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    Says every cod player until next years release when you'll be playing cod just like the rest of us lol
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    I think what really needs to be focused on here is the fact that DHCP doesn't work properly with this router atm. And it totally screws up QoS. Even for those who have a small amount of devices this can and does create issues.. I have had my XR500 close to a year and a half now. And nothing has been patched properly over that time period. There is no sense of urgency when it comes to bugs an issues. Fancy features while are nice doesn't mean a thing if basic fundamentals of the router are broke.. DumaOS 3.0 has a lot ridding on it! I just sure hope that when it comes out it has addressed a lot of these issues. This being one! The only thing keeping this router alive for me is the GeoFilter. And even that hasn't had the attention that is needed to keep up with miss located servers.. Zippy.
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    @Bat 'n' Ball yeah I'm familiar with network bridging so it's definitely a possibility I can look into, I'm just a bit concerned it might introduce some jitter or other issues using wifi but it's a good idea for sure. Couldn't be further from the truth, you've been a great help mate. It's just a shame my hardware doesn't support it right now for whatever reason lol. Maybe it's just one of the added extras that separates the higher and lower models, mine is a lower spec router admittedly as it's my first step into the gaming router market. Thanks again for the help with everything.
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    Sorry Squizz, I didn't realise you had an XR300 and it doesn't support Hybrid VPN ☹️ Before I got my XR500, I used to use a TP-Link router flashed with a DD-WRT firmware and used the VPN on that. Then I plugged my PlayStation directly into the TP-Link Router. I know that doesn't help much but if you're confident with Windows networking what you could try is downloading the Windows Proton VPN client. Once installed, you should have a new adapter in your Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections called TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter. [edit] Right click Start button, Network Connections, Change Adapter Options. Basically you are looking to share that adapter on the LAN port of your computer so you can plug your xbox into it. Right click the TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter and enable sharing on the sharing tab. You then have your computer connect to your XR300 via wi-fi and connect your xbox to the ethernet on your Windows PC. You might have to bridge both ethernet adapter and TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter by selecting them both then right click and bridge connections. The setup basically looks something like this: Xbox <ethernet> PC connected to VPN <Wi-Fi> XR300 You might have to play around a bit and it can be a lot of work but if you are confident with changing networking on your computer, it does work. Sorry I couldn't be more help but hopefully Hybrid VPN will be available to you in a future firmware update.
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    I think this is exactly the issue. I think that it tries to connect you based on your matchmaking ranking, and when it cant do that it kinda shits the bed for want of a better term. Because obviously its most likely ATVI/IW dont factor in for geofiltering etc essentially trying to defeat their SBMM system, so it kinda gets stuck in a loop trying to connect to a server/peer that DumaOS is blocking. Because i have noticed sometimes when im camping a foreign server that i can see DumaOS is picking up a peer/server, but it just doesnt complete the connection for whatever reason.
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    Based on this test, which was very thorough, it seems that we currently have a lot of miscategorized servers/peers. This is one of the hardest elements of Geo-Filter to get right, from our point of view, but theoretically the categorization shouldn't matter too much as long as Strict Mode is enabled. So yeah I wouldn't worry too much about which icons are showing up, i'd worry more about their quantity and their location. You probably already know this but let's run through how Geo-FIlter works so we can figure out what's not working in MW: Game starts up, pings all known matchmaking servers around the world to find the lowest ping Game only sees servers inside the Geo-Filter radius, assumes others are offline Game starts matchmaking, only sees servers and peers inside radius SBMM is defeated forever and there is no more war Seems to me like there's an issue between the first two steps... I imagine maybe Modern Warfare is doing this: Game starts up, connects to authentication server which is always whitelisted Authentication server sends game a list of servers around the world, along with their current status Game starts matchmaking, can't seem to connect to the server it wants Game keeps trying because it knows the server should be up Game keeps trying... Game keeps trying... If this is the case, there might not be much we can do beyond limiting a few peer connections. I'm hoping that this isn't the case, and all that's needed is for us to relocate some servers.
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    Thanks for this guide mate, I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin with setting up a VPN, but you've explained it so well I'm gonna give this a try. Hopefully I'll have some good results, it can't really get any worse anyway lol. Really appreciate the detailed guide though pal 👍
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    Its not a feature its a fix...
