 0 new features. The post release roadmap was to deliver modular feature add-ons in short succession. But that has long been droped and now (for whatever reason) everything has to be bundled into one new DumaOS 3.0 which totally works against the initial modular approach. So why again have we waited 3 years for DumaOS then?! I start to get the feeling that the main driving factor for DumaOS was Netgear and that there MUST be a reason for why those "over-promissed" features havent been released individually yet. The original R1 OS may have had some expansion bottlenecks, but at least it was WAY more responsive and easier on the CPU. I mean the new DumaOS isnt even mobile compatible, and its 2020! And to come back to my first sentence about what the customer wants, i could care less about another overhaul of the netduma interface or its traffic monitor. The R1 is a gaming router and not a device for network engineers who need to track down traffic sources. So why would a gamer need a traffic history in the first place? People who need that buy different routers with far more monitor capabilities. The idea of the R1 is to activate congestion control and forget about lag and all the complicated stuff. And talking about congestion control, last year some really impressive progress has been made in terms of congestion control. And it will not take that much longer until you can natively use those with Linux. So the R1 will soon get some severe and free competition that doesnt require you to reduce your bandwith to 70%. Im curious to see who is faster with the release, but deep down i already know the answer. Plus im not even sure if the R1 congestion control can beat Googles congestion control from 2016, Iain didnt include it in the benchmarks from 4 years ago. Netgear isnt stupid, when taking the congestion control out of the equation there isnt all that much that separates the R1 from the competition. Geo filtering becomes less and less important as more and more games use dedi servers plus dont enforce world wide lobbies. And the VPN function kills the R1 CPU plus most competitive shooters straight up ban you for VPN-ing anyway. After 4 years you guys better have some REALLY good features in the oven. Luckily it is no longer our job as the community to make pressure but for the first time the competition will now do that. And maybe you will listen more to what they have to say than what we had to say over the last 4 years...
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    Decided to throttle my setup and the results was overwhelming. I would test this on MW later on.
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    Thanks for this level of support! I really appreciate what you guys are doing ;D
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    Spanish Dedi PS4

    I've never found a tutorial for CoD... just like Duma, what settings work for others, probably won't work for you. I've never used DD-WRT.
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    Thank you, this should be sorted in the next update.
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    Being close to IDNet you should use them, they also have native iPv6
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    If so, why have we not seen anything come out for a long time. I have been here on this forum from the beginning of the R1 and you know that. I wished you guys would have stayed on your own instead of teaming up with Netgear . That way you would be in control to do want you want to do. All you guys needed was to have your own line of routers and more staff to carry it out.
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    Sure thing Fraser! My first piece of feedback is what I mentioned above (the routes going stale after 90 minutes; this has to do with subsequent IPv6 route advertisements after the initial advertisement and the current implementation not being able to receive the subsequent ones, from what I understand). I'm sure there others with R1's that are also willing to help (for example, those in this thread). This isn't meant as a criticism at you guys, but I'm surprised you don't have any implementation at the office for IPv6. Seeing as how the world is moving in that direction, maybe put some thought into implementing it, even if only on a small test network, so that we all, as users and customers, can get the benefits of you guys testing and implementing it directly? I can definitely see advantages there when you guys build IPv6 support into DumaOS. I'm still willing to provide specific feedback, but the troubleshooting/development cycle would go much faster if you're not waiting for user feedback when a change is made. Thanks for (hopefully) putting this into the next upgrade!
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    That is quite strange and to confirm it definitely works fine using the normal WiFi, it's just on the guest wifi/when enabled that the issue arises? This may be one for Netgear to fix in the case. I will pass it on to the team.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Is WhatsApp the only application/service you've noticed latency issues with? When you say it's taking awhile to send is that the first tick or for the second tick? For the guest WiFi have you allowed it to access your local network? It might be without this option enabled that QoS is not applying to it correctly.
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    Thats nice but you should still consider to upgrade your communication channels. The biggest backlash that netduma received wasnt about the over-promissing or missed release dates but about giving only 2 statements within 3 years. Everyone was completely left in the dark! I used to regularly read and post in this forum when Iain and Luke used to post here too and shared their thoughts and development progress (regardless of it they made progress or not). Nowadays i read the forum maybe once every 5-6 month as i can be certain not a single announcement on the progess has been shared since my last visit. This could easily be changed by giving out monthly update announcements... Also curious to see if we will ever get those over-promissed features like anti-spike or anti-jitter, last time we heard about those was like 2+ years ago... Iain showed lab results of +5ms spike with 100% maxed out up- and download...
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    My estimate would be long before that, but you're right, we're being secretive for now. We learned from past experiences that it's better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver! Similarly, it's better not to promise a release date which we then have to miss because of an unexpected bug. Some of the new features we're adding are quite complicated, and have a high possibility of bugs being found during testing.
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    The next time we need feedback on new features, we'll probably open insiders again. The beta applications and the insiders group are two seperate things, so don't worry about that.
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