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    Netduma Alex

    New cloud update!

    Hello DumaArmy, We have recently improved our internal tools for managing the Geo-Filter Cloud. Now, it will be much quicker for us to adjust the position of game servers on the map when they are incorrect. We have published a cloud update containing all of the mislocated servers that have been reported thus far, but we need more! If you connect to a server that you believe has been misplaced on the map, let us know by filling in the form below. The reports will be checked frequently and uploaded to the cloud database after we've verified that they are correct. We have also added a space on the form for you to add your forum name, if you want. This will enable us to quickly respond to reports from users with a good track record of accurate reporting. With our improved tools, and the help of the community, we'll be able to make new titles compatible much faster than ever before. Loading…
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    Yes exactly. As far as DumaOS is concerned, it only sees the PC. Your PC effectively acts as a router. So you also need to set your forwarding rules and prioritization rules towards the PC. (I don't bother with this most of the time, just play on moderate NAT) Your PC needs to be in the geofilter, set as console and that is what controls the PS4/Xbox. I find it's a little less reliable though, sometimes I have to turn off sharing and turn it back on for it to work. I leave both sets of QoS rules on in the router and both PS4 and PC in geofilter so if I use the ICS setup for testing, I just plug over the ethernet cable, run the setupwizzard on the PS4 and it works. If you use bridge mode it just passes the ethernet signal on. So then it would be the same as if your console is connected straight to the router. This would be the best but I had issues getting wireshark and connection manager to work that way.
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    I have no idea but this is working out for me 100%
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    PC. You don't need it for your console as your console is not connected to your Duma anymore. I believe Bert did state this in the other thread where this was first mentioned.
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    I didn't bridge my connections and I had the geo filter working fine. From the screen shot he posted, it looks like he's got it set to filtering mode on his PC AND console and that may be confusing things and thats why its not working maybe?
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    I think it will be difficult to get an open NAT or have it work with the Geo-Filter unless you bridge the connections as above.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    If that is what they are doing then in theory yes, selecting the closest VPN server would minimize additional latency as well.
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    Normalement si tu ouvre t'es ports, sur une machine PC console etc... du moment que ta une Ip fixe et que tu redirige les ports sur la même ip tu dois être en NAT ouvert. Sois c'est peut-être mal configurer, sois un problème avec la Box, mise à jour ou bug de la Box etc... dans se cas il est préférable de faire un reset d'usine de la Box et de recommencer. Sinon comme dis DanyKTM juste pour tester mets Ip fixe de ta console dans la DMZ et teste et tu devrais être en NAT ouvert. Pas de problème c'est avec plaisir reviens vers moi si ta besoin 😉
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    How can I share PC connection with console?

    The easiest way is to have 2 ethernet cards on the PC and create a network bridge between the cards. Then you install any software that allows you to modify your connection as you wish ...
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    Thank for reply Alex i helping this morning remotely via TeamViewer .if guys need help in future I'm more then happy to support Duma community 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    As-tu essayer de mettre ta console en DMZ sur ton router de FAI ?
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    Netflix & Prime block most VPN's don't they? I could only get NordVPN to work if I used there software on my PC - Using NordVPN through the Router didn't let me watch anything.
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    le probleme je n'ai pas acces au freebox os pour l'instant en effet j'ai actuellement la freebox cristal et elle n'ai pas eligible au freebox os! j'ai migré vers une mini 4k en vdsl que je recois cette semaine ! donc j'aurais accès a freebox os et enfin regler les paramettre au mieux! je revers vers toi si j'ai du mieux; en attendant un grand merci pour ton aide c sympas!
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    New XR500 owner needs big time HELP!

    A new IP might help , it could be where you connect to Comcasts gateways, all ISP's have generally more than one gateway (these are data centres) so users all over the country can connect to their nearest gateway in theory, but sometimes when maintenance is ongoing you can end on one that's not ideal routing wise, same if there is congestion in that area it will just cause latency issues and hit performance in general. Sometimes if you reboot your modem you may end up connecting to a different gateway which is not so good as mentioned above, as well as the possibility of line damage and exchange work in your area that may be needed, if that's the issue and Comcast would fix line issues as long as its bad enough to cause connection issues. Pings etc are not really something ISP's care about as long as you can use the internet and get reasonable throughput that's good enough for them. Give Comcast a boot where it hurts, also check what they do as far as throttling, traffic shaping and port blocking , as some ISP's use them and some don't Throttling (bandwidth control) and traffic shaping ( which is a way to control the volume of traffic being sent into a network in a specified period) can cause issues too if they use them that is. Some ISPs do so everyone is getting a slice of the pie during busy times rather than just having enough back haul which means investing in more bandwidth and most ISPs will run hot bandwidth wise until they have to buy more bandwidth or put bigger pipes in because thy want to make as much money as possible with minimal outlay.
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    XR500 port PC/PS4

    Karma, J'ai fait le même switch que toi, passer de ma vielle PS4 à une Pro et le même problème, j'ai même mis un SSD dedans et aucun changment,seulement les temps de loading moin long. Je pense que le problème vient de mon FAI, Je vais essayer un autre. Sur DSL report je suis A partout, normalement sa devrait bien aller et j'ai toujours un petit retard.
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    Je vous remercie pour c’est information.
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    One of the best tools I have used to check my network while playing games is the network info on Battlefield 5. There is an option in the main menu to turn it on. It gives packet loss in and out, latency, latency variation and a bunch of other stuff while you are playing ( it is at the bottom of the screen). It shows my network is perfect at the moment with my variation in ping averaging 1 ms.
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