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    You guys must hate when we ask but cant at least tell us if its going to be in the first half of the year?
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    Just a thought Squizz but have you tried using the Hybrid VPN feature of the router? Proton VPN is free if you wanted to sign up and try it out. There's no data limit and you can connect to 3 countries (44 if you pay). Japan, Netherlands and United States. I usually go for United States servers simply because of English being generally spoken. Like you, if I use the Filtering Mode with MW I can be waiting ages for a game but if use the free Proton VPN on a US server, I'm in games pretty much straight away. Pings are a bit high but relatively speaking, my game experience is quite good, considering how bad the game is! Basically, you paste your Username, Password and Configuration into the Advanced tab of the Hybrid VPN Setup. You will need to download the Router', UDP, Server config file for US-FREE#1 (or whatever server you chose). Copy the text in the .ovpn file from the 'client' line, all the way down to '</tls-auth>' and paste it into the Configuration field. Note, your VPN username and password are different to your account username and password. You'll find your VPN username and password in the Account section of the Proton VPN website, under OpenVPN / IKEv2 username. I then delete all the lines containing 'remote us-free-01.protonvpn.com' and replace with 1 single line 'remote' for example. This way you have more control over the server you are connected to, rather than a random one in the US. Look here for Proton VPN US server IP's. You'll need to put your Console or PC into the ADD DEVICE button on the Hybrid VPN page. Once it's connected, I then put Spectating Mode on and the game thinks I'm in the US and puts me on servers over there... but without the waiting times of using Filtering Mode. If you need help, just message me! Good luck 😀
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    If you cant be sure its safe you really should not host it at all to protect your user base. Also its not an official supplement to DumaOS so surely you can get the guy to give you the code and get it looked over by your devs or ask that it be posted on GitHub and not let it be linked on the forum until its been deemed safe, I mean do you know anything about the code people are installing? Security is vitally important and I'm sure the user offering these tools means no harm but nobody seems to know if these tools are completely safe for users and their hardware, also surely you need to know that the tools are not corrupting the routers firmware and memory too or sending private data back to a third party, let alone carrying a nasty payload. In theory the user could be creating a botnet using XR users routers that are just downloading a tool created by a random individual on a forum. <sigh> You also neatly side stepped the question about this issue being fixed in DumaOS 3.0. So will this issue be fixed in the upcoming 3.0 release, surely that would be something for users with this issue to look forward to if it has and then they wont need this tool...
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    Been playing COS since the first one on PC in the early 00's but if this is the way the franchise is going, I'm through with it. I'm not going to waste hard earned cash on rubbish like this any more 😐
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    So you play with a 200€ controller that has features such as super precise analog sticks, trigger stop and paddles giving you a HUGE advantage over regular controller players yet you complain about XIM users? Guess you re one of the people who always find something to complain about unless they have ALL the advantages for themselfs. And sure go buy the XIM, youd not be the first to realize that a mouse doesnt turn you into a Shroud. Just like with a controller you have to grind for years to become good.
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    They tend to get patched quickly though when discovered or new threats appear.
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    Hey @Bat 'n' Ball, excellent bit of testing there bud! Yeah it seems it all behaves a bit funny with MW, not sure if its DumaOS or MW at fault though cos MW seems to have some really finicky matchmaking going on, probably all part of the SBMM and the algorithm that goes along with that. Been at work alot so haven't had a chance to keep up with the discussion, but thanks for doing some testing. Will be interesting to see what happens once we get a cloud update if there are any issues on Netdumas side, cos I would imagine unfortunately that BO5 or whatever Treyarch is working on will have the same if not worse matchmaking criteria. Think there might be some strength to the argument that the algorithm is very strict though, which could affect how many lobbies are actually available to you depending on how good you are. And I'm not sure if I'm entering tin foil hat territory here, but maybe they've tried to remove some of the "advantages" you get using a Netduma router somehow. More than likely not the case though, as I cant really think how they could accomplish that.
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    Just checking it out. Probably won't install. Even trusted firmware/software can have security holes. I assume that it is Caddy 1.0 that is being referenced.
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    Might be something in the games network system trying to block or disrupt DumaOS in some way. You know they don't want us choosing where and who we connect to so it only makes sense that they would try and put a stop to it.
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    Thanks for doing a thorough test, it does look like we are missing quite a few servers for the game and they could be mislocated as well. I will get on to Alex about this, as far as I was aware the updates the cloud has had since launch should have resolved this. Also regarding having players shown in the game that won't always happen, especially if you're connecting to a dedicated server.
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    Do you really want to install anything other than trusted software on your router? If it was open source for all to see then at least you would soon see what’s what but it’s your network we are talking about.
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    Hi Squizz, I have just completed some highly testicle, sorry ‘technical’ and scientific experiments (not), and the highly scientific testicle conclusion I have come to is that the DumaOS/Modern Warfare combination is f’d. Seriously, I have genuine doubts whether the DumaOS is handling Modern Warfare network traffic correctly at all. For example, when I start COD World War II from the PlayStation 4 menu, this is the DumaOS startup flow when it is ‘Connecting to online services’: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with lots of dedicated server icons from round the world • During a live game, DumaOS seems to correctly identify the server icon (dedicated or peer) which is handling the session • There are approximately the right amount of player icons for the game in progress. • Screen video capture here: The above is how you would expect the DumaOS to handle this game. So far, so good... But let’s put COD aside for one moment, here is the DumaOS startup flow when I start GTA V Online from the PlayStation 4 menu: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with player icons from round the world (to my knowledge, GTA V Online does not use dedicated servers, it’s P2P, so DumaOS doing its job correctly) • During a live game, DumaOS seems to correctly identify the peer server icon which is handling the session • There are approximately the right amount of player icons for the game in progress • Screen video capture here: Once again, DumaOS seems to be correctly handling the above game as you would expect. In contrast to the above two games, this is the DumaOS startup flow when I start COD Modern Warfare from the PlayStation 4 menu, and it is ‘Connecting to online services’: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with ambiguous dedicated server and player icons overlaid over one another ** • During a live game, DumaOS sometimes identifies the server icon (dedicated or peer) which is handling the session • Few, but usually no player icons at all, appear on the Geo-Filter screen for the game in progress (despite 12 people being in the session) • Screen video capture here: All the tests above were done in Spectating Mode. But, if you further restrict the already inaccurate detection of MW player/servers with the Geo-Filter, think this is where your problem lies, Squizz. I too have problems with MW in particular when setting my home location somewhere miles away from where I live. This isn't an issue with other games. It's just MW. I love my XR500 (strokes it like Blofeld’s cat) but if you want to do some Geo-Filtering sourcery with it, MW will be more miss than hit. Sorry for the long post 😁 ** P.S. Reporting mislocated servers and server types via the online form is all well and good but months after MW's release, this approach is obviously not working.
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    Future as in DumaOS 3.0, Or later? If later that's crazy as this has been a bane for many users for ages, so I hope you do mean DumaOS 3.0. Also I and I'm sure this person is a honest and means no harm, but I personally wouldn't use some third party software that someone's created to fix a mess that DumaOS has caused, as that's a job for Netduma's devs to fix. I hope this persons code is on GitHub (with a link) so people can make sure it's safe. Once again no offence to the creator of these third-party tools but people need to be sure they are not downloading malware. These tools at the end of the day should not be needed anyway if these issues had been fixed with proper patches sometime in the last year or so...
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    Xbox One X & Party Chat

    The last one dropped in 2018 🤣
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    BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020

    Same. Doubt I'll make any real money outta it but meh. Not looking for a full time job in streaming video games, espc. not CoD. This game does my fucking head in.
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    How to remove offline devices from router?

    Hi @Netduma Fraser, The feature that DumaOS desperately needs is a DHCP Lease Time and allow us to whitelist devices to make it an exception from the lease time rule. This way I can have all devices that connect to my network automatically booted off the administration console after X-hours or X-days except for the devices i specify. This will allow the devices that were once place in the geo-filter or have certain settings applied to/for it to remain on the network. This allows all of those IP address to be released back into the DHCP allocation pool. As it stands right now with DumaOS there is no automated way to account for the scenarios above. Thus requiring administrator intervention to manually clean each device from the pool/administrator's console.
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